Question from zasraco

Asked: 5 years ago

can I leave the crater?

I know I can but no guide says it (well enough) can someone explain please.

Accepted Answer

From: ll_Xanato_ll 5 years ago

There's a cave near the spot where Cloud lands after going down the slope. If you enter it, you'll appear on a ledge below the Highwind. Press the action button to the right of the cave (where the slope is a slightly lighter shade of gray) and you'll climb up the rocks like a ladder.

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Yes, go back the way you came, it isn't that hard.

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I'm fairly certain there is no point of no return in the crater, if that's what you mean. You can turn back at anytime, until you get to Sephiroth.

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There is indeed a "Point of No Return". Once you meet up at the very bottom with all your party members, and decide to go down and fight Sephiroth. I.E. Cloud says "Let's mosey!", and you're on the floating steps, you cannot return.

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Actually, after you drop down into the place where you can find the mystile and tetra elemental, you can't climb back up

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Actually WingedMasamune is right, I just checked.

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