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Putting Chocobos in a stable?

It refuses to let me put my chocobos in my stable. Ive bought it, got 4 chopcobos in my field. But wwhen i ask to move then and press O it just goes out of the menu.

What am i doing wrong??

tenshidarkangel provided additional details:

( i press O on selecting my chocobo like it tells me on screen)

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AltoidMint answered:

Did you change your button configuration for in game play? I did that, and it wouldn't allow me to put chocobos in the stable. So make sure your buttons are the original configuration for the game, then it will work.
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greeniceman111 answered:

Yeah, if you use any other bution config other than the default, feeding/moving Chocobo's wolnt work well.
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Vegetto answered:

With chocobo related matters, use the default config as somehow your custom configs does not affect those screens (feeding, moving).
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