Question from Rilandina

How do I get past the swinging bar above Wall Market?

I keep jumping too soon. When should I make the jump? I've beaten this game twice before, but I can never remember how to get past this bar, and I'd prefer not to just hope for luck and waste an hour trying to jump onto it.

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GoldAK47 answered:

If you are playing the PSX version, jump as soon as you hear the "creak" of the bar.
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Rilandina answered:

Wait, never mind. I just had to wait until the bar touches the left side of the gap. Eheh.
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samg1427 answered:

This bit takes a long while to get the hang of. When you climb to the bar, some controls should appear. If you jump too late/ too early it says you should be faster/ slower to jump. Using the weak advice about too eraly/ too late, you should get there in the end.
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