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Any similar games?

So my friend let me borrow this game and i played it for weeks straight until i beat it. It is now definitely one of my favorite games of all time. However, I've recently been looking for another similar rpg that i can play and have such fun. I have tried some of the other final fantasy's (10,3,2) but they don't seem to do much for me (maybe i need to play farther in them?). I have already played Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross btw. So if you could please name some of the rpg's that you absolutely loved that would be awesome. Thanks in advance! =D

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WingedMasamune answered:

Final Fantasy IX, Legend of Dragoon, those two are good.
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Shotgunnova answered:

Final Fantasy IX
Lunar 2 EBC
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gmo7897 answered:

You could try Final Fantasy VIII as well. Game play is quite a bit different, but a good story line in my opinion. Unfortunately, I don't feel there's much out there that measures up to FFVII.
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heavens__cloud answered:

I understand what you mean...
i want this too, but i don't know of anything :(
however, i have had some success with playing / watching the other title in the ff7 franchise:
crisis core (game for psp)
advent children (film)
dirge of cerberus (game for ps2)
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krozitis answered:

Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy VIII (i hate this game, but i know some people who love it more than 7)
Dragon Quest VIII (ps2)
Star Ocean (i've never played it myself, but heard some great things)

FF7 is my favorite, and nothing can touch it, but there are a lot of great RPGs out there, just try to be open minded when starting new games cuz they might grow on you
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Bulma24 answered:

Final Fantasy X,Final Fantasy XII although it is quite extensive. (PS2)
Parasite Eve one,-PS1 Castlevania Symphony of the Night,-PS1 Star Ocean till the end of time-PS2,Star ocean the Second Story-PS1,Final Fantasy VIII-PS1,Phantom Brave PS2( This game is cool but be prepared to take some time.)
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XenioK answered:

Basically most RPG's released for the original PlayStation can be considered 'similar' as most have the traditional turn-based fighting style as FF VII. I would advise looking into the other two Final Fantasy (VIII, IX) games released on the original PlayStation first. If your still hooked I advise trying other games released by SquareSoft during this period of time. Xenogears, Vagrant Story, Saga Frontier, Legend Of Mana, Threads Of Fate are some of my favorites.

If still interested look beyond the SquareSoft seal of approval as such games as Wild Arms, Star Ocean, Lunar & Lunar 2, Valkyrie Profile, Breath Of Fire III & 4, Grandia, Vandal Hearts, Alundra, Suikoden, Thousand Arms, Tales Of Destiny are all amazing RPG's for the original PlayStation. Hope that helps.
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