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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find (Underwater materia) for the emerald weapon fight?

Where can i get the materia that let's you breath underwater and stops the timer?

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Thanks guys ^^

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From: Aisien 5 years ago

Go to the Underwater Reactor at Junon and fight an enemy called Ghost Ship in there. Morph it, so you will get a Guidebook-item. Bring this item to traveler in Kalm and you'll get Underwater-materia in exchange.

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Place Yuffie in your team (if I remember correctly, her attacks are'nt weakened when using Morph) and go to the underwater reactor. Find a Ghost Ship enemy and get it to low HP, then use Morph (it only works if the Morph attack takes the enemy to 0 HP). Take the item you recieve (Guidebook) and take it to the Kalm traveller, he then gives you the Underwater materia. Have fun with Emmy!

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Have Yuffie with conformer so morph does same damage. Ghost ship is in the under water part where you are in the tube and you can see the water outside it. Vincent's death penalty does the same but you need to power it up.

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