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Asked: 6 years ago

I noticed there was a chest in Kalm that when trying to open it says locked, anyone know?

Hi, I am addicted to playing FFVII at least once a year and know absolutely everything that there is in the game including getting every single item. Problem is that there is one chest that, as far as I know you can't open it ever. The chest is in Kalm. It is in the upstairs of one of the houses in a single room at the foot of the bed (this chest doesn't look like a regular chest and seems that it blends in with surrounding environment) . when approached and hitting the action button(default O), says that it is locked. The reason that I am posting this question is I would like to know how to open it and for those who didn't know it was there to check it out. Another reason is because I know that in Kalm there are hidden items in closets and what not. Could someone please help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

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Really!? Cuz if so that is a total bummer man :( I always wanted something to be in there. Poop! Well thank you very much! Thanks for the answer quickly!

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From: shadow666 6 years ago

Unlike kicking down the Megalixir, there's no trick to the chest. There's no key to find, it cannot be opened.

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i always wondered about that when playing ..but nothing i've tried works. Ive tried having other keys when i go there, like the key to vincents room in the mansion, or the beat up useless key you find in mideel, lol, the key to get back into the midgar slums even- nothing. leaving the items in his place or not letting his dog out of the closet doesnt help either.
but why? why have a chest that cant be opened?and why was that dog in the closet?

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