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What is the code for the safe in nibelheim mansion ?

The dial 1: the lid of the box with the most oxygen
the dial 2: behind the ivory`s short of tea and ray.
the dial 3: the creek in the floor near the chair on the second floor. then to the left five steps, up nine steps, left two steps, and up six steps.

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WingedMasamune answered:

As an amendment to unknown's answer, you also need to press the "confirm" button on each number in addition to not passing any of the numbers one way or the other. i.e. If you're going for Right 36, and see 37, you fail. Same goes for anything less than 10 when you go for Left 10 and so on and so forth.
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unknownrpg answered:

Just to let you know this is right in the guides......
Right 36
Left 10
Right 59
Right 97

Make sure not to go over any of the numbers or you will have to start over.
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jaredj3100 answered:

However, be prepared to fight a tough-as-hell boss, at least for me, considering it was my first time in Nibelheim when I fought him. You will get Vincent from the battle and the Odin Materia, so that's good.
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robofish_13 answered:

1. In the room with lots of plants and small oxygen tanks. Search to the right side to find the code
2. The room with the Piano. Go clockwise round the piano and search the opened section to find the code
3. Upstairs in a north east corridoor. a creaking floorboard will be where you should search.
4. There is an invisible 4th option where you can read the code.

Just incase you ever wondered where the codes were hidden =)
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