Low Level Challenge FAQ by Edman

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              FINAL FANTASY 7
              version 0.7
              Written by: EDMAN
              Edmunds Steins
              3rd January, 2003

This is a Low Level guide for FF7. It can be used if you are 
attempting any of the following challenges:
--> Low Level (finish the game with as low level as possible)
--> Speed game (finish the game as quickly as possible. You will
    probably be at a very low level, so this is useful)
--> No Save Game (very useful strategies for beating the bosses even
    if you are in a need of sleep)
--> If you simply want to have fun with this game, and not make it
    too easy and beat it as quickly as possible. This is what I really
    achieved, as I beat my game at LV30 (for Cloud) and in 16 hours.

This guide tries to make FF7 as difficult as possible by trying to 
finish the game with gaining as little EXP as possible, but by still
fully using everything the game gives you. This is, IMO, the best FF7
challenge, as it is not frustrating and requires a lot of strategy,
that other challenges take away by saying "level up if you can't beat
that boss."

This guide was based on the European version of the game. That means
that some things might be different, but most the differences are so 
small that most players won't even notice them.

This guide is copyright (c) by Edmunds Steins. You may not reproduce
this guide or any part of it. Anyone who will claim this guide as their
own, sell this guide or use it for any other promotional purposes 
(even if it doesn't involve getting money) will be prosecuted to the 
full extent of the law. If you wish to put this guide up on your site,
you are encouraged to do so, but you MUST get (e-mail for it) permission
from me to do so, otherwise you are breaking copyright. Please do not 
rip off other people's work. Imagine when you will feel like a master 
of a computer/video game, and will write a great guide, and someone 
rips it off. You will feel like ripping the guy's lungs out. And that's 
exactly what I am going to do if you break my copyright! Suing other 
people in the modern world isn't that difficult (especially if your 
parents are lawyers, hehehe).


Part 1 : Guide Intro

1.1 What this walkthrough is about
1.2 My Style of Playing FF7
1.3 General playing Tips
 1.3.1 Ways of avoiding experience
 1.3.2 Best Magics
 1.3.3 Just Some Tips...
1.4 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

===== Low Level Walkthrough =====

Part 2 : Disc 1 Walkthrough

2.1 Midgar City In Terror
 2.1.1 Explosion at the #1 Reactor
 2.1.2 A Failed Mission
 2.1.3 Saving Sector 7
 2.1.4 Invading Shinra HQ
2.2 Looking for the Unknown
 2.2.1 The calm town of Kalm
 2.2.2 Is That a Chocobo???
 2.2.3 The Big Gun Town
 2.2.4 Is that a... ship?
 2.2.5 Costa del Sol
 2.2.6 The Corel Deserts, Prisons, Entertainment & Co, ltd
 2.2.7 The Valley of a Fallen Star
 2.2.8 The Cold Mountains
 2.2.9 Let's Rock[et]
2.3 Going Off-Land
 2.3.1 The Temple of Ancients & The Black Materia
 2.3.2 Are you sleepy? (Of course! This is the Sleeping Forest!!!)
 2.3.3 The Forbidden (ahhh... I mean Forgotten!) Capital

Part 3 : Disc 2 Walkthrough

3.1 Adventures in the Snow
 3.1.1 Icicle Inn
 3.1.2 The Desert of Snow
 3.1.3 The cave of Icicles (and hard bosses!!!)
 3.1.4 The Crater
3.2 We're back in the normal world... without Cloud
 3.2.1 The weapon strikes!
 3.2.2 The calm town of Mideel
 3.2.3 Saving Fort Condor (or not?)
 3.2.4 Saving Corel Desert, Prisons, Entertainment & Co. ltd
 3.2.5 The NOT so calm town of Mideel
3.3 I'm Back! The Fog has Lifted, the Earth has Shifted!
 3.3.1 Chocobo, or no chocobo, that's the question!
 3.3.2 I'm going, I'm going, I'm going deeper underground...
 3.3.3 The Rocket Town Rockets
3.4 Kicking some Weapon + Shinra A$$
 3.4.1 Dicovering the secret
 3.4.2 Stopping Shinra for good.

Part 4 : Disc 3 Walkthrough

4.1 Let's explore the rest of the world!
4.2 Do we really have to end this?

Part 5 : Some stuff you probably won't read...

5.1 Contacting/About Me
5.2 More FF7 info
5.3 Thanks
5.4 Version History

                      PART 1 : Walkthrough Intro


As I already stated, this walkthrough is here to help you to finish
this game with as low level as possible. How low really depends on
your skill and patience.

A low level walkthrough is needed for one simple purpose - if you
are stuck when fighting a boss, you can't level up. Instead, you have
to use the best strategy available for you at such a low level.

Each boss needs basically his own strategy. You cannot go through the
game and then simply pick up whatever you want at the very end. You
have to get everything (items, weapons, armor) you can as early as
possible. Otherwise that next boss might just be too deadly.

Most people have been complaining that FF7 is too easy. And it is the
easiest Final Fantasy ever. Well, I think that's because you are making
it too easy for yourself. You spend hours to level up to LV99 and then
you wander why it is so easy.

There are lots of FF7 challenges - No materia game, Initial Equipment
game, LV1 limit only game, No Save Game, or all those challenges
together. However, the one challenge I think requires the most 
intelligence is the Low Level game. Why?

No materia game - Don't use any materia, just level up insanely high,
                  and you've won.
Initial Equip   - Level up a lot, and you're done!
LV1 Limit Break - Usually goes with one of the above challenges. Again,
                  just level up and you are done.
No Save Game    - Make sure you've slept the night before.

As you can see, all the above challenges simply require a lot of
patience and will to do it. However, with a low level game, things
get a little bit more interesting, as you have top fully use what
the game gives you. If you don't, then you will not win.

If you know any other good FF7 challenges, email them to me at

There are 2 ways of doing a low level game:

1. Get through disc 1 & 2 with a lot of pain, then
   spend hour after hour just to breed chocobos and get Knights of
   the Round, and make the game pathetically easy.

2. Not to get Knights of the Round, and make the game difficult, but
   a lot of fun.

You choose which way you want to do it with, but this walkthrough will
follow #2.


For someone to understand my walkthrough, he has to know how I like to
play the game. Well, this is it:

1. I never (apart from Cure) use magic.
2. I hardly ever rely on normal physical attacks.
3. I HATE/DETEST leveling up. It is the most boring part of any RPG. You
   can see that from my Final Fantasy 8: No Level Up guide, and I'm
   hoping to write a Low Level Guide for FF1. My quest for people to
   stop leveling up will never end.
4. Summons are good, but they take away too much HP%, so I hardly ever
   use them.
5. Cloud, Barret and Cid are the three best characters, so I use them
   and only them. I will use Red XIII until I get Cid.

That's just about it.

These tips are just useful when you are going through the game at a
low level. I won't remind you about them - you should know these by
heart (most are obvious anyway...)


Run away! Wow, wasn't that difficult?? 

Seriously, unlike in some FFs, running away is really simple in this
one. Just hold R1+R2+L1+L2. Run away from all battle you possibly can.

There's just 1 exception:
When you are gaining enemy skills, you will have to kill the enemies
and gain the EXP from them.

So, there should be only two place from where you gain EXP: Bosses and
enemies you get Enemy Skills from.


You will only need to use 4 materia during the whole game. They are:
1. Restore (you will need to cure yourself)
2. All (so you can cure everybody)
3. Enemy Skill (your only attack magic)
4. HP Plus (because your normal HP isn't nearly enough...)

Optional magics include:
--> Sense
--> Deathblow (for those who like to gamble, but not all that useful)
--> Steal (for those who like to steal)
--> Other Plus type magics (Luck Plus, Magic Plus)
--> Comet (the only worthwile attack magic materia)

You shouldn't use any of the normal magic, like Fire and Bolt. This is

--> Equipping magic and summon materia lowers your HP. Even if it by 
    only 2%, it still lowers it, and lots of equipped materia can add

--> Magic does a pathetic damage compared to limit breaks and even
    normal attacks.

--> You will NOT gain enough AP to even level up your magic to the 
    second level (like Fire2). And when you do, it will be so late
    that your Fire2 will still do pathetic damage compared to attacks.

--> The best attacking skills can be in the great Enemy skill materia.
    Why waste a % of your HP, when you can have an even better attack
    on a metria that doesn't lower your HP.

The VERY important enemy skills are:

1. Mighty Guard. Learn it from Beach Plugs on the Costa del Sol beach
   by manipulating them. Do it right after you get out of the Gold
   Saucer for the first time. IT casts Barrier, MBarrier and Haste.
   Without this, you WILL die!

2. Beta. Saved my butt several times. Get it from the Midgar Zolom, I
   usually do it right after I get the Tiny Bronco. Does a lot of
   Fire elemential damage.

3. Trine. Learn it from the Materia Keeper in the Nibel mountains.
   It helps just like Beta, except it's lightning elemential.

4. Aqualung. Learn it from Jenova LIFE at the end of disc 2. Another
   massive hit spell like the above two. This is better, as it is
   water elemential, and only few enemies absorb water. This will be
   your strongest hitting spell (unless you get Shadow Flare).

Those are the 4 most important ones, but not the only ones. If you
follow the walkthrough, you will get all that you need.


--> Always have everybody at the back row!

--> Run from all random battles, except when you want to learn an
    Enemy Skill.

--> Always have everybody with the Restore materia. You never know
    when your team will be reduced to just 1 member...

--> Once you have an additional 'All' materia, immediately pair it
    with Restore, so you can have the Cure-All effect.

--> Make good use of Long Range weapons.

--> Sometimes a weapon is better than anther, but you have to remember
    that a Long Range weapon is basically twice as good as a short
    range one, because you have to be in the back row all the time.

1.4 FAQ

Q. Is there a way of gaining AP and Gil without gaining EXP?
A. Yes, there is 1 enemy that will give you only AP and EXP - Mover.
   They can be found in the Northern Crater in disc 3 only. You have
   to choose the left-upper path and you will come to a swamp type of
   area. They are very rare, but come in 3s and will give you 90,000
   Gil and 2400 AP. As an addition to that, you can steal or win a
   turbo ether from each one. So, if you have the Apocalypse and
   Scimitar equipped (3x AP growth = 2400 x 3 = 7200 AP), you can
   start thinking about mastering those HP Pluses.

   The only other way of avoiding EXP is to be dead (critically
   injured/Knocked Out) or petrified (stoned). You might think
   this is a kind of a waste, as you don't gain AP, but believe me,
   sometimes you just have no other choice but to believe this.

   If there is any other way of avoiding EXP, could you please mail
   them to me at edman@hackermail.com. Please don't just send
   speculations saying "It worked in FF8, so it should work in FF7."
   Each Final Fantasy is completely differnet and the designers of
   this game wanted you to gain EXP no matter what.

Q. What is the lowest possible level you can beat Sephiroth?
A. Difficult to say. In theory, it can be done at LV20. However, to do
   that you would require HP Plus materias, which in turn require Gil.
   To get money you would have to fight monsters that would take you
   beyond LV20. It is possible to fight Movers (enemies in the crater
   left-upper path, they always come in 3s, and a battle will give
   a lot of Gil and 2400 AP and NO EXP! Their main drawback is the
   fact that they are very rare...) until you have leveled up your 
   materia for long enough so that you can use magics like Ultima, and
   master HP Pluses.

   If you use the W-Item materia cheat (see the below question for
   what is the W-Item trick), or get yourself enough money
   for greens, you can raise chocobos, even if you are at level 20.
   Then you can have Knights of the Round, and that will kill Sephiroth
   no matter what level you have.

   However, defeating Sephiroth may not be the hardest battle of them
   all. Remember that you have to get to him, and killing all the bosses
   of the game will get you past LV20, heck, it will get you to LV30
   and even above!

Q. What's the easiest way of achieving a very low level game?
A. Use a) Aeris exploit
       b) Level materia with Movers

   I think I alread described the B way. The Aeris exploit (I named
   it... so respect da name!) is simple - use Aeris to level up your
   materia to high levels (master lots of HP Pluses) and get lots
   of Gil. As Aeris dies, nobody will ever know her level by looking
   at you LV20 save in Norhtern Crater.

   If your aim is to beat Sephiroth with the lowest possible level,
   then go ahead, and level up Aeris (as boring as it may be...).
   However, if you are trying a Low Level game, then leveling her
   up is considered as cheating.

Q. What's the W-Item trick you just mentioned?
A. It uses W-Item materia to duplicate items, so you can have 99
   Megalixers, Elixirs, or Sylkis greens. All you have to do is
   select an item, use it, then select another item, but cancel.
   keep on selecting and canceling the second item, and you will
   be duplicating the first one. This can be done only with items
   that can be used in battle, so you can't duplicate sources and

Q. Is there any good way of gaining Elixirs, Megalixers and Turbo
A. Yes, it is called the 'Steal' command. The enemies you can steal
   Turbo Ethers from:
   --> Armored Golem, found inside the Northern Crater.
   --> Death Dealer, Norhtern Crater
   --> Golem, Cosmo Canyon area
   --> Jersey, Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim
   --> Killbin, Whirlwind Maze (so it's only disc 2 here)
   --> Land Worm (Corel Desert, you'll be at a low level here, so
       I don't suggest it)
   --> Mover, Northern Crater (you might want to fight several of
       these, but they are very rare)
   --> Poodler, Hallway of Gelnika, the sunken plane
   --> Search Crown, Mt. Corel, I think this is a rare enemy
   The enemies you can steal Elixirs from are:
   --> Gighee (in the Northern Crater, always with Christopher, the
       same area as the Movers)
   --> Master Tonberry (Northern Crater, appears in lots of areas but
       also in the same one as Movers).
   --> Iron Man (Depths of the Crater, you can't turn back once you
       are in this area, so this isn't all that useful).

   Unfortunately. you cannot steal Megalixirs from any enemy. The only
   enemy you can win them from is Master Tonberry (only if you don't
   steal), but they give you 6000 EXP. So I really don't suggest it.

Q. I try to hunt for Movers in the swamp area of the North Crater,
   but I sometimes get into a battle with Allemagne enemies
   that attack me from both sides. Do I have to gain EXP in this
   battle or is there a way out?
A. There is a way out, just as there is a way out from any both
   side attacks. You have to kill one of them, so that now you are
   attacked from only 1 side. Now make sure all 3 of your characters
   are facing the enemy (not facing away, but facing him). At this
   point you can run away. Unlike in other games (like FF8), you
   will not gain EXP from fights when you run away, even if you have
   hurt your enemies.

Q. What is the lowest level you have beaten Sephiroth?
A. Only LV30, unfortunately. But I should really try to do it at a
   lower level. It is possible, if you have the patience to fight
   Movers to gain AP and Gil. Maybe I will try it with the Aeris 
   exploit some day...

                     PART 2 : Disc 1 Walkthrough


After the starting FMV and Barret talking to you, you will be left 
just standing there. I suggest you go to the config screen now.

Make sure you leave the camera angle at 'Auto'.
I usually have 'ATB' at 'Wait'.
I always have 'Field Message' at 'Fast', 'Battle Message' in the 'Middle',
and 'Battle Speed' at 3/4ths to the 'Fast' side.
Leave 'Magic Order' at #1

Once you are done, exit the screen and talk to the guard on the floor
TWICE to get 2 potions. Now run forwards. A battle with two guards will
start. You can't escape, so you will have to kill them (and level up to

Walk up the stairs and meet up with the rest of the 'Avalanche' gang.
Name Cloud and Barret whatever you want, but I will still kee on talking
about their original names.

Now you have an area to get through. If you get into a random battle, just
run. Do NOT walk up to Wedge and talk to him - you will only be wasting
steps and you could get into a battle, which costs HP. Instead walk up
to the bridge into the reactor. There you will meet up with Barret. He
will join your party. Then talk to Biggs to open the first door and then
to Jessie to open the second door. Run down to pick up the phoenix down.
Talk to Jessie again and get into the elevator. Barret will give you a
lecture, but Cloud just won't give a damn.

Get out of the elevator, walk down the stairs, into the next area, talk to
Jessie, and the get down into the next area (don't foget to pick up the
potions on the way), walk down the stairs and save at the save point. You
should be 

Cloud: LV7
Barret: LV6

Now run around the place until you get hit so much, that both characters
will have their limit breaks (Don't forget to run away from the battle!). 
Now save again and run into the next screen.

You will pick up the Restore materia, Cloud will have a seisure and then a
boss fight will begin.


Name(s):  Guard Scorpion
HP:       800
MP:       0
Drops:    Assault Gun

Attacks:  He will first use his search scope, then attack. He will use his
          laser if you touch him when his tail is up.

Strategy: Attack with your limits first, then keep up the usual Cloud-
          Barret combo - Cloud uses Bolt, Barret attacks. When the camera  
          angle changes (you will be looking onto the monster from up) 
           stop attacking (that's why I told you to keep the 
          'Camera Angle' at 'Auto'!). If you attack him while his tail is 
          up, he will counter with a laser (which will hurt).


Once the battle has ended, a 10 min time limit will start. Run for it!! Run
from all the battles. When you see Jessie, help her out. You should make it
out with no problem (my record is with 7:54 left on the clock - Beat that!)

Once the cut scene ends, walk up the stairs (follow Barret). You will talk
to Aeris for the first time. It doesn't matter what you answer her (as long
as you are not attmepting another quest [different date scene] at the same

Run down (pick the potion on the way) into the screen where you will be
attacked by some soldiers. Say 'Later' for all three battles. You will
eventually jump on the train and escape.

Afterwards there will be a long scene on the train. Just get through the
text. You will finish up in the train station of sector 7. 


This par is generally easy. Just go inside the bar, doesn't matter which
options you choose, just get through the storyline until Barret gives you
his stash - 1500 gil.

Now that you have money to spend, go into the shop and buy 2 additional
Restore magics. Now go inside the other shop, buy 3 iron bangles, equip
them and sell the bronze ones you used to have. Go to the 2nd floor of
the building and you will be in the beginner's hall. If this is your
first time through the game, talk to everyone. Otherwise, just pick up
the 'All' materia on the floor and then the ether in teh chest that
will appear.

Now head for the train station. Get inside the train. You will see a
small scene where Barret almost beats the crap out of a poor ticket
controller. Soon the train will start moving. Talk to Tifa and afterwards
the red lights will go on. Security systems will be activated and you
will have 15 secs to get out of the train car. Once the timer is
activated, run to the other side of the train car and talk to the
homeless man there. You will get a Phoenix Down for it. Then run to
the next car.

In the next car, talk to the man closest to the exit to the third car,
and you will get a Hi-Potion.

In the third car, a man will walk past you and steal from you. Follow
him back, talk to him, and you will get back everyhting he stole.
You will have just enough time to get on to the next car. There you
will jump off the train. Walk into the screen once you are out of the
train, and you will come to a place with lights. Simply examine the
hole in the ground and you will find your way through.

The next maze isn't really a maze, just don't forget to pick up the
Ether, potion and tent. And do save.

Afterwards you will come to an area that will be familiar, so just
walk to the reactor, activate the bomb, and walk out like you did the
time. This time, however, you will hav eto open the door yourself.
All three of you will have to push three buttons at the same time.
Now, nobody gets this right on their first try, so just keep on
trying as much as you can until you have suceeded.

Once the door is open, use the save point there, fight some enemies
until you get your limit breaks and then save again. You have a
boss fight up ahead.


Name(s):  AIR BUSTER
HP:       1200
MP:       0
Drops:    Titan Bangle

Attacks:  This guy has some nasty attacks, like his Big Bomber, that can
          seriously reduce your HP. Even if he is facing you with his back,
          he can still hit you with some type of a back gun. He will also
          counter attack.

Strategy: You should have your limit bars full. As you are attacking him
          from both sides, try to hit your limits into his back. That way
          even Cloud's Braver can do 600 damage. Not that difficult.



After the fight, Cloud will fall down and a scene with Aeris will start.
It's mostly dialogue here, but at one point you will try to escape a 
Turk, and to do that, you will have to throw down 3 barrels. The correct
order of dropping the barrels is

--> Far left
--> The one at the very back
--> Far right

So you are not supposed to throw down the barrel that stands out the most.
Once you have done that, you will have to walk back to Aeris' house.
Remember to pick up the items that are in the garden.

The way to escape Aeris is to simply walk instead of running. And don't
walk in the middle of the room.

Afterwards you will have to walk to the Wall Market. You will see Tifa on
the way, and you will have to save her. To do that, you will have to dress
up as a girl. It is possible to get all the items possible to make Don
choose Cloud, but it all costs money, so I really wouldn't suggest that
(as you should really be running low on cash, cause you really haven't
fought any battles...). So, simply go to the dress up shop (first you would
have to go to the Honey Bee Inn's owner to ask about Tifa, then up to
Don Corneo's place and only then you can start dressing up), talk to the
girl there, now go to the bar (one screen up), talk to the lone man sitting
next to the entrance. The type of dress that you choose does not matter.
Once you are done with that, go back to the dress shop, try on your dress.
You will need a wig, so go to the training place, and do squats. Whether
you loose or win, it doesn't matter. Now go and try on your new dress.

I suggest you buy some Myrthril Armlets in the shop, if you have the
cash, that is.

Go up to the most upper house in the Wall Market. The guard will let you in 
now. Simply search for Tifa, talk to her (don't forget the ether at the
corner of the room), and then go up to meet Don. He will most likely choose
Tifa. Afterwards you will have to fight some of Don's flunkies (easy, just
make sure you do have the Restore spell), get Aeris back and then save Tifa.
Don't forget to pick up the Hyper once you have done threatening Don. 
Afterwards, he will throw you down into the Sewers.

Before you talk to the girls, pick up the potion that is up the stairs.
Then talk to them and you'll be attacked by another boss...


Name(s):  APS
HP:       1800
MP:       0
Drops:    Phoenix Down

Attacks:  Sewer Tsunami is the biggie...

Strategy: Make sure you have Restore junctioned with All, so you can Cure
          All at least once. This is a survival battle. All you have to do
          is site back and heal. Now and then he will cast his Sewer
          Tsunami, which will hurt you quite some, but it will also hurt
          him. Attack only when you have limit breaks, but healing is the
          priority. Eventually, you will either finish him off with a limit
          break or he will just kill himself...


Afterwards, simply get out of the sewer. It's one-way, so not all that
difficult, remember to pick up the Steal materia on your way. And the rest
of the items. You will come to some railway tracks. This place is really
easy (don't forget to save at the save point!), just remember that you can
get a Hi-Potion if you chack the barrels. And if you have difficulties to
get past this place, remember that you can enter trains...

Once you are done with this part, go to the pillar that's holding the plate.
Save outside it and try going up. I have managed to get all the way up there
by being attacked only once. Once you are up, make sure you equip Barret
as a character should be equipped (give him one of your Restores), and then
a boss fight will start.


Name(s):  RENO
HP:       1000
MP:       0
Drops:    Ether

Attacks:  He has a Pyramid attack, that will trap one of your characters
          into a pyramid. He also has some type of an attack, which is his
          regular, that does 60 damage.

Strategy: To free yourself from that pyramid, attack it with a physical
          attack. As his attacks are pretty weak, this fight shouldn't be
          a problem.


Once you are done with Reno, the plate will collapse and you will just
escape. Afterwards, you will have to go to Aeris mom's house, have a long
dialogue there, then go back to the Wall Market, get the batteries and
then use the rope to go up to the Shinra HQ.

The whole rope thing is easy, just remember to use all three batteries
to get an Ether.


Now, you have two choices of going inside the Shinra Building - busting in
or going the quiet way. I suggest the quiet way, as you won't get any EXP 
from it. Although, I should tell you that you will have to climb a pretty
insane number of stairs (59, to be precise, but, as there are 2 stairways
for each floor, it will actually be 118...), but you will get some nice
items on the way.

The whole Shinra HQ scene is pretty easy. On floor 60, you have to hide 
behind the golden statues so that the guards don't see you. Simply run 
behind a statue while the guards are moving. Stop moving once they stop.
Remember that the second couple of guards will be faster than the first.
There is a save point there in case you need to restart...

On the 61st floor, simply talk to a guy there and answer "...." to get to
floor 62.

On 62nd floor, you will have to do a little quest with the Mayor of Midgar,
Domino. Simply, check each one of the libraries that are there, see what
their names are, and then check all the files that are in that particular
library. There will be one file that won't correspond to the library name.
See the name of that file. There will be a number next to that name.
That number is the letter number in the name. So if the file name is

3 Jenova Project

Then the letter you want is 'n', because it is the 3rd one in the file name.
Do that for all the 4 libraries. The 4 letters will make up a 4 letter
word. Answer that word to Domino. You will get an Elemntial materia for
your trouble. It really isn't worth equipping for serious purposes, but
have it in your armor/weapon slots so it gains AP. You might be able to
get some cash from it.

On the 63rd floor you will have to do a treasure hunting quest. Go check
out the computer to activate your ability to open 3 doors. Then go to the
very top corner of the screen and open the gate farthest to the right.
Then head left end open the left hand door. Now go inside the room and
get the coupon A that is there. Now enter the airduct and go to the room
with your second coupon (B). Then get out of the room, open the door to
your left to get the C coupon. Then enter the airduct again and exit it
at the computer. Exchange your 3 coupons for a Star Pendant, Four Slots
bracelet and All materia (that's another Restore All combination).

On the 64th floor you will find a save point and a resting place. Check
the lockers for some items.

On the 65th floor you will see a model of Midgar. You will have to replace
all the parts. The correct order of the chest is as follows:

--> Upper Left room  : Bottom chest
--> Upper Left room  : Top chest
--> Bottom Left room : Bottom Chest
--> Bottom Left room : Top chest
--> Upper Right room : Just one chest...
--> Middle Right room: This is where you get the next keycard.

On the 66th floor you will have to get inside the Toilet to spy on what
Shinra is upto next. Then just follow Hojo.

On the 67th floor, just keep on following Hojo until he takes a look at
Red 13. Once you have control over Cloud again, get the Bio materia
that is next to the save point and do save. Use the elveator to get
into a boss fight. Remember to choose Tifa to care care of Aeris, as you
will want Barret in your party for the next fight...


Name(s):  HO512     HO512-OPT
HP:       1000      300
MP:       120       48
Drops:    Talisman and Grenades

Attacks:  Shady Breath will inflict poison damage (Star Pendant, anyone?)

Strategy: Don't attack the HO512-OPTs, he will just make new ones. Make
          sure someone has the Star Pendant equipped and make sure that
          both of your people have Restore All. Physical attacks and Fire
          magic is what works best. It really isn't an all that difficult


Once you are done, get to the nearest elevator, and you will get arested.

Once you are in the prison cell, simply talk to Aeris and then go to sleep.
Something will happen whilst you are asleep, and your prison door will be
open. Just follow the bloody path and you will get where you want.

NOTE: You might run into some pretty strong soldiers (called SOLDIER).
      They cast very powerful spells like Bolt2 and Ice2. You can steal
      a Hardedge, a weapon for Cloud, which is much more powerful than
      his current and will almost double your strength. Simply steal it
      and then run away.

After some scenes with President Shinra being perforated with a sword as
long as a local bus, you will have more boss fights to do:


Name(s):  Hundred Gunner       Heli Gunner
HP:       1600                 1000
MP:       0                    0
Drops:    Myrthril Armlet
Note:     Heli Gunner appears after you have killed Hundred Gunner.

Attacks:  Hundred Gunner will charge up a cannon if you take too long to
          beat him (and you WILL take too long). Other than that, there is
          just a row of physical attacks that do either average damage to
          one party member or small damage to all.

Strategy: Make sure everybody has Cure, and as many people as possible have
          the Cure All combination. Your best bet is to put everyone in the
          back row, and just sit there healing, until a limit break pops up.
          Make good use of the Aeris' limit, don't use it when you already
          have full HP. It can serve as very good healing. Limit Breaks is
          your best bet, but in free turns, use Bolt if you have the spell.


After you have defeated the two bosses, you will have to show Rufus who's
the boss. This will be a 1 vs 1 fight (with Rufus having the advantage of
Dark Nation...)


Name(s):  Rufus       Dark Nation
HP:       500         140
MP:       0           80
Drops:    Protect Vest; Guard Source

Attacks:  Dark Nation will cast a very annoying 'Barrier' on Rufus. Rufus
          only has a physical attack.

Strategy: Make sure Cloud has the Restore materia. All the other don't
          really matter, but I usually have Sense. Kill Dark Nation first,
          then start attacking Rufus. He will increase your Limit Break
          gauge very fast, so Limit Breaks are your best bet, again. Simply
          Cure whenever you have to, and make a full use of limit breaks.
          At the end of the fight, Rufus will run away.


After this, the motor chase will start. This is one of the most fun games
in FF7. However, before the chase starts, you have the time to re-arrange
your party. I always use Cloud, Barret and Red 13. Put everyone in the
front row, because when the next fight starts, your rows will be reversed,
and as you want everybody in the back, put everyone in the front now.
Let everyone have a Resore materia. Make sure that somebody other than
Barret (because Barret has a long range weapon he can use his physical
attacks) has the Bolt spell. This will be probably be the first fight
where you will really notice that you have a too low level.


Name(s):  Motor Ball
HP:       2600
MP:       120
Drops:    Star Pendant

Attacks:  He will always have intiative in this fight. His best attack is
          Rolling Fire, and it can get you burnin in flames quickly, as it
          does quite some damage. Cure All immediately. His other major
          attack is Twin burner, another limit gauge filler. Cure after
          this, as he once casted Twin Burner and Rolling Fire in a row on
          my low level team.

Strategy: Make good use of the Restore materia. Your limit gauges will fill
          up very quickly, so use your limits for the best damage. Make sure
          somebody is using Bolt all the time. This will be a long fight, as
          2600 HP is quite a lot.


After this you will be free on the world map!



Make sure you have the Enemy Skill maketria equipped. Wander around the 
brown area that is around Midgar until you fight a robot type creature. 
Just defend until they use the the Matra Magic enemy skill. This can deal
some pretty hefty damage. However, you will have to kill the two monsters,
so choose - less EXP or the Enemy Skill.

Simply walk over to Kalm. Go inside the Inn. There you will get a story
from Cloud's past. And you will see some of the perfect scenes with
Sephiroth (he's the coolest thing about the game...). It's all easy, as
you really can't die in any of the battles.

Once the story finishes, you are free to explore Kalm. Try out raiding
all the houses, there's 2 Ethers, a Peacemaker (sell it imediately!) and
a Guard Source.

As for the shops, buy a Canon Ball for Barret. IF you didn't get the
Hardedge for Cloud, you will have to waste 1000 Gil for the Myrhtil
Sabre. Don't bother with materia, 3 Restores, some All, and Enemy Skill
is all you will ever need.


No, it's no. I'm serious. It's not. It's a long save-reset walk over a 

OK, the above line might have looked to be very useless, but if you know
the trick, you know what I was talking about.

You are not going to buy a Chocobo Lure materia, and you are not going
Chocobo hunting. Why?

a) Chocobo Lure costs 2000 Gil. You might not even have that much money
   with you right now.
b) Chocobo hunting = gaining EXP. You can't afford to do that.

But do go inside the chocobo ranch to get the Choco/Mog materia from
the chocobos...

So you will have to use the marsh crossing trick. First, make sure that
the Midgar Zolom (da big snake in da marsh, ya know!) is as far away as
possible [read: simply wait until it comes to you and then goes away].

Then run into the marsh. The Midgar Zolom will run after you. Quickly 
open the menu, save, and reload. The midgar zolom will be much further
away. Now quickly walk a distance, then open the menu, save and reload.
Repeat this until you have gotten to the other side.

NOTE: I once actually managed to run across the whole marsh in one go
      without the Midgar Zolom attacking me.

Once you are on the other side, you can enter the Myrthril Mines. This
houses one of the best (after Enemy Skill and Restore, and maybe HP 
Plus) materias - Long Range. Once you enter the mine, walk right, and
then use the wine to walk upwards. Pick up the materia and equip it
onsomebody, quickly! (but not Barret, he has enough Long Range weapons).
It will let your character have the same effect even if he is standing
in the back row. Also, don't forget to pick up the Tent and Ether.

Now simply walk back to the entrance and walk left (and don't forget
to pick up the Mind Source on the way). Say "Chao" to the Turks on the
way, and don't forget to pick up the Hi-Potion north of the chest with
an Elixir in the room north from where you met the Turks.

Then just exit the phr34k1n' mine, completely ignore Fort Condor (OK,
so you can use their resting facilities if you want), and head for Junon.

However, you can get a new character if you are up to it. Of course,
this does mean a tidbit more EXP, but in the long run, it will actually
save EXP.

THat character is, of course, Yuffie. Getting her means winning the
Mystery Ninja character, which will gain you a little EXP. However,
if you actually do some calculations, Yuffie saves you EXP. After all,
if you have Yuffie and do the Wutai side quest, you won't have to
fight Turks in Midgar in Disc 2. So...

EXP from Yuffie + Wutai Quest < EXP from the TURKS in Midgar, Disc 2.

It's profitable, and I really do suggest getting her. Just run around
the woods that are around Junon. Run from all the battles until you
meet a Mystery Ninja (I think that was what she was called... Can't
remember for the life of me... something along those lines.). Win the
fight (nothing overly easy, but shouldn't give you all that much
trouble). After the battle, the screen will go to a scene with you and
Yuffie. Reply with all the following answers:

"Not interested"
"Wait a second!"
"...That's right."
"Lets hurry on."

After that, you will have her in your party. Please note that I am a
pretty bad anti-Yuffie person (Because I was at a really low level the
first time I did the Wutai quest, so basically, I was left stuck in the
game and had to spend quite some time leveling up...), and after that
incident she just happens to not have been in my party anymore (with
the exception of the occasional need to morph something/somebody).

Once you have gone Yuffie hunting, just head for the town of Midgar
(if I were you, I would rest in Fort Condor and then try to make the
walk without loosing too much health).


Basically, you can't and shouldn't do much in this place until you have
beaten the boss and helped out the little girl. So bring it on!


Name(s):  Botomswell
HP:       2500
MP:       100
Drops:    Power Wrist

Attacks:  He can use a bubble attack to improson you. His Big Wave can
          hurt, but not too much. Other of his attacks are weak.

Strategy: Bah, I was actually surprised at how easy this was. I thought
          it will be a dificult fight, but no. It would be nice to know
          that you have a Bio spell available and a Choco/Mog spell.
          Just poison this guy and then just sit back, seeing him die
          slowly and painfully (yeah, I'm sick). And occasionally speed
          it up with an attack or two. If he imprisons you within one
          of his 'Bubbles', then simply attack the bubble with a weak
          magic spell, and you are free. You will need to cast a Cure-All
          after his Big Wave. Use the 'Sense' materia to keep a track of
          his HP. He will have a 'Final Attack' - his good 'ol Big Wave.
          Just to warn you - if he casts a Big Wave, and then you 
          immediately finish him off, he will cast another one, and then
          you might get a game over. I once got wiped out like that...


After you are all done with that, you will have to go up in the Upper 
Junon. Once there, you will be mistaken as a soldier, and will have to
participate in the parade. You MUST get over 39% (keep practicing over
and over and over), so you can get the 6 Ethers as an award. Of course, if
you can achieve 51%, it is much better, as you will get 5000 Gil, however,
you have only gained 500 Gil, as 

6 Ethers x 750 (their selling price) = 4500 Gil

And the buying price for an Ether is 1500 Gil, so actually, the Ether prize
is better...

Once you have done that, you will have a chance to explore Junon. Believe
it or not, only the items that are free are worth it. Don't buy a single 
thing in Junon, everything there is completely worthless. You might
consider selling some stuff, though.

After that, you will have to participate in another ceremony for Rufus.
The prizes you can get for this Silver Glasses, HP Plus materia and Force
Stealer. Out of the 3, HP Plus is the best pick, so get anywhere between
60 and 90 points (It is really easy, my fingers were itching because I like
to get more points than that! My personal best is 210 points).

After that, just board the ship!

2.2.4 IS THAT A... SHIP?

Once you are on the ship, feel free to colect the the ether from the chest
and the 'All' materia that is on the floor. If you have Yuffie in your party,
then she will be blocking the way to the materia, so just get it later on.

Talk to Aeris. Then go up. Talk to Tifa and Red. Then walk down and talk
to Aeris again. Now go back up and walk left-down as far as you can. The guy
that used to be there won't be anymore, so you can walk into the next screen
with Barret. Talk to him and another scene will follow. Then you will have to
choose a party. I always have Barret and Red, but you can replace Red with
Yuffie, if you are a fan of her :).

Afterwards, walk down to the first level of the ship. Pick up the All materia
if you didn't do it earlier. Then enter the cargo room. Be sure to pick up
the Wind Slash that is in the chest (climb the ladder). If you have everything
from the ship, walk to where the guard is standing. Sephy will appear and
you will have to fight Jenova again.


HP:       4000
MP:       110
Drops:    White Cape

Attacks:  Tail Laser will make you suffer, maybe even twice in a row. Then
          she has a laser attack, also can hit twice in a row.

Strategy: Your low levels will really show in this fight. Make sure someone
          has HP Plus. Put Choco/Mog on the same person and make a good
          use of it. Make sure everyone has Cure-All combo. I always have
          someone waiting until Jenova will cast Tail Laser, so I can Cure
          as fast as possible. Your limit breaks will be your best attack
          power. This is the most difficult Jenova fight of the game.


Once you are done with her (don't forget to pick up the Ifrit materia she
drops!), you will arrive at Costa del Sol.


There isn't much to do in this town, so I suggest you just leave...

The things you might want here: Rest, buy some Carbon Bangles (but you
don't have to if you don't want to say goodbye to the cash), check
out Hojo on the beach, and (if you don't have Red in your party) kick
some football (against a wall, since you have no friends...)

Oh yes, you can get a Motor Drive and a Fire Ring from treasure chests...


Once you get out of Costa del Sol, just follow the one and only path
through the mountains and enter mount corel. You will find a man on the
path. Talk to him if you want, but I'm evil, so I usually ignore helpless
poeple... Pretty soon you will get to the Corel reactor (where you can't
do jack for some reason... I've always wanted to blow it up...), and then
walk on the railway tracks.

Just collect all the items on the railway. Don't forget to equip the
W-Machine gun for Barret once you get it. At some points you will fall 
down the tracks. When this happens, just hold either left or right
dircetional buttons, and quickly press the circle button (press right for
the first time you fall down, and left for the second time. Or the other
way around. But make sure you get both treasures. Once you come to the
end of the railway tracks, be sure to take the upper track, cross over the
bridge and walk into the little shack to let the bridge down. Once you
have done that, it's time to kick some Cocatrice A$$! Keep on walking on
the same railway track you are on right now (with the shack), walk until
its end, and then try walking upwards (it's osomewhere there, not that
difficult to find). There you will go up against some a cocatrice (choose
to take the treasure and destroy all living things!! MUHAHAHA!! sorry...)
Once you have taken care of her (do take the bother to steal a soft, OK?),
you will get 10 Phoenix Downs. This can be sold for some good cash, but I
suggest keepin' it, and instead try stealing from the enemies here and then
sell the items that you get to get more cash. You only need 3000 Gil to 
enter the Gold Saucer (don't bother buying the Gold Ticket, You only have
to enter this place twice...

So walk back to the railway track intersection, and this time take the 
lower track and walk over the bridge. When you are over the bridge, there
will be a rail that will seem to lead into the water. Follow that rail,
and keep on walking in that direction. You will come to a cave that has
some pretty good items. After that, be on your way - walk over the large
bridge (beware the bombs!) and you are back in Corel.

* NOTE: Due to some personal resons, this walkthrough will have to be cut *
* short here. I will update it later on. Read on for only boss strategies *
* and special tips                                                        *

--> Buy the normal ticket at Gold Saucer, as opposed to the Golden one


Name(s):  Dyne
HP:       1200
MP:       20
Drops:    Sivler Armlet

Attacks:  S-Mine, normal attack, Molotov's coctail

Strategy: Make sure you have as little magic (that reduces HP) equipped.
          Equip Barret with HP Plus. Give him only the restore materia. Also
          equip him the Power Wrist (increases Vitality by 10), it can save
          your life in this battle. Then just parry turns (CURE if you have
          to) until you get a limit break. Quickly do the limit break and
          then Cure again. Do this for the whole fight. It might take some


--> Make sure you get the Big Guard enemy skill by manipulating the Beach
    Plugs on the Costa del Sol beach.


--> Completely ignore the Gonganga village.

--> Make sure you purchase the very newest and best equipment for your main
    characters (Cloud and Red MUST be there, the third one is your choice,
    my pick was Barret).

--> Stock up on as many HP Pluses as you possible can. Sell EVERYTHING in
    your inventory just to get a couple more HP Pluses.

--> Be sure to pick up the X-Potion in the Gi cave (i.e. fight all 3 

--> Stinger strategy: these guys re perfect limit bar raisers. His bomb
    attack takes away a high % of your HP, increasing your limit bar
    immediately. Simply cast limits and cure all the time. I suggest you
    do 1 Big Guard so you can Haste everybody. Note that your physical 
    attacks, when your party is hasted, can do a lot of damage.


Name(s):  Gi - Nattak
HP:       5500
MP:       200
Drops:    Wizer Staff

Attacks:  You don't need to know.

Strategy: Use the X-Potion. He's dead.



--> Completely ignore the Shinra Mansion

--> The Nibelheim mountains hold some very strong random enemies. Some of
    them can take you out in no time, so Cure after every random battle
    (of course, you should run away from every battle, but you might get hurt
    in the process of running away...)

--> Be sure to pick up all the items using the pipes, but remember to push
    down the ladder before you do, otherwise you might not be able to go


Name(s):  Materia Keeper
HP:       8400
MP:       300
Drops:    Jem Ring, Counter Materia (get this after the fight)

Attacks:  Trine (enenmy skill, be sure to learn it), Big Horn (You're DEAD),
          A physical attack (You are Near-Dead), Hell Combo (that hurts...),
          Cure2 (just in case you do hurt him, he will heal himself...).

Strategy: This is arguably the most difficult fight of the whole game. It
          will take quite a number of restarts. Be sure to have Enemy Skill
          with Big Guard on at least 2 people. Make sure everyone is in the
          back row (you should ahve everybody in the back row anyway). Have
          everybody with Cure-All. I suggest you do equip some summons,
          more precisely - Ramuh and Choco/Mog. Ramuh is a big damage dealer
          and Choco/Mog can paralyze him for a couple of turns.

          The strategy is simple - give out everything  you've got. Remember
          that Cloud's Cross-Slash limit break will paralyze him for a turn,
          so you can have a healing break. Make sure you have Big Guard on
          at all times. If he hits you between the time when Big Guard has
          weared off and you are casting it... I feel sorry for you. But do
          take that gap to your own advantage - before recasting Big Guard,
          Cure-All to get yourself to full health. Once he casts Trine, it's
          your lucky day - just cast it straight back on him using your
          enemy skill materia. At one point (once his HP get's to around
          3000), he wil start using Cure2, healing himself for around 1000 HP.
          Just don't stop hitting him, keep on going, even if he casts it 
          twice. The time when I beat him ,he casted it three times, and I
          still managed it.



2.2.9 LET'S ROCK[ET]

--> Be sure to pick up the weapons in the treasure chests to get Barret's
    new weapon and talk to the guy who is looking at the rocket to get
    Cloud's Yoshiuki (is that how you spell it???), his new best sword.

--> Don't buy any metria, too expensive.

--> Don't buy weapons, you get them for free.


Name(s):  Palmer
HP:       6000
MP:       240
Drops:    Edincoat

Attacks:  His Mako gun will cast spells equavalent to those of Fire 2, Ice 2
          and Bolt 2.

Strategy: Surely a break after the Materia Keeper, but still nothing to
          look down on. His Mako Gun can be pretty powerful, so cast Big
          Guard. Use Choco/Mog to paralyze him for a couple of turns.
          Otherwise, just use limits and normal attacks.


     | 2.3 GOING OFF-LAND |


--> If you ever wanted to do the Wutai side quest (that is, if you actually
    got Yuffie, if not, just ignore this), then now is NOT the time to do
    it, it's too difficult.

--> I suggest getting the 'Beta' enemy skill from Midgar Zolom at this time.

--> Spend ALL your cash by buying HP Pluses.

--> Make an additional save before going into the Temple of Ancients, you
    can get sooo screwed here.

--> The maze here is easy, once you get to the clock tower, only take these
    numbers (go only into these entrances):
    IIII. - Aeris's Ultimate Weapon
    V.    - Leads outside to a Ribbon
    VII.  - Trumbet Shell is here
    VIII. - Megalixer

--> Make sure that the seconds timer makes you fall down at least once.
    There you will fight some Ancient Dragons, but they are easily
    dispatched by Limit Breaks, Beta and Trine skillz. Note it's an ambush
    from both sides, so go prepared. Check the treasure chest for a 
    Nail Bat - the best weapon for Cloud until the very end of disc 2.


Name(s):  Red Dragon
HP:       6800
MP:       300
Drops:    Dragon Armlet

Attacks:  A massive physical attack that can do upwards of 1000 damage.
          And his Fire breath will also hurt. Lots.

Strategy: Your biggest liability in this fight is Aeris. If you had any
          other character than her, this fight would be easy. However,
          Aeris has very low HP and has the highest chance of dieing.

          Make sure everyone is in the back row. Make sure everyone has
          Cure-All, 2 people have Big Guard and Trine. I suggest Truning
          Aeris into the total healer, make her do absolutely NOTHING else
          but keep on using Cure on allies. Make sure Barret and Cloud
          wack the dragon with either Limit Breaks or Trine. Not too

          BTW, the most annoying thing about this fight - if you loose, you
          have to watch Sephiroth talking all over again. That can get
          really boring...


--> Be sure to rest and save.


Name(s):  Demon Gate
HP:       10000
MP:       400
Drops:    Gigas Armlet

Attacks:  Cave-In and Demon rush will hit the shole party for a lot of
          damage. And he has a physical attack dealing 1000 damage.

Strategy: Make sure someone has Bahamut and cast him for some major damage.
          Big Guard on everyone. Make good use of Aeris limit break - it
          is instant healing for everybody, after all. His attacks will max
          out your Limit Bars real quick, so make good use of limit breaks.
          I always had 2 people using Cure at all times. I somehow didn't
          find this fight to be too difficult, as I didn't die a single
          time when fighting him.



--> The Lunar Harp is located somewhere near the tent. It's not too difficult.

--> Although it isn't of much use, pick up the Kjata materia from the sleeping
    forest (it's floating there).

--> Be sure to pick up the Water Ring from the path after the sleeping forest.


--> Be sure to pick up the Aurora Armlet. It is some pretty good armor...

--> Make sure you pick up the third Enemy Skill materia from one of the
    ancient's houses.


HP:       10,000
MP:       300
Drops:    Wizard Bracelet

Attacks:  All Water based.

Strategy: Equip the water ring on somebody. Give that same person all 3
          Enemy Skill materias. Now enter the battle. That one person will
          absorb all Jenova's attacks (every last one of them!), so there
          is NO way of loosing this fight. You have the 3 Enemy Skill
          materias to make sure you learn Aqualung on all of them.


                     PART 3 : Disc 2 Walkthrough


--> Make sure you pick up the Magic Plus materia as you leave the Forgotten

--> Do not buy any of the weapons in the Icicle Inn. You can get enough for


--> Try to pick up as many items from this place as possible. Return here if
    you want (once you have been knocked out).

--> I will write a walkthrough for this whole place on the next release of 
    this guide.


--> The easiest way to beat the Icicles is to use the Beta Enemy Skill,
    however, if you don't kill the bats, you will receive no EXP (and
    that just happens to be your aim...). But that might just turn out
    to be alittle bit too difficult.

--> Note that you only have to defeat 3 Icicles...

--> There is a lake next to the save point. It will allow you to restore
    HP/MP with no cost.


Name(s):  Schizo (two heads = two enemies)
HP:       18,000 (EACH)
MP:       320 (EACH)
Drops:    Dragon Fang

Attacks:  One of them is Fire based, the other is Ice based. They will do
          those elemntial attacks as much as possible. They also have an
          a Quake attack and they have a Final Attack that does around
          1400 damamge. Watch out.

Strategy: Make sure someone has the Aurora Armlet equipped. He will absorb
          Ice attacks. Another person should have the Fire armlet equipped.
          He will absorb Ice attacks. The third person should have the
          Dragon Armlet equipped. All attacks will only do 1/2 damage to

          Now that you have everyone fully equipped, they should have
          little trouble surviving this fight. You can use Trine if you
          wish, but I usually stick to using Aqualung. Make sure you DON'T
          kill both of them at the same time, otherwise they will do their
          Final Attack twice (one is enough to bring you to Near-Death, 2
          in a row will mean DEATH). Make sure someone is always using
          Cure (or Cure-All until all shots of All run out). Make good use
          of the limit breaks! And you're done.



--> You will have to take Tifa for this part. Make sure she has the Fire
    armlet equipped. Don't bother with her weapon, you will find a better
    weapon on your way.

--> Be sure to save. Restart the Whirlwind maze until you can pass the
    'Wind' parts without starting a battle.


HP:       25,000
MP:       800
Drops:    Reflect Ring, MP Turbo Materia (pick this up after the fight)

Attacks:  All Fire based.

Strategy: You should have Tifa (or whoever has the least EXP) with the
          Fire Armlet. Now Jenova won't be able to deal a single HP damage
          to you. Considering Tifa is pretty weak and you can't get any
          Limit Breaks, this will be long fight... (don't worry if the
          other two members die, it's better for them - less EXP).



--> Please note that you can run away from every single fight here, even
    when the soldiers attack you the time Cait Sith knocked out Scarlet
    for the first time.

--> To free Tifa, use the following combination (T = triangle):

         X; X; T; X + T; T + O; O;


--> Simply go here, you will find Cloud.

--> Do get the Curse Ring, it can be of some help in certain fights, but
    don't use it in fights that you know will be long.

--> None of the weapons here are really appealing, except for Barret's.

--> Do buy some Wizard Bracelets. The 8 materia slots look appealing...

--> Spend the rest of your cash on Hp Pluses.


--> Let's be real, you don't have enough cash to save these guys. Sorry!

--> Place no soldiers on the battlefield. Set the battle speed to max and
    wait until they invade.

--> The boss you fight afterwards is pathetically easy. Aqualung?


--> As far as I know, there is no way of evading the 6 fixed encounters
    in this scenario. Maybe I wasn't trying hard enough.

--> You will fight two soldiers first, they are pretty easy, just use
    Aqualung once (although I wouldn't suggest it, as it will decrease
    you MP buy too much...). Use physical attacks.

--> On the train, you'd better be fast at pulling the levers. I've
    managed to reach to other train at 24 secs... (You have to be quick
    or you won't have enough time to save Fort Condor. But you don't
    really have to save it. The ultima materia you get as the prize will
    take 5000 AP to become usable. I don't think you've even received
    5000 AP through this whole game yet (OK, you might have... especially
    if using Triple AP growth weapons). The other prize is Barret's
    Catastrophe limit break (don't you get this even if you don't save
    Corel? Can't remember for the life of me...), but it's his LV4
    limit break. You haven't even gotten LV2 yet (and won't...) so LV4
    is too far fetched...).

--> For the Gas Doctor fight, use physical attacks and Limit Breaks. Don't
    use Aqualung, it takes up too much MP.

--> For the Gas Doctor x 2 fight, use an Aqualung. It should finish them
    off quickly.

--> For the Wolfmeister fight, use EVERYTHING you've got - Aqualung, Trine,
    Big Guard (!), Beta, and Cure-All.

--> For the Eagle Gun fight, use Trine to kill him quickly.

--> Last encounter will be an Attack Squad. This is easy, just do physical
    attacks and that's it.

--> Once Cid takes control of the train, push

      Down + X; Down + X; Down + X; 

    The train will speed up, but stop before Corel.


--> There's a major boss fight comin' up, so let's get prepared first.

--> For the next boss fight, you will need some Tetra Elementials. You don't
    have to get 3, but get 2 and go to the church to pary for the third

--> You get them by morphing the Catuar Type enemies on the Cactuar Island.
    The island is found on the south of Cosmo Canyon. Simply manipulate
    enemies (make sure you have the Hypnocrown from the cliffs after
    Forgotten Capital, if you haven't got it, then you still can!), make
    them use the 1000 Needles on themselves to bring them down to 1000 HP.
    Then just start Morphing. Morphing him is very difficult, due to his
    high evade, but if you have him manipulated before morphing, you hit
    100% of the time. So, the patter should be

       1. Manipulate
       2. Cast 1000 Needles until his HP is at 1000.
       3. Morph
       4. Manipulate
       5. Morph
       6. Manipulate
       7. Morph

    And so on until you have a Tetra Elemential. Please not you only need
    1 for the following fight, but you will need 2 for a fight a little bit
    later on, so get both now.


Name(s):  Ultimate Weapon
HP:       10,000
MP:       400
Drops:    You hope

Attacks:  Ultima Beam, that does 2000 damage (you DIE!), Quake (that you
          will hopefuly absorb...) and a physical (OUCH! That hurts...)

Strategy: #1: This is NOT going to be an easy fight, the only way you will
          win it if you do things as fast as you can. Go inside the battle
          with full limit bars and immediately cast limit breaks, except for
          one person who should cast a Big Guard (if you don't have this,
          you will die). Then let him do his limit. Ultima Weapon will most
          likely start the fight. Pray he starts it with his physical attack
          or Quake, or this will be much more difficult... If his first
          attack wasn't an Ultima Beam, then his second WILL. And it hits
          hard, but you should have Big Guard on. Heal immediately after
          he does this, then do your limits (cause it will most likely fill
          up your limit gauges). He usually follows up with a Quake, which
          helps your healing :). After the third cast of limit breaks, he
          will fly away.

          #2: He will also be defeated if you decrease his MP to 0 :) as he
          has less of it, this might proove to be an easier task. Learn the
          Magic Hammer enemy skill from the enemies near Wutai, then do it
          4 times in the battle and you are done (please note that you will
          still have to get the Tetra Elementials, as they are needed for
          the fight again, so in fact, this strategy makes you gain more
          EXP from the enemies you need to gain Magic Hammer Enemy skill




--> Basically, if you want, you can start breeding chocobos at this point.
    However, unless you used the "Aeris Exploit" (that is, leveled her up
    while you still had her to get high level magics and very high amount
    of Gil), you won't have enough cash for it at this point.

    If you really have to get the chocobos in this game, I suggest you
    wait until you get the W-Item materia to get unlimited Chocobo Greens
    (as Sylkis greens come at 5000 Gil a piece...)

--> If you have Yuffie, you can do the Wutai quest right now. It won't be
    too difficult, the main boss of this quest has got only 6000 HP (but
    be prepared to fight it without any materia what-so-ever.

    If you can't do it right now, just leave it for later on (just before
    you fight the Diamond Weapon).


--> Make sure that you fight the soldiers in the Underwater reactor (I'm
    talking about the fixed encounters, you should run from all the random
    ones anyway), use only ONE character. That way you get less EXP. And
    swap the characters around, so it isn't that only one is getting all
    of it!


Name(s):  Carry Armor    Arm x2 (Left and Right)
HP:       24,000         10,000 (EACH)
MP:       200            200 and 100
Drops:    God's Hand

Attacks:  He can imprison one of your characters by picking them up with 
          his arm (in fact, he can imprison 2 characters...). His worst
          attack is his Lapis Laser, can do around 1600 damage.

Strategy: Make sure you cast Big Guard as quickly as possible, without it,
          you are as good as dead. He is weak to the lightning element, so
          cast Trine. As you have it on only 2 Enemy Skill materias, have
          the third person either Cure-All (Or Cure 2 - All, if you have it
          already) or use Aqualung. If you are quick enough, you can manage
          to kill the arms before they give too much trouble. Please note,
          if you have 2 characters standing while his arms are gone, you
          CAN win this fight, just don't give up.

          BTW, Lapis Laser will fill up your limit bar, so use them!




Name(s):  Rude         Attack Squad
HP:       9,000        1,300
MP:       240          100
Drops:    S. Mine

Attacks:  Rude can Cure 2 himself, so you must take him down quick. He can
          also cast Bolt 2, and it does hurt. AS an addition to that, he
          can cast a MBarrier, causing your already pathetic spells cause
          half the damage.

Strategy: Make sure you enter the battle with 3 full limit bars. Cast them
          all on Rude. Then have everyone cast Aqualung. They should be dead
          in no time.


--> Be sure to pick up Cid's Ultimate Weapon from the man standing next
    to the shop (the same one who gave you Yukiyoshi (did I get it right
    this time??



--> Search for the Key of the Ancients under the sea level.

--> If you do not wish to use the W-Item cheat, then you will have to make
    good use of the steal command and get at least 20 Turbo Ethers from
    enemies you can steal them from the list at this point is as follows:
    --> Golem, Cosmo Canyon area
    --> Jersey, Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim
    --> Poodler, Hallway of Gelnika, the sunken plane
    --> Search Crown, Mt. Corel, I think this is a rare enemy

--> Make sure you have 2 Tetra Elementials equipped onto 2 people
    who have the least EXP.


Name(s):  Diamond Weapon
HP:       50,000 (!!!)
MP:       3000
Drops:    Rising Sun

Attacks:  Laser Ray (you will absorb it), Diamon Flash (this attack is based
          on %, so it can never kill you, but will make your HP close to 100),
          physical attack (still hurting). He is not vulnuerable to
          physical attacks until he starts his countdown to Diamond

Strategy: Basically, your third character will die off very quickly, but
          there's are reason for it. Once you have 2 characters left, the
          only thing you have to worry about is his Physical "Big Foot"
          attack. Make sure you heal (Cure-All, Cure 2 takes too much MP)
          after every diamond flash, so that he doesn't kill you when he
          uses his Physical Attack. Note that he can use it twice in a row,
          but never on the same character, unless you have only one
          Diamond Flash also inflicts Silence, so make sure you use a Vaccine
          on one person!

          Diamond Flash will fill up your Limit Bars, so cast your Limits as
          quickly as you can. Make sure you cast them before he manages to
          do his physical attack, so you might be able to get another limit
          break. He has a lot of HP, so this fight will be VERY long.

          At the end of the fight you will get 35,000 EXP (and 3,500 AP, so
          if you wanted Ultima, you can learn it now or never), which is why
          I wanted you to do this with only 2 characters. BTW, I tried but
          failed to do it with just 1 character, mainly because the bastard
          can do his physical attack twice in a row. Well, my guys/girls
          gained 5 (!) levels after this fight. I'm sooo sad :(



--> If you did the Wutai quest, you don't have to fight the Turks in
    Midgar. However, this fight can be a lot of fun :)

BOSS FIGHT (optional)

Name(s):  Elena        Reno         Rude
HP:       30,000       25,000       28,000
MP:       ??? (0?)     200          250
Drops:    Elixir

Attacks:  Elena has lightning based attacks, Reno has ice based attacks and
          Rude has fire based attacks. Rude has a major Physical attack
          that can do over 2000 damage (do I smell dead people?), Elena has
          an Amulet attack that can confuse your characters, which just
          serves as an addition for her counter attack (!) and bomb attack.
          Reno just kicks a$$ with a large selection of weaker attacks.

Strategy: It seems like if you defeat Elena, you have defeated them all.
          This will be one of the toughest fights so far. It seems that using
          Big Guard helps only against Rude's major physical attack, but
          as far as the rest go, it seems that you are better off without
          Big Guard, and easy healing, than with it on. Anyway, it seems like
          Elena will cast her Amulet (confuse) attack always on the person
          who is first in your party (so if your party order is Cloud, Red
          and Cid, it will always be on Cloud). Lesson? Make sure that
          character has a Ribbon equipped. The other two characters should
          have Tetra Elemntials on, so that you can absorb at least some
          of their attacks. Simply have ALL THREE characters Cure at the
          same time, and only attack when your HP is either full or you
          have a limit break comin' up. When attacking, I suggest Aqualung,
          as it is very useful and attacks all three of the turks (although
          it seems you only need to attack Elena).


--> You can get the W-Item materia right now, but using the W-Item trick to
    duplicate item is MAJOR CHEATING. However, do pick up the materia, so
    if you find this game starts getting frustrating (and it will), just
    do the trick and make it easier for yourself.

--> Note that if you aren't going to use the W-Item cheat trick, then you
    must have lots of Turbo Ethers before you came into this place. If you
    don't then 

      a) You're screwed
      b) You can get them from enemies in the Midgar underground (Shadow
         Makers, the ones that can only do a pathetic 'Slow' attack).
      c) Killing those enemies will get you EXP. That's BAD.


Name(s):  Proud Clod       Jamar Armor
HP:       60,000           20,000
MP:       ???              200
Drops:    Ragnarok (Cloud's best weapon in this game!)

Attacks:  This is the only battle where I can say that the enemy truly
          sucks at what he does. He has a pathetic 500 damage regular
          attack, a knee fire attack (around 800 damage) and a Beam
          cannon attack that does around 1100 damage. Pathetic. As an
          addition to that, he is really slow. Jamar Armor can do a
          Materia Jammer attack. No big deal, it's not as though you rely
          on materia... Remember Materia Keeper in disc 1? He had better
          attacks than this...

Strategy: This will be a very long fight, unless you have learnt some
          very good magic, which I bet you haven't... 60,000 HP is a LOT.
          The best strategy - use Big Guard to haste yourselves, then just
          wack away with attacks. Make sure everybody is in the Front Row.
          That's right - you want everyone to receive as much damage as
          possible, so that you can use Limit Breaks (Cure 2 when
          necessary) to deal more damage. This guy just takes very long.

          If you do have lots of Turbo Ethers, use Aqualung, but be
          warned: the upcoming boss fight will require many more Turbo
          Ethers than you think...


--> Don't forget to pick up the Mystile. It's a lifesaver. Make sure one
    character has the Mystile and the Ribbon equipped.

--> Forget about Barret's Ultimate Weapon. Unless you have learnt lot's 
    of AP (which you haven't at all), as damage on that weapon is based on
    the amount of AP the magic (you have on that weapon) has.

--> The next three bosses are all linked together (no gap between fights)


Name(s):  Hojo       Poodler Sample    Bad Rap Sample
HP:       13,000     10,000            11,000
MP:       250        200               120
Drops:    Power Source (shared)

Attacks:  Hojo summons the two monsters, he has some very weak attacks,
          nothing special.

Strategy: As Hojo has an "unlimited stock" of the monsters he can summon,
          just concentrate on him. Use Aqualung for some damage on all of

Name(s):  Helletic Hojo     Right Arm      Left Arm
HP:       26,000            5,000          24,000
MP:       200               300            400
Drops:    Power Source (shared)

Attacks:  He can cast some status attacks, but nothing special. He also
Strategy: This guy can revive the arms at his convenience, so don't bother
          too much with them. What usually works the best for me was
          Aqualung or any other multi target hitting spell. However, you
          will need loads of Aqualungs to kill this guy, so keep the Turbo
          Ehters coming...

Name(s):  Lifeform Hojo-NA
HP:       Enough
MP:       Doesn't need it
Drops:    Power Source (shared)

Attacks:  He can cast silence, so the only person still left in the fight
          would be the one with the Ribbon and Mystile (remember I told
          you to equip those on the same person?). He can also cast Slow
          and he has a combo attack. It only does around 750 damage, but
          it inflicts Poison and sleep (again only the person with the
          Ribbon left in the fight, and he has mystile, so 50% of Hojo's
          attacks will miss)

Strategy: Simply use your best attacks. Unfortunately for me, Aqualung was
          the best I could do. His attacks are so weak (doing around 250
          to 500 damage per attack), that you simply won't get enough limit
          breaks. A really boring fight, but difficult to survive.


                     PART 4 : Disc 3 Walkthrough


--> Let's not. OK, seriously, there is no need to try to explore the world in
    disc 3. The only things you might want to get are 

       a) Red's Ultimate Weapon
       b) Anything you might have missed during disc 2
       c) Steal Turbo Ethers from enemies (but you can do it in the crater

   I will write a walkthrough of all the things you can do in a low level
   game in disc 3 in the next version of this walkthrough.


--> Yes, we do. Although I am a Sephiroth fan, in a low level game I did
    look forward to killing him big time.

--> The whole Norhtern Crater thing is real easy, just make sure you pick
    up the second Mystile on your way.


Name(s):  JENOVA SYNTHESIS   Right Arm (part B)   Left Arm (Part C)
HP:       60,000             10,000               8,000
MP:       ???                600                  600
Drops:    Nope

Attacks:  A pathetic slap that does around 500 - 800 damage. Why is this
          a Boss Fight? Oh yeah, she will start a countdown and cast an
          Ultima once she ends it.

Strategy: Use Multi Target skills like Aqualung to take out both the arms
          and her at the same time. The arms may regenerate, so keep those
          MPs up into the highs. I like to take her out using Physical
          attacks (paired with Big Guard's Haste, of course), but you can
          do it any way you want. Note that you don't have to dish out
          60,000 HP of her, just make her start the countdown. Once she
          starts it, heal everyone to full health and cast Big Guard. And
          pray that the Mystile does it's job!

          BTW, you have to let her use Ultima, as otherwise you would get
          a crapload of EXP, enough to level you up upto 5 levels!!! You
          definately don't want that!



Name(s):  Bizarro Sephiroth (A)   Part B   Part C   Part D   Part E
HP:       40,000                  2,000    10,000   4,000    4,000
MP:       ???                     400      400      400      400
Drops:    What would you use it for?

Attacks:  He has Bolt 3 (Over 2000 damage), a Stigma attack (1500 damage),
          Demi 3 (depends on your HP), another attack that does 1700 damage
          and the biggie - Bizzaro Energy (HEALS HIM for 6500 HP).

Strategy: Now, as Bizarro likes to heal himself constantly for 6500 HP, you
          will have no way of beating him until he stops doing so. So let's
          make him stop.

          First you will have to kill off parts B, D and E. This is easy,
          they have little HP and you can kill them using the same old
          Aqualung. Once those 3 are dead, he will try to restore them.
          So just keep those Aqualungs coming. You might notice that upto
          now, the C part has been taking 0 damage. Well, once all 3 parts
          are down, you can now damage the C part. So keep on attacking
          (I suggest multi target spells so you can hit the main part of the
          body at the same time) until you destroy that part too. Once that
          part is gone, there's no more healing. Now just attack like you
          normally would (I still used Aqualung cause he kept on reviving
          Part B...) until he goes down. Note that his attacks are really
          nothing more than limit break bar fillers.



Name(s):  Safer Sephiroth
HP:       ???? (I would estimate it at around 70,000, but who knows?)
MP:       ???? (doesn't really matter, just remember he won't run out of it,
          actually, one would hope he doesn't run out of it!)
Drops:    It's the Final Boss. What do you expect?

Attacks:  Super Nova (causes % based damage, will almost always lower your
          HP till 400), Shadow Flare (5000 damage, do I smell death? This
          is the best Enemy Skill, so whoever he casts it on - make sure
          that person starts casting it back!), Pale Horse (moderate damage
          but statuses come with it), Physical attack (he uses his One Wing
          to strike you, can do around 2000 damage), Wall (in case you were
          trying to damage him, you can only do half...), Dispel (in case you
          tried Wall on yourself...and it attacks all members...), Slow (in
          case you hasted yourself), Break (can deal a lot of damgae, but is
          absorbed by a Tetra Elemential). He can also fly around so that if
          you really wanted to hit him, you can't anymore...

Strategy: I remember thinking this guy was a joke Final Boss. Well, now that
          I have beaten him with a party whose average HP is less than 3000,
          I don't think so anymore (although, beating him at a level as low
          as that means he is a joke...).

          Use a vaccine at the beginning of the battle. Make sure one person
          has a Ribbon, so only 2 need a vaccine. Also, don't forget to cast
          a Big Guard!

          Super Nova - Nothing to worry about, just cast Cure 2 - All and
          you have healed from this attack. This is really a limit break
          bar raiser, just use your limits to full after this attack. And
          please, don't try to make a pizza while he does this, I once got
          into huge trouble like that...

          Shadow Flare - Well, the reaction after this is obvisous: use a 
          Phoenix Down. You will most likely die. If you don't, then you are
          either very lucky or have a too high level. However, the person who
          this was casted on will be your best fighter, as he can now cast
          Shadow Flare back on the Safer Sephiroth, dealing more damage than
          pretty much anything else. However, remember that Shadow Flare
          consumes an insane amount of MP (100!), so make sure you have lots
          of Turbo Ethers before using it.

          Physical attack - limit break bar raiser, cast a limit right
          afterwards and a Cure 2 to follow it up.
          Pale Horse - This is pretty weak, no strategy other than "I hope
          you have gotten some remdies or vaccinated yourself" is needed.

          Dispel - cast a Big Guard right after he is doing this! You don't
          want to die after all, right?

          In general, if you have enough Turbo Ethers (and maybe some
          elixirs and remedies?) then you will have enough life force
          to survive through this fight. Good Luck!


--> For the record, I beat Sephiroth with an average level of 32 (Cloud 
    beaing at 30), using Cait Sith and Cid. The low level game took me only
    17 hours.

--> With this walkthrough, you should do way better than I. After all, I had
    no guide to follow, and I did have to think of all the strategies myself.

                     PART 5 : SOME MORE STUFF


My Nick: Edman
Real Name: Edmunds Steins
Nationality: Latvian (that's in Europe, for those who don't know...)
E-Mail Address: edman@hackermail.com

Other guides: Final Fantasy 8 No Level Up FAQ/Walkthrough (DONE!)
              Final Fantasy 8 Speed FAQ/Walkthrough (DONE!)
              Final Fantasy 1 One Fighter FAQ/Walkthrough (DONE!)
              Civilization 1 Emperor Difficulty FAQ

Feel free to send me emails asking questions and with feedback (only
constructive criticism, please!). I am thinking of making a FAQ at 
the end of this guide. However, you must remember that I can't 
dedicate my whole life to this guide. 

     | 5.2 MORE FF7 INFO |

Well, the best source of Final Fantasy 7 info is GameFAQs. Sadly enough,
none of the Final Fantasy web sites that exist on the net (and there's
at least a million of them) can even match the usefulness of some of
the guides:

--> Kao Megura's FF7 FAQ/Walkthrough
--> Arctic's FAQ

Those two FAQs combined will give you all the in game info you would
ever want.

If you wish to get some info about the happening around Final Fantasy 7,
like rumors, game errors, and stuff like that, I suggest you use:

--> Kao Megura's Changes FAQ
--> www.ff7citadel.com (the only web site that has truly unique info! And
    I am in no way affiliated with this site).

     | 5.3 THANKS |

--> Squaresoft, for making this game. I think it's one of the best games
    in the world.
--> Kao Megura, for making the best FF7 FAQ around. Helped me lots with
    all those side quests.
--> Whoever (can't remember his name...) suggested that this game is too
    easy. I think I just made it a little bit harder for ya!
--> Whoever (can't remember this guy's name again! I think it was Mark
    Panton...) told me about this game where you have to read lots of 

     | 5.4 VERSION HISTORY |

Version 0.7 : First version, most low level tips are here, all boss
              strategies are here, but walkthrough is only partly done.

Version 1.0 : All the Low Level Tips and Walkthrough are here. I will wait
              for some feedback, maybe somebody comes up with some better
              strategies, so I can add them later.

Version 1.1 : Fixed all (yeah right!) the spelling mistakes
              Added more stuff to the FAQ.

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