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             Final Fantasy VII Playstation Version

      Fort Condor In-Depth FAQ version 2.0 Written By: Master Epyon on
            August 26th, 2002. Last updated on: March 1, 2012



1. Legal Stuff
2. Revision History
3. What and Where is Fort Condor?
4. What is the Mini-Game? (And General Tips)
5. Advanced Tips (Or, the lazy guide)
6. When do the Battles take place and what is the prize?
7. What if they reach the shack?
8. What can I buy at Fort Condor? (The Shop List)
9. Credits


This is a comprehensive guide written to help out with the Fort Condor
mini-game. It is not to be reproduced, changed, or altered in any form, and
can only be found at Anyone else who wants to use it
must mail me and cannot change the contents within without my permission.


My revision history works like this; if I add a new section, it'll be updated
by 1. (I.e, from 2.0 to 3.0) Each little update I put in that section will be
.1. (I.e, from 2.0 to 2.3, because there are three things I updated in the

Version 2.0 (Made on August 31, 2002)

-Added revision history :D
-Fixed some mistakes
-Found out what CMD. Grand Horn actually uses.
-Found out when you can get Fire Catapults and Tri-Stoners.
-Found out that when you win five "Potions", you actually receive nothing.
-Found out that you MUST have 4,000 gil or more before each battle or you can't
play it.

Version 2.5 (Made on September 1, 2002)

-Found out you can't choose the option "Let them handle it" if the man has less
than 3,000 gil.
-Found out that CMD. Grand Horn (3) only uses Grand Attack when he dies.
-Added a note beside the Commander's stats.
-Re-arranged Tri-Stoner in the Advanced Tips for easier reference.
-Added an ASCII Art Chart for the enemies and allies and fixed the ASCII Art
for the Damage Done/Taken Section.

Version 3.0 (Made on March 1, 2012)

-Listed the remaining missing battles and their prizes!


Fort Condor is a reactor where a Condor is resting. Shinra wants to chase the
Condor away and (Later)also want to get the Huge Materia. A resistance group
wants to protect the Condor because it's laying it's eggs. Your job is to help
them. Fort Condor is located South-East of Junon, it's surrounded by a canyon
and has a giant Condor on top of it. Inside you can buy Materia and other
items, and rest at an inn. There is a man guarding the door though. Tell him
you want to help. Then go up the ladder and talk to the man at the table, and
tell him you'll help! All set? Go up the left-most ladder, talk to the person,
and you're all set to play the mini-game!


After talking to the guy at the top, you are presented with some options. You
can find out about the soldiers you can hire, and the enemies which you will
fight. You can also pick some other options.

Contribute Gil - Give the man some gil. Every time you skip/lose a battle,
he'll lose 3,000 gil. In all honesty, it doesn't seem to make any difference
whether he runs out or not, but just to be safe, you should max out his gil.
(30,000 gil). Definitely let him have 15,000 gil prior to battle #14.

Let them handle it - The battle will automatically be over and the man will
lose 3,000 gil. You will not win a prize. Not a very smart choice. Note that
you CANNOT pick this choice if the man has less than 3,000 gil.

Okay, Ready - Start the Mini-Game

To play the game you must hire soldiers with your money (Not the other guy's)
and set up soldiers. You may place up to twenty soldiers, and if you defeat all
the enemies on screen, you'll win and you will receive 1/2 the gil of all the
soldiers you hired that lived. (I.e, if you built a Tri-Stoner for 1000 gil
you'll get back 500 gil if its still standing)You may set them about half-way
down the mountain. When you're ready, press the X button and start the game!

Now, there are some simple things you must know.

-Like it or not, you must have 4,000 gil or more before he'll let you play the
game. With this in mind, always keep spare change...

-Press Circle over an ally to give him/her a command. Usually, you can only
move to a different location, or attack an enemy. However, certain troops can
do special things. A Worker, for example, can set a bomb which will explode on
contact with an enemy, doing some damage. Usually, allies with special
abilities should not be sent to attack.

-Moving the Cursor over an enemy/ally will let you see their current HP/Max HP
and you can see whether they're moving, set to attack, or healing.

-When you need to pick between a group of huddled soldiers, you will be given
an option of which one to pick. For example, I have three Defenders all huddled
together. An enemy is making his/her way up the mountain, and two of my
Defenders are badly injured. When I press Circle in the group, I can choose
which soldier I wish to command. Same goes for when you're attacking a huddled
group. (Although you'll usually end up hitting the enemy closest to you)

-You can set down Stationary Units such as Stoners and Catapults to attack the
enemy while another troop finishes them off. However, the land-based Stoners
are not effective against flying enemies. Take note, also, that these machines
can be destroyed very easily when an enemy reaches them. One more thing: The
moment a Stationary Unit is set, it will fire. Then it needs to take some time
(Usually about 5 seconds) to reload. To use this to your advantage, build one
in front of an enemy troop and when it is destroyed, build another one...etc.

-You may hire soldiers during battle, but ONLY if you have less than twenty
soldiers left.

-If a soldier is strong against a certain enemy, it will do nearly 2x damage
and receive about 1/2 damage.

-Likewise, if they're weak against a certain enemy, they will perform poorly,
doing around 1/2 damage and receiving around 2x damage.

-Attackers are best against Beast enemies, but fall quickly to Barbarians.

-Defenders are best against Barbarians, but fall quickly to Wyverns.

-Shooters are best against Wyverns, but fall quickly (And I mean quickly) to

-With the three above statements, you should realize that you need to be
diverse. An entire team of Shooters will not win the game for you easily.

-All other troops are weak against nothing and strong against nothing(although
Stoners and Tri-Stoners do low damage to Wyverns).

-If an enemy reaches the shack, you must fight CMD. Grand Horn with your actual
party. Don't worry, he isn't that hard, but you won't receive the normal prize
for winning. (You can get a rare prize from him, though, see below)

-Use your money wisely. If you waste it you may end up being unprepared for
the next battle.

-Workers can only place one bomb at a time until it explodes. Repairers can
heal your troops by 10 each turs, but CANNOT heal troops while they are in

-Stationary units can be dismantled. The only time you should really do this is
when you want to hire another troop, or if all the enemies have passed this
unit. You may also change a Stationary unit's firing direction.

-Attackers have high speed but have short range, Shooters have long range but
weak power, and Defenders have high power but low speed.

-The last enemy to climb the mountain is the Commander. He is very tough and
suffers half damage (Rounded down) by all of your soldiers. I recommend using
Shooters, because they have long range, or Defenders, because of their high
attack power. A good choice is to send three Defender's with full HP all at
once to attack the Commander. That way you won't lose anyone to him.

-You can raise the game speed by pressing R1. You can lower it with L1. Raise
it when you want troops to get to where they're going, but slow it down when
you need to look around.

-You cannot damage your own troops with your own traps.

With that in mind, you should be able to win. However, if you want straight
details, see below...


In this section, I will tell you what soldiers you can hire, how much they
cost, their HP's, attack power, range, the enemies, their stats, how much
damage they each do, and how much damage they take.

Units you may hire -

|           |    |        |       |      |                |               |
|    Fighter| 200|   30   |   1   |  400 |     NONE       |     NONE      |
|   Attacker| 180|   25   |   1   |  420 |     BEAST      |   BARBARIAN   |
|   Defender| 220|   35   |   1   |  440 |   BARBARIAN    |     WYVERN    |
|    Shooter| 160|   20   |  1~3  |  520 |    WYVERN      |     BEAST     |
|   Repairer| 160|   10   |   1   |  480 |     NONE       |     NONE      |
|     Worker| 160|   15   |   1   |  400 |     NONE       |     NONE      |
|     Stoner| 100|   20   |  1~4  |  480 |     NONE       |     NONE      |
|Tri-Stoner*| 150|   35   |  1~5  | 1000 |     NONE       |     NONE      |
|   Catapult| 100|   18   |  1~5  |  480 |     NONE       |     NONE      |
|F.Catapult*| 120|   25   |  1~6  |  600 |     NONE       |     NONE      |
|Worker Bomb|NONE|   15   |  1~3  | NONE |     NONE       |     NONE      |

* (1)= Tri-Stoners do not become available until battle number 8 and onwards.

* (2) = Fire Catapult's do not become available until battle number 5 and
onwards. BTW, F.Catapult stands for Fire Catapult.

Note that Worker Bomb is the Bomb laid down by the Worker, which explodes on
contact with an enemy.

Here is a list of all the enemies- (Note that there's no "Cost" section because
you can't buy enemies!)

|    BEAST | 180|   25   |   1   |    SHOOTER     |   ATTACKER   |
|BARBARIAN | 130|   15   |  1~3  |    ATTACKER    |   DEFENDER   |
|   WYVERN | 140|   20   |   1   |    DEFENDER    |   SHOOTER    |
|COMMANDER*| 230|   50   |   1   |      NONE      |     NONE     |

* = There is only one commander, and he always appears last.

The following is a chart detailing how much damage the units do and take. The
first number is the damage given by your soldier, the second number is damage
given to that soldier by the specific enemy. (With the exception of Worker's
Bomb, which has only the damage given number) Also, the Repairer can heal 10 HP
at a time.

|    ALLIES   |            ENEMIES              |
| ------------|-----|---------|------|----------|
|             |Beast|Barbarian|Wyvern|Commander |
|      Fighter|30,25|  30, 15 |27, 20| 15, 50   |
|     Attacker|40,12|  17, 22 |20, 22| 12, 50   |
|     Defender|35,25|  52,  7 |24, 30| 17, 50   |
|      Shooter|10,37|  16, 15 |30, 10|  6, 50   |
|     Repairer|10,25|  10, 15 | 9, 20|  5, 50   |
|       Worker|15,25|  15, 15 |13, 20|  7, 50   |
|       Stoner|20,25|  16, 15 | 6, 20| 10, 50   |
|   Tri-Stoner|30,25|  24, 15 | 9, 20| 15, 50   |
|     Catapult|18,25|  14, 15 |14, 20|  9, 50   |
|Fire Catapult|25,25|  20, 15 |20, 20| 12, 50   |
|Worker's Bomb| 15  |    15   |  13  |    7     |

Next, I'll detail when all the battles take place.


The battles take place at certain times during the story.

NOTE: If you skip a battle, you cannot go back to it. If you skip a battle, you
will receive the item you would have won from the previous one except x3. (With
the exception of rare items) For example, if I skip battle #3 and do battle #4,
I'll win 3 Ethers instead of a Megalixir. If I skip #3 and #4, I'll still win
3x Ethers. From then on, you'll get the prize you would have got from the
battle after the one you skipped. (I.e, you'll win a megalixir in battle #5 
for the first example)

Try to do all of these battles as early as possible!

Thanks to SHiroshige's FAQ and Absolute Steve for listing certain battles.

Battle #1: Takes place before resting at the house in Junon. You'll win a Magic
Comb. (A weapon for Red XIII)

Battle #2: After resting at the house in Junon and defeating Bottomswell, 
before obtaining the Shiva materia. You'll win a Peace Ring.

Battle #3: After getting in the water with Mr. Dolphin, before you use the 
Dolphin Whistle. You'll win 3 Ethers. (HUGE thanks to the FF7 message board for
this one! The game also mistranslates them into Tinctures)

Battle #4: After getting the Buggy, before going to Cosmo Canyon. 
You'll win a Megalixir.

Battle #5: After choosing your party for the Cave of the Gi, before getting 
the Tiny Bronco. It "Says" you win 5 potions, but these are actually 5 

Battle #6: After you complete the Cave of the Gi, before talking to Shera 
in Rocket Town. It "says" you win five potions once again, but once again 
these are 5 Hi-Potions.

Battle #7: After talking to Shera in Rocket Town, before Rufus shows up. 
You'll win a Superball (a weapon for Yuffie).

Battle #8: After you can use the Tiny Bronco, before you obtain the Keystone. 
You'll win 3 Turbo Ethers.

Battle #9: After going on the date, before going to the Temple of the 
Ancients. You'll win 3 Turbo Ethers.

Battle #10: After getting through the Temple of the Ancients, before using 
the Lunar Harp. You'll win 5 X-Potions, though the game seems to indicate 
you win nothing.

Battle #11: After using the Lunar Harp, before resting in the Forgotten 
Capital. You'll win 5 X-Potions, though the game seems to indicate you win 

Battle #12: After sleeping in the Forgotten Capital, before the end of 
disc one. You'll win 5 X-Potions, though the game seems to indicate 
you win nothing.

Battle #13: After disc two starts, before you obtain the Highwind airship. 
You'll win 3 Elixirs.

Battle #14: It takes place during the seven days you're captured in Junon. 
You cannot go to it. Shinra attacks five times during the seven days 
you're asleep.

Battle #15: Same as #14.

Battle #16: Same as #14.

Battle #17: Same as #14.

Battle #18: Same as #14.

Battle #19: After getting the Highwind, before going to Mideel. 
You'll win 3 Elixirs.

Battle #20: Shinra attacks while you're visiting Cloud at Mideel. 
You cannot go to it. Another wasted opportunity.

Battle #21: After visiting Cloud at Mideel. Take note that this battle is
MANDATORY. Before doing the battle, the man will give you all the money he has.
If you win, go outside to get the Phoenix Materia and talk to the guy at the
table to get the Huge Materia. If you lose to CMD. Grand Horn here, you're
kicked out of Fort Condor FOR GOOD.

There, that's all of them.


If they reach the shack, you'll fight CMD. Grand Horn. He isn't tough, and you
can win a good prize for beating him. If you lose to him, you won't get the
prize but you won't get game over. Note though that if you lose to him in
battle 21, you're kicked out of Fort Condor forever. Also, his stats can 
sometimes stay lowered if your party level is low and few enemies are left.

Here are his stats...(Thanks to Kao Megura's FAQ for this info)

CMD. Grand Horn
  LV - 19          EXP - 200
  HP - 2000        AP - 20
  MP - 100         Gil - 2400
 Attacks: Punch, Grand Attack
 NOTE: You fight this version in battles 1-3

CMD. Grand Horn
  LV - 25          EXP - 400
  HP - 4000        AP - 40
  MP - 200         Gil - 4800
 Attacks: Poison Breath
 NOTE: You fight this version in battles 4-20

CMD. Grand Horn
  LV - 37          EXP - 800
  HP - 8000        AP -  80
  MP - 300         Gil - 9600
 Attacks: Punch, Poison Breath, Grand Attack*
 NOTE: You fight this version in battle 21.
* = The ONLY time he uses Grand Attack this time is when you kill him, and
he'll ALWAYS do it.

Battles 1-3: Vagyrisk Claw. Note that this Claw can be stolen before all your 
characters are level 78 from Bagrisk enemies on the world map at the Cosmo 
Area as a rare steal.

Battles 4-20: NOTHING!

Battle 21: Imperial Guard. Let them reach the shack this time so you can win
this. (Don't worry, you can still get Phoenix and the Huge Materia, providing
you don't lose to him)


You can buy the following things at Fort Condor...

BIG thanks to Kao Megura's FAQ for this info.


Potion - 50 GIL
Phoenix Down - 300 GIL
Hyper - 100 GIL
Tranquilizer - 100 GIL
Tent - 500 GIL


Hi-Potion - 300 GIL
Phoenix Down - 300 GIL
Ether - 1,500 GIL
Hyper - 100 GIL
Tranquilizer - 100 GIL
Tent - 500 GIL
S-Mine - 1,000 GIL


Fire - 600 GIL
Lightning - 600 GIL
Ice - 600 GIL
Restore - 750 GIL


Throw - 10,000 GIL
Manipulate - 10,000 GIL
Deathblow - 10,000 GIL
Destruct - 9,000 GIL
All - 20,000 GIL


Thanks to for its great FAQ's.

Thanks to the FFVII message board for the info on battle #3.

Thanks to Kao Megura for his EXCELLENT FF7 FAQ.

Thanks to Absolute Steve for some updated information!

Thanks to CJayC for a great job on the site. my parents, otherwise I couldn't have brought to you this FAQ.

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