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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I beat Ultimate Weapon?

And, slightly more improtant, how do I get it to appear?
I only ever got Diamond, Ruby and Emerald... :S

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So what's the best strategy for beating it?

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From: WingedMasamune 6 years ago

For more specifics

Go to FAQs, open Absolute Steves

and in Ctrl+F type wea-1 and go right to that portion of the faq.

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On Disc 2, when Diamond Weapon appears and goes off toward Midgar, after you defeat him, Ultimate Weapon appears near the crater at Junon. (or rather near Junon). You can then fight him.
Ruby doesn't show up until after you defeat Diamond and Ultimate Weapon. (plus one random battle)

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I think you can only kill him officially on Disc 3. You have to chase him to different areas and fight him every time. He will eventually appear near Red XIII home town, and this will be the last time you will fight him, as he will fall and open up the pathway to the forest.

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Incorrect cycb.

You can defeat him as soon as you defeat Diamond Weapon, and prior to the raid in Midgar. However, unfortunately, if he picks Midgar as one of those areas he stops above, you'll trigger the Raid and you won't be able to.

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Oh, didn't know that. thanks though!

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No problem at all.

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So, umm...
How do i beat it?

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