From: (Chaensaw Messiah)
Subject: The Short Chocobo Breeding Guide (spoilers)
Date: 12 Oct 1997 02:37:01 -0700

          The Short Chocobo Breeding Guide

(Foreword: this guide assumes you already know how to catch and race

The only useful chocobos you can catch are the following:

Good chocobos - just SE of Gold Saucer
Great chocobos - just W of Mideel (SE island)
Wonderful chocobos - on the W side of the snowy northern continent.

To get a blue or green chocobo you need a good and a great chocobo of
the opposite sex, plus a supply of Carob nuts (which you can steal or
win from the big red beasts south of the bone village).

Race them up to at least Class B at the Gold Saucer and feed them a
lot of high-cost greens (the best ones can be found at the Chocobo
Sage's place in the northern mountains).  Note: racing chocobos up to
higher classes and/or feeding them greens isn't necessary; it can
significantly increase your chances of getting the chocobos you want,

Good+Great using a Carob nut can produce:
1) another yellow chocobo (get rid of it)
2) a green (mountain-climbing) chocobo
3) a blue (River-running) chocobo

To get a Black chocobo, you need to mate a blue with a green.  They
should both be A class if possible.

Blue+green using a Carob nut can produce:
1) another blue chocobo
2) another green chocobo
3) a black (river and mountain) chocobo

To get a gold chocobo, you need to mate a black chocobo to a wonderful
chocobo.  You'll HAVE to race both up to S class, and make sure to
feed them to the teeth with the best greens.  (you can steal or win
the necessary Zeio nut from the goblins on the small northeasternmost
island on the map).

Black+wonderful using a Zeio nut can produce:
1) a yellow chocobo (get rid of it)
2) a black chocobo
3) a gold (mountain, river, and ocean crossing) chocobo

Racing note: The gold chocobo can beat Teioh (the black chocobo at the
races that shows up just so you won't win all the time), even though
Teioh's chocobo has impossible-to-achieve stamina and speed, because
he always gets trapped behind the other chocobos while racing and uses
up a lot of his stamina.  (Also, you can regain your stamina during
the race by holding L1+R1+L2+R2).

As far as I know, these are the only chocobos available (even though
we see white, pink, red, etc at the races).  And I've only managed to
get one gold chocobo (usually on the first try if the parents are both
S class).  It seems the game will only allow you to have one.

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