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Asked: 5 years ago

What does the Huge Materia do (in Rocket Town)?

Question says it all...

Accepted Answer

From: Metafractal 5 years ago

If you have "Bahamut" and "Neo Bahamut" Summon Materias, it will give you "Bahamut ZERO" summon, which you'll need if you ever want to get the Master Summon Materia.

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With all the huge materia, you can give them to Bugenhagan and he'll keep them. Each of the huge materia has a color, and that color corresponds to the normal materia. If you get all the different Green Materias to Master level, you can touch the green Huge Materia and you'll an All Magic materia, which gives you all the magic materia with just one slot. It works this way for summons, and commands, and probably support, and purple materia as well.

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