Question from Vyse_skies

Asked: 5 years ago

Anyone know how to use the Item Cosmo Memory?

It says you can learn the limit skill Cosmo Memory/ I've trie using it on every characters, but none of them seem to be able to use it.

Does the item have a use or is it another one of those FF7 jokes I keep hearing about?

Accepted Answer

From: lolo26 5 years ago

Cosmo Memory is for RedXIII, it's his level 4 Limit Break.
To be able to use it on him, he has to have learned ALL of the previous LImit breaks.
To learn the Limits you either have to kill a certain number of enemies with Red dealing the final blows (that's to learn the 2-1 and 3-1 limit), or use the limit a certain number of times (use the 1-1 limit x times to learn the 1-2 limit and so on).

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