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Obtaining the wonderful chocobo?

I've been working on the golden chocobo sidequest and have been having trouble. I already have my two main good&great chocobos, and a blue, green, and female black chocobo. So I've been trying to get the wonderful chocobo but I keep getting another female!

I have my game saved outside the chocobo farm so I can walk straight in and move the chocobo in. But everytime it's a wonderful female. Even after resting over and over again I keep getting females. I've gone back to the icicle area and caught another chocobo but again it was female. Should I just keep trying or is there something wrong?

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Gunbladelad answered:

You have 2 choices here.

Either keep trying for a male Wonderful Chocobo (I find tons of females as well, so don't worry about it), or simply breed another black Chocobo in the hopes of getting a male.

Personally, I'd just do the breeding - it's faster & easier (using soft-reset from outside the ranch) than trying for hours just for a single Male Wonderful Chocobo.
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GoldAK47 answered:

Fight a few random battles on the world map. This resets the glitchy RNG and gives you a whole new chance to get the chocobo you want.
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Volt_Krueger answered:

You can hold 4 chocobos at the Ranch before you put them into the pen and figure out their sex. Catch 4 chocobos at the wonderful area, and if you don't get the sex you want then, catch another 4. I'd be surprised if out of 8 chocobos you didn't find the sex you want.
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lentogosong answered:

I don't know it will work on your game to or not, try use chochobo lure in male character. I tried this method and it work
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gmo7897 answered:

The gender of a chocobo is not determined until you move it from the pen to the stable. It's not determined at the time you catch it. You say you reset, reload and run straight from the field to the stables, right? If you're doing a "hard" reset, you're going to get the same outcome everytime. The RNG position is not saved to the game file; it is saved to the system. So, when you "hard" reset, the RNG resets itself to its initial position (zero), but if you "soft" reset (four should buttons, select and start), the RNG marker will be in the advanced location.

Also, the RNG marker is not advanced by fighting random battles, visiting towns, moving materia, etc.; it is advanced by doing chocobo-related things. Things like moving in and out of the stables, standing in front of the stables (on the screen with the pens), feeding chocobos greens, and mating chocobos all advance the chocobo-breeding RNG.

So, you kind of have three options here.

1) Catch a wonderful, save outside the stables, move it in, and if it's not what you want, perform a soft reset, reload and try again. This will use the move as a natural RNG marker advancer, and you should get a different result.

2) Catch a wonderful, save outside the stables, move it in, and if it's not what you want, perform a hard reset, reload, do something different inside the chocobo farm (wait an extra second or two before moving into the stables, exit/re-enter the stables, feed one chocobo before moving, etc.). You should get a different result.

3) Keep whichever Wonderful you get and re-breed your Blue and Green in hopes of a different gender Black.

Shameless plug. Check out my guide on this site for additional Chocobo-related information. :)
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