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What is an easy way to get money quickly?

I need some for Syikis Greens.

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lolo26 answered:

Well, there are 2 ways to quickly get enough money/greens.

First one is to use the W-item trick and duplicate the greens, you could f.e. only buy 1 Sylkis and 1 Reagan green, duplicate both so that you have 99 of them, sell the Reagan greens for some cash and use the Sylkis greens (or sell some too and use the rest, but leave one so that you can duplicate it again).

Second one is to master All materias, this can be done pretty quickly if you have double/triple AP equipment; one mastered All sells for 1,4 million.

I also want to mention that you really don't have to feed your chocobos many Sylkis greens, 15 or so should be sufficient; this won't max out the stamina, but if you use the R1+L1+R2+L2 trick to recover stamina during the races, it's no problem at all.
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masterchaozz answered:

there are two ways,exporting and selling items you get

In exporting you buy some items from a place,proceed to the next and sell them there for larger money(note the item you buy must only be found in that city) and the other is self explanatory,tell me if this works or not and i'll re check
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QuantumCrash answered:

Well the method that yields the most money is if you sell of a mastered All Materia, which sells for like 1.5 Million gil
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Aire_Tam_Morts answered:

By the time you would bother to raise chocobos to get KOTR you'd should have enough money. If not, then it's time to sell some items/materia
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