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All All Questions for Final Fantasy VII.

Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Stuck on Hojo (third form)? 1
?Is there REALLY only 3-1 time bosses that you can get TRINE from? 4
Any more battery caps for dazers? 1
Bizzaro sephiroth? 3
Can I Get Tips To Beating Sephiroth In The Last Boss Fight? 1
Can I manipulate Midgar Zolom? 2
Can you learn enemy skills from the battle arena? 3
Cant defeat the Boss after Aeriths death ( Jenova-life)...? 2
Corel Prison?? 2
Diamond weapon? 3
Do enemies get stronger with you? 3
Does anyone have the real Stats on these guys? 2
Does breaking Reno's Pyramid's count toward a character's kill total for their limit breaks? 1
Does the Enemy Skill Laser???? 3
Having an impossible time with Carry Armor? (Might have spoilers, not sure) 2
How can I beat the Ruby Weapon? 4
How come Ruby weapon won't appear outside of the Golden Saucer? 1
How do I beat Demon's Gate (Temple of the Ancients)? 3
How do I beat Emerald Weapon without Knights of the Round,Mime, Final Attack, etc.? 2
How do I beat Hojo? 1
How do I beat Jenova? 6
How do I beat magical pot? 2
How do I beat Midgar Zolom? 4
How do I beat prod clod? 4
How do I beat ruby and emerald weapon without cheating? 8
How do I beat ruby weapon ? 2
How do I beat ruby weapon without kotr? 1
How do I beat That big Green thing? 2
How do I beat the boss in the junon underwater reactor? 2
How do I beat The Materia Keeper? 3
How do I beat Ultimate Weapon? 7
How do I defeat Ruby and Emerald Weapon? 20
How do you beat the red weapon????? 7
how hard is Safer Sephiroth? 5
How to beat Safer Sephiroth? 4
HP Question? 1
I beat Ruby weapon but every time i do, he disappears and the battle music and screen stays there and can still attack? 7
Is Diamond WEAPON availabe to fight on the PSP version? 3
Is there a way to beat Ruby Weapon without using KOTR [W-Summon included] or using Choco Buckle/7777 trick? 12
It will not let me get to demons gate?. 1
Midgar zolom? (first chance) 13
Missing Ruby Weapon ? 2
Overflow rumor? 1
Safer.sephiroth? 18
Sephiroth's wing...? 1
Ultima weapon has disapeared help? 4
Weapons? 5
Weirdness with Ruby WEAPON? 2
What kinds of magic can I use on Lost Number? 1
What level should I be before I fight Ultimate, Ruby and Emerald Weapons? 3
What's with the chick in the forest who keeps stealin mah gil? 3
Where can I find this monster for enemy skill materia? 1
Where do I find Master Tonberry in the Northern Crater? 3
Why can't I find the Ultimate Weapon? 1

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Aeris usable after Temple of the Ancients? 5
Breeding Special Chocobos? 3
Cactuars & Cactuers? 2
Can someone explain to me the chocobo breeding process? 1
Can someone help me gat a map with the names of the cities in it? 1
Changing Tifa's Affection rating? 2
Chocobo Feeding Issue? 3
Chocobo help? (stupid question) 2
Chocobo mating quest? 8
Chocobo racing? 4
Chocobos? 3
Cloud Dress Combination? 2
Dateing yuffie help ? is it to late 5
Different Kinds of Chocobos? 1
Do you have to play on tifas piano in the first disc to get her final limit? 3
Enemy skill help? 2
Hidden Zack and Cloud scene? 3
How can i stop the Coal train from crashing into North Corel? 2
How can I unlock the safe at Shinra Mansion? 1
How do I beat the special battle? 2
How do I do the sunken gelnika side quest? 1
How do I get a blue, female chocobo? 1
How do I get back to the Corel Prison? 3
How do i get Bahamut Zero ? 3
How do I get through Ancient Forest? 7
How do I get to the cave near Mythril Mines? 2
How do i get to the gold saucer? 3
How do I get to Wutai using Tiny Bronco? 1
How do I know if a chocobo is male or female? 11
How do I play tifa's theme on her piano? 1
How do I raise a gold chocobo from scratch? 4
How do I solve the lots number combination and what order of combinations do i use ? 5
How do I solve the Mayor of Midgar's Password? 1
How do I solve the Mayor's password? (Dislexic, the numbers are confusing) 2
How do I solve the next huge materia mission? 1
How do I solve the safe thing? 2
How to start the fort condor subquest? 3
I can't find Jerseys in Shinra Mansion to learn the ???? enemy skill 2
I can't get a green male chocobo? 4
I missed materia MPAbsorb in yuffie quest. im in Disc 3 and cant make that sidequest. Is there anyway to get MP ABSORB? 4
I'm stuck on the cargo ship, I think it's glitched(PS3)? 2
If I miss the Turtle's Paradise flier in the Shinra HQ, am I stuck? 2
Is the chocobo sages information wrong? 2
Location of turtle paradise posters? 1
My Green Chocobo won't breed? 7
Problems With Tifas Piano? 6
Putting Chocobos in a stable? 3
Red Submarine? 2
Second Turtle's Paradise flier? 4
Slow Chocobo? 2
The Wutai Sidequests? 2
Trying to get to the Crystal Cave, behind the Waterfall? 1
Vincent on disc 2? 1
Weapons guy? (beginning of game) 1
Whare do i find yuffie in wutai after the scene with her and her father fighting? 2
What are all of the enemies that can/can't be manipulated and/or morphed? 2
What does buying Shinra Villa do? 2
What does reading all the Turtle's Paradise Newsletters do? 1
What's With the grafiti near the don's mansion? 1
When can i get Tifa's Lvl 4 limit break? 5
Where can I find Bad breath? 2
Where can I find these Level 4 Limit Breaks? 1
Where do I go next? (Disk 1) 1
Where is bone village??? 1
Where is Stolen Materia That Yuffie Steals? 2
Where is temple of ancient?? 3
Where is the second chocobo lure materia? 1
Where is the underwater huge materia? 2
Which mini-game at the Golden Saucer gives alot of GP? 3
White Chocobo? 1
Why can't I talk to Vincent? 3
Why cant I buy stables? 2
Why hasn't Yuffie stolen my Materia!? 8
Why won't the Shinra Mansion Safe Open? 2
Yuffie and Limits? 1
Yuffie in Wutai? 2
Yuffie? 1

Item Location Help Answers
iPad FF7 fixed the W-Item trick, where can I buy elixirs? 2
4 Questions? 1
Absolute Missables? 6
Added affect? 3
Alexander materia where? 1
Anyone know how to use the Item Cosmo Memory? 1
AP Levelling on Disc 1? 5
At what point does omnislash become available in Battle Square? 1
Battle Count for Great Gospel? 1
Best armor? 3
Can anyone tell me where to find the Final Attack Mat? 3
Can i dig up Rising Sun/ Ziedrich in Bone Village? 1
Can I get Aeris Materia? 1
Can I get back to the Great Glacier on disc 3? 2
can I still find Kujata and Alexander materia? 1
Can I still get Tifa's Final Heave? 2
Can I still? 2
Can someone give me the formula? 1
Can someone help me how to catch a chocobo? 1
Can you get out of the North Crater with Pandora's Box? 3
Can you re-fight to learn Beta? 2
Chest in Mt. Nibel? 1
Cloud won't use Omnislash item? 10
Conformer Damage Modifier? 3
Contain Materia? 3
Counter (Support materia)? 2
Cursed Ring - is this similar to the one in FFVI? 3
Didnt hit the piano on disc 2? 4
Does this work? 2
Doesn't the Final Fantasy 7 summon TYPOON and not TYPHOON? 2
Double cut leveling up? 3
E.Skills all of them? 3
Elemental linked with a Master Magic,Does it Work? 2
Final Heaven problems? =/ 4
First enemy skill materia? 2
Floating Materia? 1
Gaining Items from Both Paths? 4
Ghost Hand at Bone Village? 3
Gizzard Greens? 1
Has anyone else ever found an Elemental Materia in the Great Glacier? 5
Help?!! 1
Hey! What is the Super Sweeper for? 2
How can i duplicate this item? 4
How can I get Odin? 3
How can I get the Leviathan Scales? 2
How can I get the MP absorb materia in Wutai? 3
How can I get the person in front of the chest containing the MP absorb materia to move out of the way in Wutai? 1
How can I quickly get sources? 3
how can u get the master materia's if there's materia's that are only located in Northern Crater? 6
How can you use Overflow? 1
How come the support materia (counter) isnt workin? 1
How do i duplicate a single item? 2
How do i get GP for the first time? 1
How do I get into the underwater reactor? 2
How do I get the buggy to the Mithrill cave? 1
How do I get the Final Attack materia? 1
How do I get the item for escaping from the man sleeping in the cave? 1
How do I get the item in the dresser at the inn in Kalm? 2
How do i get tifas premium heart? 1
How do i get to the Alexander materia? 4
How do i get yuffie? 1
How do I level up Full Cure? 2
How do I make Cloud dress as a girl? 1
How do i seal and learn thing from a enamy? 3
How do I use Materia Combinations? 2
How do u get holy? 6
How do you get multiple KotR, mime, and counter materias? 3
How do you go back for the Alexander materia? 1
How does Throw damage work? 1
How is one supposed to use the Elemental Materia? 1
How long do i have 2 wait?? 3
How many All materias should I keep around? 5
How many elamental materias are obtainable throughout the game? 2
How many sets of Master Materia can you get? 2
How may i find the Lunar Harp to awaken the Sleeping Forest? 5
How to fill up new Enemy Skill Materia? 1
How to obtain White Wind from Zemzelett? 1
How will it work?? 2
Huge Materia Event? 1
Huge Materia? 2
I don't understand how to use Premium Heart? 1
I forgot to get Barrets UW before the hojo fight, is it lost forever? 1
I Got Final Heaven and all of Tifa's other limit breaks but cant equip final heaven? 1
I have cosmo memory but red13 doesnt know ho to use it? 2
I need help getting the phoenix materia, I'm on disk 1 ,what should I do? ( read the detailed info) 3
I skipped him... poor zeusy... can i fetch him? 5
I was being dumb and sold my sniper CR for vincent, is it possible to get it back? 2
Is the buggy and bronco gone after gaining control of the highwind? 1
Is there a way to duplicate sources? 3
Is there a way to get Knights of the Round without chocobo breeding? 5
Is there a way to get the W-item materia after The Sister Ray events? 2
Is there an easier way to get the Midgar Key? 1
Is there another way to get Morph or the Guidebook? 4
Isn't there a materia that lets you gain more experience? 4
Key to The Ancients? 1
Long Range/Slash-All Materia? 3
Master SUmmoning Glitch??? 1
Mastered materia to get master magic? 1
Materia Stat Changes? 1
Max AP on Underwater Materia? 1
Mideel items? 1
MP Absorb + Added Effect? 1
Mystile Glitch Issue? 5
Premium Heart...? 2
Quick Command Materia question? 1
Ribbons? 4
Save Crystal???? 2
Sleeping guy doesn't give Mithril? 5
Sources? 2
Tetra Elemental? 2
The added-cut materia? 2
The Behemoth Horn? 2
The Gigas Armlet? 3
The old man won't wake up to give me mythril? 2
the weapon shop is WHERE?!? 1
The Yoshiyuki's special properties? 1
Tissues? 2
Ultimate Weapons? 1
Underwater reacter shinra betas? 3
Vincent DP counter? 1
Vincent's UW, Death Penalty? 2
W-Item can i? 3
Weapon Shop Guy Isn't There. What's Wrong? 1
Weapon shop in sector 7 slums? 2
What all can be dug up in bone village? 2
What are the AP levels for master materia? 2
What are the different 'sources' for? 2
What are the different items you can get from playing Tifa's piano? 3
What are these 2 items for? 9
What are these items for? 1
What can i do with this item? 1
What determines prizes at Chocobo Square? 2
What do the key items (mythril) and (key to the ancients) do? 2
What do the Master (Materia type) materias do? 2
What do the toy soldiers do? 4
What does the ''all'' materia do? 1
What does the Huge Materia do (in Rocket Town)? 2
What is it for??? 2
what is Last Elixir? 1
What is the point of matering materia? 3
What is the use of 'Masamune Blade' that can be won in Gold Saucer? 3
When can I get the key to sector 5 in Midgar? 1
Where are these materia??? 1
Where can I find (added cut and magic plus materias)? 1
Where can I find (added cut material)? 2
Where can I find (maiden kiss's and echo screens)? 3
Where can I find (many elixir)? 1
Where can I find (mbarrier, barrier and reflect materia)? 1
Where can I find (red 13 limit break)? 3
Where can I find (secret)? 3
Where can I find (the best sword in the game)? 2
Where can I find (Tifa's Premium Heart & God's Hand)? 1
Where can I find (Tiny Bronco )? 1
Where can I find (Underwater materia) for the emerald weapon fight? 3
Where can I find (W-Summon)? 1
Where can I find 2-X Cut and 4 X-Cut? 2
Where can I find a enemy skill materia? 1
Where can I find a Materia that allows me to cast Aero? 1
Where can I find added affect materia? 1
Where can I find All of the(Materias)? 2
Where can I find an Attack Plus materia? 1
Where can I find another Contain Materia? 4
Where can I find Bahamut Zero? 2
Where can I find barret and cait siths final limits? 2
Where can I find barrets best wep? 1
Where can I find Big Guard? 2
Where can I find Bugenhagen for the Limited Moon? 2
Where can I find clouds final limit? 1
Where can I find Cut-X2? 2
Where can I find double growth weapons? 1
Where can I find elemantal materia? 3
Where can I find ether? 4
Where can I find everyone's ultimate weapon? 5
Where can I find Full-Cure materia? 1
Where can I find HP absorb, and final attack materia? 2
Where can I find knights of the round? 6
Where can I find manipulate? 1
Where can I find Midgar Key? 1
Where can I find repeat Materia? 1
Where can I find the battery ? 3
Where can I find the Double Cut materia? 1
Where can I find the keystone? 1
Where can I find the materia morph besides Temple of Anicents? 7
Where can I find the Mime materia? 2
Where can I find the quadra magic materia? 1
Where can I find the touph ring? 2
Where can I find Typhoon? 1
Where can I find Vincent? 2
Where can I find W-item? 6
Where can I find? 2
Where can i get steal/mug? 1
Where do I get Conformer? 2
Where do you find weapons for the characters in FF7? 1
Where is tha flare materia? 1
Where is the carab nut? 1
Where is the materia shop in Cosmo Canyon? 2
Where's the Mega-All Materia? 1
Why can't I find even a single jersey? 1
Why did my materia disappear? 1
Why does my All materia target the opponent too when I use Restore? 1
Witch 4 enemy skill should i get? 10

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
How can I change party members during the motorcycle battle? 1
Ap Gaining (maby spoiler...)? 1
ATB and battle speed? 3
Buster Sword Only? 2
Can Cover & Counter Attack Materia be used together? 1
Do Morph kills count towards limit breaks? 1
Double Boss Battle Glitch? 1
Dragon Force? 1
Elemental materia combo, Magic vs. summon? 2
Enemy skill obtainability? 2
Gold chocobo : easy way for psp? 1
Help and tips on maxing stats? 2
How are the chances of zeio nut to increase mdash ~20% ? 1
How do I change my party? 7
How far does the luck stat go? 2
How long would it take to get Chocobuckle up to 9999? 2
I can't remember when can i pay to board chocobo for the first time?? 1
I have the final attack materia. Can you pair it life materia? 1
In Thundaka's LLNIIENACMO Challenge FAQ...? 2
Info about using 2 or more EXP Plus Materias. Someone knows something? 1
Is there a strategy or quick way to gain 64,000 battle points in the Battle arena at the Golden Saucer? 1
Is there a way to do the easy chocobo race "cheat" when playing the psp version? 3
Learning Limits and Escaping? 7
Level 7 Cloud with Meteorain, how is this possible? 4
Mideel Disc 2, The "Crazy Buyer"? 1
Overflow? 1
red XIII (red 13)? 1
Should I bother training Aerith? 9
Should I max out the stats of all chocobos involved with breeding the gold chocobo? 1
Starting levels for Yuffie and Vincent? 1
The strategy behind Yuffie? 2
Toggle the ALL materia in battle? 2
UnStolen item list?? 3
Using everyone? 2
What area of the game has the highest encounter rate? 7
What does tha morph materia do? 1
What is the best "greens" to feed a Chocobo? 3
What is the best area to level up? 8
What is the best strategy for (best materia combination)? 7
What is the best strategy for beating Joe in the chocobo race? 2
What is the best strategy for getting 64000 BP from the battle square? 2
What is the best strategy for materia combinations? 1
What is the best strategy for whirlsand / Ruby Weapon? 2
What job/class is Red 13 supposed to be? 3
What level should I train to for the final dungeon? 16
What party members should i use? 1
What's the best stratigy/location for grinding Limit Breaks? 5
What's the easiest way to breed a Golden Chocobo? 2
Where is the best place to train? 1
Wheres the best area to level up? 1
Which Level Should My Party Be? 3
Which two characters are the best to partner Cloud? 21
Why can't I perform tifa's final heaven? 4
Why cant i get a chocobo faster than 149? and can my stamina go past 999? 8
Will this work? 6

Technical Help Answers
3rd disc problems on PSP? 1
Anyone please help? 2
Anyone with CWcheat? 1
Bone Village - Lunar Harp ??? 6
Can I get rid of lag? 4
Can I play Final Fantasy VII on a Playstation 2? 3
Can someone help me??? 3
Can someone plz help me?! 6
Can you skip the cgi movies? 1
Cannot battle anything in glacier area? 5
Cheat devices? 8
Does anyone still have a dexdrive? 2
FF7 wont work on my TV? 5
Frequent freezing? 2
Game boots but won't start? 6
Game freezing moments after cutscene? 2
Game saves to ps3? 1
Glitch in Shinra HQ? 3
Glitch...? 2
gme. file to psv. file for USB thumb drive? 1
Having problems with my multi disc eboot ff7 on disc 3.. need help please? 2
help Disc 3 lag psp? 1
Hojo didnt show? 2
How can I get Tifa's, Yuffie's, Cid's and Red XIII's Limits? 1
How do I get one of these saves off of Gamefaqs onto my PSN version of FF7 on my PS3? 1
How do I get one of these saves off of Gamefaqs onto my PSN version of FF7 on my PSP? 4
How do i put a downloaded save file on to my psp without using a ps3? 1
How do I run? 2
How do i save anywhere without using a gameshark code? 2
How much ram and space does this take? 3
How to edit my own FF7 Save File on the PS3? 1
How to merge FFVII files ? 1
I accidentially skipped a part in the game now im stuck and it keeps freezimg up!? HELP PLZ!! 1
I bought this game over the psn and now it keeps telling to insert disc2? 2
I need help understanding how the PSN works? 1
Is there a known glitch with sleepel? 1
Is this a glitch on disk 2 or is it scratched? 19
It won't continue after I press NEW GAME, how do I solve this? 2
It wont make the blue female chocobo wtf? 1
Just got the Buggy and my game keeps giving me an odd symbol...? 2
Lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag on disc 2 and 3 psn? 2
Man, what do i do? 3
My disc locks up, any ideas how to repair it? 1
My game keeps freezing after I defeat Diamond Weapon in the middle of the cutscene. What do I do? 1
My game won't start? 2
My Playstation 2 won't run this game? 2
My PS memory card converter wont work for my ps3? 7
My second disk won't run properly? 1
No sound running game on PS3? 1
Not recognising my save data? 7
Original save loads on PS3? 1
Planting a bomb? 2
Playing on my PS2 and I can't move? 2
PS1 save on PS3? 2
PS3 Controller on FFVII PC? 1
Ps3 FF VII Savegame trouble? 3
PS3 version limited save files and slots? 1
Psn lag psp why? 1
PSN version keeps freezing? 1
PSOne vs. PC version? 1
PsP why does the game freeze at the 1st set battle after battle? 3
Question? 1
Revival of Aeris? 4
Saving issues??? 2
Spanish and english editions in same MC? 3
Specific game save? 1
Starting Fort Condor Problem? 4
Stuck on outer space stars screen? (Just beated game) 1
Teeny tiny screen...can't we stretch it or zoom it? 4
Temple of ancients glitch? 2
The Ultimate Sephiroth Code for Gameshark? 2
When i play FF7 and get to the game map why does Cloud go invisible? 2
When playing on my PS3 can I use a virtual block from my PS1 if I download the game off the PSN? 1
Why can't I breed my black chocobo? 1
Why can't I land the airship? 1
Why can't I put chocobos in the stables? 4
Why cant i encounter a lv 16 chocobo anymore? 2
Why does disc 1 keep freezing? 1
Why does nothing occur when I go to Mt. Corel in Disc 2? 3
Why does the game freezing in disc 3 ? 3
Why does the game keep telling me 'File Is ruined' when I try and load a save? 5
Why does the game keep telling me (No memory card-It's NOT a PS2 Card)? 4
Why does the game keep telling me data error on battles? 1
Why does the game keep telling me read error? 2
Why does the game keep telling me there is no memory card inserted (it's not the system)? 2
Why does the game not let me go in the rocket at Rocket Town? 1
Why I can't play pass the end of disc 1 on my download version from ps3? 4
Why is my downloaded disc 3 for PSP is extremely lagy? 3
Why is my game stalling after the Diamond WEAPON battle? 1
Why the first kinda gets stuck? 1
Why won't the game allow me to summon??? 2
Why wont the game let me continue? 1
Will it work on slim ps2? 1
Will ps1 FFVII work on my slim ps2? 4

Other Help Answers
"Ice was born?" what does that mean? 1
(( heed help on the PSP Final Fantasy 7 Choco Race?) 2
(I have the real game but I bought it online because memory card problems but it wont work on my psp? 1
(Is thier gonna be a remake for the ps3?) 2
1/35 Soldiers? 1
4x-Cut hits multiple enemies O_o? 1
4X-cut?? 2
?How do I get past that dog in Junon? Is it guarding something? 2
A few questions? 1
A few random, but easy questions..? 1
A glitch or supposed to happen? 2
A PSN Question? 1
About sidequest? 1
Aeris Disc 2-3 Guide ? 3
Aeris or Aerith? 4
Aeris's limit breaks? 3
Ahhhhhhh why is it repeating? 1
Alexander Summon?? 1
Am I in trouble? 2
Any similar games? 7
Any way to get PC version save file into the PS version on my PS3? 5
Any???(Gamesaves) 1
Anybody want it? 3
anyone else having this problem with the PSN version? 3
AP gain...? 2
Are there any hidden characters in this game? 3
Are you hardworking? 2
Aries after disk 2 ? 2
Attack % Defense % and Magic Defense %? 1
Attacking normally with full Limit Bar? 1
Barret's HP? 2
Battle Square 7 Rounds? 3
Best Charcters To Use When You Get To The World Map The First Time? 1
Blue chocobo??? 1
Boss Final Stats? 1
By how much % does Fury decrease a character's accuracy? 2
Can i get Vincent later in the game where I can more easily kill the boss? 1
Can I go to Gaea's cliff again? 1
Can I help the sick man in the slums? 4
Can I leave Midgar before fighting Hojo? 1
can I leave the crater? 6
Can i play this game in PS2? 2
Can I transfer my PS3/PSP save file to my PS1 Memory Card? 2
Can I use two wonderful chocobo to breed a Mountain/River chocobo? 1
Can someone please give me a ff7 game save for psp(english) and send it to my e mail??? 2
Can someone PLEASE tell me what made FF7 so rare? 9
Can this be run on the PS2 Slim? 3
can u get a spell called RESURRECT? 2
Can you face emerald or ruby weapon more than once? 2
Can you fix the buggy if it breaks down??????? 1
Can you flee?? 1
Can you help me in my snowboarding game Time Attack? 2
Can you learn limits in the battle arena? 1
Can you rename your characters? 3
Can you use the Analog Stick instead of the D-PAD? 3
Can Yuffie ride the chocobo in the race? 1
Can't get a river chocobo!? 1
Characters damage? 3
Chocobo Breeding with Wonderful type? 1
Chocobo Breeding.. What if...? 1
Chocobo Breeding... ever got more than 200kmph for Gold? 3
Chocobo breeding? 3
Chocobo races?? 1
Chocobo Raising/Breeding? 1
Chocobo? 1
Chocobo??? 1
Cid as a chocobo rider in the Gold Saucer?? 4
Conversation Choices? 1
Counter-mime/omnislash?? 1
Did I beat the game? 2
Did I glitch the chocobos? 1
Did I miss Yuffie? 3
Digging up Bahamut Zero? 1
Disc 2 Cloud and Tifa are stuck in Mideel which is now a hole in the ground. What did I do wrong? 1
Do the BP reset to zero every time I leave Gold Saucer? 2
Do the weapons come back after killing them? 1
Does anyone have a psp save data for ff7(english)? 1
Does ANYONE Know How I Can Get Ahold Of FFVII? 8
does anyone know why my stupid Ghetto Chocobo wont produce a blue or green one? 1
Does Barrets Overflow Glitch Allow For Max HP? 1
Does equiping multiple independent materias increase the rates? 2
Does someone have a PSP save data? English? 4
Does someone have the FFVII script? 3
Does this game always have three disks on every version? 3
Doing the Max Natural HP/MP for Cloud? 1
Downloading a save file from gamefaqs? 4
Elemental Materia??? 1
Elixir?? 1
Ending??(No Spoilers) 1
Enemy skill materia??? 1
Enemy Skill? 1
Extra 4 Chocobo Stables? 2
FF7 junon weapon shop troubles? 2
FF7 Pops Save to FF7 PSN Game? 1
Final attack? 1
Final fantasy 7 misprint vs chrono trigger guide? 2
Final fantasy 7 save data psp needed? 1
final fantasy VII EU game id? 3
Final fantasy VII PSN game save for PS3 ? 1
Final Fatasy 7 Game Save? 2
Final Heaven Theme? 2
Final scripted battle mechanics? 1
Freak Question? 1
Game dynamics? 1
Gameshark? 1
Getting past the zolom on ps3 download? 2
Getting the Mythril in the cave with the sleeping man? 3
Getting the Ribbon in the Special Battle? 1
Glitch help??? 1
Glitch! but how to do it again? (Spoilers) 1
Glitches? 1
Gold Chocobo? 21
Gold Saucer closed? 2
Gold Saucer Date Scene? 1
Great glacier ? 2
Great gospel??? 1
Growth?? 1
Guys i need a .vmp file?(psp) 1
Hard reset? 1
Having issues getting great gospel? 1
Having problems finding game saves for my psp please help? 2
Help? 1
Help?? 3
Help??? 1
Help???? 2
Hero drink? 1
Highwind Controls? 2
Hmm...... in my PSP? 2
Hostages in submarine? 1
House on hill in Yuffies home town? 3
How are people at the start of the game with everything? 2
How can i easily get lots of GP at the gold saucer ? 3
How can I get a Gold Chocobo after this part? 3
How can i get a gold chocobo? 4
How can i know how many escapes ive done? 2
How can i mate a Gold Chocobo? 1
How did Cloud become a member of avalanche? 3
How do i catch chocobos? 2
How do i convert a ps1 game save into a psp game save on this site? 2
How do I enter the sunken Gelnika? 8
How do I find Yuffie? 5
How do i get a chocobo in the highwinds stable? 1
How do I get a Chocobo???(Highwind) 1
How do I get back into the Great Glacier? 3
How do I get back to "Desert Prison"? 1
How do I get out of the northern cave when my party splits up goin down the other paths? 1
How do i get the chocobos in to the stable? 3
How do i get the game saves from this site to my ps1? 2
How do I get the River Chocobo (the bule one) ? 1
How do i get vincent to join me? 2
how do I open...? 1
How do I run from battles? 1
How Do I see the scene of Zacks Death? 5
How do I snowboard down the slope from the village again? 1
How do i transfer Playstation save files to my virtual memory card on PS3? 4
How do I unlock the special battle at Gold Saucer? 3
How do I use Phoenix Downs? 3
How do kills to level limits count? 2
How do obtain the enemy skill dragon force? 7
How do you change discs on the vita? 4
How do you do the item duplication trick i dont understand the one in the Guide? 1
How do you get a Green Chocobo? 7
How do you get back into the honey bee inn? 3
How do you get back into the underwater reactor just outside of junon? 1
How do you get new limits for Vincent? 1
How do you get yuffie if you did not get her in Junon? 3
How do you morph? 1
How do you transfer the saves from this site into the psp memory if you have Final Fantasy 7 in your psp? 7
How do you use MemcardRex to put a savefile to my psp????? 1
How i get vincent in game? 3
How long is this game? 2
How long will it take to beat the game? 2
How many enemies do you have to kill for death penalty to stop sucking? 1
How many islands are there that don't show up on the map? may be a spoiler. 1
How many points do I need to get Final Fantasy VII on the PS3? 1
How the heck do i get the final attack materia? 2
How to buy Costa Del Sol Villa in FFVII? 2
How to get back to gold saucer? 1
How to get black chocobo? 1
How to get Yuffie on the date at Gold Saucer? 1
how to transfer ps1 save data files with extensions .GME to a ps3? 2
How to work this machine? 3
Hp<->mp?? 2
I can't find the guy who sell gp anybody can help me locate him? 4
i can't get my car or plane i only have access to Mt Nibel at the bottom and cids town am I stuck? 1
I can't put my Chocobos in the stables. Why? 5
I cant breed a golf chocobo?` 1
I cant equip omnislash? 1
I cant get the safe to open!? 8
I cant move my chocobo? 1
I cant? find Gongaga on disc 3 1
I forgot to get the elemental materia and can't beat the midgar Zolom should i start over? 3
I have the psp version of it and i cant get cloud to get his final limit? Any advice 5
I just beat both weapons...? 5
I need help!? With my chocobo? 3
I need someone to gameshark Sephiroth? 1
I need to know if there's a way to get back INSIDE the underwater reactor to morph the enemies into stat boosting items? 2
I noticed there was a chest in Kalm that when trying to open it says locked, anyone know? 2
I tryed getting some saved games off the computer on my ps3 it just comes out as corruptied data? 3
I want to download the virtual save. Do I need all the other discs? 1
I was wondering if any one could make a steal guide? 1
I'm stuck. I can't get to my Buggy or the Little Bronco... Help please? 5
I've somehow started with all weapons and materia...heard of this?? 2
If I delete this game from my psp, does it delete my save data? 1
If my characters are in the back row when using hyper..? 2
Is Bugenhagen still alive after giving Nanaki the Limited Moon? 3
Is buying this for PS3 worth it? 4
Is holding down circle supposed to skip exp screen? 2
Is it more effective to feed a chocobo 1 green at a time? 1
Is it necessary to level everyone up? 4
Is it possble to have Your max a Hp 7777? 10
Is it possible to do more than 9,999 damage? 3
Is it possible to get the missing score after defeating Hojo? 2
Is it possible to get the Sector 5 Key on first visit to Bone village? 1
Is it possible to go back to the highwind after revisiting midgar? 2
Is it possible to repair the buggy once it broke down? 1
Is it true of 7777 battles? 3
Is it true? 4
Is Knights of the Round worth Raising a Gold Chocobo? 1
Is Omnislash mandatory for the last boss? 1
Is the Iron Man the only enemy that you can morph into an escort guard? 1
Is the PSN download version altered in any way? 3
Is there a better gold chocobo code? 2
Is there a lvl 3 limit break for cait sith in a different version of ff7? 3
Is there a New game Plus glitch? 2
Is there a New Game Plus? 1
Is there a way? 10
Is there any differences in the PSN download? 4
Is there any way to cast fury on your self? 3
Is there any way to make the game image larger on the psp screen? 1
Is there any way to outright kill ruby's tentecles? 6
Is this a glitch at the end of the game? 2
Is this game still worth getting? 1
Is this how stats are? 1
Is this just a rumor? Aeris 6
Isn't lucky 7 suppose to stay until the end of a fight? 5
Junon Path Disc 1? 1
Knights of the Round Summon? 4
Knights of the round? 2
Lenth of game? 6
Leveling materia and summons fast? 1
Limit break question? 1
Limit break? 2
Limit Breaks? 1
Lost My Chocobo Lures? 2
Magic pot??? 1
Materia Growth? 2
Materia help??? 1
Materia??? (3 QUESTIONS) 1
Midgar zolom beta??? 1
Misprinted "i"? 1
Morph=death? 2
Most materia stolen,but not all of it like it should.Why? 1
Mr.holzoffs hut??? 1
Music? 2
My "Good" chocobo is maxed out at 82km top speed? 4
My character incomplete? 1
My Dune Buggy Is Stuck? 3
My fair/good chocobo stats won't improve HELP! What do I do? 2
My great chocobo can't win any A-class races? 5
My materias don't level up. Why? 1
Need help putting save file on to my psp, can any one help me? 2
Nes version? 2
No Wonderful Female Chocobo in Icicle Area? 2
North Crater? 1
Northern crater? 3
Obtaining the wonderful chocobo? 5
Ok two questions: 1 what is weapon growth? 2 what is morph materia? 3
Old disk save for the PSN version? 2
On the psp. is their any point into assigning the R2 and L2 buttons? 1
Parental control level 1? 2
Pc music? 2
People scream this game is over rated? 2
Phoenix Summon??? 2
Piano???? 1
Please, how can I play the original FF7 PS discs on a PC? 4
Precious Watch? 2
Problem type:how to get there? 2
Problem with Cait Sith and Vincent? 4
Ps1 version discount? 2
PS3 Game Saves - Aeris on second disc? 1
PSP / PSV save file format? 1
PSP game changes? 1
PSP US Version, are Ruby and Emerald Weapon included? 2
publishers of Strategy guides ? 2
Question regarding critical blows? 3
Question regarding limit breaks? 1
RainBow ChOcobos? 2
Random Questions about FF7..? 1
Random questions and training areas? 1
Rng?? 1
Save data for psp. downloaded version? 1
Serious help?!? 1
Shinra HQ Keycards..? 9
Should i get this? 1
So is there a gameshark type thing i can get for a PS2? 2
Something wrong or just glitch? [Chocobo Problems] 2
Stuck in forgotten city in dics2? 1
Stuck In The Centre Of The Earth. Can I Leave? 3
Target symbol? 1
Temple of the ancients??? 2
There is a chest in Kalm that says locked, can't open it? 2
Tifa'piano...? 2
Time? 1
Trophies for the psn version? 1
Ultimate weapon? 1
Unlocking Limit Breaks? 3
Unreachable item? 3
URGENT please help? 4
Verdict of many years of rumors? (Possible Spoilers) 2
Vincent keeps hitting the same MP value on lvl up. Safe for MAX HP/MP? 1
Vincent Valentine is not in the coffin.why? 5
W-item, W-summon? 1
W-item? 3
Wat does ghost hand even do? 1
WEAPON items? 1
Weapon shop item? 1
Weapons??? 2
What are all the summons? 1
What are all the weapons with special properties? 3
What are the lyrics to One Winged Angel? 2
What are the requirements to raise limit levels? 1
What do tissues do ? 1
What does getting in Don Corneo's mansion do? 2
What does it do? 1
What effects to the other nuts in FF7 have on the chocobos you breed? 6
What is a good pair with the final attack materia? 1
What is an easy way to get money quickly? 4
What is the best way to level materia? 7
What is the code for the safe in nibelheim mansion ? 4
what is the easiest way to get the chocobo needed to obtain KOTR materia ? 1
What is the most amount of strength you can have? 1
What is the Name of Odin's Sword exactly? 1
What is the note for playin tifa's piano ? 3
What is the pass code to get the huge materia on the rocket headed for meteor? 1
What is with the person walking in the desert with the red cloak? 5
What level should I be at the Lost Number boss? 4
What Store can I buy this game? 9
What's the "real" purpose of getting mega-all, shield, counter materia duped via northern crater glitch? 1
What's the earliest time I can learn the Enemy Skill Trine? 1
What's the fastest way to level up my characters? 1
What's with the threatoning movies Cloud does in front of Aeris right before "it happens"? 1
What's wrong with Tifa and Barret? 1
When are you supposed to get Vincent's UW and Limit? 3
When can I bribe the boat captain to get back across the ocean after the president's opening ceremony? 1
When do i get? 2
When do you go to Gongaga? 3
When does disk 2 start(hour wise)? 22
Where can i find chocobo sage? 3
Where can I find this game besides online shops? 7
Where can i get a chep final fantasy game for $ 47.00 or less? (besides ebay or amazon). 1
Where can i get a copy of this game? 2
Where can i get this game? 5
Where can I level up my materia quickly? 1
Where did the man in Kalm go? 3
Where do i find the anciet forest? 1
Where do I go in Gongaga Village? 1
Where is the best place to level up materia fast? 3
Where is the Sunken Shinra Air Ship? 4
Where the **** is ultimate weapon (monster)? 2
Where's a good place to train & level up materia? 2
Where's Geas cliff? 1
Where's the weapon shop in Gongaga? 2
Wheres protect materia? 1
Which 3 Characters have the most impressive Limit Breaks? 3
Which platform should I buy to play FFVII on? 11
Whoa is that what i think it is??? 1
Why 3 discs? 1
Why are my Limit Breaks getting unlocked but not levelling up? 2
Why can't I find a chocobo? 1
Why can't I get to this place with the sub? 1
Why can't I use the ultima materia? 2
Why can't my green and blue chocobo breed?(Maby Spoiler) 1
Why cant i play on my ps2? 2
Why come when Yuffie stole my materia i was left with all my level 3 Materia? 2
Why did they not make a movie on the game? 1
Why is everyone else missing their materia except Cloud and Yuffie?!?!?!? 2
Why is this game soooooo gooooood? 4
Why then don't they a movie series of the game? 6
Why was there a "rerelease" within its first month out in the USA? 4
Why won't Cid race chocobos? 2
Why wont my Limits Breaks level up? 3
Wonderful chocobo?!? 1
Xbox mac and cheese peter pan Sephiroth? 1
Yuffie Affection Exploit? 1
Zack and Sepiroth Party members? 3
[SECRET] regarding save points? 4

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