Final Fantasy VII Goodies Guide
                          for Sony Playstation
                          12/1/97 version .666
                      by CaesarDyke (PfishyDyke@aol.com)

Table of Contents:
	1. Materia
	2. Limit Breaks
	3. Ruby and Emerald Weapons
	4. Ultimates and Accesories
	5. Chocobo Breeding Guide

Well, here's a little FAQ on just the goodies in the game. What I mean by
goodies is the materia, limit breaks, ultimates, & much more.........
I know there are already HUGE FAQs on this, some that have to be.......
zipped!!!! But this should be used if you specifically want the extra goodies
because it is probably easier to find what you want without scrolling forever
and maybe more in-depth, possibly..... This is my first RPG FAQ, hope it
turns out well!!!!!! Also, this was made from the AMERICAN version. Most
of the ones out there are based on the japanese version, which aren't that
different at all, but just wanted to state that.

                               1. Materia

Green Materia:

1. Barrier

Spells: Barrier, MBarrier, Reflect, and Wall.

- Barrier is a spell that reduces physical damage by around 50% I believe.

- MBarrier reduces damage done by magic by 50%, it depends on characters
  magic resistance rating too.

- Reflect does what it name implies; it reflects spells cast. Remember,
  if both opponent and ally have reflect cast, the spell will bounce
  until one wears out.

- Wall combines the effects of Barrier and MBarrier.

Found: In Rocket Village

2. Contain

Spells: Freeze, Break, Tornado, and Flare.

- Freeze does massize damage and sometimes freezes opponents motionless.

- Break is an earth spell and sometimes turns them into stone.

- Tornado is a powerful wind attack that sometimes confuses opponents.

- Flare is the most powerful fire-based magic attack.

Found: In Mideel Village, feed boy's chocobo some greens from the Chocobo

3. Destruct

Spells: Debarrier, Dispel, and Death.

- Debarrier gets rid of any barrier.

- Dispel gets rid of any status aiding spell.

- Death kills with one cast, but doesn't work on really strong enemies.

Found: In the Condor Fort, buy in Mideel.

4. Earth

Spells: Quake 1, Quake 2, and Quake 3.

- All of these spells are earth-elemental attacks.

Found: Buy in Kalm Town and Costa del Sol.

5. Exit

Spells: Escape and Remove.

- Escape warps away from battle.

- Remove is like X-Zone from FFIII, expels all enemies from the screen.

Found: Rocket Village.

6. Fire

Spells: Fire 1, 2, and 3.

- All are fire-elemental magic attacks.

Found: Buyable at many towns, easy to find.

7. Full Cure

Spell: Full Cure.

- It recovers all the HP lost in battle, basically completely recovers one
  person's Hit Points.

Found: In back of Item Shop in Cosmo Canyon.

8. Gravity

Spells: Demi 1, 2, & 3.

- Gravity based attacks that take from one/half to three/quarters of enemy's
  hit points.

Found: Buyable in many stores throughout game.

9. Heal

Spells: Poisona, Esuna, and Resist.

- Poisona heals poison status.

- Esuna heals other status ailments.

- Resist protects from getting other status ailments.

Found: Buyable, Kalm Town.

10. Ice

Spells: Ice 1, 2, & 3.

- All are ice-elemental attacks.

Found: Buyable at many locations.

11. Lightning

Spells: Bolt 1, 2, & 3.

- All are lightning-elemental attacks.

Found: Sold at many locations.

12. Meteo

Spells: Comet 1 & 2.

- Comet 1 hits once with a meteorite.

- Comet 2 hits all with many meteorites.

Found: Lost City of the Ancients.

13. Mystify

Spells: Confu and Berserk.

- Confu confuses enemies.

- Berserk makes enemies or allies uncontrollable.

Found: Cosmo Canyon.

14. Poison

Spells: Bio 1, 2, & 3.

- All are poison-elemental attacks.

Found: Sold at many locations.

15. Restore

Spells: Cure 1, Cure 2, Regen, & Cure 3.

- Cure spells give back Hit Points.

- Regen gives back hit points over time. Regenerates HP.

Found: Everywhere, many locations.

16. Revive

Spells: Life 1 & 2.

- Life 1 restores life and partial HP.

- Life 2 restores life and all HP.

Found: I forget... One of the towns sells it.

17. Seal

Spells: Sleep & Silence.

- Sleep puts enemies to sleep.

- Silence mutes enemies.

Found: Junon.

18. Shield

Spell: Shield.

- Casts a shield provided extra defense.

Found: Sephiroth's Lair near end.

19. Time

Spells: Haste, Slow, & Stop.

- Haste reduces time the bar fills up, attack quicker.

- Slow reduces enemies speed.

- Stop reduces enemies speed to zero for limited time.

Found: Gongaga.

20. Transform

Spells: Mini & Toad.

- Mini turns enemies into miniature version and cures mini status.

- Toad turns enemies into toads and cures toad status.

Found: Many locations.

21. Ultima

Spell: Ultima.

- Giant green blast of energy heavily damages enemies.

Found: Corel, save town from train.

Red Materia:

1. Alexander

Holy Judgment, found in Ice Gate.

2. Bahamut

Mega Flare, found after defeating dragon in ancient pyramid.

3. Neo Bahamut

Giga Flare, found in Whirlwind Maze.

4. Bahamut Zero

Tera Flare, found in Bugenhagen's Planetarium after getting other 2 Bahamuts.

5. Choco/Mog

Deathblow, 1/16 chance Fat Chocobo. Found in Chocobo Ranch.

6. Hades

Black Cauldron, found in Underwater Shinra Plane.

7. Ifrit

Hellfire, found after Jenova-Birth defeat.

8. Knights of the Round

Ultimate End, found in Round Island in NE part of world.

9. Kjata

Tri-Disaster, found in Sleeping Forest.

10. Leviathan

Tidal Wave, found after beating Yuffie's father in her sub-quest in Wutai.

11. Odin

Atom Edge, found in safe in Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim.

12. Phoenix

Resurrect, found after Condor Fort mini-game.

13. Ramuh

Judgment Bolt, found at Chocobo Races.

14. Shiva

Diamond Dust, found in Junon.

15. Titan

Anger of the Earth, found at Gongaga reactor.

16. Typhoon

Disintegration, found in forest on mountain near Cosmo Canyon.

Yellow Materia:

1. Deathblow

- Always a critical hit, misses many times though.

Found in Rocket Village, and bought in Condor Fort.

2. Double Cut

- Hits twice, four times if enough AP is built up.

Found in underwater Shinra Plane.

3. Manipulate

- Lets you control the enemies.

Found in Condor Fort and Cait Sith starts out with it.

4. Master Command

- Allows use of other materia

Found in Sephiroth's Lair, Northern Crater.

5. Mimic

- Mimics previous attack.

Found in a cave on a mountain on Wutai continent.

6. Morph

- Does weak attack, if kill with it, turns enemy into item.

Found in the Temple of the Ancients.

7. Sense

- Lets use see enemy's HP and MP and weaknesses.

Found in many stores and Red XIII starts with it.

8. Slash All

- Slashes every enemy.

Found in Ancient Forest.

9. Steal

- Steals an item, Mug hits and steals an item.

Found after fight in Wall Market Sewer.

10. Throw

- Throws a weapon, Coin tosses out money.

Found in Condor Fort and Rocket Village.

11. W-Item

- Use two items in one turn.

Found in Midgar Sector 8 Subway.

12. W-Magic

- Cast two spells in one turn.

Found in Northern Crater.

13. W-Summon

- Summon twice.

Found in Battle Square for 64,000 Battle Points!!!!

14. Enemy Skill

- Lets you use enemy attacks.

Found in Shinra Building, Chocobo Sage's, and a couple other places.

Enemy Skills:

Frog Song			Big Guard
Level 4 Self-Destruct		Dragon Force
White Wind			Death Force
Pandora's Box			Flame Thrower
Magic Hammer			Matra
????				Bad Breath
Aqualung			Goblin Punch
Tryne				Chocobockle
Magic Breath			Level 5 Death
Beta				Death Sentence
Angel's Whisper			Death Roulette
Laser				Shadow Flare

Blue Materia:

1. Added Cut

- When paired with other materia, will add hit after using that attack.

Found in Underwater Shinra Plane.

2. Added Effect

- Gives weapon or armor the attribute of paired materia.

Found in Cave of the Gi in Cosmo Canyon.

3. Added Steal

- Steals when attacking with paired materia.

Found in Flaming Caves in Wutai.

4. Command Counter

- Attacks with paired materia automatically at beginning of battle.

Found in Northern Crater.

5. Elemental

- Gives elemental attribute of paired materia to weapon/armor.

Found in Nibelheim and Shinra Main Building.

6. All

- Lets you use magic on all enemies.

Found in many locations.

7. Final Attack

- Casts spell upon death.

Found after Gold Battle Secret Duel with Cloud.

8. HP Absorb

- Absorbs amount of HP damage to enemy.

Found in Wutai.

9. Magic Counter

- Counter with paired magic materia.

Found in Chocobo Races.

10. MP Absorb

- Absorbs 1/100 of damage inflicted as MP.

Found in Wutai.

11. MP Turbo

- Magic inflicts more damage and also takes more MP.

Found in the Whirlwind Maze.

12. Quadra Magic

- Cast a spell 4 times with only cost of one in a row.

Found in Cave on Island near Mideel.

13. Sneak Attack

- Makes a pre-emptive attack sometimes.

Found in Chocobo Races.

Purple Materia:

1. Chocobo Lure

- Attracts Chocobos more in areas with tracks.

Found at the Chocobo Ranch.

2. Counter Attack

- Attack when hit.

Found after beating the Materia Keeper.

3. Cover

- Cover an ally from attack.

Found in Aeris' House.

4. Enemy Away

- Decreases enemy encounter rate.

Found at the Chocobo Races.

5. Enemy Lure

- Increases enemy encounters.

Found at the Gold Saucer.

6. Gil Up

- Increases amount of Gil received in battle.

Found in Wonder Square.

7. HP Plus

- Increases max HP.

Found in Mideel in stores.

8. HP/MP Switch

- Switches HP with MP.

Found in Materia Cave near North Corel.

9. Luck Plus

- Increases Luck

Found in Temple of the Ancients.

10. Long Range

- Normal damage in the back row.

Found in Mythril Mine.

11. Magic Plus

- Increases magic power.

Found in Cosmo Canyon area.

12. MP Plus

- Increase MP.

Found in stores in Mideel.

13. Preemptive

- Increase preemptive attack rate.

Found in Wonder Square.

14. Speed Plus

- Increases speed.

Found in Battle Square for 4,000 battle points.

15. Super Enemy-All

- Makes attack affect all enemies.

Found in Northern Crater.

16. XP Up

- Increases amount of experience received in battle.

Found in Wonder Square.

17. Underwater Materia

- Allows you to fight Emerald Weapon with no time limit.

Found by morphing Ghost Ship in Underwater Reactor in Junon. Give item
to man in Kalm Town for the Materia.

                           2. Limit Breaks

Cloud Strife:

Lv. 1:

Braver- Powerful jumping slash against single opponent.

Cross Slash- Paralyzing and damaging slashes.

Lv. 2:

Blade Beam- Beam hits one enemy for good damage and splits and hits
surrounding enemies for less damage.

Climhazard- Sticks his sword in foe and flies upward for huge damage.

Lv. 3:

Meteorain- Creates a meteor shower that hits enemies multiple times.

Finishing Touch- Tornado lifts enemies off screen and destroys them.

Lv. 4:

Omnislash- Hits enemies with 15 powerful slashes.

To get go to the Battle Square and earn 32,000 battle points.

Barret Wallace:

Lv. 1:

Heavy Shot- Produces one big shot of energy.

Mind Break- Blue gun shot that depletes enemy's MP.

Lv. 2:

Grenade Bomb- Grenade that hits all enemies.

Hammerblow- Kill an enemy with one strike.

Lv. 3:

Satellite Beam- Lasers hits enemies for multiple hits.

Anger Max- Fires multiple shots at enemies.


Catastrophe- Multiple beams hit enemies randomly for big damage.

Get it by talking to one of the villagers after saving North Corel
from the train.

Tifa Lockhart:

Lv. 1:

Beat Rush- Kicking and punching combo.

Somersault- A flip kick.

Lv. 2:

Water Kick- A slashing kick.

Meteodrive- Pick up enemy and smash into ground.

Lv. 3:

Dolphin Blow- Powerful punch with help from dolphin.

Meteor Strike- Grab enemy and jump and smash into ground.

Lv. 4:

Final Heaven- Big blast of energy to finish off combo.

Found by playing song in Tifa's room in Nibelheim. I forget the song,
it's something like this, but it might be wrong.

X, Square, Triangle, R1 + Triangle, R1 + Square, X, Square, Triangle,
R1 + X, Circle, X, X, Square, Triangle.

Aeris Gainsborough:

Lv. 1:

Healing Wind- Recovers hit points of party.

Seal Evil- Mutes all enemies.

Lv. 2:

Breath of the Earth- Abnormal status is dispelled.

Fury Brand- Fills other allies' limit gauge.

Lv. 3:

Planet Protector- Invincibility for a while.

Pulse of Life- Revives allies and fills everyone's HP and MP to max.

Lv. 4:

Great Gospel- Refills all HP and MP and limited invincibility.

Go to the cave with the sleeping man near Midgar. He will give you Mythril
if last 2 digits of the battles you have fought match. Take it to weapon
shop near Gold Saucer and pick the smaller metal box.

Red XIII (Nanaki):

Lv. 1:

Sled Fang- Charging attack at one enemy.

Lunatic High- Haste is cast on party.

Lv. 2:

Blood Fang- Drains HP and MP from enemy.

Stardust Ray- Shooting stars hit enemies multiple times.

Lv. 3:

Howling Moon- Casts Haste and Berserk on Red XIII.

Earth Rave- 5 attacks on all enemies.

Lv. 4:

Cosmo Memory- Giant blast strikes all enemies.

Get this by opening the safe and defeating the boss in the Shinra Mansion
in Nibelheim. Combination to the safe is Right 39, Left 10, Right 59, and
Right 97.

Cait Sith:

Lv. 1:

Dice- Cait throws out dice, higher the total, more damage.

Lv. 2:

Slots- Slot machine with random results. There is even an instant death
attack that could even kill Sephiroth!!!! Don't know about the Ruby and
Emerald weapons, haven't been that lucky yet. :)

Cid Highwind:

Lv. 1:

Boost Jump- A jumping spear gouge.

Dynamite- Stick of TNT explodes and damages all enemies.

Lv. 2:

Hyper Jump- Multiple jumping spear gouges.

Dragon- Single attack with powerful dragon.

Lv. 3:

Dragon Dive- Multiple explosive jumping attacks.

Big Brawl- Multi-hit attack against all enemies.

Lv. 4:

Highwind- The Highwind airship comes and fires missiles.

Find this Limit Break in the Underwater Shinra Plane.

Yuffie Kisagiri:

Lv. 1:

Greased Lightning- Powerful cut to one enemy.

Clear Tranquil- Heals party's HP.

Lv. 2:

Landscaper- Energy rolls across ground hitting all enemies.

Bloodfest- A 10-strike slash fest.

Lv. 3:

Gauntlet- Massive Explosion that hits all enemies.

Doom of the Living- Multi-hit combo that hits all enemies.

Lv. 4:

All Creation- Massive beam of light hits all enemies.

Get by defeating the 5 bosses in the Wutai Pagoda.

Vincent Valentine:

Lv. 1:

Galian Beast- Heals himself and gives him extra HP. Attacks with Berserk
Dance and Beast Flare.

Lv. 2:

Death Gigas- Transforms into giant. Gigadunk hits enemy for huge dame, and
Livewire electifies all.

Lv. 3:

Hellmasker- Hits with 5-strike combos and puts curses on enemies.

Lv. 4:

Chaos- Strikes with 2 very powerful attacks, Chaos Saber and Satan Impact.

To get this, go to the waterfall area by Cosmo Canyon in Disk 3. Make sure
to bring Vincent when doing this. 1st time you visit you'll talk to
Sephiroth's mother Lucrecia. 2nd time you can get the limit break.

                        3. Ruby and Emerald Weapons

Both of the weapons have around 1,000,000 hit points and in my opinion are
MUCH harder than Sephiroth. Included will be just some basic strategies.

Emerald Weapon- Make sure to get the Underwater Materia before going against
him. Look in the materia section to see how to find it. Anyway, the best way
to beat him is probably to connect the X-Summon materia with the Knights
of the Round and other party members with Mimic materia. Makes sure to have
someone equipped with the all materia and Restore materia connected with it.
Also, connect the Final Attack Materia with the Phoenix so that you can come
back to life if he kills you. If you win, you will get an item. (I forget
its name.) Take it to the man in Kalm Town where you got the Underwater
Materia and trade it for the Master Green, Yellow, and Red Materia!!!!
Oh yeah, I never told where to find him!!! Just go around in the sub
in the area around Costa del Sol and Junon, be submerged in the water.
Just watch for a big green monster floating around and bump into him.

Ruby Weapon- Okay, now this time I'll put the location first. Go in the
Highwind and go to the desert area by the Gold Saucer. Fly into the red
thing pointing out and you will fight him. I say just do the same thing
as shown above. You will get an item, trade it to the guy in Kalm and
you will get a Gold Chocobo! (Personally, breeding one might be a bit
easier and he might be a little too hard without the Knights of the Round
Materia, which needs the Golden Chocobo to retrieve it.)

                    4. Ultimates and Accessories


Cloud- Ultimate Weapon. Get it by killing the Ultimate Weapon during Disc 3.
The more HP you have at the moment, the more it takes away, just like the
Atma Weapon in FF3 US.

Aeris- Princess Guard. Get it in one of those rooms in the Temple of the
Ancients during the clock game part. This weapon is more powerful when
Aeris is healing the party.

Tifa- Premium Heart. Go back to Wall Market in Midgar after finding the
Sector 5 key in Bone Village. Go to the room with the gun that shoots at
you, inspect the area and you will find it. This weapon is more powerful
when the limit gauge has more powerful in it. Really weak when empty.

Barret- Missing Score. Check the railing near the Sister Ray during the raid
of Midgar at the end of Disc 2. If you're in Disc 3 and haven't gotten it,
you can't get it anymore. The more AP equipped to this gun, the more
powerful it is.

Red XIII- Limited Moon. Talk to Bugenhagen during Disc 3 when he is about
to die. He will give you the weapon. The more MP remaining, the more powerful
it is.

Cid- Venus Gospel. In Disc 3 talk to the old man by the Launch Site 3 times
to get it. The more MP remaining, the more powerful it is.

Cait Sith- HP Shout. Go to the Shinra building in Disc 2 and search the
lockers on the 64th floor. You can now take the megaphone there which
is the HP Shout. The more HP remaining, the stronger it is.

Yuffie- Conformer. Find this in the Underwater Shinra Plane. This weapon's
strength is determined by the level of the enemies.

Vincent- Death Penalty. Found in the Waterfall where you get his Level 4
Limit Break. The more enemies Vincent has killed, the more powerful this
weapon will become.


Angry Ring- Casts Berserk. Buy it in Gongaga.
Cold Ring- Gives defense to cold. Buy in Mideel.
Cursed Ring- Condemns you. Find it in closed door in Mideel.
Fairy Ring- Resistance to Poison and Darkness. Buy in Mideel.
Flame Ring- Immunity to fire attacks. Buy in Mideel.
Jewel Ring- Immune to petrify and slow. Buy in Mideel.
Peace Ring- Resistance to sadness and hyper. Buy in Rocket Village.
Poison Ring- Absorb poison. Found in Whirlwind Maze.
Water Ring- Immunity to water attacks. Found in Zango Valley.
Toughness Ring- Strength and Mentality up 50 points. Steal it from Reno.
Amulet- Luck +10. Buy in Mideel
Cat's Bell- Gain HP with each step. Won in Chocobo Races.
Champion Belt- Power +30. Get at Battle Square.
Chocobo Feather- Speed +10. Buy in Wutai.
Earring- Magic +10. Buy in Rocket Village.
Headband- Resistance to Sleep. Buy in Junon and Gongaga.
Power Wrist- Power +10. Steal from Palmer.
Safety Bit- Immune to Death attacks. Buy in Rocket Village.
Silver Edge Glasses- Immune to Dark. Get in Junon mini-game.
Star Pendant- Immune to Poison. Buy in Gongaga.
Ribbon- Immunities to all status ailment. Find in Temple of the Ancients.
Sprint Shoes- Casts Haste. Win in the Chocobo Races.
Talisman- Mental Power +10. Buy in Gongaga.
Tetra-Elemental- Absorb fire, ice, lightning, and earth. Find in North Crater.
White Cap- Immune to mini and toad. Buy in Gongaga and in Mideel.

                        5. Chocobo Breeding Guide

1st, make sure you have a lot of money, around 200,000 gil before doing this.
Once you have the money, rent out all the stalls in the Chocobo Farm. They
cost 10,000 gil each and there are 6, so 60,000 gil total.

2nd, make sure you have the chocobo lure materia equipped. You want a running
female and walking male. Get the running female in the tracks west of Mideel
and the walking male in the tracks east of the Gold Saucer. Get them rated,
have a great female and good male. Save it now.

3rd, breed them with a Carob Nut which can be stolen from the dinosaur guys
by the Chocobo Sage's place. Have the chocobos breed and get either a green
or blue chocobo of either gender. You can breed both a green and a blue, but
I think that takes long. Just breed your newly born chocobo with another
yellow chocobo of opposite gender and you should get the chocobo of the other
color. Green + Yellow = Blue, Blue + Yellow = Green. Make sure your blue and
green chocobos are of opposite genders and save again.

4th, buy 40 Silkis greens. Feed 10 to both the Green and Blue chocobo.

5th, take them to the chocobo races and race until they are at the A-class.
Winning 3 races will raise them a class, 6 total wins in a row in the long
course to get them to the A-class.

6th, mate the green and blue with a carob nut to get a black chocobo!!
Feed it 10 silkis greens and race it to A-class.

7th, find a chocobo in the tracks in the snow in the Northern continent.
Make sure it has good health and opposite gender of the black one. Feed
it 10 Silkis Greens and race it to A-class.

8th, go to Goblin Island, which is just northeast of the chocobo farm and
steal a Zeio Nut from them.

9th, breed the black and chocobo from snow area with the Zeio Nut and you
will get the Golden Chocobo!!!! You can now get some of the best Materia
in the game, like the Knights of the Round!!!!


Thank ya to Square for finally making a 32-bit RPG. Also, to the other FAQs
with help on some of the names like the HUGE one by KMegura. Anyway, I
don't care if you use this information, just e-mail me and let me know,
okay??? :). E-mail comments and suggestions to me, or even if you just
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