Question from bartkiser

I cant get the safe to open!?

Can someone please help me ive been doing for a hour and cant get it to work. and yes i go in the right order right numbers it just says fail every time?
Its really starting to piss me off and i want vincent.

bartkiser provided additional details:

Yeah i do this and it still dosnt work?

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WingedMasamune answered:

The combination is

R36, L10, R59, R97

You must land on each number without going past it, and you must confirm each combination, in addition you must do this within the time allotted. If you still can't get it to open, you're doing something wrong.
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WingedMasamune answered:

Press "Confirm" on each number.
Also, you cannot pass any of the numbers, if your going for Right 36, if you pass it and go to 37, you fail.
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PokeZeldaFF_Inc answered:

Other than what WingedMasamune said, try not 2 let failing get 2 u. The more pissed u get, the more u fail. It takes a lot of patience 2 get it right. BELIEVE ME, I know what it feels like. When I did it, it took me 2-3 hours the first time, & about 8 years ago b4 that, I gave up (though I'm NOT telling u 2 GIVE UP!) U'll get it!
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decdaman answered:

It will take u a long tiime. took me an 1h 1/2. dont pass any of the numbers you must hit them all exactly. i swore at my brother every time i screwed it up cos it was so frustrating.
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PokeZeldaFF_Inc answered:

*Have u done the combination by:
completing it in the given time limit
NOT going past ANY of the #'s
Press the default confirm button (X) after each correct entry u put in (I've heard there b some problems w/ people who switched the default setting X 2 something else: make sure it's on X just 2 b sure)

If u're still having pproblems, It's possible (but highly unlikely) that u have a scratch on ur disc right where u finish the combination, preventing u from going further in the game. Check ur disc.

I REALLY believe that u're either doing it wrong, or U just havn't got it yet.

Keep trying & take a break if u need 2 once & a while! U'll get it eventually!
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WingedMasamune answered:

The default confirm button is O(circle), if you switched it to X that may be the problem. There are other instances (though I'm unsure if this is one of them) that if you switched default controls, there are problems with confirming things.
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PokeZeldaFF_Inc answered:

WingedMasamune is RIGHT, the default is O. Sorry!
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gameboy_pat answered:

I'm assuming you are talking about Nibelheim, Shinra mansion's safe. The trick to the combo is that you go right to 36 the left to 10 then right to 59 then right again to 97... also you must confirm with each number press the action button to enter each number. Also, if you go past anyone of the numbers the safe won't open, but have no fear. If you do go past any of the numbers just restart the combo process and re-enter the combo until you get it just right.
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