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Asked: 5 years ago

The Gigas Armlet?

I heard its best next to the mystle but i cant locate it is it in a store in town? or.......

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From: homer3594 5 years ago

You can't buy the Gigas Armlet, it can only be gotten from an enemy called Gigas ( I think that's its name) It can be encountered in the the battle square, and morphed.

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It is also found in the Northern Crater on disc 2. When you take the long down-hill path, you will encounter the Gigas enemies, rarely, and you can steal it from them. Also be sure to make sure you get the Earth Mallet they drop if you are going for the perfect game.

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The first one you get after defeating Demon's gate at the temple of the ancients.
You can get more by stealing them from Gigas, which can be found in the top area of the northern crater when you go there on disc 2.Gigas can also be fought at battle square arena at the gold saucer.

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