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How do I change my party?

Okay it says to go to the menu hit cancel and then hit ok. That makes absolutely no sense at all.

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FriarBilliam answered:

There is an option in the regular menu, that can only be accessed on the world map, or at a save point. It is called PHS, select it, and you can switch around party members and equipped materia. You should get this when you first leave midgar, after the shinra headquarters.
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doomkaiser92 answered:

U go to a save point or the world map press triangle then go to phs press (confirm) button to get this must of left midgar
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FleetCommand1 answered:

There places in the game which is neither save points nor the world map but the game allows you to change party. The first of such instances is the Crazy Bike minigame in Midgar highways. The game will prompt you to press [Cancel] key if you are willing to invoke Party Setup menu and configure your party. (It also prompts you to press [Menu] key if you are to invoke main menu or [Confirm] key if you are done preparation and want to continue the game.)
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ARMY5partan117 answered:

At every save point and in the world map, theres an option "PHS" in the menu when u press circle (assuming u have default controls). press circle once its highlighted and you'll hear a ringtone. highlight a character in your three-man party and simply highlight a character in your reserves, and bada-bing bada-boom... you switched your characters. note u you cant switch cloud, as far as i know. im not sure about later in the game, im only lv 30.
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ARMY5partan117 answered:

Sorry press triangle, not circle to open menu. my bad.
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McJamJim answered:

press X
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SantanaTony answered:

First: Go to a save point or on the world map
Second: Press the MENU button(Triangle)
Third: Go down the menu untill you reach the words PHS
Fourth: Press the Ok button ( O )
Fifth: Press the Ok button on the character you choose and press the Ok button on the character you want
to replace him/her with. (the her went to Tifa, Aerith, or Yuffie)
Sixth: When you are done, press the Cancel button ( X ) to leave the menu
Seventh: continue with the game
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