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Contain Materia?

Okay, my question is as follows: Is there a way of getting the Contain materia after the destruction of Mideel, like excavating in Bone Village for example, and if so, where? Help would be highly appreciated.

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Rise_of_Mewtwo answered:

You give the little white chocobo some samolen greens and tickle it behind its ears. Like II_Xanto_II said it will still be there after mideel it wasted.
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ll_Xanato_ll answered:

The chocobo is still in Mideel after it's in ruins. There's a little ramp on the left side of the village that leads to it and a few people.
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invisiblespike answered:

AS said above and equip a quadra magic to it and you'll be able to cast the best magic in the game four times for all four spells
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