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Asked: 6 years ago

?How do I get past that dog in Junon? Is it guarding something?

Right now I'm in disc 3. Go to Junon, past the guard(who asks for money).
Take a left at Junon Airport Path
Go straight, through upper Junon
Continue up, instead of getting the lift
Once in Junon path, take a left, then up when you can't go left anymore, and into the elevator
FINALY, you'll see a dog barking and standing in front of a door.
Could I have/ or can I get past him? and
Was he/ or is he guarding something?
Thanks For The Help.

Accepted Answer

From: Shademp 6 years ago

When you first play the Submarine minigame, in other words when you are hunting for Huge Materia in the Underwater Reactor, if your submarine is destroyed then you'll be able to pass the dog and there find a new (this time red-coloured) submarine for you.
So this is something you don't want to do, since this means missing a Huge Materia. But there is a funny scene if you go through the trouble of losing your first submarine and then passing the dog(s).

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Submitted Answers


The dog is guarding another submarine dock, which has a red submarine.
you can only get past the dog and get to this area if you failed the submarine mission where you were supposed to shoot down the submarine with the huge materia in it. if you lose that mission you not only have to get another submarine, but you lose the huge materia as well.
So it would be foolish to lose that mission and the huge materia just so you could get a red submarine instead of keeping the blue one.

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