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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find Big Guard?

I was reading a walkthru for how to get vincent and it sed that during the boss battle (HOW CUD SOMEFIN THAT BIG FIT IN SUCH A TINY SAFE?!?! WTFFF) and it sed to use big guard n i dunno wat that is

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Wat are E. Skill materias?

Additional details - 4 years ago

I just found out that E. Skill matera means Enemy Skill Materia and i already got a few. But do i hav to go back to costa del sol cos im already up to the matera keeper boss??

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From: lolo26 4 years ago

You need the Manipulate and E.Skill materias.
With that go to the beach near Costa Del Sol and get into an encounter with Beachplugs.
Then you have to succesfully manipulate one and have it cast Big Guard on your party; any character with the E.Skill equipped will learn it as a result.

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Yes, if you want the Big Guard enemy skill you have to go back to Costa Del Sol, shouldn't take too long with the buggy.
If you don't have troubles defeating the bosses, you could also move past Materia Keeper and complete the events in the next town, and you'll get a faster way to get back to Costa Del Sol.

If are having trouble with the Boss in the safe, you can also just poison him and then just defend/heal the rest of the battle, that way you avoid him transforming into a stronger version.
Pretty cheap but works even at extremely low levels (I'm talking level 15 or under and I doubt you would be that low on a first playthrough ^^).

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