Low Level Challenge FAQ by KADFC

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     Lowest Level Possible Challenge FAQ/Walkthrough
     This challenge shall be known as LLP (Lowest Level Possible) Game
      Added Later: Divided into 2 different challenges -
      Lowest Average Level (LAL) and Lowest Level Party (LLP)
     Created By: KADFC
     First Started Writing This On: Monday, April 26 2004 at 9:31PM 
          Pacific Time
     Finished and Submited First Time To Gamefaqs.com on May 26 2004 at 12:15PM 
          Pacific Time
     Current Version Submitted on July 13 2004 at 8:45PM Pacific Time
     Version 1.6 Best View in: Courier New, Size 10, Regular in Text Doucment 

  ** LLP = Level 8  Cloud
         = Level 7  Tifa
         = Level 17 Yuffie

  ** LAL = Level 26 Cloud
           Level 28 for Everyone Else, not including Vincient

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              TABLE OF CONTENT
   I. Version Changes
   A. Personal Intro
   B. Introduction
   C. True Understanding of What I'll Be Going Through
   D. Understanding My Goals (FACTS)
   E. General Tips
   F. Experience Points Requirements for Levels
   G. Experience Points from Battles
   H. Author's Battle Plan
   I. GarlandG's Battle Plan
   J. Walkthrough/FAQ at the same time
       DISC 1
       DISC 2
       DISC 3
  JA. Lowest Level Party Game (LLP) - Mini-Walkthrough
      Level 8 Cloud   V.S.  Special Battle
      Preparations for WEAPONS, Ruby and Emerald
      The Real Challenge: Level 7 Tifa V.S. Ruby Weapon
      The Final Challenge: LLP V.S. Emerald
  KA. Game Challenges Done by Author
   L. Other FAQs Used
   M. Credits

                 Version Changes
   This section was added after I have already finished the 1.0 version of
   this FAQ. I decided to add more due to the fact that there were some extra
   stuff that I wanted to cover in advance in the amazing capablity that one,
   like myself, can do. Like my Level One Game in FFIX. Which everyone didn't
   believe in. I will try to do more of that. I like the feel to show someone
   the impossible, that they'll even think that you've used a Gameshark, or
   something of that nature.

Version 1.  This is the first and orginal version. The first disc is detailed
            on who gets what EXP and what level they will be. This goes from
            the beginning to the end of the disc. 
Version 1.2 This version, Version Changes, has been added, with the Lowest
            Level Party Game Mini Section. I will include the rest of the
            bosses HP. Fixed some typos, I don't want any improper english in
            my FAQs. And I fixed a little her and added a little there.
Version 1.4 Added more FAQ, more into Mini LLP section, added Terence's
            quotes. Corrected more typos on the way. The things included in
            the LLP section are as follows: boss strats due to lower level
            than LAL, Level 8 Cloud V.S Special Battle. More will come,
            I promise.
Version 1.6 My goal for now is that for Version 2.0 I'll have most of
            everyone I want to credit for be credited. I keep on adding
            to this FAQ and leaving them out. By 2.0, I'll add a lot to the
            credit section. For this version I'll include how to beat Emerald
            and Ruby with a LLP Game.

Note to self: Make Battle Plan to obtain the lowest level for all characters
  when they join.

                 Personal Intro
   The author, me, KADFC, is writing this guide. In my earlier work, I 
   haven't much to say about my FAQ. But now I've aimmed a higher goal. To
   give my every insight. That the reader, you, can inform me on the message
   boards or by e-mail and give the parts that I fail in, so that you can
   correct my work. I will talk a lot in this FAQ, and I mean A LOT. Just by
   reading this FAQ, it can make you go to sleep and keep reading this the
   next morning. That is the pleasantness thing any writer wants from their
   readers. I will do a lot things in math. So you should be at least good
   with basic math. I will do my best to complete this FAQ in less than 6
   months or so. This will be my fifth FAQ and I hope I've done well to
   present my knowledge in this one. Also, most of my writing will be
   typed in paragraph form due to me explaining certain stuff. I'll do
   something else, if I feel needed to. Added later, trying not to overdue
   this FAQ, after Disc 1, I lower my standard. If I made this too large
   of a file, Gamefaqs might not post this one up. After Disc 1, only
   strategy will be said and not the exact numbers.

   I am well aware that there is already a low level faq out there.
   But the author of that guide, EDMAN, seems to leave out a few
   things that doesn't makes it a True Low Level game. He was the one that
   inspired me to write this FAQ/Walkthrough. I'm not saying this
   guide is better than his guide or anything to insult him and his
   work. The guide that I'm trying to make, doesn't fit all his

   His low leveled can be used to:
     (I just copied and paste it from his guide)

--> Speed game (finish the game as quickly as possible. You will
    probably be at a very low level, so this is useful)
--> No Save Game (very useful strategies for beating the bosses even
    if you are in a need of sleep)
--> If you simply want to have fun with this game, and not make it
    too easy and beat it as quickly as possible. This is what I really
    achieved, as I beat my game at LV30 (for Cloud) and in 16 hours.

   But for this FAQ, this doesn't apply to any of those. I don't care
   if the challenger wants to beat the game as fast as possilbe. I don't
   care if the player is aimming for a No Save Game, I love these by
   the way. I've completed one for Final Fantasy FVIII. This guide
   is defintly not to make to game fun. That means to get the lowest
   level possible, you have to stick with everything I say. If you decide
   to go off somewhere and do something in the game that requires you
   getting EXP, that's your fault, not mine. Even though Edman's FAQ
   inspired me to write this guie, his guide is also the reason that I've
   got me so mad. His guide has too many flaws. He writes if everything is
   optional and makes the game fun for the player, I don't intend to do
   any of that. Seriously, you have to limit EXP. The whole purpose of this
   guide is to find every way possilbe to get the lowest level possible
   for every character. When I was doing my research on this, I found
   out a lot different obstacles that I didn't quite understand. But
   thanx to few experts on the boards, I was able to accomplish and
   aim for my true goal. The people that helped me do this was:


    True Understanding of What I'll Be Going Through
  I'm gonna type a lot right now and I hope you can understand of what
  I'm thinking about when I'm writing this. First off. I like to say
  that people entering in the party, doesn't always get the average
  level of who ever is in the party already. You might disagree and
  I got the proof to show for it. Cloud was at level 7 after the first
  battle against 2 MPs. After that there was the Scorpion Guard. I let
  Cloud died and let Barret get all the full 100 exp. Barret has stayed
  at level 6 before and after the fight. Here is my main point. The
  next person joining is Tifa. When I got her, from my calcuation she
  should be at level 6 or 7. Because 6 plus 7 is 13, then divide 13 by
  2 is 6.5. But when I got Tifa though, guess what level she was at?
  Four. I couldn't believe it. Before I keep on doing more research and
  start diving the exp up, I first must best solve what level they would 
  join in if I keep this up.

  Instead, each character joining has an average level, plus or minus a
  certain mod number, determine by who the character is when he/she joins.

  Experience Points (EXP) are the enemy of this challenge. Getting too much
   of it, isn't the way of this game. I will try to limit it as much as
   possible for the challengers.

  Active Party are the ones that you use to fight the boss. In every case
   They'll get 100% of the exp listed

  Inactive Party are the ones that you don't use to battle with. As long as
   they have joined Cloud's party once, they'll become this party, even if
   they are no longer selectable anymore. This party will get 50% of what
   the Active Party would get. You must remember this because this applies
   to some really good places, it makes you wonder why you weren't writing
   this FAQ instead of little ol me.

  The only battles that you have to worry about is the Boss Battles and the
  forced battles. There are a certain number of forced battles thay you must
  do. If I didn't say it was avaliable or if it isn't listed here, you
  probably messed up and got into a force battle by accident. These do
  appear if you aren't too careful. About the E-Skill. I'll tell you when
  the appropriate times are for you to get them and I'll follow by an
  explanation of why.

  During force battles and Boss battles, there is only one way for a
  character to not get any EXP at all. They must be in the active party
  and they must be KOed. Besides this way, there isn't anymore. So I'll
  use this strategy to my manipulation.

  In the EDMAN FAQ, it said to use E-Skill. I'll use it too, but you will be
  amazed on how much I limit this stuff. Why I limit this thing is because
  getting E-Skills requires you to win the battle, meaning getting EXP. I
  only want one move out of all of them and that is Chocobuncle. Even more
  skillful, I want to require that move without ever getting Lvl 4 Suicide.
  I haven't done it yet, but hopefully I got a way. Added Later: I did not
  get the Chocobuncle at all, rather, some other useful ones instead.

  EDMAN mentions the Aeris Exploit. I won't ever use that. You know why?
  I found a flaw in it. When you are trying to level up materia, the
  inactive party will get 50% of it as well, making them level up.

  EDMAN said that you'll need a lot of gils to buy HP Plus's and that if
  you did have that much money you would need to require to fight battles.
  I, on the other hand, have found a way to get pass this. It will be long
  and boring, but since the main purpose of this game is to require the
  lowest possible level. Nothing can stand in my way of obtaining the
  lowest, no matter how long it takes me. This idea comes from using
  the Steal materia. In my first two games I've discovered this trick to
  get more money than the battles offer. Basically you steal Ethers, my
  first place to steal this was at the Train Graveyard, one it the first
  places after you have got the Steal materia in the sewers. Each Ether
  can be sold to give you a profit of 750. The HP Plus materia cost 8000
  each, just think of how many Ethers you would need to steal to get all
  the materias that you wanted. This will also be used for getting more
  equipment. By getting the new equipment, you will need to steal even
  more Ethers. I hope you feel it's worth it like I do. In EDMAN FAQ it
  said not to buy certain stuff, well, not anymore.

  EDMAN said that it was a good idea to get Yuffie because it will benefit
  you for a low level game. I find that be rather false. Let me explain. He
  said that getting Yuffie and doing her sidequest is getting less EXP than
  fighting Rude, Reno, and Elena at the end of Disc 3, when they raid in

Yuffie's sidequest alone, not including Yuffie's EXP, gets you this much EXP:
  Battle #1 Attack Squad A and B =       600
  Battle #2 Attack Squad A, B, and C =   900
  Battle #3 Rapps (BOSS) =              3200

Total for Yuffie's Sidequest:           4700

And this isn't counting in gettin Yuffie in the first place.

Kicking Reno, Rude, and Elena's Ass =   4500

Surely you can tell which one gives you more EXP. Plus the fact that this I
 haven't a the EXP required to get Yuffie.

Yuffie, aka Mystery Ninja, can give you different EXP based on the many
 versions that you can get. This is based on what Cloud's level is.

  Yuffie's Level         EXP from fighting her
              17         160
              22         240
              27         320
              32         480
              37         640
              42         720       The max, you can't get a higher level.

  Yuffie's level is based on Cloud's Level alone. From what the experts say,
  the best time to get Yuffie is when Cloud is at level 20 or less. When you
  get Yuffie by staying at this limit, her level will be 16. They also claim
  that you can't get a lower level than 17 for Yuffie. The only beneficial 
  part that I find Yuffie is useful is that she comes with the Throw materia. 
  I know how powerful this materia can be because I used it on
  one of my other challenges. This is one the materias that I would never
  give up on, even if I limited myself to holding 8 Materia in my inventory.
  So I would find a way to beat bosses without Throw or E-Skill. I have
  to figure out how would this be possible, while at a low level.

  I have to figure out how to distribue the EXP into everyone as well. At
  first I thought I can give all the EXP to Aeris and have everyone else
  KOed and all the inactive party get 50%. Then I would exchange the KOed
  party into the active party, so that they wouldn't get any EXP for certain
  battles. I found a major flaw. Giving Aeris all the EXP wasn't the way to
  go because she was the one that leveled up the fastest. Getting her at a
  such a high level is bad for other characters joining in, such as Cait,
  Vincient, and Cid. Instead from by calculation and Terence's knowledge
  Barret was the one that leveled up the slowest due to his need for EXP
  to level up.

  There is one thing I need to test out. It it possible to skip the battle
  with Reno and Rude in Gongaga.

  Nevermind, I read Edman explain that part, he said to skip it, I agree.

  I have to do some testing of who to get first into my party, Vincient
  first or Cid first. I ask this question because the requirement to get
  Vincient is to Missing Number and then Materia Keeper. That would bring
  the party level's kinda high. And when I got Vincient, he would probably
  absorb some of the EXP from Materia Keeper. That could boost the group
  average level. If I got Cid first and then come back to get Vincient,
  using Aeris to get the full EXP for Missing Number, would that make a

  Is it best not to get Vincient at all because of Missing Number's EXP?
  OR by that time, from my calculation, it wouldn't matter to get those EXP?

  There are a few tests that I would need to do to determine how much limit 
  break moves I can get, without having to fight Movers constantly. One of 
  which is a random battle against cactuers at Corel Prison. Yet there are 3 
  other Boss battles that I need to test out personally.
  1. H0512 and his yellow friends
  2. Gi Nattak and his fire friends
  3. Hojo at the end of disc 3

  From what I got from Terence, the first two can't be used because by
  killing each of those guys, the exp will stack up. If that was the case,
  I could've use those in my regular game to power my people up, why didn't
  anyone tell me before.

  Yet, he said I could possibly use #3 because the only EXP that I would get 
  was from Hojo's final form, the others wouldn't add up. From what he said 
  I'm trying to get 2-1 and 3-1 for the active party that I pick.

  I heard that you can get limit break moves in a battle, even if the active 
  party member is dead. Good to know, isn't it?

  Terence gave me MOD numbers so that I could find out how much EXP is
  required for certain character to level up a ceratin level. So far I
  believe these calcuation work and hopefully I can figure out how I would
  distribute the EXP as well.

  When you are willing to get E-Skills, it's best to have Aeris be the only
  one alive, at the end of the fight, so that this will limit the ammount
  of EXP gotten. Know this, you have to win the battle for E-Skills to be

  Killing and fleeing from battle doesn't count towards getting a new Limit 
  Break Move, you have to win the battle for it to count, at all.

  A thing that I'm thinking about is trying to Morph sources at the Battle 
  Arena, since doing so won't give you EXP. Morph Materis is located in 
  the Temple of the Ancients, so by then you won't have Aeris anymore

  There are 6 Forced Battles that I can name in the game:
  1. Cave of Gi, the Two Spiders that you must break the web in
  2. First Battles with Cloud against 2 MPs
  3. The Five Battles at the Corel Train Mission, led by Cid. There is one
     more battle before this one as well.
     (There is away to avoid this, read on to find out how)
  4. The 4 Icicles at Gaea's Cliff
  5. The couple patches of Shinra Soldier in the Underwater Reactor
  6. The couple patches of Shirna Soldier in the Rocket City/Huge Materia
  7. The three Shinra Soldier you have to defeat in order to get Key 60 in
     the Shinra Building

  The Low Level FAQ said that you only need to do 3 Icicles and that if you 
  only hit the Icicile and not the bats, you won't get any EXP. I need to
  test this out again, even though I'm quite sure you would get 500 Exp per
  icicle. I have tested out it out. Edman FAQ is wrong, he said you won't
  get any EXP, BS, you get 500 per icicle.

  I'm not too sure about Chocobo raising. Catching Chocobos require getting EXP
  from random battles, but since it's that far in the game. I wouldn't probably
  even give you enough EXP level up anyways. I think that was how EDMAN 
  thought. I would agree to his idea, if I actually started this challenge
  already. Added Later: I did get Chocobos at the end. By doing so, I only got
  around 1200 EXP, which I can manage without raising anyone's level by the
  end of the game.

  Number 7 was added when I was doing the challenge. I didn't know you couldn't
  escape that faith. Besides the low level FAQ never mentioned that this 
  existed at all.

                Understanding My Goals (FACTS)
  From all the force and boss battles that you have to face, before getting
  Cid, you must keep the levels as low as possible. I will clarify how and when
  you actually read the walkthrough/faq combo. Getting 1 level up in a battle
  is way better then getting 3 level ups in the same battle

  Cloud and Barret are the starters

  Tifa = Before getting her, fighting against Scorpion Guard determines her 

  Aeris = Before getting her, fighting against Air Buster determines her level.

  Nanaki = Before getting him, fighting against Apps and Reno determines his 
           level. H0512 might also affect his level as well

  Cait Sith = Before getting him, fighting (A large list) against Heli Gunner,
              Rufus, Motorball, Bottomswell, and Jenova's Life determines his 

  Yuffie = Her level is determined soley by Cloud's level. It's best to get her
           when Cloud's level is equal to or lower than 20. For some reason,
           I'm having doubt if I should get her or not.

  Cid = Before getting him, fighting against Dyne, Gi Nattak, Materia Keeper,
        and Palmer determines his level. He is the last guy left to join the 
        party, so his level range can be very high or medium. It depends on if 
        I my average level is low enough.

  Vincient = Out of everyone that can join the party, I find him to be the 
             hardest to get because of Missing Number. Should I let him join 
             before getting Cid or after getting Cid, I must do two tests to 
             determine his faith.

  Yuffie and Vincient are the only ones that I think, just think, that I won't 
  get for this game. If I got Yuffie, I won't be able to buy stuff from Wutai 
  without doing her sidequest. Yet if I got her later in the game, Rapps and 
  the Turks won't be there, meaning I won't get unnecessary EXP. I'll try to 
  Vincient some time in the game, but I haven't made up my mind yet. Should I 
  get one, but not the other, or should I not get them at all? Both?

  Added Later: I got Yuffie, but not Vincient.

  When I first thought about this challenge, I have deveopled three different 
  plans in approaching this challenge. All three can be combined, but it will 
  make it now good for the other characters joining in later on.

  Plan #1
  Cloud get all the exp fully. While the other two party member are dead. One 
  of them being Aeris because she has the lowest level and rather keep it that 
  way. While the third party member can be swapped with the inactive members.

  Pros/Reasons: Cloud will take all the EXP making him hard to level up. While 
  everyone gets half or none. Having Aeris dead means that she will not get a 
  lot of level ups. She does level up the fastest, in which case can increase
  the average level, which isn't good at all. Cloud does starts out of the 
  highest EXP and Aeris has the lowest EXP.

  Cons/Dispute: Making Cloud take this much EXP isn't really good. I know that 
  Cloud can take a lot of EXP before reaching over level 20, the number to get 
  Yuffie, but most people can have a second opinion about things. When people 
  say they have done a low level game, they always follow it up by saying what 
  level their Cloud was at when they beated Safer Sephiroth.
  Plan #2
  Since Aeris is leaving the party by the end of disc 1. It would be best to 
  let her take the rest of the full gained EXP with her. While having Cloud 
  dead, she can take all the full EXPs, making Cloud have a lower EXP ammount. 
  The third party member can be switched for the inactive team, as well.

  Pros/Reasons: While Aeris takes all the EXP, the inactive party will only 
  gain half the EXP, until they're switch to fill in the spot of KOed Active 
  party member. When Cloud is back in action after Aeris leaves, he can take 
  the rest of the EXP, he might even take on Diamond Weapon's EXP and still be 
  at a rather low level.

  Cons/Disputes: Even if Cloud does stay at his own level, his own level will 
  increase the average level of the party. Even worse, having Aeris right 
  there means she will level up the fastest out of all of them, you know why? 
  She starts out a level 2 and can easily jump to level 5 in a single battle. 
  With both their levels combined, the average level will be higher than 
  Plan #1, IMOA.
  Plan #3
  This plan was made up easily. Since Barret takes a lot of EXP to level up. 
  Shouldn't he take the Full EXP, so that the other, Tifa and Aeris stay at 
  their current level. Aeris and Cloud will always be KOed and in the active 
  party. The inactive party will always get the 50% EXP.

  Pros/Reasons: I stated already. Barret takes a longer time to level up.

  Cons/Disputes: In the beggining battles, Barret doesn't have a higher level 
  than Cloud, why should you switch now to a lower leveled character? In the 
  begging battles
  Barret isn't always in most of the battles, so he won't be able to take the 
  Full EXP everytime. When he doesn't do that, Cloud will level up for that 
  battle alone. Increasing the average level.
  From these plans, I will pick Plan #1 to test out first because I do want 
  lower levls for the characters that are joining in.

  The question is now, does it matter if I have them at a lower level. Sooner 
  or later, if they are part of the inactive party, they'll get the EXP require 
  them to level up to a certain level. I, will try my best to limit this EXP 
  explosion, by switching them with the KOed active party members.

  Added later: I found what my mission is before getting Cid. That is to keep 
  the two lowest character from getting any more level ups. You must do this by 
  keeping them in the active party while remaining KOed after any battle.

  Added second later: I found out a whole new goal. Plan #1 was the way to get 
  the lowest average level for everyone that joined in. Its purpose was not to 
  get the loweset level by the end of the game. Having Aeris there alive and 
  active, could've taken away 15660 EXP that was Cloud's during Plan #1. The 
  average level doesn't matter, only the EXP matters. It's no good to keep them 
  such a low level in the beginning of then have them gain 20 levels by the 
  end, so why not just throw away that 15660 EXP in the beginning to begin  
  with. I've decided to use Plan #2 now. The current Walkthrough that I wrote
  will still be apart of this guide, except that it will be named how to get 
  the lowest level for each character instead.

*****Main Objective and Rules*****

1. Beat the game with the lowest level possible, 26, 28, 28.
2. Use all means possible, use what the game offers the player.
3. Don't use Gameshark or any other cheating devices.

Side: Do the LLP Game.

This is concept was based off of my Level One FFIX game. I beated the game
with a party 1s and 3 out of the 4 characters in my party could deal 9999.
This means that I put a lot effort and time to do this challenge. Which I
did. The idea is to stun the audience seeing you battle. "How the hell is
that possible," they would say. Explanation wouldn't convince them and
they'll probably said you cheated. Let them think whatever.

        General Tips

  1. Escape from all Random Battles by holding L1 and R1 or by using the
     Exit materia's Escape move. Don't use Remove from Exit materia.

  2. While escaping Random Battles, if it doesn't seem like it's going 
     anywhere. Have anyone of those active party members use Defend or even 
     better Steal or manipulate. Just don't run like a sitting duck. What a  
     great analogy isn't it?

  3. If you know there isn't a boss coming up, it's best to have everyone in 
     the back row. If one is coming up, prepare yourself by having it in the 
     front row. Or unless I tell you wise, meaning that you know that a
     character has a long range weapon or if you plan to use magic to attack
     the enemy.

  4. Since one person will end the battle, meaning one person will be alive at 
     the end. That also means only that person's materia will get any AP. Make 
     sure the materia, not that it should matter too much unless it's a
     E-Skill, is the ones that you want to put AP on.

  5. While using the Cover materia, it's best to put on someone that you want 
     to be dead at the end of the battle. Putting this on Cloud should not be 
     done because you'll need to waste more MP for cure, you need him alive 
     after all.

  6. When stealing from a certain enemy, put everyone in the back row and the 
     people that aren't stealing should use defend during there turn, for at 
     least once per battle. They people that aren't steal should also put on
     the Cover materia to protect the stealer from taking any damage, besides
     they are on the defend mode, which is an extra plus.

  7. When you using Aeris to take the EXP for the beginning fights, most of
     disc 1, one of the best items to buy are grenades. These babies are like
     Cloud attacking himself, to some level. Buy these items to kill the boss
     with. Other explosives are fine as well, only knowing that it won't 
     inflict half or let the boss absorb the attack.

  8. Get everything that get you into a random battles. Tressure chest or just 
     laying there on the ground just get it. Getting into random battles and 
     then running away from it is a good thing, it can power up Chocobuncle. 
     Don't be afraid. Added Later: This part shouldn't matter anymore, I
     didn't use or even get Chocobuncle.

  9. If you think your materia setup and item list setup is good to go for one 
     battle, save before entering the battle so that you can resume it if you 
     get game over. Resave if you can think up a better combination, like what 
     I did while writing this FAQ. Using Tents and Items should be done after 
     the save, since changing materia can lower your HP and MP.

  10.Added Later: Getting AP doesn't really matter to me anymore, almost none 
     of materia that you're trying to upgrade will level up, except do try to 
     level up those HP Pluss.

  11.Added Later: When using Wait mode, take the extra advantage with strategy
     of course. When your characters, any of them get a turn and you don't
     know what moves to select, well don't just passive, do something. Instead
     you should go select any of the commands at least once. By doing so, you
     have freezed the time of anyone else's turn, enemies and allies as well.
     Don't be too hasty after you have selected. In boss battles, or any other
     battles, you can just let it play out, meaning you can see all the moves
     selected before you froze time. Then the next move that you make will
     be activated instantly, unless the other guy was about to make a move
     before you froze time. Press Cancel to start back the time up and select
     something else if you want, and be quick about it, every move matters.

    Experience Points Requirements for Levels
  For this section, I'll start listing the Experience Points requirements for 
  each level. Since each person has a different way of gaining certain levels. 
  I'll try to do all them indivisually. Be a sured that these numbers are 
  required for one to level up to another level. These are not the EXP needed 
  for one to gain to go to the next level. There are the sum of all the EXP 
  gotten since the beginning of the game. Also note this, Cloud doesn't and
  can't start at level 0 or 1 or 2 etc..., but due to his Mod numbers, his
  faith is revealed. This table only goes to level 30 because this is a low
  level game. I'll try to get the rest of the levels if someone,
  particullary Terence, gives my the mod number or if I found the EXP
  requirements by myself.


Terence quoted: "XP requirements are a lot more complicated than can be
 swiftly explained. In general, the XP required to get from Lvl to Lvl+1 is
 equal to [Mod * (Lvl ^ 2) / 10], where Mod is a value unique to that character
 for that level. However, it doesn't always work that way, because this value
 is recalculated from L1 every time you go up a level, and at certain levels,
 the Mod value can change.

A few examples: the XP req for L2 is equal to [(Mod for L2) * 1^2 / 10] = [Mod
 / 10]. But the XP req (total) for L3 is equal to [(Mod for L3) * 1^2 / 10] +
 [(Mod for L3) * 2^2 / 10]. Also note that anything within [] brackets must be
 rounded down.

Because of all this, it's difficult to give an 'average' value, and the Mod
 values over levels are definitely unique for each character.

As for other questions about XP, Aeris only finally overtakes Barret for the
 L82-99 range. Far beyond the scope of a Low Level game.

Really, though, the range of variance isn't very big between the characters'
 XP reqs. Barret is usually only 3-4% ahead of Cloud's XP reqs.

I'll give you some low level Mod values so you know what to expect and who'll
 increase in levels fastest:

L2-11: Aeris has 67, Cloud/Tifa/Red have 68, Cid/Cait/Yuffie have 69,
 Barret/Vincent have 70.
L12-21: Aeris has 70, Cloud/Tifa/Red have 71, Cid/Cait/Yuffie/Vincent have 72,
 Barret has 73.
L22-31: Aeris has 72, Cloud/Tifa have 73, Red/Yuffie has 74,
 Barret/Cid/Cait/Vincent have 75.
L32-41: Cloud/Tifa/Aeris have 74, Red/Cid/Cait/Yuffie have 75, Barret/Vincent
 have 76.

Characters with the same Mod value within a range will have the same XPReq
 values within that range.

Also useful are some actual values for key levels to go with those Mod values:
L12: 70 Mod = 3542 XP, 71 Mod = 3588 XP, 72 Mod = 3639 XP, 73 Mod = 3689 XP
L22: 72 Mod = 23831 XP, 73 Mod = 24161 XP, 74 Mod = 24493 XP, 75 Mod =24827 XP
L32: 74 Mod = 77066 XP, 75 Mod = 78112 XP, 76 Mod = 79149 XP
L42: 74 Mod =176259XP, 75 Mod = 178647XP, 76 Mod = 181023XP, 77 Mod = 183403XP

Note: Those are total XP Req values, not the XP to get from the last level to
 the next."

"And KADFC, I told you: the Mod *changes* at certain levels. L12 is the first
 time it can change. And your value for 1 there ([68x(1^2)]/10 = 6) is the
 requirement to get from L1 *to* L2. So what you have there is:

XP Req for L2 = [68*(1^2)/10] = 6
XP Req for L3 = [68*(1^2)/10] + [68*(2^2)/10] = 6 + 27
XP Req for L11 = 6 + 27 + 61 + 108 + 170 + 244 + 333 + 435 + 550 + 680

Your value for 11 (which you have as 822), however, is wrong, because the Mod
 changes at this point. And when it changes, you have to start recalculating
 the next level from L*1*. Since Cloud's new Mod for getting to L12 is 71,
 you have to work it out again:

XP Req for L12 = [71*(1^2)/10] + [71*(2^2)/10] + [71*(3^2)/10] + ... +

Do you understand now? This is why the levels I gave you the XP Reqs for are
 important; they're the first levels when the Mod changes for each range.

And no, this is not me 'predicting'. I *know* how it works. This is how it
 works in the game."


 Cloud's and Tifa's Experience Requirements needed to reach level:

 Like to Give Full Credit to MetalGearSolidBoy for Level 31 to Level 99. He
 was the one that recorded these numbers and emailed the new info to me. I am
 deeply grateful and will add it to this guide as well. I've also added some
 of his comments as well. Thank You. (PS. His EXP Requirement added list only
 applies to Cloud ONLY)

 Mail Sent From MetalGearSolid:
 "From :  <Ben101388@aol.com> 
 Sent :  Thursday, July 8, 2004 7:51 AM 
 To :  new_kadfc@hotmail.com 
 Subject :  Returning the Favor...in a weird sort of way, KADFC. 

 My mother has always taught me to try and find good ways to show your
 appreciation to them. So, taking what you said in your reply to me....I
 wanted to go all the way to 99...I'm pleased to give you the rest of Cloud
 and Tifa's EXP Requirements, all the way to level 99. I did it the long way
 on my GH version, in case EXP stuff is different depending on the version. I
 hope this helps you in some way, shape, or form. Enjoy, but there's no need
 to salivate.

 Heheheh, that's it. I'm going to be using this on my own guide, so if you ever
 want to put that info on your FAQ at all, I hope it won't look like I stole
 the info from you.

 Again, thanks. See ya later. Peace out. Hug a rainbow. Burn down the barber
 shops....uh, never mind. Bye.
 Original Message:
 (For levels 1 through 4, I used your info because Tifa doesn't start out at
  exactly level 4, so I couldn't find out that one myself)."

 LEVEL  1:                  0
 LEVEL  2:                  6
 LEVEL  3:                  33
 LEVEL  4:                  94
 LEVEL  5:                  202
 LEVEL  6:                  372
 LEVEL  7:                  616
 LEVEL  8:                  949
 LEVEL  9:                  1384
 LEVEL 10:                  1934
 LEVEL 11:                  2614
 LEVEL 12:                  3588
 LEVEL 13:                  4610
 LEVEL 14:                  5809
 LEVEL 15:                  7200
 LEVEL 16:                  8797
 LEVEL 17:                  10614
 LEVEL 18:                  12665
 LEVEL 19:                  14965
 LEVEL 20:                  17528
 LEVEL 21:                  20368
 LEVEL 22:                  24161
 LEVEL 23:                  27694
 LEVEL 24:                  31555
 LEVEL 25:                  35759
 LEVEL 26:                  40321
 LEVEL 27:                  45255
 LEVEL 28:                  50576
 LEVEL 29:                  56299
 LEVEL 30:                  62438
 LEVEL 31:                  69008
 LEVEL 32:                  77066
 LEVEL 33:                  84643
 LEVEL 34:                  92701
 LEVEL 35:                  101255
 LEVEL 36:                  110320
 LEVEL 37:                  119910
 LEVEL 38:                  130040
 LEVEL 39:                  140725
 LEVEL 40:                  151980
 LEVEL 41:                  163820
 LEVEL 42:                  176259
 LEVEL 43:                  189312
 LEVEL 44:                  202994
 LEVEL 45:                  217320
 LEVEL 46:                  232305
 LEVEL 47:                  247963
 LEVEL 48:                  264309
 LEVEL 49:                  281358
 LEVEL 50:                  299125
 LEVEL 51:                  317625
 LEVEL 52:                  336872
 LEVEL 53:                  356881
 LEVEL 54:                  377667
 LEVEL 55:                  399245
 LEVEL 56:                  421630
 LEVEL 57:                  444836
 LEVEL 58:                  468878
 LEVEL 59:                  493771
 LEVEL 60:                  519530
 LEVEL 61:                  546170
 LEVEL 62:                  581467
 LEVEL 63:                  610297
 LEVEL 64:                  640064 (weird, huh? Level 64, 640064....)
 LEVEL 65:                  670784
 LEVEL 66:                  702471(I was expecting some evil number for 66,lol)
 LEVEL 67:                  735141
 LEVEL 68:                  768808
 LEVEL 69:                  803488
 LEVEL 70:                  839195
 LEVEL 71:                  875945
 LEVEL 72:                  913752
 LEVEL 73:                  952632
 LEVEL 74:                  992599
 LEVEL 75:                  1033669
 LEVEL 76:                  1075856
 LEVEL 77:                  1119176
 LEVEL 78:                  1163643
 LEVEL 79:                  1209273
 LEVEL 80:                  1256080
 LEVEL 81:                  1304080
 LEVEL 82:                  1389359
 LEVEL 83:                  1441133
 LEVEL 84:                  1494178
 LEVEL 85:                  1548509
 LEVEL 86:                  1604141
 LEVEL 87:                  1661090
 LEVEL 88:                  1719371
 LEVEL 89:                  1778999
 LEVEL 90:                  1839990
 LEVEL 91:                  1902360
 LEVEL 92:                  1966123
 LEVEL 93:                  2031295
 LEVEL 94:                  2097892
 LEVEL 95:                  2165929
 LEVEL 96:                  2235421
 LEVEL 97:                  2306384
 LEVEL 98:                  2378833 (One more...phew!)
 LEVEL 99:                  2452783

 Barret's Experience Requirements needed to reach level:

 LEVEL  1:                  0
 LEVEL  2:                  7
 LEVEL  3:                  35
 LEVEL  4:                  98
 LEVEL  5:                  210
 LEVEL  6:                  385
 LEVEL  7:                  637
 LEVEL  8:                  980
 LEVEL  9:                  1428
 LEVEL 10:                  1995
 LEVEL 11:                  2695
 LEVEL 12:                  3698
 LEVEL 13:                  4740
 LEVEL 14:                  5973
 LEVEL 15:                  7403
 LEVEL 16:                  9045
 LEVEL 17:                  10913
 LEVEL 18:                  13022
 LEVEL 19:                  15307
 LEVEL 20:                  18022
 LEVEL 21:                  20942
 LEVEL 22:                  24827
 LEVEL 23:                  28457
 LEVEL 24:                  32424
 LEVEL 25:                  36744
 LEVEL 26:                  41431
 LEVEL 27:                  46501
 LEVEL 28:                  51968
 LEVEL 29:                  57848
 LEVEL 30:                  64155

 Aeris' Experience Requirements needed to reach level:
    *NOTE*: For levels I'm just gonna go to level 20 because..., you know.

 LEVEL  1:                  0
 LEVEL  2:                  6
 LEVEL  3:                  32
 LEVEL  4:                  92
 LEVEL  5:                  199
 LEVEL  6:                  366
 LEVEL  7:                  607
 LEVEL  8:                  935
 LEVEL  9:                  1363
 LEVEL 10:                  1905
 LEVEL 11:                  2575
 LEVEL 12:                  3542
 LEVEL 13:                  4550
 LEVEL 14:                  5733
 LEVEL 15:                  7105
 LEVEL 16:                  8680
 LEVEL 17:                  10472
 LEVEL 18:                  12495
 LEVEL 19:                  14763
 LEVEL 20:                  17290

 Nanaki's (Red XIII) Experience Requirements needed to reach level:

 LEVEL  1:                  0
 LEVEL  2:                  6
 LEVEL  3:                  33
 LEVEL  4:                  94
 LEVEL  5:                  202
 LEVEL  6:                  372
 LEVEL  7:                  616
 LEVEL  8:                  949
 LEVEL  9:                  1384
 LEVEL 10:                  1934
 LEVEL 11:                  2614
 LEVEL 12:                  3588
 LEVEL 13:                  4610
 LEVEL 14:                  5809
 LEVEL 15:                  7200
 LEVEL 16:                  8797
 LEVEL 17:                  10614
 LEVEL 18:                  12665
 LEVEL 19:                  14965
 LEVEL 20:                  17528
 LEVEL 21:                  20368
 LEVEL 22:                  24493
 LEVEL 23:                  28074
 LEVEL 24:                  31988
 LEVEL 25:                  36250
 LEVEL 26:                  40875
 LEVEL 27:                  45877
 LEVEL 28:                  51271
 LEVEL 29:                  57072
 LEVEL 30:                  63295

 Cait Sith's Experience Requirements needed to reach level:

 LEVEL  1:                  0
 LEVEL  2:                  6
 LEVEL  3:                  33
 LEVEL  4:                  95
 LEVEL  5:                  205
 LEVEL  6:                  377
 LEVEL  7:                  625
 LEVEL  8:                  963
 LEVEL  9:                  1404
 LEVEL 10:                  1962
 LEVEL 11:                  2652
 LEVEL 12:                  3639
 LEVEL 13:                  4675
 LEVEL 14:                  5891
 LEVEL 15:                  7302
 LEVEL 16:                  8922
 LEVEL 17:                  10765
 LEVEL 18:                  12845
 LEVEL 19:                  15177
 LEVEL 20:                  17776
 LEVEL 21:                  20656
 LEVEL 22:                  24827
 LEVEL 23:                  28457
 LEVEL 24:                  32424
 LEVEL 25:                  36744
 LEVEL 26:                  41431
 LEVEL 27:                  46501
 LEVEL 28:                  51968
 LEVEL 29:                  57848
 LEVEL 30:                  64155

 Cid's Experience Requirements needed to reach level:

 LEVEL  1:                  0
 LEVEL  2:                  6
 LEVEL  3:                  33
 LEVEL  4:                  95
 LEVEL  5:                  205
 LEVEL  6:                  377
 LEVEL  7:                  625
 LEVEL  8:                  963
 LEVEL  9:                  1404
 LEVEL 10:                  1962
 LEVEL 11:                  2652
 LEVEL 12:                  3639
 LEVEL 13:                  4675
 LEVEL 14:                  5891
 LEVEL 15:                  7302
 LEVEL 16:                  8922
 LEVEL 17:                  10765
 LEVEL 18:                  12845
 LEVEL 19:                  15177
 LEVEL 20:                  17776
 LEVEL 21:                  20656
 LEVEL 22:                  24827
 LEVEL 23:                  28457
 LEVEL 24:                  32424
 LEVEL 25:                  36744
 LEVEL 26:                  41431
 LEVEL 27:                  46501
 LEVEL 28:                  51968
 LEVEL 29:                  57848
 LEVEL 30:                  64155

 Vincient's Experience Requirements needed to reach level:

 LEVEL  1:                  0
 LEVEL  2:                  7
 LEVEL  3:                  35
 LEVEL  4:                  98
 LEVEL  5:                  210
 LEVEL  6:                  385
 LEVEL  7:                  637
 LEVEL  8:                  980
 LEVEL  9:                  1428
 LEVEL 10:                  1995
 LEVEL 11:                  2695
 LEVEL 12:                  3639
 LEVEL 13:                  4675
 LEVEL 14:                  5891
 LEVEL 15:                  7302
 LEVEL 16:                  8922
 LEVEL 17:                  10765
 LEVEL 18:                  12845
 LEVEL 19:                  15177
 LEVEL 20:                  17776
 LEVEL 21:                  20656
 LEVEL 22:                  24827
 LEVEL 23:                  28457
 LEVEL 24:                  32424
 LEVEL 25:                  36744
 LEVEL 26:                  41431
 LEVEL 27:                  46501
 LEVEL 28:                  51968
 LEVEL 29:                  57848
 LEVEL 30:                  64155

 Yuffie's Experience Requirements needed to reach level:

 LEVEL  1:                  0
 LEVEL  2:                  6
 LEVEL  3:                  33
 LEVEL  4:                  95
 LEVEL  5:                  205
 LEVEL  6:                  377
 LEVEL  7:                  625
 LEVEL  8:                  963
 LEVEL  9:                  1404
 LEVEL 10:                  1962
 LEVEL 11:                  2652
 LEVEL 12:                  3639
 LEVEL 13:                  4675
 LEVEL 14:                  5891
 LEVEL 15:                  7302
 LEVEL 16:                  8922
 LEVEL 17:                  10765
 LEVEL 18:                  12845
 LEVEL 19:                  15177
 LEVEL 20:                  17776
 LEVEL 21:                  20656
 LEVEL 22:                  24827
 LEVEL 23:                  28457
 LEVEL 24:                  32424
 LEVEL 25:                  36744
 LEVEL 26:                  41431
 LEVEL 27:                  46501
 LEVEL 28:                  51968
 LEVEL 29:                  57848
 LEVEL 30:                  64155

    Experience Points from Battles

  In this section, I will list all the possible unavoiable battles and how much 
  EXP it gives out. This be listed as column A and column B. A will be the 
  inactive party's EXP gain. B will be the inactive party's EXP gain, which is 
  half of A's.

                                        A                  B
 0. First Battle                        32                 16
 A. Scorpion Guard                      100                50
 B. Air Buster                          180                90
 C. Aps                                 240                120
 D. (3) Almighty Grunt                  290                145
 E. H0512                               300                150
 F. Heli Gunner                         250                125
 G. Rufus                               310                155
 H. Motorball                           440                220
 I. Jenova's Birth                      550                275
 J. Dyne                                680                340
 K. (2) Stingers                        580                290
 L. Nattak Gi                          1400                700
 M. Materia Keeper                     3000               1500
 N. Palmer                             1800                900
 O. Red Dragon                         3500               1750
 P. Demon's Gate                       3800               1900
 Q. Jenova's Life                      4000               2000
 R. (3) Icicles                        1500                750
 S. Schizo                             4400               2200
 T. Jenova's Death                     6000               3000
 U. Carry Armor (not in order)         5700(Lowers if arms2850aren't killed)
                                       4250 One arm left
                                       2800 Both arms left
 V. Underwater Army                   13540               6770
    a.(1700) 850
    b.(1700) 850
    d.(1640) 820
  (Carry Armor's Slot)
    e.(1700) 850
    f.(1700) 850
 W. Corel Shinra Guards                 600                300
 X. Rocket Shinra Army                 3660               1830
    a.( 600) 300
    b.( 600) 300
    c.(1530) 765
  (Rude's Slot)
    d.( 930) 465
 Y. Rude (not in order)                3600               1800
 Z. Diamond Weapon                    35000              17500
 ZA.Turks in Shinra                    4500               2250
 ZB.Proud Clod                         7000               3500
 ZB.Hojo                              25000              12500

   Author's Battle Plans (for the LAL Game)
  This is the battle plan that I will use for this game. This section is 
  written I have finished all the strategical part of this guide. I will have 
  the same format as was what Garland had in his Battle Plan except that his 
  Survivor and KOed won't be the same as mine. Basically, if you want, you can 
  just print this section out and follow this plan without using this guide. 
  Surely it will make it a better challenge for you. When you get stuck you 
  always come back to this walkthrough and use it.

                                      Survivor           KOed
  Scorpion Guard                      Barret             Cloud
  Air Buster                          Cloud              Tifa, Barret
  Aps                                 Aeris              Cloud, Tifa
  Reno                                Cloud              Barret, Tifa
  (3) Almighty Grunt                  Cloud              Barret, Tifa
  H0512                               Cloud              Tifa, Nanaki
  Heli Gunner                         Aeris              Barret, Nanaki
  Rufus                               Cloud
  Motorball                           Aeris              Cloud, Tifa
  Bottomswell                         Aeris              Cloud, Tifa
  Jenova's Birth                      Aeris              Cloud, Tifa
  Dyne                                Barret
  (2) Stingers                        Cloud              Tifa, Nanaki
  Nattak Gi                           Cloud              Tifa, Nanaki
  Materia Keeper                      Aeris              Cloud, Tifa
  Palmer                              Aeris              Cloud, Tifa
  Red Dragon                          Aeris              Cloud, Tifa
  Demon's Gate                        Aeris              Cloud, Tifa
  Jenova's Life                       Cloud              Cait and Cid
  3 Icicles (A)                       Cloud              Cait and Cid
            (B)                       Cloud              Cait and Cid
            (C)                       Cloud              Cait and Tifa
  Schizo                              Cloud              Cait and Cid
  Jenova's Death                      Cloud              Cait and Tifa
  Corel Guards                        Nanaki             Cait and Cid
  Big Guard                           Nanaki             Cait and Cid
  Magic Hammer                        Nanaki             Cait and Cid
  White Wind                          Nanaki             Cait and Cid
Underwater Army
  a.(1700)                            Cloud              Cait and Cid
  b.(1700)                            Cloud              Cait and Cid
  c.(2550)                            Cloud              Cait and Barret
  d.(1640)                            Cloud              Cid and Barret
  Carry Armor                         Nanaki             Cloud and Barret
  e.(1700)                            Nanaki             Cloud and Barret
  f.(1700)                            Nanaki             Cloud and Barret
  g.(2550)                            Nanaki             Cloud and Barret
Rocket Shinra Army
  a.( 600)                            Cloud              Cid and Barret
  b.( 600)                            Cloud              Cid and Barret
  c.(1530)                            Cloud              Cid and Barret
  Rude (lowerable)                    Cloud              Cid and Barret
  d.( 930)                            Cloud              Cid and Barret
  Diamond Weapon                      Tifa               Cloud and Nanaki
  Yuffie                              Cloud              Barret and Cid
  Turks in Shinra                     Yuffie             Cloud and Tifa
  Proud Clod                          Cloud              Yuffie and Tifa
  Hojo                                Yuffie             Cloud and Tifa

   Author's Battle Plans (for the LLP GAME)

    GarlandG's Battle Plan
  This battle plan was created and designed by GarlandG to make everyone's EXP 
  as relativly as close as possible. This takes time to create, seeing as how 
  perfect he wants everyone to be for this low level. Even though I argued to 
  the point that this whole challenge was to make everyone stay at level 28 and 
  gain any more levels, he agreed later on to this fact that we shouldn't waste 
  any EXP we have left before 29. Yet I still honor his work. So this is how it 
  is. Yuffie was not gotten in hiw orginal work. I tried to do as much as the 
  table that he showed me.

                                      Survivor           KOed
  Scorpion Guard                      Barret             Cloud
  Air Buster                          Tifa               Cloud, Barret
  Aps                                 Aeris              Cloud, Tifa
  Reno                                Tifa               Cloud, Barret
  (3) Almighty Grunt                  Tifa               Cloud, Barret
  H0512                               Barret             Cloud, Nanaki
  Heli Gunner                         Aeris              Barret, Nanaki
  Rufus                               Cloud
  Motorball                           Aeris              Cloud, Tifa
  Bottomswell                         Aeris              Cloud, Nanaki
  Jenova's Birth                      Aeris              Cloud, Barret
  Dyne                                Barret
  Big Guard (Enemy Skill)             Aeris              Cloud, Barret
  White Wind (Enemy Skill)            Aeris              Cloud, Barret
  (2) Stingers                        Aeris              Cloud, Barret
  Nattak Gi                           Aeris              Cloud, Nanaki
  Materia Keeper                      Aeris              Cloud, Tifa
  Palmer                              Aeris              Cloud, Barret
  Magic Hammer (Enemy Skill)          Aeris              Cloud, Cid
  Red Dragon                          Aeris              Cloud, Cid
  Demon's Gate                        Aeris              Cloud, Cid
  Jenova's Life                       Cloud              Tifa, Nanaki
  3 Icicles (A)                       Cloud              Cid, Barret
            (B)                       Nanaki             Cloud, Barret
            (C)                       Tifa               Cloud, Cid
  Schizo                              Cid                
  Jenova's Death                      Cloud              Tifa, Nanaki
  Underwater Army                   
    a.(1700) 850                      Cid                Cloud, Tifa
    b.(1700) 850                      Cid                Cloud, Tifa
    c.(2550)1275                      Cait               Cloud, Cid
    ca.other two                      Cait               Cloud, Barret
    d.(1640) 820                      Cloud              Barret, Nanaki
  (Carry Armor's Slot)                Cid                Cloud, Barret
    e.(1700) 850                      Cid                Cloud, Barret
    f.(1700) 850                      Barret, Cid        Cloud
    g.(2550)1275                      Cloud              Barret, Cid
  Corel Shinra Guards                 Cid                Cait, Nanaki
  Rocket Shinra Army                 
    a.( 600) 300                      Cloud              Tifa, Nanaki
    b.( 600) 300                      Cloud              Tifa, Nanaki
    c.(1530) 765                      Cloud              Tifa, Nanaki
   (Rude's Slot)                      Barret             Cloud, Cid
    d.( 930) 465                      Cid                Cloud, Barret
  Diamond Weapon                      Cloud              Barret, Cid
  Turks in Shinra                     Cid                Cloud, Barret
  Proud Clad                          Cid                Cloud, Nanaki
  Hojo                                Barret             Cloud, Cait

Ending Stats:
|Character    | Level    | EXP   |
|------------------------------  |
|Cloud        | 28       | 53727 |
|Barret       | 28       | 53705 |
|Tifa         | 28       | 53729 |
|Aeris        | 20       | 18607 |
|Nanaki       | 28       | 53728 |
|Cait         | 28       | 53705 |
|Cid          | 28       | 53724 |

              Walkthrough/FAQ at the same time
  The main point of this walkthrough is to give all the EXP to Aeris when
  given the chance to. If she isn't available, then Cloud will have to take
  all the EXP. By doing so, Aeris will take most of all the boss's EXP when
  she leaves, while Cloud some and other member not get any of it.

  Added Later: This is the Lowest Average Level Game, aka LAL

          DISC 1

      First Reactor

 When I say do a stats check. It means going into the menu screen and
 looking at the Stats of certain characters. It's important only the
 look at the EXP recieved so far for this guy and how much EXP it's
 needed for him or her to level up.

  When you begin the game, you see the train going and then
  Cloud jumping out. Barret tells him to follow him and there
  are two Shinra Guards coming at you. You'll get into a fight
  with two MP. MP A and MP B. This battle, proven by me and many
  others out there, are unescapable and unvoiable. Before fighting
  them though, search the Guard that's already down for a Potion.

 But before you kill them, let me explain something rather odd. If you
 checked Cloud's Stats before entering the battle, meaning the first
 chance you got to go into the menu screen and checekd Cloud's stats.
 It should say Cloud has currently 610 EXP and needs 35 EXP to level
 up to the next level. But from my calculations he only needs 6 EXP
 to go to the next level. At first I was wrong, but at the last minute
 the game decided to correct itself. Isn't that weird. The time part
 that it decides to correct itself happens after the battle against the
 two MP soldiers.

  There is no strategy for killing these two MPs, just keep on attacking.
  One slash from Cloud should kill each one of them by ease. And after
  the battle you should get 32 EXP.

 If you look closely like I said before, from the previous stats check.
 This battle shouldn't have made Cloud gain a level, but it did. So the
 previous stats check was fake, a spoof. The real one comes after the
 first battle.

Stats Check Before Battle:

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cloud           610                   35                          6

The Two MPs give 32 EXP total, I said he only needed 6 EXP to level up.

Stats Check After Battle:

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cloud           642                   307                         7

   After the battle, check any soldier to get two potions. Then go to the
   main of the hall and turn to left. Approach the other members of AVALACHE
   and give them your name. I decided to stick with Cloud though. Barret
   comes along, and he will have to name him as well. Keep going and follow
   the rest of the party. Later on Barret will become a part of your party.
   Grab the phoenix down after the doors are opended. Go to elevator.

Stats Check on Barret once you have gotten him:

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Barret          395                   242                         6

   After that, run toward the reactor. If you see a Save point and there and
   use it. Keep on going and you'll see a Restore materia on the ground, you
   have to grab it, you can't run/walk by it, it block your way. Go to the
   reactor and Barret will start talking. The Boss comes:

      BOSS BATTLE: Scorpion Guard     HP: 800   EXP: 100
     This boss isn't hard at all. Note that he has about 800 HP. Use 
     Cloud's Lightning magic to deal 90 and Barret should attack. Be on 
     alert for his tail. If you attack it while it is still up, he will 
     slaughter everyone. So while his tail is up, don't attack him
     anymore. Instead you should be thinking how to kill Cloud before this
     boss dies. Barret is doing around 30s and 40s with his normal attack,
     so it would be best to knock Scorpion down to 100 HP before killing
     Cloud off.

     I like to Note, Cyrus Virus from the boards. He said that it was possilbe
     to get Cross Slash from this battle alone, if I'm not mistake. You can try
     this out if you want, just make sure Cloud is dead at the end of the
     battle. And he should learn Cross Slash, if you've used Braver 8 times in
     that battle, make sure you don't kill the boss before you've done the 8
     times part. I, on the hand, won't use this until the third boss. I don't
     want to risk it this early in the game. I rather do it when I have the
     Steal materia. That way, I can have as many potions as I want without
     risking anything at all. Besides I don't have to do it, I can wait for
     any futher bosses to try it on, it's not like the 2-1 Limit Break
     requires me to use Cross Slash or Braver 8 times anyways, it can wait.

Stats Check After Battle:

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cloud           642                   307                         7

Scorpion Guard gave 100 EXP only to Barret, Cloud didn't get any because he was 

Barret          495                   142                         6

   After that, the 10 minute timer should be set and you're ready to leave this
   place anyways. You probably want to save before exiting, but that is up to
   you. Remember to grab/talk to Jessie before leaving. Without her, you won't
   escape this place a live. Head out of here and the Reactor explodes.

   When you get a chance to talk to Aeris, select what you want. I decided to 
   to reject the flower and move on. On the next screen, make sure to pick up
   the potion. With the low gil supply you have right now, any item is good.

   For the fights against the three groups of Shinra Soldiers, skip all three
   of them by selecting the lower option. You don't need extra EXP.

   After that you should jump on the train. Later you'll get on the train.
   Talk to Jessie to have her inform you about the sectors, then move close
   Barret and there will be more talking. After that the train stops and your

        Sector 7- Seventh Heaven

  Head down, head back to sector 7 and the 7th Heaven. Talk to Barret and then
   enter this place. Talk to Tifa and then try to leave this place. Follow
   Barret down to the basement. Tifa will come down later, go back up to the
   top floor. Tifa approaches and they talk. Later Barret comes and give you
   money. Later you'll find yourself in the basement sleeping. Go to up and
   Barret wants you to teach him how to use materia, reject the offer is my
   choice, it's a waste of time anyways.

Stats Check on everyone

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cloud           642                   307                         7

Barret          495                   142                         6

Tifa            102                   100                         4

 I told you she was on level 4, didn't I.

  After that, head for the weapon shop. Get the All materia with the Ether
  that inside the box. Then go back down to the first floor and buy Iron
  Bangles, at least three of them. Don't buy the one for Aeris later in
  the game, she can have Cloud's, because the Air Buster will drop a
  Titan Bangle. By then give Cloud the Titan and Aeris the Iron Bangle.
  Sell all the the Ethers that you have, you don't need them, but they
  do sell for 750 a piece. You can sell the Bronze Bangles if you want, I
  did. You should only buy two more Restore Materia. These materia will
  get all three of your chacacters the 1-2 limit against the next boss.
  Since the potions are 50 a piece, you should probably get some till you
  have 20 of them. Don't worry you still have a lot of money. And that
  will be all the things you should buy for right now.

           Second Reactor

  Head back to train station, save or don't save, you have to be sure if
  you want to keep the things that you bought. OR even better yet, make
  a second save on a different file. As you are on the train, there isn't
  very much you can do here. You can get the phoenix down, hi-potion, and
  get back the things the guy stole from you. When you are in the reactor
  pick up the Ether, Potion, and Tent. This reactor is the same as the last
  one and you must go to the same place as the last reactor. When you have
  Cloud has touch the controls, then you should really save. Remember the
  first reactor, use that same route to escape this place. You'll run into
  a chess which contains a Ether and you'll have to do the three men push
  button thing, after the door is opened save again. Up ahead is the 2nd
  boss fight. Before going there, make sure you have divided the materia
  to your liking. The Ice and Lighting materia should not be used for this
  battle, but the All and Restore materias are welcome.

      BOSS BATTLE: Air Buster           HP: 1200   EXP: 180
      In this battle, this is very tricky. I have a plan that I hope you
      can follow with me. I'm gonna to try get get everyone's 1-2 Limit
      Break in this battle. The whole process goes as follows. You have
      two ways of healing yourself and Air Buster, by potion and by Restore
      magic. This guy only attacks one of your men at a time, so this will
      work out fine. Just remember that Barret needs to do his Big Blow at 
      least 9 times, Cloud's Braver 8 times, and Tifa's Beat Rush 9 times.
      Just to let you know, Cloud's the only one left to survive this battle.
      Also note that you should not let anyone die unless they have used
      their limit break at least that many times or if they still have MP
      to spare. If they don't have neither of these obligations and that 
      person isn't Cloud, then just let them be KOed. The best way to do
      this, is set the ATB at Recommended and Battle Speed to 75% to fastest
      side. When doing this, either have a paper and pencil or a calculator
      so that you'll know when to heal Airbuster, so that you can keep
      on using your limit breaks. If someone has done all their limit
      breaks yet still has MP or is close to getting a limit break, have 
      them use defend. By using Defend, it can cut the damage done by 
      Airbuster by half making the limit bar take less power. Filling the 
      bar when the person doesn't need that much or not at all is better
      for choosing who to heal when its time to do it. Doing a backattack
      will double the damage on Air Buster, so you should be careful. Just
      by having Barret using Big Shot twice while doing a backattack, it can
      just kill Air Buster, or close to it. When everyone has done doing
      their limit breaks, let Tifa and Barret be KOed, and make Air Buster's
      HP 100 or less, so that Cloud can kill it with ease. That shall
      now end the fight.
Stats Check after Boss Battle:

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cloud           822                   127                         7

Barret          495                   142                         6

Tifa            102                   100                         4

 If you let Cloud survive this battle alone, no one will level up. Keeping 
 the average level to a minimum.

 Also note that you don't have to get everyone's 1-2 limit in this battle.
 You can decide when you want to get your's, but still get them in boss battles
 you think you can manage to stay alive and still can beat the boss. It really
 determines if you even need the 1-2 Limit Break. I far one, don't plan to
 really get it, until after Midgar. I fooled you didn't I?

  After the battle, the Air Buster will explode the Bridge the fight was
  was being held at. Cloud will now fall into Aeris' Bed. I mean flower bed.
  There, Cloud would awaken infront of Aeris. Give her a name and say there
  is nothing to talk about. Talk to her again and Reno comes in. When you
  can move Cloud, get close to Reno and Aeris will talk. Keep pressing X.
  Aeris and Cloud decided to leave the scence and walk up to the top and
  try to escape from Reno and Shinra.

 Before going any further, how about we check Aeris Stats

Stats Check for Aeris

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Aeris           6                     26                          2

 Extremly low, wouldn't you say?

  Keep walking up the stairs, and then you'll need to push barrels to
  protect Aeris from getting attacked, even more importantly, getting any
  EXP. Push the Barrels in this order (o'clock): 9, 12, 3

  After that wait for Aeris to come up, and then go up the log to the upper
  left side. They'll chat for a while and then you'll be heading to Aeris'
  House. Before going in, get the Cover materia with the Ether that's in
  Aeris' garden. Also in Sector 5, you should probably want to get some
  Titan Bangle but that is optional since their are better equipments in
  the next Sector visit. I personlly bought 2 extra Titan Bangles, thats all.
  Later on when your inside, you'll have to walk away from the bedroom. 
  Walk and don't stand any where close to the center of the room. Once you 
  got the house, I advise that you save.

  Get out of this screen and go left. Aeris will not join back into your
  party. Head left and then up to the top of the screen. Now it's time to
  rescue Tifa.

           Sector 6

  Go into Sector 6 slums. 

 Even though it may not matter much to you, I still have to limit every 
 single EXP gotten. So you'll have to make Don pick you no matter what. 
 If you don't, you don't Cloud will have to face Don's Cronies. Each crony
 will give out 6 EXP. Not much, but it still counts

  When you first enter this place, go to the left and to the Honey Bee. Talk
  to one of the man standing outside and ask for Tifa. Then go all the way
  to Don's Mansion. Talk to the guy standing outside. Next head back to
  the first screen and go the upper left store. Talk to the guy. Next go
  to the screen north of this one and enter the bar. Talk to the man drinking
  on the right hand side. Tell him that you want something "Soft" and something
  that "Shimmers." Go back to the cloth store and talk to the Clerk. Next
  get the wig from the wrestling place by doing Squats. You should probably
  save if you plan to lose or if you're aren't too confident in your skills.

 My record so far has been 20 Squats to his 15.

  Go back to the first screen and enter the place that you can eat a meal in.
  I ordered my self "Today's Special." We you are about to leave answer with
  "It was ok." You'll then recieve a Coupon. Go to the store close the one
  that saids ITEM. Talk to the man and get the "Digestive." Go to the bar
  and give it to the person inside the Bathroom. Go back to the first screen
  now and go to the store in the upper right side. Tell him that you'll do
  it. Now go to the Inn and buy the 200 gil drink. Go back to the store and
  give the man the drink.

  Summarization:         Soft and Shimmers = Silk Dress
                          Winner of Squats = Blonde Wig
               "It's was ok" and Digestive = Sexy Cologne
                             200 gil Drink = Diamond Tiara

  Other words summarization: Always pick the second option and get the most
                             most expensive stuff.

  You can do the honey bee thing though, but it's not needed so I'll just
  leave it at that. You should probably save now, I don't think you want
  to do that thing all over again.

  Now go to the weapon show and buy yourself some nice weapons. I forgot
  this was avaliable at the time, so I didn't bothered to get any. It's not
  needed to survive other fights, but I think should come in handy. You should
  buy the Mythril Armlet, at least 3 of them for your active party. The weapons
  are ok, but I rather use limit breaks and they work pretty fine later in the
  game. It's ok if you don't want to buy any of it. If you do, I recommend
  just selling any ethers you currently have. I always sell my ethers because
  I know it wasn't worth it. I had too low of MP to use my ethers.

  Next, go to Don's Mansion and talk to the guy standing there. Once you
  get in, find Tifa. Before talking the Tifa mandatoryly, get the Ether.
  Go talk to Tifa now and next go to Don's Room. Don will pick Cloud. During
  the alone time, pick the one that you think will end the conversation the
  quickest. Don't forget to get the Hyper behind Don's bed. Tifa and Aeris
  will now come in. At the end they will go down to the Sewer. Before talking
  to both Aeris and Tifa grab the potion, not sure if it'll be any help.
  Then you should prepare yourself. Put Restore materia on everyone and equip
  them properly, do equip any new bangle or armlets you bought recently.

     BOSS BATTLE: APS             HP: 1800   EXP: 240
     This battle should be very easy. If you are trying to get their 2-1 Limit
     Breaks, this seems a fairly good battle to use it on. Use Cure when you
     think you can't take a hit anymore. When I'd played him, he hardly use
     the his big waves at me, until both Aeris and Tifa are dead. Oh, yeah
     I almost forgot. For this battle, only Aeris gets the full EXP. The
     others won't get any. You can get more 5 limit breaks and deal it on
     to this guy and he still won't be dead. You should also try to estimate
     how much HP he has left before he dies, that way you can make sure Tifa
     and Cloud doesn't get any of it. This is the first battle that you'll
     get Aeris. The next one will be far away.

Stats after Boss Battle:

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cloud           822                   127                         7

Barret          615                   22                          6

Tifa            102                   100                         4

Aeris           246                   120                         5

 I just added Barret 120 EXP from this battle. Like I said before, even
 though he isn't part of the battle or with the party at that time, he will
 still get the inactive part of the EXP. If you don't believe me, check for
 yourself when you get Barret back.

  After this battle, go to the right side and YOU MUST GRAB THE STEAL MATERIA. 
  This is by far the most helpful materia in the whole game. Without this, you 
  won't know how to get more gils to buy the stuff that you need to beat this 
  challenge. You must get this. Don't use the rest of this FAQ/Walkthrough if 
  you don't plan to get this or you don't plan to get it. I'm SERIOUS.

  Make it all the way out of the sewers. There is a save point, use it. I, for 
  some reason didn't use it, yet. I plan to get some money making investments. 
  This idea came from me the first time I played this game and I've always
  used it whenever possible. In this place there are these enemies called
  Deenglows. If you equip your Steal onto one of your party memeber and steal
  from them you'll get an Ether. Remember how Ethers sell for, let me remind
  you, 750 gils. In 4 steal you can rack up 3000 gils, but only when you sell
  them though. I, myself, sent a hour in here try to steal these Ether from
  these guys. At the end I fulfilled my goal of getting 33 ethers, instead I
  got 34. Meaning in that hour, I got myself 25500 gils.

  *Added Later* Get 5+ Ghost Hands from the Ghosts, if you plan to beat this 
   challenge without using nor getting any Enemy Skills.

  Here are some pointers when trying to steal from them while in the train
  graveyard. Be cautious when they come in threes. They can be very deadly.
  Twos are nice and healthy, you won't die to often from them. Deenglows do
  use Ice which deals 80 or so damage. You can equip Aeris with the Cover
  materia so that her limit bar may fill up faster, so that she can cast
  Healing Wind. If there are 2 or 3 of them, try to kill until one remains,
  so that you can esacpe and not get any EXP. If for all three of them, you
  stole every single ether out of all three of them, but you haven't been
  able to skill them yet, escape now. Don't bother killing them. Your whole
  goal is to steal ether only. Nothing else matter for this point. You can
  try to beat my goal of 34 ethers, but I must remind you. With Aeris' HP
  being this low, she might get killed by one of the Deenglow's Ice
  attacks. Try to keep her HP as high as possible for her to use Healing
  Winds. When I was done with this place, I din't use the train graveyard's
  save spot, instead I used the one in the up coming screen. I could've
  still went on getting more ethers, but my Aeris was KOed. Remembered 
  the Ice attack that I was talking about. I wasn't too careful and well,
  she died. Twice. I had only one Phoenix down left and I didn't want to
  use it. So I decided to quit. Before going to the next screen though,
  make sure to take off Aeris' equipment (armor) and any materia equipped
  to her. Barrets needs these stuff for the Reno battle.

        Attack on Sector 7

  When you finally got to Sector 7, Tifa and Cloud will head up to the
  tower. Aeris will leave the party and deal with other matters at
  hand. During that time, check your current party and see that
  they're restored in health. That is when you should save. Before
  heading up, talk to one of the men standing around, if you notice
  him, he is a store clerk and he is willing to sell you some items.
  From what I see fit, this is the best time to sell your first small
  patch of Ethers, if you did what I asked and stole them. I got about
  20k worth of gils from that. Now, buy at least three Hypers. Those
  are needed for the up coming battle. Save again or not. Added
  Later, from the same guy standing there, this is the only time in
  which you can buy Grenades. Since you are trying to let Aeris start
  winning the fights later on, you should buy at least 20 Grenades.
  You could also buy some extra phoenix downs, and hyper, wouldn't
  hurt at all, you never might know when you need them. Rememeber
  this is the last time to buy Grenades

  Now go to the top of the tower, you don't need to talk to any of
  them, just go straight up. I'll admit it, I did lose to this boss
  2 times and I won on my third attempt. The first and third attempt,
  I got into 2 random battles and my second attempt I just got one.

  Once you talk to Barret, it's time to get the party ready for the 
  battle against Reno. Let me say first, this battle got me the
  Cross Slash limit break for Cloud. Give Barret the armor that was
  on Aeris. Barret should have the All linked with Restore and then 
  the lighting/ice materia as well. Cloud should get a Restore with
  the Cover materia, so that he has a greater chance of using limit
  break. Aeris should get a Restore with the left over magic
  materia. After that make sure they have the best armor avaiable
  and then give everyone a Hyper, so that fury can
  make this battle go a little bit faster.

 This idea of Cover with Hyper was a superb idea and I found that
 out myself. This should be the technique of getting any part B
 limit levels. I will use that for the future and I hope you'll to,
 for this challenge though and for boss/force battles.

      BOSS BATTLE: Reno (#1)                  HP: 1000   EXP: 290
     Like I said before, Cloud is suppose to be the only one left
     standing after this battle, alone. This is one of the hardest
     battles I've had because I have to kill the other two. That's
     is why I personally don't like SCC, ever. But I must do what
     I must do. It will be great to use a calculator again. This
     battle can go very fast, but I perfer to go slow to add them
     to my calculator. On my second try, I beated him, but I
     forgot to kill Aeris and Barret though. So I had to start
     over again. There is two attacks that he uses that I really
     hate, the slap is ok. Pyramind being one of them. From what
     I recall this was a real killer for a SCC as well, since it
     will give you a game over if your other party members are
     KOed. The other one, being a less threat is his electro rod,
     which just paralysis. First try to get his HP lower than
     110, 100 is fine as well. One of Cloud's Braver can kill
     him if he has that much life left. When and if anyone has
     their limit bar at full power, and you know that Reno's
     life is depleted if you send in one more attack and he
     is still using Pyramind on your men, now is the best time
     to use magic (ice/thunder). Use these things to kill
     pyramids and even your own ally, as long as it isn't
     Cloud. When Cloud has a full limit bar and Reno's life
     is low, start attempting to kill Barret and Tifa. Use
     them to heal Cloud if needed. If so happen, Barret kills
     Tifa and then Reno kills Barret, and you have Cloud's
     limit ready, this is the perfect plan to winning this
     batle. This is what happen in my battle. Good Luck.

     Another way to do this, is have Cloud ready for limit
     break, Tifa or Barret either one still alive. Have Reno kill one of them
     off, when he does use Cloud's limit. The reason to keep one other ally 
     alive is if he uses pyramid on you. Good reason enough.

Stats after Boss Battle:

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cloud           1112                  272                         8

Barret          615                   22                          6

Tifa            102                   100                         4

Aeris           391                   216                         6

 You are probably asking how I found Aeris's Total EXP and level. Well,
 I'm using the calculation from the Mod numbers, which I got from Terence.
 When I was testing this on my game, it has never failed me before and I
 don't it will ever fail on me ever. If you don't trust me, let me say it
 again. Check it when she returns.

  After the battle, Barret will start grieving for his friends, keep pressing
  confirm and skip this part. It's boring and long, I know. After that when
  you get Cloud, attempt to leave the others and continue on. After Barret and
  Tifa is in your party. Head back and get the Sense materia. With this, I
  could've beat Reno easily, too late now. Now rush back to Sector 5. You must
  flee fast from every battle, Tifa and Barret are KOed and Cloud is the only
  left standing. If you are getting low of HP, cure yourself with Restore.
  No need to waste a phoenix down on those that are going to be fully healed
  anways, right?

  When you arrive, you could save on the save point, but you would need to do
  it again after Aeris' mother talks about Aeris' early days. After you have
  talked with Aeris's mom, Elymra, is that how you spell her name? It doesn't
  matter anyways. After that, you'll be out of the house. Don't save yet. You
  aren't healed at all. Instead go back up to Aeris' Room, the one that you
  were in and enter it. You'll be asked if you watn to take a nap or not. Say
  yes to the nap and then you'll be all charged up and ready to go. Now you
  may Save

  Go to Sector 5. This time remember to buy the Mythril Armlet, if you haven't
  done so. Make sure that you save at least 200 gils for the Battery. It could
  100 though, keep 200 just in case. Besides after sellig that many ethers,
  you should have more than enough gills to buy those 3 Armlets anyways. Just
  don't spend them all. You need them for other important stuff later in the
  game. Also, it would be great if you bought yourself 6-10 Hypers, they are
  optional, but they do make the upcoming fights go a little bit faster as
  well. Buy the batteries too.

  Next go to the wall and climb it to the top. Grab the ether by putting a
  battery in. Make yourself to the top.

  A little fact about the Shinra Building before you keep going. It's good to
  know. The first two floors, floor 1 and floor 59 are the ones that you
  should really hate. When you first get there and you go into a random
  battle, you can't escape any of it. If you do happen to stubble on one, then
  it would be best to quickly restart. Yet after you start collecting the key
  cards, these random battles will be escapable, I wonder why. Do they think
  you work there or something?

  It's better to take the Stairs than to rush in and attack whatever is in your
  way. Taking the stairs will only force you into one force battle. While
  taking running and attacking, will get you in many battles that you can't
  away from. By doing that you'll get yourself 374 EXP plus the one that the
  stair group had to face as well.

  Save when you get there. This might be tough. I did this thing 4 times, due
  to my curosity and being stupid. Take the stairs. I know I took the stairs
  4 times. I think there is about 6 differnt scence of stairs, and each stairs
  has 13-14 platforms to change from. 14 if you count the one that you are
  currently on. Grab the elixir and this other stuff on the way up. When you
  get up, you'll have to face to face 3 Mighty Grunts, labled A, B, and C.
  Honestly, I thought I could run away from this battle. But instead I can't
  and I had to make this thing into a force battle. You can't go on without
  the Floor 60 Key.

   FORCED BATTLE: Three Mighty Grunts      HP: 230 (Each)   EXP: 150 (Together)
  ***********************************                        75  (for inactive)
  This battle is quite simple. Before the battle have Tifa and Barret equip on
  some magic materia like ice and lightning. There should be no Restore linked
  with All, that would cure everyone and well, we need Tifa and Barret to be
  dead by the ending. You sense when you have one mighty grunt left on the
  field. During that time prepare to KO Tifa and Barret. Before you get to
  the last grunt left part, you should use every limit break that you get and
  sometimes you can even use the magic to deal damage to them. The magic is
  also used to kill your own party members when there limit breaks are full,
  them using magic on themselves I mean. You can even equip the Cover materia
  on either Tifa or Barret, since you probably want to get there 1-2 Limits
  sooner or later. That's all the helpful tip that I can get, good luck.

Stats after the Forced Battle:

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cloud           1262                  122                         8

Barret          615                   22                          6

Tifa            102                   100                         4

Aeris           466                   141                         6

  After the battle, quickly run for the elevator, don't waste your time. If
  you get into a random battle right now, before getting into the elevator,
  then you're screwed. Like I said before, the random battles in this floor
  is not escaplable.

  On the next floor, this is the one that made me have to run the stairs 3
  times, the first time was apart of my new discovery, which I wasn't prepared
  for. Anyways, back to the subject. This part. You have to get pass the
  guards. If they catch you even once, you'll have to start the whole stairs
  walking apart, just like me. So try not screw up. The first two is quite
  easy. The last two is the part that got me, maybe because I was too
  impatient or something.

  On the next floor, 61, find and talk to a man that lets you respond with 
  '.......' Then he will give you the Floor 63 Key.

  Next floor up, 62. On this floor, it should matter, but I'm not gonna
  care. I don't want that stupid 'Elemental' materia. Just go talk to he
  major and start from the very first option and move all the way down. If
  you really want it that badly, you can always try the library guess thingy 
  or you could go all the way back to level 1 and save before doing this
  part. After that he'll give you the Level 64 Key

  Moving along. For the next floor, 63. I'm just going to copy and paste this
  from AA's Guide. I'll credit him for this part though:

  'Run to the room with the computer terminal [one room under the stairs]. You
  will be allowed to open three doors to get all the prizes which you want.  
  Head to the back right corner of this floor.  Run left and open the first
  door that you come too.  Head left again until you come to another door. 
  Do NOT unlock this one, instead, open the other door at this intersection
  [it is below you].  You'll now be able to run into a normal room and grab
  the prize [coupon A].  In this small room, head into the ventilation shaft.  
  Inside of the shaft, head down, right and then up at the first chance you
  get.  When you get out of the shaft, grab the prize [coupon B].  Exit this
  room by heading down and make a left.  Use your final door key too unlock
  the door in front of the very middle room.  Grab the prize in there
  [coupon C] and head back the way you came to the computer terminal.
  Exchange your coupons for an: all materia, star pendant, and four slots.'

  *NOTE* You must get the Star Pendant, no matter what

  Now go to level 64. This is the best floor out of all them because you can
  heal yourself and save at the same time. While at it go the lockers and grab
  whatever is available, I remember an ether being in there as well. Remember
  to save

  In level 65, you'll have to play this treassure hunting quest. I can't give
  you any pointers, just don't ever go into the same room twice in a row. If
  you run into a battle, even though the chances are slim, just run away. When
  are the pieces are done there will still be the unopended one by the stairs
  you just came in from. Open that treassure chest to get Level 66 Key.

  In the 66th floor, follow Hojo and then into the bathroom. Then reach up and
  go inside and listen to the meeting. Next exit out and follow Hojo up the

  67 floor, follow Hojo and you'll see a small scence with Jenova's head. Keep
  going forward and you'll get a Poison materia that's in the treassure chest.
  Save here. Now I strongly advise you to steal 6 items, 5 Carbon Bangles and
  a Hardedge. Carbon Bangle can be stolen from Moth Slashers. They are tough,
  so heal whenenever they are past the mid life. Hardedge is real pain in the
  neck to get. Hardedge can be stolen from Soldiers 3rd, these guys are
  deadly. The way that I got them was get into a battle with two. Kill one of
  them and steal from the other one. In the process, I made that Soldier use
  up all his skill moves that he couldn't do anything to be. Remember to use
  Defend, it will be of great help and Cover too. Another thing I like to
  remind you, after you have seen the scence in which Hojo talks to Nanaki,
  for some odd reason, you won't be able to go any other floors.

  After that save and let's face the experiment, H0512

      BOSS BATTLE: H0512 and his opt.s           HP: 1000    EXP: 300
     For this battle, Cloud should take all the EXPs. So put the Star Pendant
     on Cloud. For this battle, you'll use Cloud, Nanaki, and Tifa. Place at
     least a Restore materia on Cloud, you'll need this because when Nanaki
     and Tifa are dead, this will make him stay alive. Speaking of which, you
     really don't need to attack Nanaki nor Tifa in this battle, the poison
     that they'll recieve from H0512 is more than to kill by the time you're
     trying to kill it. Don't worry about the opts, I know they can be a real
     pest at times, but make sure to bring H0512 before the backup twos are
     dead, at least till his life is at 100 or so. That way Cloud can use one
     Cross Slash to finish him off. Putting a Cure linked with All materia
     on Tifa will come in handy, since 1000 is a large ammount of HP to
     deplete. Don't worry about Sense, Nanaki already has it with him during
     the battle. During the battle, be sure to waste all of Nanaki's MP on
     fire on H0512, you probably can't even use all of them by the time
     Nanaki is dead. Tifa should try to do most of the healing, so that
     Cloud will have enough HP to stay alive. This battle can be long as
     hell, but try to maintain your balance. Added later: Elemental linked
     with Poison for the armor doesn't really work very well. Sometimes
     the poison still connects.

Stats after Boss Battle:

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cloud           1562                  372                         9

Barret          765                   215                         7

Tifa            102                   100                         4

Aeris           616                   319                         7

Nanaki          961                   423                         8

  After this battle, remember to grab the E-Skill before leaving this place.
  It doesn't matter who you pick for the next party, you'll go to jail
  anyways. After picking the party, go talk to the lady that is nearby, that
  is seeing all the action. After talking to her, you should get level key.
  Now go to the floor that has the save point and the healing beds. Heal
  yourself, after that save, and then continue with going to the elevator and
  getting caught.

  A long conversation will progress and you'll end up in jail. More talking
  and selecting. Jail Door is open, talk to the downed guard and then to
  Tifa. Then to

*NOTE*: I'm not sure about this or not, but it would be best to take the Star
        Pendant off of Cloud. I'm not sure if you can take it off later on.

  Tifa again, talk to Barret and then talk to Tifa again. Make your way back
  to the President's floor, Save. Go outside to Rufus. Talk with Rufus and
  Cloud is only one that stays, other leave. Your party now is only with
  Aeris, Barret, and Nanaki. Too bad you couldn't save again, that would've
  been great. You'll also be asked if you want Tifa and Cloud's materia
  removed, hell yes you do.

  Go to the stairs and it's time to face the Heli Gunner.

      BOSS BATTLE: Heli Gunner       HP: 1600 and 1000   EXP: 250
     Before going into this battle, let's make a lot of preparations. First
     off, you must know that Aeris is the only one left standing in this
     battle, that is why you should give the Star Pendant to him. Give Nanaki
     or Barret the Talisman that you got from H0512. Give sense to someone.
     Use Aeris' Healing Wind with great timing. Put Cure linked with All on
     Barret. Aeris should have a lightning materia on her. Only have Barret
     attack and Aeris heal everyone. When you get either limit breaks for
     Barret or Nanaki, use it, unless it can kill him. In that case, make
     sure Nanaki and Barret are KOed. During times when neither Nanaki or
     Aeris is doing any action, have them use defend. Another thing, for
     this battle, have every in the back row. On the second guy, you don't
     need to start killing any of your allies, this guy can inflict poison.
     The bad part is that he can inflict sleep as well. Use Aeris to wake
     them if you need to, but be careful. When the Heli Gunner has less
     than 70 HP, kill Barret and Nanaki, then have Aeris cast Lightning
     for the final touch. You can use up to 20 Grenades if so happen
     Nanaki and Barret dies before the damage is done to lower the boss'HP.

Stats after Boss Battle:

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cloud           1687                  247                         9

Barret          765                   215                         7

Tifa            227                   145                         5

Aeris           866                   69                          7

Nanaki          961                   423                         8

  After that battle, Cloud will face off with Rufus and Dark Nation. Make sure
  to take off the stuff from the rest of the members. Give Cloud a Restore for
  the armor materia, Bio linked with Elemental on the weapon. This will give
  you the upper advantage of giving Rufus poison

      BOSS BATTLE: Rufus and Dark Nation          HP: 500/140    EXP: 310
     This battle is one of the easiest I faced. In the beginning, use Bio All.
     Hopefully it inflicts Bio on Rufus. If it doesn't, o well. Next your
     limit bar should be really high right now, due to Dark Nation's attacks.
     Use Cross Slash on Dark Nation when you get the chance. That will kill
     it. Next, make sure your HP is high, so use cure on Cloud. While waiting
     for your limit bar to fill up, keep on casting Bio onto Rufus or
     attacking with your weapon, until poison is inflicted. Then use
     lightning or regular attacks, while waiting for your limit bar to fill
     up all the way. Cast cure when needed and use Cross Slash when you
     get the chance. The battle will then end.

Stats after Boss Battle:

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cloud           1997                  617                         10

Barret          920                   60                          7

Tifa            382                   234                         6

Aeris           1021                  342                         8

Nanaki          1116                  268                         8

  After the battle, Rufus will say time it up and leave. Then you'll control
  Cloud. Now you should to the next floor down and save before talking to
  Tifa. After talking to Tifa. A long scence will take place and follow by a
  mini-game. During the beginning of the mini-game, lets prepare for
  Motorball, the next boss.

      BOSS BATTLE: Motorball                    HP: 2600   EXP: 440
     Your party should consist of Cloud, Tifa, and Aeris. Having Aeris taking
     all the EXP for this battle. Have everyone in the front row, it'll
     transverse when the battle begins, and put everyone in the back row
     instead. Cloud and Aeris should have Cure linked with All. Aeris should
     also have the Lightning materia on her. Cloud should have Cover, making
     his Limit bar fill up faster. I can't say anything for Tifa, she can be
     KOed for the whole battle for all I care. You can use her to attack and
     unleash or limit breaks, even though they're pretty weak, but still it
     might get her the 1-2 that you haven't gotten yet.

     It's possible to have Cloud and Tifa KOed by the Motorball's second
     attack and still have Aeris win the battle. You know why? Because I was
     that lucky survior in that battle. Have her cast lightning or even start
     using up the rest of your Grenades to attack him. Be alert if Aeris' MP
     goes down though, that's a sign to stop using your lightning and cure
     whenever possible. Throw the rest of your Grenades, at least tell me you
     have at least 10 left to begin with, and you should be able to beat this

     Another way you can look at this, is by having Cloud put this combination
     into his weapon, Elemental linked with Lightning. It should cause more
     damage than before, but I haven't done this yet. You can try it out

Stats after Boss Battle

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cloud           1997                  617                         10

Barret          1140                  288                         8

Tifa            382                   234                         6

Aeris           1461                  444                         9

Nanaki          1336                  48                          8

  When this battle ends, everyone will start talking. They'll plan to head to
  Kalm. Pick Aeris, Cloud, and Tifa for the party. You'll be using them until
  Aeris departs. So it'll be wise to start getting use to this now.

  Once you arrive at Kalm, you can go into every store, except for the inn and
  try to get some of the ethers that you have gotten before in your previouse
  games, if you still remember them. Otherwise, it's time to see Cloud's past.
  Oh, joy!

 I personally hate this part, I've seen it too many times, and it goes
 forever. So I decided to get past this thing the easy way. I use my turbo
 fire controller and set it on repeated confirm. Sometimes I'll need to walk a
 certain way with Cloud, but it's still good. In the meantime I can use the
 bathroom or make a meal or something.

  After seeing all of that. It's time to do some shopping. Go to the materia
  store and buy 2 Steal materias. They are needed very much. These investments
  will get you the moolah that makes this game a lot easier. If you want spend
  some more, a few phoenix downs would be good enough, followed by some new
  equipment would also be nice. You can sell some of your old armor is you
  want, I just keep them because I know that I'll have all the money I want
  sooner or later. When buying equipment, make sure to see which ones are
  stronger, the one that you currently have or the buy thats for sale. Don't
  buy the Mythril Armlets if you already have the Carbon Bangles. Don't buy
  the Cannon Ball.

  Get in the world map and save. Give everyone Steal materia, and have two
  your people have Restore linked with All. Turn your speed down to 75% of
  maximum and set it on for active.

  This is what you do. You are suppose to steal from 2 types of enemies, Kalm
  Fangs and the Custom Sweepers. Kalm Fangs hold Ethers, which makes your
  wallet full. Custom Sweepers are the ones that you must steal to get
  Barret's weapon, Atomic Scissors. This might be needed for the fight against
  Dyne, but there could be something better than this along the way.

 I'll try to keep stealing till I get 50,000 or more. You could do this later
 if you want. Getting HP Pluss and then doing this later is fine as well. I
 just want to get a heard start, that's all. Proceeding now.

  Head for the Chocobo Ranch and enter. Talk to the Chocobo and say 'Wark' to
  them to get the Choco/Mog materia, this is free and nice, treasure it well.
  Go talk to the Chocobo boy and buy a Chocobo Lure materia. You won't catch
  Chocobos for right now.

 *IMPORTANT NOTE*: The ultimate attack for this game is Chocobuncle. You might
   laugh for right now, but sooner or later this will be the best dam attack
   ever. You just need to flee like hell, thats all. Before you even start
   thinking about getting this attack, we must account for the EXP that we'll
   get from the battle. When I figure out how to get I'll tell you. The old
   fashion way is to use Lvl 4 Suicide on a level 4 Chocobo, I'll have to do
   something else.

        Mythril Mine and Junon

  Use the Save trick to walk across the the swamp and avoiding the Zolom. We
  don't need to fight him for right now, or any part of the game as a matter
  of fact. Watch a Zolom being killed by Sephiroth and enter the Mythril
  Mines. Be sure to get the Long Range, you need this for.

*NOTE*: While in the Mythril Mines, try to steal a Grand Glove from Madagoue.

  the next boss battle. This is only materia worth taking from this place.
  Meet the Turks and now head for the Fort Condor to heal yourself up. Don't
  buy anything from there, resting is just fine. Now you reach Junon. First
  thing you should buy, at least 20-30 grenades for the next two boss fights.
  Those should do nicely. Go to the dam and let's face Bottomswell.

      BOSS BATTLE: Bottomswell             HP: 2500           EXP: 550
     For this battle, it will be a long task. Give Cloud the Long Range
     materia. Everyone have at least one damage inflicting magic materia on
     them, use the ones you have. Someone with Sense on. All linked with
     Restore. Limit yourself to using only 10-15 grenades for this battle.
     When Bottomswell life is down to 100 or less, let Cloud and Tifa be KOed
     and let Aeris take all the EXP. For the Bubble that this guy makes, use
     the magic inflicter to destroy it, espically when it's on Aeris.

Stats after Boss Battle:

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cloud           1997                  617                         10

Barret          1415                  13                          8

Tifa            382                   234                         6

Aeris           2011                  564                         10

Nanaki          1611                  323                         9

  After the battle, give Priscila CPR. Next go to the Inn and talk to women
  standing there. Choose to rest. Wake the next morning and head for
  Priscila's House. Buy more Grenades

*Note*:I forgot to add one thing, she give you Shiva materia, no use though.

  or phoenix downs if you want. Then move on and do the Dolphin mini-game.
  Climb to the top, talk with the Leader and Save afterwards. Do the march, I
  really don't care what kind of rating you get, it doesn't matter to me. Go
  back to the locker room and say all clear. Save again if you wish. Now lets
  do some shopping. On the first screen, there are only two things out those
  shops that I actually bought, the Striking Stick for Aeris and a Revive
  materia just in case I run out of phoenix downs. On the second screen, grab
  the E-Skill materia and don't buy anything. Headband would be nice and all,
  but no.

  During the pose for the President, try to get from 60 to 90 points. There
  are two good reasons to get HP PLus. Force Stealer only costs 2200 and it
  can be bought in Corel, while HP Plus cost 8000 and can be bought in Cosmo
  Canyon. The price and the location is good proof enough. Silver Glasses is a
  weak item, prevent blind, you don't need that right now.

  Go on board the ship. On the ship, pick up the All materia. Go talk to Aeris
  twice and then go to the top floor and talk to every single one there. Go
  back and talk to Aeris. Go find Barret and talk to him twice. Leave and go
  save, proceed forward. Once again pick Cloud, Tifa, and Aeris. Maker sure
  that Aeris has the HP Plus on her, we need to start adding AP on to it.
  Everyone should have a magic inflicing materia. All linked with Restore for
  everyone. Head to where Sephiroth is. Before fighing him, you should
  consider stealing Shinra something, it's a armor, from the Shinra troops.
  I can't really say they are strong in battle, buy at least they have a
  higher defense than your current armor. That sideback is that it doesn't
  have any Magic Defense in them. Put the Power Wrist on Cloud.

      Jenova's Birth               HP: 4000      EXP: 680
     Judging from the HP number, you know this will be a very long fight. This
     battle is simple, just heal when neccessary. Try to use up most of your
     grenades if you want or you can save them for later. Restore linked with
     All is a must. Sense is also needed. The same preparation like the last
     battle, except this time you have a few better equipment and the HP Plus.
     Don't use poison on him.

Stats after Boss Battle:

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cloud           1997                  617                         10

Barret          1755                  240                         9

Tifa            382                   234                         6

Aeris           2691                  851                         11

Nanaki          1951                  663                         10

  After this battle, pick up the Ifrit materia off the ground. Talk some more
  and the boat begins to dock. Buy what you want. I personally didn't buy
  anything because I felt it was worthless. But do pick up the Fire Ring
  though from the Suite, it is needed very much for a boss battle, do get it.
  Leave for the Corel Train tracks now.

        Corel and Gold Saucer

  In the Corel Train tracks, pick up every thing. The Transform materia might
  come in handy later on, I think. Grab the two weapons and thats about it.
  Also while walking on the wooden bridge, you'll only encounter Bombs in this
  area. Remember to steal from them Right Arms, they are better than Grenades,
  but only when attacking a group of enemies.

  In Corel, you can buy the Force Stealer if you want, I did. Molotov is
  optional. After that proceed to Gold Saucer. Make sure you have 3000 gils to
  spare, if you don't start selling your inventory till you do. Then buy the
  ticket, for 3000 for the ticket. After the conversations, head to Wonder
  Square to get Cait Sith, which I refer to him as just Cait.
  Here is his stats:

Stats Check for Cait

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cait            1418                  544                         9

 For me, I had plenty of gil to spare so I decided to buy the 30000 instead,
 which in someways, I did regret later on.

  Then go to the Battle Square and have you'll be sent to the Desert Prison.
  While down there, find and talk to Barret. Then go find Dyne. Don't, I
  repeat, don't get the E-Skill's Matra Magic and Laser from the enemies
  here, that will only rack up even more EXP. We can live without them. Dyne..

      BOSS BATTLE: Dyne               HP: 1200     EXP: 600
     Just to let you know, only Barret will take him on, one on one. That
     means everyone else will get inactive party EXP, half of 600. The weapon
     doesn't matter too much, it's the armor, try to give him your best at
     this time. Make sure he has the materia that you want APs on and also
     include the Restore materia. In the battle, keep on attacking until your
     limit bar is filled up. Use defend when Barret's limit bar is almost
     filled up, that way he can take in less damage and still get a limit
     break. Use your limit breaks every chance you get them, but make sure
     you won't die on the next 2 hits. He can attack two times, sometimes,
     before you can even make a move on him. 

Stats after Boss Battle:

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cloud           2297                  317                         10

Barret          2355                  340                         10

Tifa            682                   267                         7

Aeris           2991                  551                         11

Nanaki          2251                  363                         10

Cait            1718                  244                         9

  After the battle more talking. Then you'll be playing the Chocobo race. When
  in the room with Joe, grab the Ramuh materia, it's needed. During the race,
  remember to hold all the Ls or all the Rs, sorry I forgot which ones, to
  raise your stamina. During the whole process hold those buttons with the
  Square. Use the sprint when needed. After winning the race you'll be given
  your freedom and the Buggy. With the Buggy, head to Cosmo Canyon.

          Cosmo Canyon

  At Cosmo Canyon, buy only armor and HP Plus'. I can manage to get 3 HP Plus,
  with that you can get through the next couple bosses, at least that is what
  I did. You can buy more if you want. Talk to Nanaki's grandpa and be ready
  to head into the Gi Cave's. Your party should be Cloud, Tifa, and Nanaki. I
  choose Tifa because she won't get any EXP in the battles, only Cloud will
  take the full EXP for these 3 battles. Aeris will get the inactive party
  EXP. Also buy plenty of phoenix downs, like 10 is good enough.

 For me, I also bought Butterfly Edge and the Tiger Fang, for Cloud and Tifa.

  Enter the Gi Cave, you probably should've saved before so. Make sure you have
  Restore linked with All for everyone. Run from all battles and please pick up
  the Added Effect materia, this is also needed for later strategies. There
  will be two forced battles up ahead, two Stingers. Take the second hole from
  the left.

   FORCED BATTLE: (2) Stingers   HP: 2200 (4400 together)  EXP: 290 
  *****************************                            (580 together)
  The battle with the stinger is some what tough. I'm not saying that they are
  hard, it's that you have to kill Nanaki and Tifa in both battles. Then you
  have to revive them for the next one. That is where the phoenix downs comes
  in. Use every limit break you get. Also equip yourself with Sense. Try to
  use everything that I told you before. I can't say too much about this
  battle. After the 2nd Stinger, keep Nanaki and Tifa dead for the battle
  against Gi Nattak.

Stats the Two Force Battle:

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cloud           2877                  711                         11

Barret          2645                  50                          10

Tifa            682                   267                         7

Aeris           3571                  261                         12

Nanaki          2251                  363                         10

Cait            2008                  644                         10

      BOSS BATTLE: Gi Nattak        HP: Doesn't matter          EXP: 1400
     If you did like I asked then this will be a simple battle. Have Cloud
     have in his armor Elemental linked with Fire. In the beginning of the
     battle, throw an elixir at Gi Nattak. Since I didn't kill the other
     Stinger, this is what you must use. Death will be cast on him and the
     battle is over. Fire Ring is used, when you have enough of these games.

Stats after Boss Battle:

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cloud           4277                  333                         12

Barret          3345                  344                         11

Tifa            682                   267                         7

Aeris           4271                  279                         12

Nanaki          2251                  363                         10

Cait            2708                  931                         11

  After the battle, get the Gravity materia, just for collection. I haven't
  figured out a good use for it yet. Nanaki will daydream now. Moving on. Exit
  Cosmo Canyon.

 For the next 3 and a half hours, I will be wasting my time trying to power up
 Chocobuncle, which I still haven't gotten yet. But at the same time I'll be
 getting stuff to prepare myself for Materia Keeper. As for my advice, read
 on and don't do what I did. I won't tell you what I did, 3 hours of BS can
 sum it up.

  Take the buggy and go to Costa del Sol. Aboard the ship back to Junon. Once
  out of Junon, you should take your buggy and go to the sleeping man's cave,
  you'll need the buggy to do so. Go talk to the Sleeping man. He'll tell you
  3 different things, one is about the huge materia, one is about how many
  times you've escaped (a good way to know about Chocobuncle), the last thing
  he will tell you how many battles you've been in. How many battles you've
  been is what you need to see. Try to get the last 2 digits being odd, like:
  111, 244, 477 etc... Do this and you'll get a Bolt Ring. If you get evens
  instead, you'll get mythril, which in this challenge is rather pointless. I
  will now tell you what I did for the next 3 hours, I will go into many
  battles and try to get a second bolt ring and at the same time be traveling
  from this cave and Kalm by collecting Ethers and Boomerangs. Happy now.

When I stopped doing that, I had 270 escapes.

  Get that one Bolt Ring and thats good enough. Now go to Kalm or near the
  Chocobo Farm and start stealing Ethers until you get at least 30 or 40. In
  my case, I stole 70 or so. From that 70, I sold 50 of them and kept the
  other 20. You'll need the Ethers for the battle against Materia Keeper. Now
  go buy yourself at least 20 Grenades, 10 Tents, and 20 Phoenix Downs,
  remember to keep the 20 Ethers.

        Nibelheim and Mt. Nibel

  Now head to Nibelheim. Get Tifa's Platinum Fist from her house. Don't open
  the safe and fight Missing Number. Just collect all the weapons from this
  place and then go to the bottom basement where the library is. After talking
  the Sephiroth, he'll throw the Destruct materia at you.

  Go to Mt. Nibel. You can pick up the weapons along the way. Lower the ladder
  before jumping into one of those pipes. They thing you should be interested
  in is the All materia that's there. After that save. Before fighting Materia
  Keeper, go to the lower center of this screen. You should be a ledge and
  further more as you travel you can get a Elemental materia, take this. It
  will become part of a strategy.

  Go back into the room with Materia Keeper. Just to let you know, you have to
  talk to it before you can battle it. Anyhow, save again. Now you must steal
  3 Gold Armlets, or 5, for your active party. And then try to use this set
  up, this is mine when I beated him. It was easy to some level.

Cloud  Butterfly Edge    Added Effect=Choco/Mog  Restore=All
       Gold Armlet       Elemental=Ramuh  Sense=Revive
       Power Wrist

Tifa   Tiger Fang        All=Poison  All=Restore
       Gold Armlet       Elemental=Lightning  Chocobo Lure=Cover
       Protect Vest

Aeris  Wizer Staff       Three (3) HP Plus' and Long Range
       Gold Armlet       All=Restore  Two (2) Enemy Skill
       Bolt Ring

      BOSS BATTLE: Materia Keeper            HP: 8400   EXP: 3000
     Since you have plenty of Ether, don't mind using all the MPs you want.
     Elemental=Lighting isn't needed since Tifa does die after every Trine.
     Long Range and All=Poison are also not needed, but Poison is needed.
     Before goint into battle, best to have Cloud and Aeris' limit bar at
     full. At the start of the battle, have either one use Cross Slash or Seal
     Evil, don't use both of them. Use it when needed, like when he is still
     moving. After that have Tifa cast Bio on him, keep casting until he is
     poisoned. When it does, he will now lose roughly 200 each time. Don't let
     your guard down yet. Cast Sense to see how much he have left. Remember
     to kill off Tifa an Cloud before he dies. You can even use Grenades to
     have them KOed. Tifa will die most often due to her low HP. You can
     revive if you want, but it's a waste of MP, instead just keep healing and
     attacking. You can even just kill off Tifa and Cloud and keep casting
     Seal Evil on Materia until he has no more life. Oh, one more thing, hope
     you get Trine. If you do, cast away, this will speed up the process. Heal
     when needed, only use All when everyone is needed, otherwise just cast it
     on the person that was hurt.

Stats after Boss Battle:

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cloud           4277                  333                         12

Barret          4845                  1046                        13

Tifa            682                   267                         7

Aeris           7271                  1409                        15

Nanaki          3751                  859                         12

Cait            4208                  467                         12

         Rocket Town

  After the battle, get the Counterattack Materia and exit Mt. Nibel. Save on
  the world screen. Continue to Rocket Town. Find the Little Bronco and then
  go talk to Cid. Come back and yadayada. I don't want to explain too much.
  You can buy weapons and materia here, but I would advise not to, Palmer
  isn't tough and you don't need to waste your money here. Go talk to the man
  standing and staring at the Rocket to get Cloud's weapon and open the chests
  in this town to get Barret's other weapon, which isn't needed at this time.
  Before going back to Cid's House though, Save on the world map. Once you
  enter Cid's House, Cid should come and it's time to face Palmer.

      BOSS BATTLE: Palmer          HP: 6000    EXP: 1800
     You can basically keep the same equipment and the same materia placement
     as last time. Choco/Mog, Cross Slash, Seal Evil to stun Palmer. Cast Bio
     on him until it sticks and see his HP wittle away. Cast Trine and attack
     until his HP is lower than 1000. Kill off Cloud and Tifa, and cast Trine
     a couple more times and he is finished. Heal when needed.

Stats after Boss Battle:

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cloud           4277                  333                         12

Barret          5745                  228                         13

Tifa            682                   267                         7

Aeris           9071                  1401                        16

Nanaki          4651                  1158                        13

Cait            5108                  783                         13

  After this battle, a scence will occur. Later, get Cid. Here's his stats.

Cid's Stats Check:

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cid             5909                  1393                        14

  Now that you have the Little Bronco, we can do many things. Going to Wutai
  is optional, but very helpful. In Wutai you can buy some Swift Bolts and
  Fire Veils. Besides that, there isn't anything very useful. Now here is a
  list that you must get.

# 3 Spider Webs from Kimara Bugs. There are located where you were suppose to
  meet Reno and Rude in Gongaga, but I skipped that part in this challenge.
  Steal it from them.(optional) While there, get the Deathblow materia as well
# 15-25 Right Arms from Bombs. They are located on the wooden bridge that you
  past by while you were trying to go Corel. They're there frequently. Steal
  it from them. (I got 33 just in case some missed, which they don't, LOL)
# Buy 3 Diamond Bangles from the Digging Place in the north continent.
# Buy a Time materia either in Rocket Town or Gongaga. While in Rocket Town,
  you could also buy Barrier, but I don't know if it's much help or not.
# Buy at least 15 Phoenix Downs and 15 Hi-Potions.
# Buy at least 6 Tranquilzers

 Since getting E-Skill is getting EXP as well. I will not get either Beta, Big
 Guard, nor Aqualung. I do have Trine right now, but I will not use it against
 the next two bosses. Now you are thing, is this possilbe. I can tell you,
 it is possible.

   Return to Gold Saucer and Temple of Ancients

  Go to Gold Saucer and go on the date. Then head to the Ancient Temple. Have
  a save before entering, just so that you can back track if you needed to.
  Pick up all the treasure along the way. Make sure you get the Morph materia,
  I have a big future with that. Don't forget to get the Luck Plus materia as
  well, it's a lost item and it proves to be useful in boss battles as well.
  Don't use up any Limit Break on Cloud and Aeris, they're needed.

  In the Clock room, head into 4, 5, and 7. They contain very good equipments,
  along with the almighty Ribbon. After that head to 6. This is what you
  should do to speed this process. Jump into these holes, not including the
  one you just came out of, 4 to get the wizard. Then go to the lowest floor
  and get the treasure chest and then 9. Exit out of this screen. Go back in
  and the wizard will be on the first floor. Check your materia and save.
  This is the materia combo I had when facing the Red Dragon. Also move Right
  Arms, Phoenix Downs, and Spider Webs to the top of the item list. Set Battle
  Speed on 50% or lower.

Cloud  Butterfly and Diamond Bangle  Steal, Sense, Restore=All, anything else
Aeris  Princess Guard  3 HP Plus, Counterattack, All=Restore, Luck Plus
       Diamond Bangle  Elemental=Ice, Elemental=Fire

Tifa  Tiger Fang and Diamond Bangle  Restore=All, Chocobo Lure, Steal & Sense, 
      anything else

      MINI-BOSS BATTLE: Red Dragon        HP: 6800   EXP: 3500
      Enter this battle with Cloud's Limit Bar being all the way full and
      quickly use Cross Slash, this will stop him in his tracks. If anyone
      dies, besides Aeris, don't revive them. Use Sense and Right Arms by the
      turn. Since Right Arms does about 1200-1300 damage, 5 or 6 of them
      should be enough to kill him. Before you kill him though, make sure
      Cloud and Tifa is KOed. This battle should be easy enough.

Stats after Mini Boss Battle:

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cloud           4277                  333                         12

Barret          7495                  1427                        15

Tifa            682                   267                         7

Aeris           9071                  1401                        16

Nanaki          6401                  799                         14

Cait            6858                  444                         14

Cid             7659                  1263                        15

  After battle, pick the Bahamut materia up. A lot of other FAQ said to use
  this guy, but the things is, it's that you have low MP and using Ethers
  wastes turns. Instead Right Arms are way better. Cait calls and then your
  out of this room. Heal everyone with the wizard. DON'T PUT THE DRAGON ARMLET
  ON AERIS because if you do, after the next battle against Demon's Gate, you
  won't get it back. Try to make a materia setup similiar to this:

Cloud  Butterfly and Dragon Armlet  Restore=All, All=Time, All=Revive

Aeris  Princess Guard  3 HP Plus, Counterattack, Steal, Deathblow , Luck Plus
       Diamond Bangle  Steal, Steal, All=Restore, Chocobo Lure

Tifa's doesn't matter much, just keep the same equipment, All=Materia, Sense.

  Set Battle Speed at lowest. Heal yourself. Save. Then give everyone
  tranquilzers so that everyone is on sadness. Then head for...

      BOSS BATTLE: Demon's Gate         HP: 10000      EXP: 3800
      His life is what you must be very concerned with. At the beginning of
      the battle, best to pray Aeris gets attacked but not be KOed by it. If
      this happens, have the other party members use Spider Web followed by a
      Phoenix Down. If that doesn't occur, at the beginning of the battle have
      Cloud cast Haste on everyone or Aeris throw a Spider Web at Gate, which
      ever comes first. Tifa's first turn should be to heal all, heal one, use
      phoenix down, or use Right Arms. If she dies, no biggie, I don't see
      any reason to bring her up though. Aeris' limit break Healing Wind is
      crucial in this battle. If Cloud is KOed, have Tifa use a phoenix down
      on him and quickly use Healing Wind, then a Heal all. That all I can
      say about beginning tactics. Added Later: use Hi-Potion before the bar
      fills up all the way, then quickly use Healing Wind to bring Aeris' Hp
      to full.

      After you've thrown your 4th or 5th Right Arm, he should be a phase
      which he is slower than normal. Heal everyone up to full life, he's
      about to use Demon's Rush. At the same time throw Right Arms until
      you've reaced your 8th one. The 9th and 10th one are the ones that can
      kill him. Use sense to see how much he has left. After you've thrown
      your 8th one, make sure Aeris' life is fully healed and put her in
      defend mode. Better yet,you can use a calculator since using Sense
      wastes a turn. Make sure Cloud and Tifa are KOed before you kill him

Stats after Boss Battle:

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cloud           4277                  333                         12

Barret          9395                  1518                        16

Tifa            682                   267                         7

Aeris           12871          Doesn't matter anymore             18

Nanaki          8301                  496                         15

Cait            8758                  164                         14

Cid             9559                  1206                        16

 I have played this guy over 15 times. I have beaten him 3 times and almost
 once. In those 3 times I have managed to kill him, but Cloud and Tifa wasn't
 KOed, so I had to start all over again. That almost once was just bad luck.
 Besides that, he is very powerful. I think this should be one of the hardest
 battle in this whole challenge. It's not being able to beat him that I'm
 worried about, it's how to survive with Aeris only at the end. Sometimes your
 bad luck will start at the his second turn, in which case he rams everyone
 and they're all dead. He is beatable though, be patient. Later Added: This
 battle will only be hard if you don't have Big Guard with you, like what I
 did for my battle.

**********************Ending results, EXP WISE******************************
 With this plan I got most of everyone to level 28 or under by the end of disc
 2. I don't know about my Cloud and Vincient. Cloud could be at level 27 or
 28 and Vincient can be from level 27-29. When I'm typing this out, I haven't
 done the Raid in Midgar part yet. Here it is:

BOSS NAME                         Survivor               KOed
Jenova's Life                     Cloud                  Cait and Cid

3 Icicles (A)                     Cloud                  Cait and Cid
          (B)                     Cloud                  Cait and Cid
          (C)                     Cloud                  Cait and Tifa

Schizo                            Cloud                  Cait and Cid
Jenova's Death                    Cloud                  Cait and Tifa

Corel Guards                      Nanaki                 Cait and Cid
Big Guard                         Nanaki                 Cait and Cid
Magic Hammer                      Nanaki                 Cait and Cid
White Wind                        Nanaki                 Cait and Cid

Underwater Army
a.(1700)                          Cloud                  Cait and Cid
b.(1700)                          Cloud                  Cait and Cid

c.(2550)                          Cloud                  Cait and Barret
d.(1640)                          Cloud                  Cid and Barret

Carry Armor                       Nanaki                 Cloud and Barret
(Carry Armor's is lowerable)

e.(1700)                          Nanaki                 Cloud and Barret
f.(1700)                          Nanaki                 Cloud and Barret
g.(2550)                          Nanaki                 Cloud and Barret

Rocket Shinra Army
a.( 600)                          Cloud                  Cid and Barret
b.( 600)                          Cloud                  Cid and Barret
c.(1530)                          Cloud                  Cid and Barret
Rude (lowerable)                  Cloud                  Cid and Barret
d.( 930)                          Cloud                  Cid and Barret

Diamond Weapon                    Tifa                   Cloud and Nanaki
Yuffie                            Cloud                  Barret and Cid

Turks in Shinra                   Yuffie                 Cloud and Tifa
Iron Clad                         Cloud                  Yuffie and Tifa
Hojo                              Yuffie                 Cloud and Tifa

 I know this isn't the lowest EXP possilbe, I'm not an EXP expert ok, unlike
 someone else I know. (Namely: GarlandG) Even though I made a few errors, at
 the end I still could get everyone to level 28, maybe Cloud will be lucky and
 stay at 27, until Vincient's Missing Number. No matter what anyone saids,
 these are the lowest average level for everyone. Couple key points you must
 remember though.

 1. Carry Armor's EXP can be lowered due to how many arms you take off. The
    best way to get the lowest EXP is beat him leaving both arms alive at the
 2. Rude in Rocket Town can be lowered if you don't kill the two cronies that
    is with him. Even though though you get less EXP, I'm not too sure if you
    can steal the Ziedrich if did so. Added Later, if you stick with this
    concept, no, you won't be able to steal the Ziedrich
 3. About the Enemy Skills that I got later on after the North Craters. I
    believe those could be gotten before you enter the north crater for the
    first time, with no penalties to get any higher levels. Yet, if you them
    during while Cloud and Tifa are at Mideel, then those two wont any EXP
    whatsoever. If you do want to get them, have Cloud as survior and Barret
    and Cid as KOed when getting them, assuming that you are using the table
    above. Also it's better because the 4th E-Skill can also get 3 of the 5
    skills that the others have, even though you won't need the 4th one
 4. Get Yuffie only after beating Diamond Weapon. We don't need Diamond's EXP
    to over kill Yuffie's level, now do we.

          North Continent

  After this battle, more storyline goes on. Then you are at Gongaga. Grab
  Titan from the Reactor. Now head for the North Continent and dig that Lunar
  Harp. Then go get the Kjata materia, even though you won't be able to use
  it. Keep going, grab the Water Ring, it's needed very much. Once you reach
  the Forgotten Capitol, take the left route and get the Aurora Armlet, this
  is needed as well. Go to the right route and go to sleep. Once everyone
  joins you at night, pick up the Enemy Skill materia behind the bed.

  Go search of Aeris now, pick up the Comet materia along the way. Save at the
  save point. Go see Aeris for the final time.

      BOSS BATTLE: Jenova's Life        HP: 10000    EXP: 4000
     Put the Water Ring on Cloud and the battle will be very easy. Because
     this is an easy battle, why not use it for its worth. Have Cloud equip
     the Rune Sword, gotten from Mt. Nibel, it has double AP. You can put
     either the Rune Armlet or Edincoat on. Try to put every high experienced
     materia on Cloud, especially the HP Plus'. Put all Enemy Skill materia
     on Barret and hope that Jenova uses Aqualung before Barret dies, use
     high potions when Barret take damage. Water Ring will absorb every attack
     Jenova has to offer. To kill Jenova, use Right Arms or use regular
     attack. If you decide to use regular attack, cast haste on Cloud.

  After she is defeated, more storyline will take place. Then save your game
   and lets move on to disc 2.

            DISC 2

  Before you go any further in game. I want you to know that I'll do some
  powering up. Your probably asking what I mean. You aren't suppose to level
  up in this challenge. I plan to get Power Sources. There is only one way
  from my research that I found it possible to get these Sources without
  getting any EXP. I will take a long time to do, but I think it's worth it.
  You probably might not think so.

  Take your highest HP people. I pick Cloud, Barret, and Cait. One with the
  Steal materia and Morph materia, I pick Cloud. One with the Manipulate, I
  pick Barret. One with Steal and Deathblow. And everyone put on All=Restore
  to heal yourself. Now head to Corel Mountain. Walk around the front of the
  reactor. You'll encounter this guy called a Screamer, he holds a ball and
  swings it. He has 800 HP and can be morphed into power sources. You'll
  encounter 2 of these or 2 of these and a twin brain in a single battles.
  Now you have to morph the Screamers, but make sure at least one enemy is
  alive so that you can run away. That is why I like the Twin Brain with 2
  Screamer battle. In that battle, manipulate Twin Brain so that he doesn't
  cast stop on you. Instead, cast it on the screamers. You can also 
  manipulate the Screamer as well. Becareful on using your limit breaks,
  these Screamers aren't really common you know. At the same time, you can
  steal an ether from the Twin Brain to heal yourself up. I got my Cloud to
  50 Strength before leaving this place. I don't know if it helps or not,
  but it's worth a shot. A even more better way to use the manipulate materia
  is to get the Hypno Crown from cracks in the wall when you were climbing
  near to Icicle Town.

  Next, go steal Right Arms from Bombs until you get 33, just in case. After
  that may you keep playing. Get more money if you want. I don't think it's
  needed though. I just want the next two battles a little bit faster, as
  stated before, this is not needed at all. You could always attack 50-200 or
  deal 1000+ per turn, depending on your style.

  Buy about 30 phoenix downs and hi-potions, if I didn't already say so

  Go back to the Forgotten Capitol and head to the Icicle Town. Near the
  cracks in the wall, grab the Hypno Crown, Bolt Armelt, and Magic Plus
  materia. The others are not special enough for me to say. Head to Icicle
  Village now, all the way.

         Icicle Village
  The only thing I bought are Cloud's Weapon 'Organics' do to its slot, in
  hopes of getting more AP for my materia. Later I learned, AP doesn't matter
  too much in this game anymore. It's too low to level them up anyways. So my
  advice is that you don't buy anything whatsoever. Go to the top of the
  screen and attmept to leave. Elena will come, grab the skateboard, and the
  map and then leave this place. Don't pick the Hero Drink up. What would you
  do when someone stole it. Just leave it be.

  Get pass the Great Glaciers. I didn't get anything from this place and I did
  fine. Get the northmost place. Enter the Inn with the old man and rest. Get
  a party of anyone you like, you can change them later on. Pick up the Ribbon
  on your way up to fighting the (3) Icicles. Grab the Fire Armlet nearby and
  Last Elixir if you want.

      Forced Battles: (3) Icicles                HP: 3000 Each
     These are in fact some of the hardest battles I've ever faced in my life.
     Due to not getting Fire Ring and other stuff, I had to do these battles 
     over 20 times and having three rounds of full clearance and then ruined
     by Stilva. Anyways this what you do. Don't kill any of the bats, don't
     remember the name. Definetly use Sense on the Icicle. Demi to lower it's
     HP by half, it can miss though, but not too often. Be prepared to use
     Ethers if you are low on HP. You can manipulate the bats and attack the
     Icicle if you want, note that it deals 200+. The bats can be slowed down
     so use a Spider Web and cast Haste/Big Guard afterwards. These battles
     are beatable without Big Guard or any other E-Skills. Use only Hi-Potions
     to heal. Transform=All does work, but its random, mini on all the bats.
     Use Cait's Limit with caution, it can even deal 1100. Cloud's Cross Slash
     can deal anywhere from 600-700s. Best to use 2 Demis. Using the
     bat's silience attack on one of their own doesn't work, they'll still use
     that 200-300 dealer no matter what. In mini mode, the bat's drain attack
     does very little damage, in the teens. After two battles with Cloud,
     Cait, and Cid, switch Cid with Tifa for the last battle.

  After battle, cautiously heal yourself and save. Try not to die from Stilva
  or any Malboros. Use tent if you feel it's neccesary. Grab the Enhance Sword
  and climb some more. On the next save point that you come across please do
  save. The Blue Dragons here can be very deadly but do try to run the hell
  away from them.

      BOSS BATTLE: Schizo                     HP: 18000 each
     Be prepared before going into this battle. I can make this seem to easy
     for anyone, but it will take a long time. Cloud, Cait, Cid. Cloud is
     survior so give him the Aurora Armlet and Fire Ring and back him up with
     as many materia as you want, try to limit on the greens and reds. Now in
     this battle, Cloud has only 33%, if not lower, of actually getting
     killed. Meanwhile, you can use your Right Arms or you can attack away.
     Cast Haste with Time, Sense to check both of their lives, don't kill
     both heads on the same turn. It's even possible to wear him down by
     letting him use up all his MPs. The only two attacks that can kill
     you is if he hits you with two Quakes, which is rare. O, speaking of
     which, I forgot to add something. In Cloud's Aurora Armlet add this
     combination (Elemental=Titan) and (Elemental=Ramuh)Make sure the other
     two memeber have Steal to steal the Schizo's Right's Protect Ring. Do
     get it.

  Climb to the top of the Crater and then go down. Don't mess any of the
  battles, even with Gigas, he can kill you in a heart beat with one attack
  alone. Cloud, Tifa, and Cait. Before so, make sure to remove the others
  armor. Save again after Rufus talks to his people, just incase you screw up
  the Whirlwind Maze constantly. Pick up the Neo Bahamut materia. Avoid all
  random encounters, even Whirlwind Maze's. Get Tifa's weapon, Kaiser
  Knuckles. Keep going and it's time to face the next boss.

      BOSS BATTLE: Jenova's Death            HP: 25000
     Cloud, Tifa, Cait. This battle can go on forever without the aid of Right
     Arms. You can always use Magic Hammer to kill her 800 MP away and then
     attack constantly. Make sure you put Fire Armlet on Cloud and Fire Ring
     on someone else. This will secure your victory. Haste=All is also nice if
     you plan to use full phyical attacks alone. This boss is beatable without
     any E-Skill because I just did that. I didn't do that only once, I did it
     4 times due to experimental and testing. You can use Cross Slash to
     paralyze her, but those will be one per battle or none.

  After battle, quickly revive anyone and give everyone their full HP no
  matter what. I've been killed twice due to those seahorse looking things by
  their two attacks and I couldn't run away and plus the fact that only Cloud
  was alive at that time. Don't try to get yourself screwed over like I did.
  Grab the Turbo MP materia and followed by the Poison Ring. Save during any
  during those times to be safe. One more whirlwind to pass and the rest of
  is just storyline. Give Cloud the weakest armor that you got and take his
  accesory off. He won't need it.

   Prisoned in Junon and Huge Materia
  Control of Barret, do the routine. When you get Cait and Barret under
  control, give them your best and highest defense armors, mine was Adaman
  Bangles. The randon battle that you fight are phyical anyways. By the way,
  all battles are escapable even the first one with guards rushing at you. Get
  Tifa out the gas chamber. Get into the Highwind. Give Tifa the weakest armor
  you got and take her accesory off and any other materia on her.

  Places to pickup certain stuff with Highwind:
  Full Cure = Cosmo Canyon
  Fourth Bracelet = Rocket Town
  4th Enemy Skill = Chocobo Sage
  Curse Ring = Mideel
  Contain = Mideel
  *Optional* On a sidenote, you can get Tifa's Premium Heart and her Level 
             4 Limit 'Final Heaven' Later on, of course

  Added Later: I don't know if I have mentioned this or not, but this the
   time that I gotted my 3 Enemy Skills, and if haven't yet, you should to
   unless you want to beat it without any Enemy Skills.

  Go to Mideel now and Tifa will stay with Cloud. Party of Cid, Cait, Nanaki.
  Go to Corel now and take the opposite path of which you took from Costa Del
  Sol to Corel. Cid should have a Ribbon on him with Fourth Bracelet. Kill off
  Cait and Nanaki before using Aqualung with Cid to finish them off. This
  battle is too small for me to make a huge section about. For the other 5
  force battles, you can just skip them and not take any EXP from them. You
  won't get the Ultima materia, but who needs it anways. All you need to do
  is get on the train with Cid in control. You see that 20 minute timer, well
  all you have to do now is wait until that reaches zero. Make sure you don't
  do anything before than. Getting too close and making Cid jump on the other
  train will force you start over again from 20.

 Added Later: Actually you can get the Ultima Materia. The the earliest time
  you can get it is before the Diamond Weapon fight, but I think you can get
  earlier than that though. Try and find out yourself.

  Next Huge Materia: Fort Condor. Well you need some basic tactical skills.
  Make sure you have at least 20,000 gils and the more the better. You need to
  win this battle, you ain't getting no EXP from that optional boss no matter
  what. I'm not gonna too indepth about this. This is what I do. Divide the
  whole field into 3 chokeholes. For each chockehole have one defender, one
  triple-rockroller, one healer/repairer, and two archers/shooters.
  Reposition the rockroller according to your tactics. With this, add no more
  army, you can beat this minigame.

   Attack on Mideel and Final Huge Materia
  Just to let you know, this is the final chance you take on getting the three
  enemy skills. After that, your in danager of over leveling your people up.
  After that head to Mideel.

       Quick Boss: Ultimate Weapon
     The reason why I call this a quick boss is because battling wise he is
     very fast and because this battle end after he has releashed his third
     attack. From my research/tests he only uses three moves in this order:
     Quake3-Attack-UltimaBeam. Once Ultima is done and you are still alive the
     battle will end. Before the battle though. Give one person this combo:
     Wizard Bracelet and Protect Ring. In the Bracelet put Elemental=Comet and
     Elemental=Titan. Now for during each turn, after recieving damage, have
     that person use a hi-potions on himself. You only need 2 and that you
     should be it. You could steal Curse Ring, but that is just a hassle to

  You now will go through Cloud's memory phase. After that you will get
  control of Cloud again.

  *Optional* On a sidenote, you can get Tifa's Premium Heart and her Level 4
         Limit 'Final Heaven' This the time to get it, once again

  Head for the Junon Underwater Reactor. For the first two battles use Cloud,
  Cait, and Cid. These should be easy battles. Kill off Cait and Cid, and then
  have Cloud use Aqualung to quickly finish these two battles. This takes care
  of Underwater Army A and B. Cloud having the Protect Ring on him is vital
  key for protection, espically in these quicky battles. The Counterattack
  materia on him will also be an extra plus as well, followed with Enemy Skill
  and those 5 skills.

*Note*One of theese battles is escapable, from what I heard. I don't know
  which one it is, I can't test it because I don't have a save from back then.

  Save before fighting the next group. A word of advice, it's better to
  encounter group, C, separetly. So that you can avoid the backattack, which
  deals more damage than ususal. To do this, talk to the soldier that is the
  closes and fight him first and then approach the other two to fight then as
  well, see no back attack. Should I remind you, this battle, Cs, is done with
  Cloud, Cait, and Barret.

  Now go back to the save point and switch Cait for Cid. Head back in and face
  the MP Soldiers. Kill off Cid and have Cloud use an Aqualung, use it again.
  This should eliminate then. Instead of going back and change the party
  again, go to the next screen and see Cloud talk. Enter the next screen
  after this one to see the Huge Materia being taken away and Reno close by.
  Don't approach him yet, now should be the right time to go back/heal/swith
  members and save while your at it. The next battle is by far one of the
  toughest and hardest battles you'll have to face. Your party will now be
  Cloud, Nanaki, and Barret. Make sure one has Sense materia and everyone has
  a Enemy Skill materia on them. Nanaki should have the Protect Ring.
  Tranquilze Nanaki first and anyone else if you have those to spare.
  Elemental=Comet should be helpful on the armors, at least that is what
  I've heard, to protect against Lapis Laser, since it's nonelemental.

      BOSS BATTLE: Carry Armor            HP: 24000 (Arms: 10,000 Each)
      For the main purpose of this battle, you are suppose to beat this guy
      without destroying neither arms by the end of the battle. I played this
      guy over 30 times, seriously, and I've only done so twice. It's hard, I
      know. But twice I lost to the final battle with the Underwater Army, so
      I can't help what I did. I just decided to give up that phase and just
      went with killing one arm and then finishing him off. In this battle,
      get Big Guard up and then use Magic Hammer on him twice, so that he
      can't use Lapis Laser no more. Then use Trine and Right Arms to knock
      his arms to critical. At this point, you have to decide to stick with
      one arm gone or have both of them stay. Heal the arms that you want to
      stay. I used Elixirs to do so, X-Potions also works as well. Meaning I
      used 3 Elixirs to beat this guy. You could always use S-Mines, that
      cost 1000 gils each and attack one target, if you're planning to take
      out no arms at all. Use White Winds when one is close to KO. When he
      Arm Grabs one character, quickly attack him to have that character back
      on the floor so that you can revive him. Best to have the game speed set
      to Wait and 30% Game Speed or even lowest if wanted. HP Plus is a must.
      S-Mines were mentioned by GarlandG. Luck Plus, Magic Plus, and MP Turbo
      are the other materias that I used as well. Followed by Life=All,
      Cure=All, and Phoenix. I use a Wizard Bracelet for Nanaki because of the
      AP given from this battle.

      Easier version of this that I have thought of are:
      1. Get Throw materia and powerup Cloud's Stength and buy Nail Bats and
         thrown them directly at Carry Armor.
      2. Get the three Enemy Skill to beat him, which is mentioned above.
      3. Chocobuncle attacks 9999.

      Deadliest events I've seen is him using Lapis Laser as his first move
      and then Arm Grab on Nanaki as the next move, gameover. Next one, he
      grabs two of my characters and then when I do enough damage to have
      either one or both on the ground for revival, he quickly grabs my last
      guy standing, gaveover. Next one, he uses Lapis Lazer twice, gameover.
      Next one, Grabs two of my people, after my first Magic Hammer, he uses
      Lapis Lazer and then he uses it again.

      The whole point of this battle is to see how much arms you want to keep,
      keep at least one, and how fast you can eliminate his MP so that he
      won't use Lapis Laser on you. Even with Protect Ring on one person, this
      guy can still wipe you out fast. That's the reason why I sticked with
      one arm. Challenge this guy with your own risk. If I'm not mistaken,
      this was also a reason it gave other challenges their hard points. The
      last thing you should be worried up and the most crucial of them all is
      the arms of death, what I call them.
              GOOD LUCK! YOU'LL NEED IT!
      Added Later, just for the record, when he has no MP to use and he picks
       up 2 of your characters, the only thing you can do is attack. By using
       any attacks, your characters hold by Arm Grab will suffer damage.
       By using Magic Hammer or just healing the arms can damage your
       characters as well. The computer just takes any numbers and deal them
       to your hanging characters.

  Pick up the tressure chest near by after the fight, all three of them.
   Scimatar looks nice. Proceed.

      DEADLY FORCE BATTLES: Underwater Army EFG
      These are the battles that can easily screw you up. If you lose anyone
      of these battles you'll have to face Carry Armor all over again, did you
      think it was fun? For the first battle, it's fairly easy just use
      Aqualung. Now, make sure you hear this straight. Take the Wizard
      Bracelet off of Nanaki and give him that has a high defense power. I
      know I should be using Adaman Bangle, but instead I choose a Crystal
      Bangle instead and I was close to death. Do this before starting the
      second battle, F, because you won't get a chance after that battle. For
      some reason, Cloud would get over himself and disobey your command and
      jump on down and face the next battle, which by the way is a
      backattack battle.

      For this battle, White Wind and Aqualung should be your main attacks.
      White Wind to heal you up. If you are lucky, you can aim and kill two
      Soldiers with one Aqualung, that is only if you have a lot of luck. If
      you don't hope that your counterattack materia will act out and kill
      those guys for you. Also use White Wind you mind approtiate, I really
      don't know when I used it, I did use it once though. Your limit bar can
      help you speed up your next attack after using Aqualung once. If you
      find that White Wind won't heal that much, it  heals what the caster's
      HP is a the moment, consider using Hi-Potion instead. If you're really
      desperate, go ahead and use an elixir if you want. Or even start
      reviving other characters as well, but I don't know what good that will

  After these battles, save. Go ahead and say to take take them as
  prisoner/hostages. Go back and save again if you don't trust your skills
  with the submarine mini-game. I would assume that this should be a easy
  battle, for me at least. Beat it and end it. Your at Junon now, hop on back
  onto the Highwind and head for Rocket Town.

  Before that though, Head for the Submarine and take back that lost Huge
  Materia in the sub. Go the Gelikna and get Conformer, Heaven's Cloud, Double
  Cut Materia, and a Escort Guard. While down there you probably want to get
  Ancient's Key as well. Don't touch Emmy though.

    Rocket Town Huge Materia Scenrio
  At Rocket Town, be ready with the three battles followed by a pause.

*NOTE*Having Cid in the party in the first place will not allow you do switch
   party members for the fight against Rude and so forth.

      Rocket Shinra Army ABC
      Party consist of Cloud, Barret, Cid and you won't be given the option to
      change party members after this battle. Just kill off Barret and Cid and
      then have Cloud use Aqualung and use Magic Hammer if Cloud's MP gets too
      low. Cloud should have on either a Protect Ring or a Ribbon.

  After battle, revive Barret and Cid and get their HP to maximum and give
  them a proper materia and weapon setup. Steal shouldn't be needed since you
  can't steal Rude's Ziedrich. Read further on per possilble materia
  selections and etc...

      Rude and 2 Soldiers
      This can turn out to be a hard battle. Yet I've found some easy cheap
      ways to get by this. For this battle, you have to beat Rude without
      killing the 2 Soldiers. These Soldiers be turned into toads, but they
      still can keep some of their basic attacks though, even they basic
      phyical attack does more than just one. Rude on the other hand can be
      poisoned and Cross Slash can paralyze him for a couple turns. Slow works
      as well, meaning you should throw a Spider Web, which you should still
      have since I didn't tell you to use them for any other battles. Cast Big
      Guard to speed up your chance to hit Rude. A great materia to use is
      Comet, but due to it's high MP cost, you'll need to use Magic Hammers a
      lot of times, it still does great damage though. Use Big Guard

      and/or Protect Ring. Turn the speed to slow and wait so that you won't
      lose the effect and this battle too quickly. Don't bother trying to
      equip steal and trying to steal the Ziedrich from Rude, for you to be
      able to do that you have to kill the two guys in front of him, which you
      can't do, unless you want to gain 600 EXP and besides it's not needed
      anyways. I manage to do so. Make sure Cloud is the sole survior. Best
      way to do this is after poison, kill the two other off. Use Cross Slash
      on Rude and let the poison finish him.

  There should be one more person after Rude. Don't worry he is by himself.
  You should give Cloud full HP and use Comet twice to finish him off.
  Aqualung works as well. Kill him and be done with it.

  After that you'll be sent into space. O,Square,X,X, if you want to Huge

  Go to Cosmo Canyon and talk to Nanaki's Grandfather. Get the Ancients key,
  should have done so, and head for the Forgotten Capitol. Place Key in. Cait
  calls. And you'll see Diamond coming up.

      BOSS BATTLE: Diamond Weapon               HP: 30000
     ******************************             Can not Sense HP
     This guy can't be sent, so no need to equip anyone with Sense materia. To
     prepare for this battle you should have everyone equip Fire Armlets. Fire
     Ring are for losers. Not meaning that you're a loser of course

     To get the other two Fire Armlets, you need to steal them from Unknowns
     in the Gelnika. I know I should have told you to so during the first
     trip, but you didn't need it back them. When you still from Unknowns, the
     one that has a big head on and no spikes pink haired, you should try to
     equip on some high Defense armor like Adaman Bangle or something else in
     that sort of nature. A good idea  is to use Big Guard at the beginning of
     the battle. And if you have extra money buy a Exit materia before coming
     here so that you may use it to escape from these battles. These guys do
     are pretty hard compared to everyone else in this game. Make sure
     everyone has Steal equipped as well. The other guy in that room has
     Aurora Armlets up for steal, but those aren't needed, but they do make a
     good profit when sold.

     When you fight him, make sure the Fire Armlets are equipped. For my
     battle, Tifa will take all the EXP in this battle. Make sure you a
     calculator or pencil and paper to meassure his life. I had to battle him
     4 times because I got clumsy and screw up on how much life he really has.
     Two Ribbons and one Protect Ring should be used in this battle. The
     materia doesn't matter except for Tifa, the one that will actually get
     some AP from this battle, 2500 to be exact. Don't bother wasting your
     Ethers, just use Magic Hammer whenever you feel like it on Diamond, his
     MP source is unlimited. Use Aqualung, Trine, Right Arms, or Swift Bolts
     to attack. If using magic equip the MP turbo for extra boost, not much
     though. Diamond Flash can lower everyone's HP, not that you should be 
     concerned or anything, but there is a way to overcome this low HP. After
     the flash, have someone throw a hi-potions on someone else. Then that
     someone else equickly use White Wind, and there you go, full HP once
     again. Buy at least 15+ phoenix downs, those are needed. Big Guard
     should only be used once to get the Haste on everyone. Contain's Freeze
     also backs a punch, so do the Bahamut Brothers. The Fire Armlets will
     absorb every single attack except his Stomp attack.

     GarlandG's strategy: I know quite to sure if I'm working it right or not.
     He said that if you use limit breaks on him, I think it was 5 times, that
     you will force Diamond Weapon to use his Diamond Flash attack, which is a
     countdown. During that time you can attack him all you want and normal
     attacks works as well. Swift Bolts were the ones he recommended to use.
     Keep forcing him into Diamond Flash countdowns so that he won't use
     Stomp, which is the only attack that can harm you.

  After this battle, more storyline. Approach the North Crater and more
  storyline. Now it's time to get Yuffie. Have Cloud, Cid, and Barret in the
  party, Cloud being the sole survior in this battle, being as though it is
  still at low EXP. For some reason, you finding her this into the game is
  quite common sight. Don't equip counterattack materia on Cloud or anyone
  else, it can kill her. I know, she is that dam weak at the moment. Once you
  get her use this, or similar to this:

  Not interested
  No, wait!
  That's right.
  Lets hurry on.

  Before going any further let make sure you have some of these stuffs. For
  the W-Item Duplication Trick. At least one of:
  Hero Drink
  Vaccine (optional)
  Remedy (optional)
  Phoenix Down
  Exit materia (useful)
  Conformer (Yuffie)
  Right Arms
  Swift Bolt
  Spider Web

     Raid into Shinra
  Now it's time to revisit Shinra. I'm not saying to get get all the Tressures
  in this place. I'm just saying to get at least the Aegis Armlet. For one
  thing, there is only one in a game and two is that it's quite useful for the
  next battle. Save at the save point and after that go get the W-Item and
  don't fight the Turks yet. After getting W-Item if you plan to do the trick
  immeatidly, save first, I don't want you walk that long distance again and
  waste your time. Try to duplicate most of the things I have listed above.
  Wait and Slow if you have the Exit materia for the fastest combo out of
  battles. When your back to the ladder screen, go back and save. After that,
  lets face the Turks one final time.

      BOSS BATTLE: The Turks (Rude, Reno, and Elena          HP: 25000 (Reno)
      Since Reno has the lowest HP, my target will be him and not Elena,
      which so happens so many Walkthroughs has addressed. Killing Reno will
      also end the battle as well. Unlike Elena, Reno can have his life sensed
      for your convience. Fourth Bracelet, Aegis Armlet, and Aurora Armlet
      should be the ones you would be using, you might not agree. At the
      beginning of the battle use both Spider Web and Big Guard. Contain and
      Comet does wonders, but W-Item with Right Arms could be more effective.
      To get a bigger boost, use W-Item twice for Hero Drinks and put them on
      the characters. The only attack that could kill someone even under Hero
      Drinks and Barrier is Rude's fist. If you really want, Fire Armlet is
      yet another second choice for armor since it will absorb most of the
      attacks used by the Turks. I know that Poison=All works, but I'm
      having a hard time to get it to stick, so I would like you to know not
      to get your hopes up. Cross Slash won't paralyze anyone. Bahamut
      Brothers can do 3-4ks worth of damage, you can only use them once
      though. Use Megalixirs as your only healing source since you have
      unlimited of them in your pocession. One more thing I forgot to add,
      STEAL EVERYTHING OFF OF THEM. All three of them. Mainly the Ziedrich
      which is the only one that you'll get in this game and the Touph Ring
      can be very handy for the last battles. When Rude's life is very low,
      use only Elixirs/X-Potions on Yuffie. She is the one to take the full
      EXP. Conformer is debatable. It depends if you want to give your materia
      extra APs or not. If not, then use Conformer.

  After the battle, go back and save to ensure your flawless progress. Next go
  into the Shinra building. Not much that I really want here, only Cait's
  Ultimate Weapon, HP Shout. You can take the rest of you want, doesn't really
  matter to me at this point. When you're done, save on the save point
  outside of the Shinra Building. Moving on and fighting Proud Clod.

      BOSS BATTLE: Proud Clod             HP: Doesn't matter
     There are only a few thing I can tell you about this battle, it goes
     rather fast. Get the Conformer on Yuffie. Give her 4+ Hero Drinks. Sense
     Proud Clod. Use Double Cut for Yuffie to speed things up. Guessimating
     her attack damage her turn, figure out the perfect time to kill off
     Yuffie and Tifa. Then have Cloud use Contain/Comet to finish the rest of
     this HP. Using Zeidrich and Fourth Bracelt will make this guy look weak.
     My battle only took me 8 minutes, which should be more than enough. Don't
     attack his armor though, only Proud Clod. Killing his armor will add more
     EXP, which you don't want. SO don't take his armor out/off. Remember
     Cloud is the sole survior at the end of battle.

  After this battle, you'll get Ragnorak, not much use IMO. Get the tressure
  chest, one has Mystile. Once again, this should be useful, put it on
  someone, I just don't know how useful it really is. The Touph Ring on the
  other hand is very useful. Save. Switch someone out of your party and swap
  it for Barret. He isn't going to be in the fight against Hojo, he is just
  tagging along until he get's his Ultimate Weapon, Missing Score. At this
  point, I like to declare that all Ultimate Weapons for everyone sucks
  except for Yuffie's Conformer, for this challenge. Her's is the only one
  found effective against bosses.

     BOSS BATTLE: Hojo and his three forms        HP: Doesn't matter
     Conformer on Yuffie last in the last battle. Gave her 5+ Hero Drinks to
     boost up her attack power to 6000+ per attack. Team this up with Double
     Cut and this battle will go so fast compared to other challenges that
     you've done. For the first form, only attack Hojo, second form only
     attack the head. Don't use Vaccine at all so that Big Guard's barriers
     can stick on. Use Big Guard to increase your speed. Yuffie's attack
     alone can finsih this battle. Yuffie is the only one left standing to
     get the full EXP. SO make sure that Cloud and Tifa are KOed before then.

   For this battle, I was going to test out if I could get 2-1 and 3-1 limit
   breaks from this one battle alone. Dissappointingly, I don't find this
   doable. I've tried it for Cloud and Yuffie, but I just can't keep track of
   my number of kills being made. Sometimes I even killed Hojo himself before
   I could keep on attacking Bad Rap and Poodle Example, killing them as well.
   They don't give EXP by the way, only the boss' EXP is given out. At the end
   I gave up on this test. If anyone is willig, can they test it out and
   confirm my results. I gave up, even though I could of kept on testing it,
   oh well.


  By the end of disc two, your people should all be at level 28, except for
  Cloud. He is at level 26 instead. I know you can't check this for right now,
  so you'll have to wait until you get disc 3. There is some stuff you can do,
  some what of alot. Be proud that you've completed the lowest level game, or
  what I call 'Lowest Level Average Level Party Game.' The Lowest Level Party
  Game is the other game that you should try to do. That is mentioned in the
  FAQ section. 

Stats after the End of DISC 2:

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cloud           42067                 3188                        26

Barret          55095                 2753                        28

Tifa            52902                 3079                        28

Nanaki          53468                 3604                        28

Cait            53233                 4615                        28

Cid             57274                  574                        28

Yuffie          53993                 3079                        28

                DISC 3
  At the beginning of the disc 3, don't enter the North Cavern yet. Inside go
  back into the ship and we have to do some really long minigame, you know it,
  it's getting the Gold Chocobo.

  About Getting Vincient:
  First, I like to say that you can get Vincient, but he'll increase the
  average level of the party. When you get him, his level will be 30. If we
  insist of getting him, have Cloud, Barret, and Cid as the party to take
  Missing Number out. Cloud should be the survior of this battle, while having
  Barret and Cid KOed at the end. Cloud should have Double Slash, Ragnorak,
  Touph Ring, Mystile/Ziedrich on him for this battle. Another thing he should
  have or/and use are Big Guard, Contain's Freeze, Trine, Beta or even Right
  Arms. His attacks won't do too much damage. This battle is easily won. For
  the other two, don't give them anything useful so that they can be KOed by
  Missing Number much faster. Personally I did beat Missing Number and got
  Vincient, that's how I got his level, but I just restarted and completed
  this challenge without getting him. You decide what you want to do.

  Quick Info: R36, L10, R59, R97

  Sidequest Mini-game: Chocobos
  Goal: Get Gold Chocobo
  True Goal: Get Mime and Knight of the Round (this is the real name, real it
             yourself when you get it)
  Side Goal: Quadra Magic, HP<=>MP, and Apocalypse

  For this part, you'll only to capture 3 Chocobos to get a Gold Chocobo.
  Believe me this is possible because I've been told so and I've actually
  tested and done this part. Get Reagan or Mimett Greens then use the W-Item
  Trick to get more of those. To get the quickest money for the Chocobo
  Stables, or if you just want money for other purposes, buy Sylkis Greens.
  Duplicate them and sell them for a lot Gils. Doing this once should take
  care most of everything, but more is needed to feed the Chocobos. Get these
  3 Chocobos first.

 Chocobo #1: Gold Saucer Area (Good Chocobo) 2 Spencers With Chocobo. EXP: 220
       Party: Cloud, Cid, Barret. Cloud is Survivor.
 Chocobo #2: Rocket Town Area (Great Chocobo) 2 Valron With Chocobo. EXP: 600
       Party: Cloud, Cid, Barret. Cloud is Survivor.
 Chocobo #3: Icicle Area (Wonderful Chocobo) 1 or 2 Jumpling/s. EXP: 400/800
       Party: Cloud, Cid, Yuffie. Cloud is Survior once again.

  After getting this save first. Put the Good Chocobo into its stable and feed
  it 75 Sylkis Greens. Save. Put the Great Chocobo into its stable and it must
  be the opposite sex of the Good Chocobo. If it isn't, then keep restarting
  until it is the opposite sex. When it is, give it 75 Sylkis Greens as well.
  Then go to the Gold Saucer and race them both to Class A, I did Class S just
  for fun. Now head for the islands northeast of Corel and get into battles
  with Vlakorados and steal their Carob Nuts. You just need three of them. Go
  back and mate the two Chocobos, if you can't, get into a couple more
  battles. To get into battles quickly and flee from them, the most effective
  way is the Midgar Zolom with Exit materia. Sneakattack works well with this

  Try to get a Blue/Green Chocobo the first time. Then get a Chocobo of the
  different color and opposite sex of the previous Chocobo that you've mated.
  I got a Male Blue and Female Green. Give them 75 Sylkis and race them to
  Class S, which shouldn't be too hard. Then get into battles with the Goblins
  northeast of Midgar and steal the Zeio Nut from them. You just need one. Get
  into a couple more battles. Then mate the Blue and Green Chocobo by feeding
  them a Carbo Nut. Save before though and restart until you get that Black
  Chocobo. Once you got the Chocobo, go into the World Map and save. Go back
  into the ranch and place the Wonderful Chocobo into its stable, but it must
  be the opposite sex of the Black Chocobo that you currently have. Feed it
  also 75 Sylkis as well. Then race them both to Class S. Get into more
  battles and mate these two using a Zeio Nut. Save before so and keep on
  restarting until you get a Gold Chocobo.

  With the Chocobo, get KOTR and the Mime materia, the other two doesn't
  matter much to me. You can also go into the Ancient Forest and get the
  Apocalypse. I thought it might be useful, but I never found it useful.

  Get at least 24 HP Pluss, with the unlimited money source you have right
  now. While at it, get until you have 3 Wizard Bracelts. These can be stolen
  from the Epitohs in the Ancient Forest, I think that is how you spell there
  names. Also try to get 3 or 4 MP Pluss. Another thing that you could get,
  but I didn't get because I was just too lazy, is W-Summon from the battle

Added Later: You don't need 24, more like 18-20 HP Pluss. Getting more won't
  make a difference on your HP.

  Another thing you can do is go to Genilka and get Hades and Highwind for
  Cid, since the Turk battle is not there anymore. Max Luck and Speed if you
  want to as well. I didn't do neither of these things.

   North Cavern - Finale
  This is the end of the game. I will try to make this swift as possible,
   while still keeping my memos.

  Quick Review: At the fork roads. Send Tifa to the Right and everyone else to
                the Left. Then send everyone up, but take Cait and Cloud to
                the bottom. This is a quick review for the Mystile Duplication
                trick. You don't really need this, it's for people that wants
                to do it.

  At the Left Upper path, there should be enemies called Movers, which give no
  EXP whatsoever. They do give a good ammount of APs, but the bad part is that
  they're extremly rare, more rarer then Magic Pots. From Edman's FAQ, these
  guys are said and you can level up your materia in this place and also get
  your 2-1 and 3-1 limit breaks. I did plan to do this for some time and then
  I suddendly got impatient and decided to beat Sephiroth without this boring
  task to do. Believe me, it's possible at this point.

  Quick Note about HP and MP Pluss: I don't know why, but this is what I found
     out in my clumsy testing on accident. HP Pluss for some reason will not
     increase your max HP sometimes. If you equipped it on and then removed
     them, it will not make a difference on your character HP. This isn't a
     lie, you can test it out yourself. I could just be my game, but that is
     my result. This might make you think if you really want to keep upgrading
     your HP Plus materias. Most of my people's HP was at 2400s when they were
     at the end of the game.

     I figured it out! Materia alone can't double more than your current HP
      and MP! Current HP 1200, materia can't make your HP over 2400, or 2401
      and higher.

  For the final party, I picked Cloud, Cait, and Cid. This is based upon their
  total HP value without any materia or anything else effecting their HP. You
  can pick someone else, like maybe Yuffie, even though she isn't necessary.
  Put 6 or 7 HP Pluss on each character that you are using.

  These are the last stats. You won't get any EXP from the next three battles

My Final Stats:

                Total EXP             EXP Needed to Level UP      Level On
Cloud           43687                 1568                        26

Barret          55495                 2353                        28

Tifa            53712                 2587                        28

Nanaki          54278                 2794                        28

Cait            54043                 3805                        28

Cid             57274                  574                        28

Yuffie          54403                 2669                        28

      BOSS BATTLE: Jenova Synthesis      HP: Doesn't matter, 
     ********************************        base it upon strategy
     For this battle, make sure that everyone equips their Wizard Bracelet.
     Touph Ring should be placed on at least one person. W-Item is a must so
     that you can keep on Duplicate Items like Hero Drink, Right Arms,
     Megalixirs, and Dragon Fangs. Use Big Guard at least once in this battle,
     for the haste effect for this battle. At the beginning cast Big Guard.
     Then use Right Arms and Dragons Fangs to deal damage to her, but don't
     kill her. You know when to stop when you see her doing the countdown,
     when I mean stop that is time for the second part of this strategy. When
     she starts counting from 5 and down, keep on using Magic Hammer until
     you're people can't get any more MP from her. You can even use Magic
     Hammer before she does the countdown. By depleting her MPs, she won't be
     able to cast Ultima, which in turn means she won't deal any damage to you
     and the battles ends. This was done on my second test.

     On my first test, I didn't take any MPs away from her and letted her cast
     Ultima. The character with Touph Ring survived and everyone had Big
     Guard's Barrier. Everyone else that didn't have Touph Ring got KOed. This
     was also based on that I gave everyone 4 Hero Drinks. Contain was used in
     this battle, but don't use Contain's Break attack, it does less damage or
     miss. The battle also end after she casts Ultima.
     Elemental=Ultima/Contain/Comet in the armor is somewhat useful. I find it
     useful to deal damage to her to get the Countdown started, my experience

     The difference that I noticed in these two battles, the one without 
     Ultima being cast and the one with Ultima being cast, is APs. The one
     with Ultima being cast doesn't give out any APs, while the one without
     Ultima being cast gives out 1000 APs. I don't know if you still want
     them or not.

     Summary: With Ultima Casted - No EXP, No AP
              No Ultima Casted   - No EXP, 1000 AP

  After battle, more storyline. Choose to create only one party to battle
  against Bizzaro. Remember that once you start this battle, you can't change
  materia/equipment for the Safer fight. So do this wisely. Now is the time,
  if you haven't already done so, have one with KOTR and another with
  Mime=Counter. Also make sure that the one that has KOTR has at least 250MP
  as their Max MP. The other person can have W-Item. Also make sure that
  someone has a Ribbon on, or both Ribbons used are useful as well.
  Added Later: That KOTR should be linked with a Counter, if you did the
  Mystile Duplication Trick.

      BOSS BATTLE: Bizzaro Sephiroth            HP: Doesn't matter   EXP: NONE
     This could be decribed as 'Quick.' All you need to do is summon KOTR.
     After seeing the Knights in action, this battle will end and it's time to
     face the Final Boss, Safer.

      FINAL BOSS: Safer Sephiroth
      This battle is somewhat of a gamble in someways. In the beginnig of the
      battle, if you are fast enough, quickly throw a Megalixir and use KOTR
      instantly. Otherwise, use Megalixir and Big Guard. Throw 2-4 Hero Drinks
      at the person using KOTR and the other Mime KOTR. Once you summoned
      KOTR, don't use anything else or else no more KOTR will be used. So you
      must pick the best time to use KOTR, only have one chance. Don't bother
      using Shadow Flare right back at him, it will miss. All you need is 4
      KOTR being summoned to kill him. If you have W-Summon, may I suggest you
      have a Bahamut teaming up with KOTR than Miming it. Once the 4th one
      comes out, the game is over and you're done, even if he has Wall up at
      the moment. Having him fly high might be a good thing after all, it
      means that he skipped a turn so that you can use KOTR on him.

      If KOTR with Mime fails, you'll have to turn to a different strategy.
      That is keep on using your items with the aide of W-Item and Mime.
      Megalixir to heal. Right Arms to attack. Team those up with Mime for
      double the power. Use Big Guard and White Wind for the upper defense and
      healing. Confuse can one of the most dealiest things, unless you have
      Ribbon of course. Phoenix down with Megalixir is a basic thing you
      should get use to. This battle may seem hopeless, but instead it could
      be a boring battle that will take a hell of a long time due to Super
      Nova. Don't use Vaccine since it can cancel Big Guard's Barriers.

      I would think 4 Hero Drinks with KOTR would do more damage, so 3 KOTR
      might be possible. This battle is based more upon luck and quick
      stratgy. When in doubt, pause the game before deciding your next move.
      Sometimes the best way is not care about anyone being KOed or not, it is
      instead to summon KOTR and quickly have the other person Mime it as fast
      as possible before the Safer kills you. Which ever way you find effective
      against him, use it and beat this challenge. Good Luck and Congrats if
      you beat him.

      *Sidenote* It is possible to beat Safer without using KotR and the W-Item 
                 Duplication Trick. As a matter of fact, you can beat the game 
                 without these two as well.

                 The Author, me, has the ending time of less than 39 hours,
                 which by all means, this is not a speed game!

*****The ENDING***************************************************************

              Lowest Level Party Game (LLP) - Mini-Walkthrough
  Now it's time for me explain the difference. There is a difference between
  this challenge and the Lowest Average Level Game. LAL game means that
  everyone ends the game at 26 and 28s, Cloud being at level 26. LLP game is
  having the lowest level party battling against Safer by the end of the game.
  The stratgies for both challenges still apply, but this game will let you
  do more stuff, but there is still that same restriction.

  - Cloud and Tifa was be KOed by the end the battle, if possible.
  - Tifa must not be switched into the inactive party, unless the game
    doesn't let you.
  - You can't ipgrade with EXP while Cloud is away to take on Rufus.
  - Like LAL, you can't get "All Creation," Yuffie's Lvl 4 Limit Break
  - Best to have Cloud kill only Rufus and not Dark Nation, to get the lower
    EXP ammount

 Freedom From LAL:
  - You can get any, if not all, the enemy skills out there.
  - You can get level up as much as you want, under the restrictions.
  - You can get all the Limit Breaks, with restrictions to Yuffie's.
  - You can get everyone's Ultimate Weapon
  - You can beat Ultimate Weapon and obtain Ultimate Weapon
  - You can get Final Attack
  - Battle Arena will be easier than LAL
  - Maxing Stats will be easier than LAL
  - Not worry about Carry Armor and his arms, kill both of them

The levels between these two challenge willl have a big difference.

  Cloud  - Level 8
  Tifa   - Level 7
  Yuffie - Level 17

 Yuffie is gotten after you have disc 2 and after you have done powerup
 everyhing, materia, weapon's and their powerups, stats, etc... all relating to
 getting any EXP in the process

 Challenges taken in part of this one:
  - Beat the game with this party
  - Beat Emerald and Ruby with this party, restart afterwards
  - Ultimate Challenge: Beat Emerald and Ruby, with Tifa only, the lowest
    leveled character by the end of the game. Restart afterwards.
  About the Ultimate Challenge. Like I stated before, since Tifa is at level 7
  and she is the lowest leveled characater you can get. Wouldn't it be nice to
  see her kick the weapon's ass by the end of the game, by herself?

 ****** Tips and Comments *****
 - I would see that Barret and Vincient being the main takers of EXP. Cid
   would not be one of them because of his late arrival. By the time you get
   Cid, Vincient would be better person to use because of one reason. The
   reason would be that Vincient's Ultimate Weapon, with himself of course,
   would now replace Yuffie, the Morpher of the game. Since you can't get her
   due to not wanting her to take any EXP after you have gotten her. Vincient
   would thereby need to get a lot of kills to power his weapons up, and his
   levels also plays another factor in morphing and how much damage he deals.
   Morphing is needed in preparation to taking down the Weapons, Emmy and Ruby
 - You can steal Ethers and Right Arms if you want. Ethers still give a lot
   gils when sold. Right Arms will be found useful or not, determine by how
   much your main attacker will deal for the regular attack. Since you have
   Enemy Skills on your side, I doubt you'll reconsider stealling Right Arms.
   There aren't hard to steal, sometimes they're, but it's just time
   consuming thats all. Why bother with that when you could just simply
 - About Vincient and Death Penalty. From what I see, there is no point in
   getting all the Limit Breaks early in the game. I would find it to do it
   later in the game solely because the enemies would give better EXP and
   AP for your materia. And that Death Penalty can be powered up while doing
   so, plus leveling is a major factor of this process as well. By using
   this guide, you could easily manuever this game with the the first level
   limit break anyways. See what I mean, or you can just do whatever.
 - When getting Beta, there is a slight difficulty. It's not that you can't,
   kill the Midgar Zolom, after having it cast it Beta on you and you
   learning Beta. It's that it uses a move that knocks one of your character
   out the battle. It might not seem much at first, but when you recap the
   total ammount of EXP gotten from the person being botted out of the
   battle, you'll know that they have gain some EXP, or rather half of the
   Zolom's full EXP given. I don't know if this effects with neither Cloud
   or Tifa's levels by the end of the game, by not having them stay at
   level 8 or 7, it's just a warning to you that, they'll give EXP in the
   process if this does occur. So I would advice you not to take that risk
   for right now. When you have a sure way of having him cast Beta then you
   have a sure way to kill him instantly, that would be the best time. Until
   then, you don't need it for right now. I never used it in my previous
   low level challenge anyways, and neither should you. You can level up
   your character anyways.

      BOSS BATTLE: Lost Number                   HP: 7000
      I didn't mention this guy in the previous LAL Challenge, but those boss
      can be beaten now, meaning you can beat him not ruin the whole challenge.
      I don't know if this is considered to be low level or not, but I did beat
      him with hardly any upgrading process, a few battles at the most, not too
      much. I had Barret be my main EXP getter, so his level will be somewhat
      high, but that shouldn't destroy the concept of my strategy, so this
      strat can be used even at a lower level.

      My Party: Cloud - Level 8
                Barret- Level 15
                Tifa  - Level 7

      During this battle, I did not use any Enemy Skill during the battle, so
      no Beta, White Wind, Big Guard, nor Aqualung. Laser won't work, so don't
      bother trying.

      Have one with Poison to cast Bio, I had Tifa be this person. Tifa should
      also have Elemental=Ramuh. Have at least 5 potions and 3 or 4 phoenix
      downs, that's all the items you need. Have everyone on the back row and
      turn the speed low and with wait ATB. The weapons equipped on them
      doesn't matter. Barret has the Bolt Ring, gotten from the Sleeping Man
      near Junon. The Talisman and Protect Vest, can be placed on either Cloud
      or Tifa, or use these three placed on different people. Mythril Armlet
      should be at least placed on Barret. If you have more, use them as well.

      Materia Setup:
      Cloud:  Choco/Mog=Added Effect, Restore (optional), Steal
      Barret: Restore=All, HP Plus, Enemy Skill (no use)
      Tifa:   Sense, Poison, Cover
      That's about it that I placed on my people, others if you want, but not
      too much Magic materia now.

      Strategy: Get poison to stick to him. When Cloud gets attacked, his limit
       break should be filled up all the way, so use Cross Slash to paralyze
       him. After that, use Barret's Restore to heal Cloud. Keep trying to get
       poison on him. Most likely that Lost Number will have a flash of green
       when you get it on him. After that, put everyone on defend mode and use
       Cures and Potions to heal, and quickly put that one back into defend
       mode after that turn. More than likely you're going to keep on healing
       Tifa due to her having the Cover materia. DON'T ATTACK HIM. If you're
       going to attack him, use only your limit breaks ONLY! By not attacking
       him with regular attacks, he can't remove his cloaks to become almighty
       powerful. If he did become that form, you won't survive with any low
       levels. His attacks should only deal around 75 per attack, with defend
       and back row. Keep healing and soon he'll die. Cross Slash is a very
       useful attack. Keep your HP up and always keep Barret alive, the other
       can be KOed by the end of the battle, which is what you want if doing
       the LLP Challenge.

       For the second test, after I've already beated him, I used the same
       strats as before. This time, I was making a meal, and this battle
       went smoothly, as I pay attention to both task, the meal and the game.
       I was making some eggs for a sandwich, just to let you know. O and one
       last thing. With Cloud and Tifa KOed and Lost Number having the poison
       on him, there is no point in reviving them. Just Defend and Heal
       Barret only. He won't die trust me. The person getting the Full EXP
       should have at least 400 HP though, or this might get very difficult.

      BOSS BATTLE: Carry Armor       HP: 24000/10000 each arm
      Just like in the last challenge, this boss is more difficult this time.
      The main reason is because your characters can't even with stand a
      single regular phyical attack nor a Lapis Laser. With Big Guard up, those
      phyicals are taken care of, but make sure to drain his MP before he uses
      Lapis Laser. You just have to keep on restarting until his first move
      isn't Lapis Lazer. Right Arms and Trine should be used to take down the
      Arms, which are the main concerns after draining the Carry Armor's MP.
      Use Tranquilizer on your main attacker. You could use your only Dragon
      Fang, but that is your only one, those things are really rare you know.
      Once the MP is drain and Arms are gone, just end the battle with any
      attacks you wish, just so long as you can kill him.

 Note: *Morph and get the Underwater Materia, just in case.*

      BOSS BATTLE: Rude in Rocket Town        HP: 9000
      This isn't really a different strategy for this boss battle different
      from the original, just though you know that the option of stealing
      his Ziedrich is doable this time. Big Guard and then Aqualung to finsih
      the two soldiers guarding him. Put Poison on him and cure yourself when
      needed, in the spare turns try to steal that Ziedrich away from him.
      Cure2 and White Wind are very useful in this battle, judging by your
      current HP, but Big Guard's MBar does block some of Cure2 effects
      though. Using at least one elixir is it to restore the current
      character in battle worth it because you can get more elixirs later on
      but you can only get the Ziedrich now or never, take that into

      OPTIONAL BOSS: Reno & Rude (Gelnika)     HP: 15000/20000
      For this battle remember to steal the their items, Touph Ring and the
      Ziedrich. If those weren't such really go items, their wouldn't really
      be a good reason to figth them. This battle shouldn't really be hard at
      all. I faced off against Rude in Rocket Town before fighting this battle,
      so my main attacker for this battle is Cid with Ziedrich and a Ribbon.
      For some reason in battle, Rude only attacked me twice and Reno was the
      main attacker after that. Reno has this attack called Neo Turk Light,
      which suppose to cast confusion, but the ribbon can cancel that effect.
      Steal both their items and keep casting Aqaulung after that. Use Magic
      Hammer to get more MP, even though they don't have a lot, and use more
      Aqualung. You can either use Ethers after that, or even just use regular
      phyical attacks. When I faced these guys, my Cid was at level 33, which
      was still easy. You do have to kill both men in order to win this battle

  After you have gotten these two items, do you them for the upcoming battles
  in Raid in Midgar battles, it can be very useful indeed, don't worry about
  your materia getting any APs or not. I even used Venus Gospel for those
  battles as well.

  Get some Tetra Elementals if you want. Morph Cactuars on their island to
  get some. Do this only when Cloud and Tifa are in Midgar.

                      *****AFTER DISC 3*****

  Before going any further into into my mini-walkthrough, finish the Mystile
  Duplication Trick in the Cavern. Even though Yuffie won't be there to give
  you the extra Counter materia, you don't really need it anyways. Do get
  Mega-All and the the Mystile though. After that head back outside and try
  to complete the following. Complete the Gold Chocobo Raising part as well
  and get KOTR, Quadra Magic, HP<=>MP, and Mime.

   Getting Tifa and Cloud's Limit Breaks
   This is one of the hardest and boring tasks, even more frustrating if you
   accidently killed all the other monsters, while still having either Cloud
   or Tifa alive during that battle. So you'll have to start again if you did
   so. For this purpose, I've selected the Mythril Mines to this task, not
   knowing fully if it will help in the fights against Safer, Emerald, or
   Ruby. O well, I really want to this in the first place anyways, just to
   prove that the Limit Break Mechanism Guide is right, I'm not sure if they
   mentioned the thing that I'm going to do though, if they didn't, they should
   really add it in as well. One last thing, you should really do this while
   raising chocobos, the 10 battles until they're mature enough to mate part.

     Vincient - He is going to be your main survior in each battle only, you
      could pick someone else, but it will be better to power up Death Penatly
      right now anyways, killing two birds with one stone I always say. Give
      him a Tetra Elemental. Any Strong Armor will do, Escort Guard, Aegis
      Armlet, Aurora Armlet, etc... Weapon shouldn't matter. Materia placed
      on him should at least consist of W-Item.

 Items need for duplication: Phoenix Downs, Hi-Potions, Right Arms, S-Mines,
    Elixirs/Ethers, and Spider Webs.

     Tifa and Cloud's setup - Give her an enemy skill with Matra Magic. Mega
      All and Long Range for their other choices of materia. Crystal or Diamond
      Bangles/Armlets for their choice of Armor. Power Wrist for accesory.

     Tifa needs a total of 193 kills and Cloud needs a total of 310 kills.
     Those are the goals. Make sure that Cloud/Tifa are KOed by the end of the
     battle so that they won't get any EXP. Remember to revive the person that
     you are working on before the next battle, that is one of the things I
     keep on forgetting from time to time.

  First Scenrio Battle: Castants (Crabs) x 4 or Crawler (Snakes) x 5
   In this battle have this order of command/attacks

   Cloud    - Mega-All attack
   Vincient - Spider Web on other side and Hi-Potion on the other side
   Cloud    - Mega-All attack
   Vincient - S-Mine on Cloud, S-Mine on other side

Note: 'other side' means on the other monster party. When using Hi-Potions on
      other side, just select one of the monsters there, it doesn't matter
      which one you select. On Vincient's last move on the list, you must use
      S-Mine on Cloud first, KOing him, before taking down the last guy and
      making the battle end. This also applies for the next battle scenrio

  Second Scenrio Battle: Ark Dragon present with any other (3 Crawler etc...)
   In this battle have this order of command/attacks

   Cloud    - Matra Magic
   Vincient - S-Mine on Cloud and S-Mine on Ark Dragon. Or Right Arm if Cloud
              doesn't killed the 3 monsters with Matra Magic.

Final Note: Remember to use Phoenix Down on Cloud/Tifa after every battle.
            Do try to save often, what I do is save after every 5 battles, just
            in case something messed me up. A thing that can mess you up, is
            that you have a Pre-emptive strike on the enemy and you killed all
            of them with one slash. The other one is using Matra Magic in a
            first scenrio battle, thereby killing everyone with one attack.
            Another way of doing this killing spree is by using Pre-emptive
            materia with Barrier or Matra Magic with MBarrier. You figure out
            the process on your own.

 Powering up to get 2-2 and 3-2 limit breaks. Since my main survivor is
 Vincient, have him equip Hypno Crown and Manipulate. I don't really have
 a lot to say about who you pick to get 2-2 and 3-2, but remember to select
 monsters with high HP to with stand the 2-1 and 3-1's attack totals. Killing
 the monster with that limit break will get you EXP, which is a no no. Here are
 my monster selections. For getting 2-2, I picked Velcher Task, located on the
 fields of Rocket Town, to use. For 3-1, I used the Adamantaimai, located on
 the shores of Wutai. Always choose to battle and manipulate one in battle.
 Remember to heal both the opponent and your characters. You can do 2-1 for
 both character on the same battle, but you should do 3-1 separetly and save
 before doing the other one. Use Fury if needed and change from back to front
 row if needed as well. Might want to cast Mighty Guard on the opponent if your
 limits can overtake them.

 Get Omnislash and W-Summon from the Battle Arena. This might take a while. Try
 using the characters Ultimate Weapon if needed. I don't recommend sending Tifa
 nor Cloud to do this job, since they are extremly weak. Use Spider Web, Hero
 Drink, Elixir/Megalixirs, Right Arms/Dragon Fangs, and Tranquilize. Big Guard
 should be the only magic you might want to use. A cheaper way to do this, but
 it can go wrong, is summon KotR and then keep Miming it with Mime. If you get
 Break Command or Break All Materia, then this plan is screwed. Break All
 materia only when Item is taken away at the last battle. For backup, you might
 want to go to Da Chao and get some Light and Lunar Curtains, just incase your
 enemy skills have been taken off and you need the extra protection. This
 shouldn't be a real challenge. If you have any spare Battle Points, get
 Stardust, followed by Speed Plus and Enemy Lure, others if you want.
 A real challenge will be later ahead.

      OPTIONAL BOSS: Ultima Weapon           HP: 100000
      For one thing, this boss isn't optional for the challenger taking this
      challenge, LLP Challenge. And that HP is lowered depending on how much
      life you have taken away from him previous battles. You will only face
      him two times, and that's the end of that.

      Battle One: Just summon KOTR. This should take a little over half of
       his life away. The more the better, so you should try to use some
       Hero Drinks before using KOTR, but be warned that he is fast and
       could flee away before your KOTR gets a hit a him. Best to calculate
       how much life you have taken away from him, but this isn't needed.

      Battle Two: Choose Cloud to be your other person that will be alive
       most of the time to learn Shadow Flare. Don't worry about this
       guy if you have Mystile equipped, most of his Ultima Beam will miss
       frequently. Give Cloud all 4 Enemy Skills with W-Item and duplicate
       a lot of those Dragon Fangs/Right Arms. Don't use KOTR, since it
       can kill him, without him using Shadow Flare. Instead have Cloud
       throw those duplications at him. Show time during the battle, it might
       not have enough MP to use, so you'll have to give it a Turbo Ether.
       Without MP, it will not use Shadow Flare and just die when you kill
       him. If your last hit with the Duplication kills him and he has enough
       MP, then he will cast Shadow Flare on Cloud, making Cloud learn the
       Enemy Skill and the battle will end.

   Level 8 Cloud   V.S.  Special Battle
   This is one of the mini-challenges that is apart of beating Ruby and
   Emerald with such a low level. Some might even want to think, how this
   will be possible. That answer relies in getting the Final Attack materia.
   Yet in order to get this mighty materia, we must beat the Special Battle
   in the Gold Saucer. There are two other things stopping you besides the
   random handicaps, those are Cloud's level and Cloud himself. Meaning you
   can only use Cloud to get Final Attack. As I'm typing this, I haven't this
   myself, at least not yet. Choosing between KotR and Omnislash, aided with
   Mime, is somewhat of a hard question. In order to use KotR, Cloud's total
   HP will be very little for the battle. Using Omnislash has no side-effects,
   but the fact is that it does about 500 per hit, and that is with using 4
   Hero Drinks before using the attack. I'll have to experiment and do some
   more research before I keep losing. So far the farthest I got was to the
   Unknown3. Added the Next Day, today I made it to Behemoth and lost to his
   flare attack. Added two days later, I have beaten Proud Clod and gotten
   Final Attack. I like to thank Defcon999 and from a little assitance from
   Catnip, on how to get pass Behemoth's Flare attack. Nice to say, I have
   lost to every single monster here, except for the Sea Worm, aka first battle
   I have played this thing over 50 times, I've counted all of them, seriously.
   Well a little bit more than 50, actually. Here are my strats.

   (Added Later: Final Attack is not needed or used when facing the WEAPONS.)

Cloud - Weapon: Ultimate Weapon (this doesn't matter, I could be using Enhance
                                 sword, for all I care, I just need slots)
        Armor:  Mystile (this is needed to evade)

        Accessory: Ribbon (this needed to block the negative status slots)

Materia setup (not needed to be linked)
 Enemy Skill (Magic Hammer), 
 HP Plus (3 of them, enough to double your current HP.
          Mine are 2 at 4 stars and 1 at 2 stars),
 Counterattack (3 Stars)
 Mime (not really needed),
 Luck Plus (I would think it would be best to get luck sources and Cloud's luck
            up to 77 before fighting. It's possilbe to beat this without it.
 Speed Plus (If you have it)
 Chocobo Lure (To raise Luck)
 Long Range (Just for the hell of it)

Items to use and duplicate with W-Item:
-Light Curtain (Gotten from winning against Garuda at Da Chao)
  Casts Barrier
-Lunar Curatin (Gotten from winning against at Da Chao)
  Casts MBarrier
-Mirror (Gotten from winning against Mirage (Mirror), somewhat rare)
  Casts Reflect
-Spider Web (Gotten from
  Slows All Enemies
-Elixir/X-Potion (You better have these to duplicate with, Da Chao monsters)
  Healing Source
-Hero Drink (Same as what I said above, Chocobo Racing)
  Raises Stats
-Stardust (Thanx to Defcon about this item, I will use this, Battle Square)
  Comet 2 - 4 Hits Total
-Speed Drink (Morph Formulas to get them, outside of Junon)
  Casts Haste
-Dragon Scale   (Ultimate Offense Item, Steal from Sea Worms located north of
  Water Attack   Corel (desert area) or shores of Mideel.
 To get Luck Sources:
   This part is only for you if get tired of losing to Unknown3 and Proud Clod,
  like I did. Increasing Luck will increase your chances dodging attacks, being
  as they are Magical or Phyical. Go to Gelnika. Get to the room with Bad Raps
  and Poodles. Added Later: This part should also be considered when facing
  against Emerald and Ruby. But in fighting the WEAPONS, you must alos consider
  Speed Sources as well.

 Poodles (6000HP) and Bad Rap (9000HP). Bad Raps are the enemies you want.

Use Vincient, Death Penalty, Mystile, and Ribbon

Materia setup: (not need to be linked)
 Mega All, Morph, Mime, W-Item

All Bap Rap Battle: (This is for Luck Sources)
 -Use 2 Dragon Scales
 -Use 2 Right Arms
 -Morph, with Mega-All
 -Mime, mimic Morph until all the Raps are morphed

All Poodle Battle: (This is for Speed Sources)
 -Use Spider Web and Right Arm
 -Use 2 Dragon Scales
 -Morph, with Mega-All
 -Mime, mimic Morph until all the Poodles are morphed

2 Raps and A Poodle Battle (For 2 Luck and 1 Speed)
 -Use Spider Web and Right Arm
 -Use 2 Dragon Scales
 -Use 1 S-Mine on each of the the Raps, 2 total
 -Morph, with Mega-All
 -Mime, mimic Morph until all of them are morphed

Note: Heal often. Use Enemy Lure. In the battle with all Raps, it may be a good
 idea to Spider Web and Hero Drink, but it's optional. 77 Luck for Cloud = goal

Note 2: For the WEAPONS battles, remember that you can equip Speed and Luck
 Plus's. Meaning if you plan on equipping a Mastered Luck/Speed on a character,
 they only need to have 170 (170*1.5=255). Figure the rest of the math yourself.

Note: I would recommend doing all the duplicate to 99 for every item, then save
 in Gold Saucer. Items that were listed above. If you lose to these 8 battles
 after 2 or 3 attempts, restart the game and try again. Wait mode with Slow
 speed is needed to be set, also with memory cursor. Move the items listed to
 the top of item list for easy access. Wait mode is the best of friends, you
 can basically go into the Item Menu and stay there, making the enemies wait
 bar not move. This is one of the greatest advanages, epecially against Proud.

Sidenote: I figure this by myself. When using W-Item in these battles, if your
 first Item already kill that monster and the second one hasn't been unleashed
 yet. Then on your next Battle, you will have a chance to make the first move
 because your wait bar is already full. Use this as your advantage, you'll
 need it for sure.

Sidenote 2: I was actually amazed that everyone, except Proud, can be placed
 on Slow by my Spider Web. This battle will be based moslty on using W-Items.

Sidenote 3: My Cloud has HP of 672 before entering these battles, due to HP
 Plus. YOU CAN NOT OVER DOUBLE YOUR CURRENT HP, from materia alone. Adding
 more HP Plus's won't give you any more HP for that matter. Also give him
 Sadness so that he'll take on less damage. Backrow as usual.

Thanx to Defcon and Catnip for telling me that Flare is reflecatble. And double
 thanx to Defcon for telling me about Reflect and how long it lasts, which is
 it can only reflect 4 spells before it is all gone. And also for letting me
 know about Stardust.

Sidenote 4: About Stardust, I only found it usuable in a few battles. It does
 take more time to use than Dragon Scales. To take this into time advantage,
 sometimes it's best to use Stardust and Light/Lunar Curtain, knowing that
 your Light/Lunar is about gone. By doing so, the enemy won't get an
 unbarrier hit. Dealing damage wise compared to Dragon Scales, Stardust is
 only dealing more in a few battles. Dragon Scales should be use majority
 of the time being.

Sidenote 5: The Slot that you need and breaking anyone of them mean you'll
 denfinetly lose and have to start over includes. So don't breakum.
 Everything else besides these are fine:

  Items (Brown Bag)
  Armor (Silver Armlet)
  Accessory (Ring)
  Yellow Materia (Command)
  Purple Materia (Independent)
  HP and HP/MP
  Break All Materia (5 Materia)

 Some deadly ones, but not that much threaning are:
  Timex30 and 1/2 Speed (Boot) and Level # Down

 Try to pick to ones that you can handle by using the Square button to lower
 the slot and pick the one before the one that you aimming for.

******************Eight Monsters of the Special Battle******************

  Battle #1: Sea Worm        HP: 18000
     This will be starter and the battle with the most freedom to do stuff.
     First, use Spider Web on him and then Speed Drink on Cloud. On second
     turn, use 2 Hero Drink and same goes for the 3rd Turn as well. Later on
     use 2 Dragon Scales on him, which knocks him down 4000 per turn, do this
     for a total of 4 turns. After that put Lunar and Light Curtains up. Then
     kill him with Dragon Scales.

  Battle #2: Ho Chu          HP: 8000
     If you get the first strike, just use 2 Dragon Scales to kill him
     instantly. If not, you'll be attacked by his wip or his poison attack.
     In that case, use Spider Web and Elixir. Remember now, 2 Dragon Scales can
     kill him and in the mean time, if you got a W-Item turn to spare, use 
     Mirror on Cloud. His attacks, both them, can be invaded if Cloud's Luck is
     high enough. I have evade both before.

Losing Reason - Forgot to put MBarrier up and he used his poison attack.

  Battle #3: Unknown3        HP: 30000 (HARD BATTLE) MP: 150
     Like stated, this battle is the hardest ever. Most of the time I race
     across the previous battles just to try my luck on this guy. This guy has
     4 attacks, one he uses to counter with called Creepy Touch. I know too
     much about this guy, but not enough to overcome him. His other attacks
     include Poison Fang, which is a free turn for you. Bolt 2, which is quite
     deadly depending on what you got setup and your HP. The last move that
     you'll hate definetly is his phyical attack called Slap, this is the only
     move you wish not to read on the top of the screen and if you do, you
     probably are praying that Cloud will invade and get a miss on that attack
     Enough with the decription, here comes the strategy. The first thing you
     should do is get Spider Web on him and make sure you have Mirror up, if
     you aren't did so from the previous battle. Even though you'll reflect
     Bolt2 him, giving him a heal 1000, that's better than you taking the
     damage and having to heal yourself and a wasting a part of W-Item turn.
     Don't bother to setup Barrier, if you die from slap, you die, no point
     in wasting a Item turn because it will nail 800+, with every I listed
     before. Only way to avoid this is to evade it. I have once sucessfully
     evaded 3 Slaps in a single battle with him. You'll have to use at least
     7-8 Dragon Scales at him for this battle to end. This is 3-4 TURNS of
     using Dragon Scales. You just better hope his Slap attack won't connect
     to Cloud's face and you'll have to start all over again if that was to
     happen. At first I thought, he only had a 25% chance of killing me in each
     battle, this doesn't seem to be true anymore. He mostly uses Slap on his
     second attack, and first is quite frequent as well. This enemy is the
     only reason why I had to give Cloud a Luck of 77. Before this battle
     ends, make sure that Cloud as MBarrier on with at least halfly ful HP or
     just full HP. Don't use Dragon Fangs! It's also possibe for him to
     waste all his MP away, forcing him not to be able to cast Bolt2.

Losing Reason - SLAP! or No Mirror or No MBarrier with FULL HP and Bolt...SLAP!

  Battle #4: Serpent         HP: 28000   MP: 290
     This guy has only 1 type of attack and that is magical ice attacks. If you
     have high luck, you can even avoid those attacks as well. To better secure
     yourself, have MBarrier on with Elixir on yourself for the first turn.
     Follow by Spider and heal as well. Without MBarrier on, you'll take 500+
     worth of damage, enough to kill you if you're HP is full. If there are by
     any chance that you evade one of his attacks and you didn't take any
     damage for it, quickly go into the Enemy Skill screen and Magic Hammer his
     ass. Doing this 3 times, while make him unmovable because he doesn't have
     any MP to cast his spells with. At that point use only Stardust. Dragon
     Scales will heal him. Stardust does deal more damage than the other items
     that you have for this battle. After using Stardust for a few turns, get
     your Barrier up and make sure Cloud has full HP. If your Barrier is filled
     up to A, in the word Barrier on the screen, just wait until the Barrier
     is fully drained so that you can cast a second one to replace it. This
     will give you better preparation for the next battle. MBarrier is
     secondary. Kill him after those guildlines. It's possible to dodge all
     his attacks, while your fighting him, while you are trying to kill him
     of course.

Losing Reason - Didn't enter this battle with Full HP and MBarrier on.

  Battle #5: Wolfmeister     HP: 20000
     This guy is extra fast and attacks a lot phyically. So on your first turn
     make sure Barrier is up and that you get a full HP by the end of the Item
     turn. On your second turn, give him Spider Web. Full your HP frequently
     with turns. He can even strike with your Barrier on and dealing 500+. He
     does have an magical attack that is rarely used. You'll have to use 6 or
     7 Dragon Scales to finish him off. Always make sure your Barrier is up
     for this battle and have some for the next battle as well. Timing is
     everything from this battle to the next one. Each Dragon Scale should
     deal about 3800 to him, by the way.

Losing Reason - No Barrier and No Spider Web = KO, Healing doesn't cut it

  Battle #6: Behemoth        HP: 14000
     For starter, make sure Barrier is up and full HP as well. Your next thing
     should be to heal yourself after every attack made from him and at the
     same time try to remember how times Cloud has reflected. If it's less than
     4, then you're fine, if not give Cloud a Mirror. I would like to advise
     you that everytime you deal damage to him or use Spider Web on him, he'll
     counter back with Flare. If you don't have reflect up, that your done for.
     When using W-Items on him, think of the consquences first. Will that
     trigger 2 Flares and do you have enough reflects to bounce them back at
     him. Know that I have personally lost to him due to this reason. So Elixir
     might be part of your item turn after all, or at least put it into
     consideration. Using limit breaks, like Omnislash, will not trigger Flare
     however. So Omnislash first followed with Mime will work to killing him,
     but it doesn't quite work against the next boss. One of the ways I beated
     him was to use Omnislash, followed by a Spider Web, which made him cast
     Flare on himself and he was dead. On a sidenote, Defcon recommends using
     Mirror to it's advantage with help from Magic Hammer. Meaing cast Magic
     Hammer on him to deplete 100MP away from him, he'll counter will Flare,
     and now he only has 200MP left. Do this again and he doesn't have any
     MP left, which means he can't counter with Flare anymore. This should
     waste him, but this was made intentionally if you were afraid he was
     going to use ????, which has a great chance to kill Cloud instandtly.

Losing Reason - Didn't have Reflect up. Lost to his phyical attack due to not
     timing great. Forgot how reflects you got left before you can't reflect
     anymore. Two Quick hits that did critical damage and no Barrier and no
     Spider Web on him.

  Battle #7: Maximum Kimaira HP: 8000
     This guy is like an upgrade version of Wolfweister, or Behemoth minus
     the counter Flares. He has 3 attack, I figure out the third attack, the
     hard way. He has a phyical attack that does a decent ammount of damage
     with barrier on, Southern Cross which means a free turn for you, and
     Freeze... This guy is fast, so get Barrier up and get HP to full. Follow
     by Spider Web and make sure Reflect is up after that. Heal yourself
     in your turns against him. Even though he doesn't have a lot of HP, I did
     lose to him because of Freeze. I didn't know he has that move, I did see
     it before and he did get reflected it did kill him. I just forgot if my
     reflect still has counters on it before it was gone. By using 3 or 4
     Dragon Scales, he is defeated. Before going to the next battle though.
     Make sure you have some Barrier left to spare and full HP is recommended.

Losing Reason - Not enough HP to survive his attacks, Taking on Freeze without
     Reflect on.

  Battle #8: Proud Clod      HP: 120,000!  MP: 400    (Last Challenger)
     This will be a long and boring fight. Yet there are a few consideration
     of how this guy can easily kill you. Materia Jammer doesn't seem to work
     when he used it on me, for some odd reason. All his attacks are phyical,
     except for Beam Cannon, which is unleashed when he starts to bow down.
     For some reason, his Knee Fire is also phyical as well, oh well. This just
     means that Barrier should stay on for the majority of this battle. I don't
     recommend using Stardust in this battle, Dragon Scales is better. But due
     to the fact that you want Barrier on at all times, Stardust does prove
     to be useful while being played on the same turn as using Light Barrier.
     When he is about to use Beam Cannon, put MBarrier on quickly. Then start
     using Magic Hammer to deplete his MP, so that he won't use Beam Cannon
     anymore. You just need to use 4 times that all. The next time he uses
     Beam Cannon without any MP to use, just keep throwing Dragon Scales.
     You'll get 3 free turns in the process. Even so if you take down his armor
     he still gets 2 attacks. Sometimes one, I have figured out his pattern yet
     because I was too busy trying to kill him. Elixir and Dragon Scales should
     be frequently used in this battle. Even if he doesn't deal over 200 during
     that turn, it's still better to have your Cloud healed fully, just in case
     One time, he scored 2 critical attacks on me, I have Barrier on at the
     time with full HP, Both of those attacks took 400+ in damage and he killed
     me. Better stick on the safe side because you don't want to start the
     whole battles all over again. Slow doesn't work on him, I've tried. Using
     Omnislash is a waste of turn, it deals only 200s or 300s per slash. If
     you want to use it, use it during this fake Beam Cannon phase. This is the
     only battle that you'll need to start duplcating stuff, mainly Elixirs
     and Dragon Scales. While doing that, don't worry about a thing, he won't
     kill you, as long as you have Wait on. Speaking of which, it is best to
     go directly into your Item screen and stay there until he Proud has used
     his 2 attacks. This will stop his Wait bar, and gives you time to think
     on what to do next. If he attacked twice and he missed both times, there
     will no need to heal yourself, meaning you can attack some more at him.
     It's possible to dodge every single of his attacks, even Beam Cannon, but
     that is based on your Luck. Mine was high enough to dodge it 3 times in
     one battle. Seriously, I have played this guy 3 times before I beated
     him. The first time I was clumsy enough and let Beam Cannon attack me.
     I was thinking it was a phyical attack, wrong move. Second time he did
     that double critical on me, whiped me out, and I have frustrated. Thrid
     time was better, I stayed on the safe side and always healed Cloud in
     any of my turns, which made Mime a great piece of work. Before I knew
     it, I finally defeated him. What an amazing match. Hopefully I will do
     better against the WEAPONS.

Losing Reason (for me at least) - I forgot that the Beam Cannon was a magical
     attack, not phyical. Bad luck, I lost to him because he scored 2
     consecutive attacks on me and they were both critical and I couldn't
     dodge neither of them. For many, I would consider timing of heals.

   Preparations for WEAPONS, Ruby and Emerald
   For this section, I'll include all the things you'll need in order to beat
   the WEAPONS. So that you don't waste 7 hours of basically doing no
   contribution for these battles. You should be lucky to read this section
   and the other followig 2 sections as well, I sent a lot of time making and
   thinking about them. So you should be grateful. You can decide not to use
   them and that would be the greatest challenge ever, thinking about Emerald's
   and Ruby's greatest powers and you'll have to deal with them alone. If not,
   then keep on reading them. Note that for the first version, I'll only
   include of how to beat it with KotR, this is the first path that I took.
   In the later version, will I then add how to beat them without it. Being as
   so many people on the boards hate the idea of using KotR and consider it to
   be cheap and cheating. I did consider that aspect, but for this game, those
   are defintely not true due to the lowered power it can dish out. One more
   thing, only get Yuffie after you have gathered all the preparations. Have
   an extra save file before you get Yuffie and one after you get her.

   Get Speedy and Lucky: Get Cloud and Tifa's Luck and Speed Stats to 170 and
    then give them a mastered Luck and Speed Plus. Luck Plus is found in the
    Temple of the Ancients. If you didn't get it too bad, you might want to get
    to 255 instead. Speed Plus is won in the Battle Square by trading in BPs.
    For those that find this too cheap and shouldn't be placed on the character
    due to the fact this should be a low level game, look elsewhere. As for a
    word as advice for those people, consider getting a lot of Speed and Luck
    Plus's, preferably 10 of them at minimum, each. Chocobracelet and/or Sprint
    Shoes. Get 99 of each sources etra because it will given to Yuffie when
    she joins in.

   Materias Needed, not Mastered:
    W-Item (get 3 if possible)

   Materias Needed to be Mastered:
    (3) Magic Plus Materia (more if possible)
    (3) Mime (Once you get the 3rd one, it doesn't need mastering)
    (4) Luck and Speed Materia (more if possible)
    (1) Elemental
    (1) W-Item (get at least one of these, three is optional)
    (1) HP Plus (2 extra might be needed, but optional)

   Optional Materia: Underwater (needed for Emerald)

   Items needed: Hero Drinks, Spider Web, Dazers, Megalixirs

    Weapons: Ultimate Weapon, Premium Heart, Conformer
    Armor: Mystile (for invasion), or/and Wizard Bracelet (for Higher Magic)
    Accessory: Sprint Shoes (Haste througout battle)
               *Won from Chocobo Racing
               Ribbon (Protection from Ruby, only put in consideration)
               *Morph Ho-Chu
               Circlet (Adds Magic and Spirit by 30, Magic is main subject)
               *Get more Circlet by stealing them from Ho-Chu in Special Battle

     The Real Challenge: Level 7 Tifa V.S. Ruby Weapon       HP: 800,000
     I choose Level 7 Tifa because she has the lowest level in the game at
     this point in the game. Be assured that Cloud can beat Ruby as well,
     being at Level 8 with this same strategy. Yuffie can do this as well, but
     she also can use a different strategy to win as well, being that is more
     tactical then the one that I'm going to tell you. This battle shouldn't
     be too much for you to absorb, being as Ruby is easy to beat in the first
     place, from testing and IMO.

     Get Tifa's Dex to 170+ and her Luck to 170+, then by giving her a Luck
      and Magic Plus mastered materia, she'll get 255 of each for her stats
      (Note: 170 Speed is fine as well, I did beat Ruby with that Speed)

     Give her Premium Heart and Wizard Bracelt and Circlet
      (Ribbon if you in doubt, you don't need to be though, trust me)

     Materia include:
      3 Magic Plus (Mastered)
      Luck Plus (Mastered)
      Speed Plus (Mastered)
      HP Plus (Mastered, two might be needed, until you reach 400MP)
      Elemental(Mastered) = Fire (on armor)

     Set the game speed to slowest posssible and wait mode.

     Items needed:
      2 to 4 Dazers
      3 Hero Drinks
      Megalixir or Elixir (Optional)

     Begin the battle with the other two allies, Cloud and Yuffie, KOed. Ruby
     will sink his claws. Use Dazer first on Ruby and then on the left claw
     with W-Item. Give Tifa 2 Hero Drinks. Then give Tifa a Hero Drink and
     Dazer Ruby again in that order. Next summon Hades and KOTR on Claws, in
     that order. Keep Mimiming with Mime after that, until you have beaten
     Ruby. Take caution when using the items, timing is everything, especially
     when you are at this kinda of speed. There is one crucial time that you
     can die and that is after you use your 5th KotR on Ruby. Ruby might on
     that turn use Ruby Ray, which can just kill you. If it decided to dig it's
     claws or use Ruby Flame, then you're fine. Notice that after you use a
     Dazer on Ruby, you can full 5 turns on Ruby with the Hades/KotR attack.
     Being as the first one paralyze him, Hades, and the other 4 is because of
     Tifa's Speed. Dazers effect doesn't last long, but if you time it right,
     then Ruby won't ever hurt you whatsoever.

     It should take only less than 25 minutes to beat him. I beated him in 23
     minutes 20 seconds. Just remember this is doable and I'm not a expert,
     I'm a pure hearted challenger.

     This strategy was manipulated and converted for my this battle, a
     similiar one is found it Arctic's Guide.

     Note: It's possible to beat Ruby without raising Dex to 255, read the
      strats if you want to find out why.

     The Final Challenge: LLP V.S. Emerald
     You need the whole party alive to beat this guy. After you have pulled
     the pair of summons, you are good to go with Mime. Just hope that you
     pair of summons won't make him use the Revenge Stamp on you, he only does
     this when his eyes are opened. Before pulling out the pair of Summons,
     let me explain your preparation for this battle. This is how I did it,
     anyone can find their own way of beating this guy, this is just an
     example of a way that works.

     Ultima Weapon
     Wizard Bracelet
     Enough Plus Materias to get 255 Dexterity and 255 Luck. I had 2 Mastered
     Speed Materias and 1 Mastered Luck. Mastered Magic Plus, W-Item, Mime,
     and an Underwater Materia. You need it for this battle, but I might be
     wrong. I did count the total ammount needed for this battle. It should
     be 14-16 minutes, seeing as I did pause a lot throughout the battle.
   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Premium Hear
     Wizard Bracelet
     Enough Plus Materias to get 190 Dexerity and 255 Luck. 3 Speed Materias
     Mastered, and Luck Materia Mastered. Mime Mastered, W-Item, 2 Magic
     Plus' (One Mastered and one with 1 Star)
   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Wizard Bracelet
     Sprint Shoes

     HP<=>MP materia, needed to summon. Mime. W-Summon. Mastered Magic Plus.
     MP Turbo = KotR, MP Turbo = Phoenix. Note that MP Turbo isn't needed, but
     since I already did plan to use them, I decided to add it for kickers.
     Enough Plus Materias to get 181 Dexerity and 234 Luck. I had 2 Mastered
     Luck Materias and 1 Mastered Speed Materia.

     Items Needed:
      1    Spider Web
      3    Speed Drinks (Optional, but helpful, not included in the strat)
      6    Hero Drinks (Optional, but helpful sometimes)

     Turn to Battle Speed to as low as possible and set the ATB to wait mode,
     do these settings before the battle, you can't after in Sub. Begin the
     battle with Spider Web on Emerald, this actually will slow him down, if
     you didn't nocite the difference. If you choose a guy that has a W-Item
     equipped, first choose the Spider Web, than give Yuffie the Hero Drink.
     Emerald should, most of the time, get the first attack which is Emerald
     Shoot. This will deal 999 and kill that character. Make sure that person
     isn't Yuffie. If he starts out with Stamp, then you really have poor luck
     then, because this is a critical point of killing you instantly.

     After the Hero Drink has been entered, have Yuffie summon Phoenix and
     then KotR. It has to be in that order. After the Phoenix's attack has
     ended, your fallen ally will slowly get his ATB bar filling. Before KotR
     will take place, quickly have that character use Mime. After the KotR has
     ended, sometime Emerald will use Stamp as a counterattack. Make sure that
     this attack doesn't kill everyone. At least one person will have enough
     luck to escape this attack, trust me.

     For a faster way, but a more dangerous way, have the second W-Item person
     use the other Hero Drinks on the other two, Cloud and Tifa, so that their
     Mimed Summons can deal 9999 as well.

     After the pair of summons has been unleashed for 3-5 Times, Emerald will
     now start opening up and before you can make a move, he'll unleash Emerald
     Beam, which can't kill you. It's like a Demi move. Here come the critical
     point in which you could, or not, lose and have to start over. On the next
     Mimed Summons, Phoenix will come out and hit. After it has ended, he'll
     counter with Revenge Stamp. This move right here takes a lot of luck to
     evade. Make sure the one that survives isn't the one that casted it in
     the first place, if not, that prepare for another critical point. When
     the KotR has ended, he might use a Revenge Stamp again, or in a regular
     case, he'll use Aire Tam Storm. In which case, you better pray to god
     that this doesn't kill everyone all at once. That last KotR probably
     should've killed the eyes and now it will slowly dissolve its eyes,
     giving you a extra turn for recovery, best if you done this quickly as
     possible. A second Revenge Stamp on also be used after the KotR.

     After the 6 to 9th Paired Summon, Emerald will slowly fade away. This,
     BTW, is based on my Magic and Luck (meaning the real thing) It took me
     about 7 tries to beat Emerald with this strategy. I played this guy
     again when I typing this up with a Laptop and watched the battle. So
     having the Memory Cursor on, can help out a lot when you plan on being
     lazy. Remember to take an advatange of the Wait, so that you don't too
     overly excited. This took me about 17 Minutes. Good Game. You've just
     now completed one of the greatest battles and challenges in FFVII.

   I got like 3 HP<=>MP materias because I thought I needed it, but instead it
   was a total waste of time, it's worthless at the end. I just needed one. I
   spent too much time to do this LLP game, more than LAL, but not out game,
   but in game. I used a little bit under 59 hours to do this Challenge. Also,
   I hope that if you have some spare times, try to get more Magic Plus Materia
   and they better be mastered. This will help greatly against Ruby and Emerald
   If you didn't notice, I didn't fully fill up all the materia slots. So using
   the Ultimate Weapons and Wizard Bracelets isn't really neeed, but it does
   give a good Magic boost, stats wise. So it would be best to stick with this

   Demi = Quadra Magic Doesn't Work Because: You don't have enough Magic to hit
    him. Meaning most of the casted Demi will be Miss. If it scores, it will do
    9999, but I estimated that that is a 1 in 7 chance. Miming a Quadra Magic
    will cost you MP, for each casting, which isn't really a great deal is it
    now, yeah, I didn't think so.

   Final Attack = Mime, Phoenix, KotR, and W-Summon Doesn't Work Because: For
    some reason the computer doesn't recognize very complex materia setups as
    its own. If you try to Final Attack Mime, mimicing a Phoenix, it won't work
    A few experts, Shadow666, has also confirmed about these results.

   And this will End My Lowest Levels Challenge. I hope you can do this as well
   Some will be amazed at how much one can do, when one tests these things out.
   I just couldn't figure out why no one has done this sooner. FFVII has the
   most Fanboys out of all the Final Fantasy Series, but there is a lot of
   novices out there that claim to be experts. But since this FAQ has been
   release, a lot of experts are becoming a newbie once again and learning from
   this game even more. Well, I'm done with this and moving on to a new FFVII
   challenge known as the Speed Game, aka Speed Run. A group of people have
   already started this we, including some that I have listed in the credits
   list, like GarlandG and MetalGearSolidBoy (MGSB). When I'm done with that
   challenge, I will move on to FFX and the NSG series.


Q: What's the lowest average level for beating the game?

A: A party that consist of everyone being at level 28 and Cloud at level 26 by
   using this guide to do so. These levels can't go any lower then this.
   Average Wise. Vincient will join at level 30, so it would be best not to
   get him, that way you can say you have everyone at level 28 and under. This
   also means that you can not ever out lower these numbers, unless you use a
   cheating device to do so. I will correct my errors if you can only prove me


Q: What's the lowest level party you can beat the game with?

A: The lowest level party you can beat the game with is Cloud, Tifa, and
   Yuffie. Cloud because he can basically not get any EXP througout all the
   battles. Tifa has the same thing as Cloud, plus she starts out with the
   lowest EXP and level in the whole game. Yuffie can avoid all the EXP on
   disc 1 and 2, but she enters the party at level 17. At least it's lower
   than the other members. You must get Yuffie after Disc 2 though.

   There is an exact low level though. Cloud at 8, Tifa at 7, and Yuffie at
   level 17 This, my friends, should be the real challenge in a Low Level
   game. Or maybe not. I've already figured out how to make this challenge a
   lot easier. The whole point is to have Cloud and Tifa be KOed at every
   possible battle and level up when they are in the party so that you be
   sure that they won't get any EXP at all. Get Yuffie after you're finished
   getting any EXP. Since Yuffie's Level is based on Cloud's level, keeping
   Cloud low means Yuffie will always be at level 17, no matter other members'


Q: What's the lowest level for any one character by the end of the game?

A: I, myself, asked this same question. And Frankly, I found the answer. 
   Here is the list.

   Cloud:   Level 8
   Tifa:    Level 7
   Barret:  Level 8
   Aeris:   Level 7 before she leaves
   Nanaki:  Level 9
   Yuffie:  Level 17
   Cait:    Level 8
   Cid:     Level 14 (needs more backup due to average level)
   Vincient:Level 15 (needs more backup due to average level)

   Basically you can select any two characters have them at those levels at
   the end ot the game. Three is impossible because one person has to take at
   least some EXP, making them level up. I haven't gotten Vincient, even
   though I could test this out as well, probably by the next update.

   From Cait to getting Cid, those levels aren't the lowest. A lot people
   has pointed this out. Cait was gotten in 8, so I will change it now.


Q: What's the lowest level anyone can join the game at?

A: For this question. I'll give the number with a small explanation.

   Cloud:  Level 6  This is the starting level, no matter what you do. The
                    other lowest level that you can see him in is at level
                    one. That is when he is with Sephiroth.
   Barret: Level 6  This is also the lowest for him. It can't be changed,
                    because Cloud couldn't escape any of his battles
   Tifa:   Level 4  Due to my testing of keeping the average level of the
                    current party low, this is the lowest. No doubt.
   Aeris:  Level 2  This truely is the lowest possibel. The same as what I
                    said for Tifa, but she shouldn't really matter. No one
                    will see her level by the end of the game. Just good
                    for you know that this is the lowest level she can join
                    at, that's all.
   Nanaki: Level 8  This is the lowest possible because you can't protect
                    Tifa nor Aeris from leveling during some of the battles,
                    this by forcing their levels the rise rapidly. You, and
                    I can't stop this raise, because this is not optional to
                    us. Aeris won't take apart in the fight against H0512 is
                    one of them, and big one at that.
   Yuffie: Level 17 Yuffie's level is totally based on Cloud's level and no
                    matter what level Cloud is on when he is at level 20 and
                    lower, you'll always get a level 17 Yuffie. If Cloud's
                    level is more than 20, like 21, then Yuffie's entering
                    level would be 22. Yuffie will keep coming on 22 until
                    Cloud's level is more than 25, so on and so forth.

   Cait:           Level 8, So far
   Vincient:       Level 15, So far
   Cid:            Level 14, So far

  Other lower level are currently not known, yet.


Q: Does Tifa and Cloud get EXP while they're in Mideel?

A: No, they don't. At first I thought they did, but later on, GarlandG said it 
   didn't. So I tested this part myself and sure enough, it was true. So this
   will be one of the best times to get Enemy Skills, since only one person
   will get the Full and one other will get the half.


Q: What are some battles that you don't have to get so much EXP from?

A:+During the Rufus fight, don't kill Darknation
  +Don't kill any H0512-opt, the one with Nanaki in it
  +From the 3 Icicles, don't kill the bats
  +Carry Armor battle, try to beat this boss without knocking of his arms out
  +Rude at Rocket Town, beat him without killing the Shinra Soldiers in front
   of him.

   All of these were given from GarlandG and he deserves all the credit for
   pointing this out. Except for the 3 Icicles, I figured this out on my own.


Q: Is it possible to beat this challenge without learning any Enemy Skills?

A: I personally try to do this part myself. That is the reason why my Battle
   Plan did not get Big Guard and the other 2 enemy skills until Carry Armor.
   I believe it would be near impossilbe to beat Carry Armor without Big Guard.
   Yet there are certain ways to of beating him without getting any Enemy
   Skils. Read that section for more details, but those tactics will require
   a lot of time to do. It's possible though, just to let you know, I just
   haven't done it yet.


Q: Is there a way to max out stats in this challenge?

A: Yes. This will be a long and hard task. You have to find creatures that are
   paired up in twos. That way you can morph one and leave the other one
   behind while you flee, making you get no EXP whatsoever. There isn't a lot
   so far that I've found. Here is a list of what I got so far and some are
   from the Battle Arena as well. I think it's best done after you've gotten
   Yuffie and given her the Conformer. Against some bosses though, it will
   still do low damages so warned if thinking about doing this.

   Power Source: Screamer x 2, Screamer x 2 and Twin Brain    (Mt. Nibel)
   Guard Source: Spirals x 2                                  (Mideel Area)
   Magic Source: 8 Eye                                        (Battle Arena)
   Mind Source : Kilbin                                       (Whirlwind Maze)
   Speed Source: Poodler                                      (Gelnika)
   Luck Source : Bad Rap                                      (Gelnika)


Q: What's the max jump in levels one person can do in a battle?

A: From what I found so far, the best ones to do this with is Cloud and Tifa
   in a LLP Game. They both are raised to the same level, but Tifa would
   get one more level because she had one lower than Cloud did. So for the
   record books, the max jump is 22 levels! Tifa being at level 7. Then when
   she faces Jenova Synthesis, she'll gain 60,000, the highest EXP given in
   one battle, and then her level will jump to level 29. (29 - 7 = 22)

   Added Later: I must find myself corrected. Myself correcting my previous
   statement. In fact, those aren't the max. You can get 120,000 EXP from that
   same battle, just by adding on EXP Plus (2 Starred or Mastered) This will
   get you this instead: (Not known yet, I haven't tested this out)

   Added Later: I have just done it, but it isn't so glamous as it may seem.
   The higheset jump is now 30, Tifa going from Level 7 to Level 37 from the
   same battle. Yet you'll only see Tifa go to level 17. Once she has reached
   17, from 7, here level will instantly jump to 37. Disappointing isn't it?
   I was hoping for a couple minutes of numbers rolling, LOL, o well.


Q: How do you determine what level each Character will join at?

A: Well, each character's level, that is joining in, will have the current
   average level of everyone in the party. Plus or Minus a certain mod number,
   depending on the character. For examples: Tifa's Level = Cloud and Barret's
   level added together, and divide by 2. Then minus 2 because that is Tifa's
   mod number for her levels. All characters in the inactive party counts as
   well. Meaning when Cait joins; Cloud, Tifa, Aeris, Barret, and Nanaki's
   level, deterimine Cait's level as well. Include Yuffie, if you have gotten

 PAL = Current Party's Average Level

 Cloud   = Starts out at level 6, not determined by anyone else
 Barret  = CPAL - 1
 Tifa    = CPAL - 2
 Aeris   = CPAL - 3
 Nanaki  = CPAL + 2
 Yuffie  = Cloud's Level | Yuffie's Level
           0  - 20       | 17
           21 - 25       | 22
           26 - 30       | 27
           31 - 35       | 32
           36 - 40       | 37
           41 - 99       | 42
 Cait    = CPAL + 1
 Vincient= CPAL + 3
 Cid     = CPAL + 3


Q: To get 2-1 and 3-1 Limit Breaks, can't you just kill some enemies and then
   run away, so that they'll count toward the full tally? The same thing for
   learning Enemy Skills?

A: No, those won't count toward at all. You can try but you'll fail. All those
   numbers of kills only counts if you have won the battle only. This concepts
   applies for both Limit Breaks and Enemy Skills? And another thing, nothing
   done in the Battle Arena counts towards anything because you don't get the
   screen at the end about the total number of EXP and AP gained.


Q: What is the lowest level character that can beat Ruby, one on one?

A: A Level 7 Tifa. This might amaze you, but it's quite possible, even with
   a Level 8 Cloud, not too much a differnce is there? Well, it's possible
   and I have done it to prove it. Read about it in the LLP section.


Q: I don't think those are the Lowest Level's that you've gotten. I've gotten
   a more lower level than, by average I mean. Are you going to move this
   silly FAQ from Gamefaqs and type another one?

A: No I won't because all my levels are the Lowest Average Levels. Even if
   you got a lowere level average than what I got, can you honestly say
   that every single of your characters' level is lower than what I got, no,
   I didn't think so.

   I don't mean to be rude or anything, but those are the facts and I'm
   sticking to them. There was this one challenge that would be quite
   interesting to, it somewhat combines the LAL with the LLP to get the lowest
   of them. All you have to do is have Aeris and Cid take the Full EXP in
   all battles. If Aeris is avaliable, use her, when she leaves use Cid to
   take her place. Yet the LLP part is that you must always have Cloud and
   Tifa in the active party as KOed peoples. I can't give Lolo26 any credit
   for this because I found the Lowest One Possible. He did some me what he
   did, but it wasn't lower than my findings, and I dind't even have to
   test this out, I just know it. By average I mean.

               Game Challenges Done by Author

Not to brag about my accomplishments or anything. These are the challenges
 I've done when I've started to become a true gamer. And I've also listed some
 of the challenges that I'm wanted to do and complete.

 Final Fantasy IX:   Level One Game
                     No Equipment Game
                     Excalibur II
                     Perfect Save Without Maxing Stats

 Final Fantasy VIII: No Junction Game
                     ODINS Challenge (One Day In No Saves)
                     Perfect Game (Maxing out every stats, except for Speed
                                   and Luck)

 Final Fantasy VII:  Initial Equipment with No Materia Challenge
                     Perfect Game (With Best Materia Combo for everyone,
                                  missing one KOTR though, until I have 8 KOTR)
                     Lowest Average Level Game (LAL)
                     Lowest Level Party Game (LLP)

 Final Fantasy X:    Perfect Game

 Super Marino RPG:   ODINS (One Days In No Saves)
                     Perfect Game

 Zelda OOT:          Perfect Game

Other Challenge I hope I can complete in the future:

 Final Fantasy X:    NSG
                     ODINS (One Days In No Saves)

 Final Fantasy X-2:  Six Iron Dukes (I got 5 so far, working on 6)
                     Level One, One, Two Game

 Final Fantasy IX:   Attack and Item Only Game
                     ODINS (One Day In No Saves)

 Zelda OOT:          Three Hearts, No Death, Minimum Requirements Game
                     ODINS (One Days In No Saves)

 Zeld MM:            Three Days Game (Even better than ODINS)

 Super Mario RPG:    Level Three Game

 Starcraft:          Get over 1000 wins (Currently have 700s)

 If you don't know what ODINS is, it stands for 'One days in No Saves.' Also
 known as a No Save Game, except that you have to beat it within 24 hours. The
 concept of a No Save game doesn't really explain it's true meaning. You can
 just leave the system on and go to sleep and by tomorrow you can play it some
 more. That isn't a real challenge. ODINS give you the full name that you
 should do it. It's a very enduranced base challenge. You must know the game
 very well and you must not sleep throughout the whole process, even if you're
 using a automatic turbofire controller.

       Other FAQs Used
     Here is the list of FAQs that I used on gamefaqs in creation of this one.
     Even though they might not know it, I truly give them a lot of credit of
     creating this piece as well

     Low Level FAQ
     Limit Break Mechanism Guide
     AA's WALKTHROUGH (Copied and paste a part from his as well)
      (Apathetic Aardvark a.k.a. Sine Nomine)
     Arctic's Guide (One of the Strats to beat Ruby with)
     Chocobo Raising Guide
     Don Cornero FAQ
     Max Stats Guide
     Weapons Guide
     DC's List (Even though this was very inaccurate)

     Here is all the people that helped me with this FAQ. Even though I have
     said there names before this will contribute to their true knowledge and
     wisdom for helping me make this thing. Helped me meaning on the message
     boards and giving me more insights then ever.

   Terence: One of the first people to help me out on the boards. Besides
            that, I just remember that from my previous FAQ, that he was also
            one of the people that helped me make my FFIX max stats guide. Now
            for FFVII, he has given me the formulas of solving each character's
            EXP requirement to reach certain levels. I truly love this man. If
            only if he would give me the rest of the Mod Numbers so that I may
            finish my list. Come on man, please. This man is a genius when it
            comes to giving out formulas. Added Later: Helped on Emerald,
            listed the attacks and their powers, which is just extra knowledge.

   Defcon999: At first I thought this guy was a newbie or something, but later
              on I was amazed on the ammount of info he holds. During my
              research he helped me with a lot of different ideas. He was also
              the only one person that helped me with my large challenge,
              which I made FAQ to, but I never finished it and it never got
              finished. I'll try to finish it and hope that gamefaqs will
              accept it. Defcon is an expert that is waiting to have
              questioned answered. In fact, in some Walkthroughs that you
              might read on gamefaqs, his name will be credited as well.
              One last thing, Deuce ex Defcon is his second account, which is
              pretty obvious. Added Later: Also helped me with studying
              Emerald and the Level 8 Cloud VS Special Battle part as well.

   GarlandG: After I've started my research and testing, this guy fucked me
             up. He told me the Ultimate Battle Plan ever made. He made it and
             I hate him. Why didn't he tell me he had it sooner? I could've
             used it. Even though I needed to manipulate it a little for my
             own benefits. This guy has done this challenge and typed a similar
             FAQ in another language. Hopefully I can use his FAQ and this one
             and combine strategies to form one large ass one, also hoping that
             Gamefaqs will accept it. This concept is on standby, since Garland
             hasn't replied yet. Added Later: Garland has decided to submit
             his FAQ under a different name and I agree with him with the fact
             that our FAQ are very different. His being that all his
             character's total exp are very similiar and that everyone is at
             level 28 by the end of the game. Hope he can get it done and have
             his posted on Gamefaqs as well.

   Shadow666: For posting up so many of the same answered questioned that I've
              always wondered about while I was doing this challenge. Added
              Later: He also gave me conformation about my materia setup that
              I was going to use on Ruby and Emerald, even though I didn't
              mention those names while asking those questions. I truly am
              grateful from your wisdom.

   Shadow411: Doing the same thing as Shadow666, I wonder if they are the same
              person or not. He did make many, "Online Frequently Asked
              Questions (OFAQ)" on the message boards. Which are the best
              things a newbie can ask. Maybe he should just make a FAQ called
              the 'Ultimate Neverending FAQ Guide.' So that it will keep on
              growing, I can help him add a few stuff from this FAQ as well.

   THE INSOMNIA: He did help through this challenge, somewhat, he desires some
                 credit for his efforts. Added Later: He desire more credit
                 since he was willing to test out Emerald with me. Good guy.

   CyrusViRuZ: For telling me that you can get the 1-2 limit break for Cloud
               on the very first battle against Scorpion Guard. I haven't done
               this yet, but he said it's doable based upon the items that
               are avaliable at the beginning of the game.

   Lolo26: For noticing the true LAL wasn't what at all what I had thought
           it would be. Even though I read some thing else on boards relating
           to this, before he emailed me, he still deserves some credit. A
           Q&A was made soley for this purpose. He also joined the Speed Run
           topic and gave a lot of helpful ideas and strategys.

   MetalGearSolidBoy: For emailing his recordings of the EXP requirements for
                      Cloud and Tifa from Level 31 to Level 99. His email
                      address is Ben101388@aol.com, I didn't even know his
                      User Name until he has posted on my topic.

   Bergqvist: This guy has tested Garland's Battle Plan first, which someone
              lead me to writing this guide. He also as part of the Speed Run
              topic and did rather well.

   Others: Catnip,

   CJayC and Gamefaqs: The only place I go to when it comes to hardcore gaming.
              This place is where I look upon when I need help in a game or
              making a FAQ like this one. Without it, this won't have existed.
              Hopefully this FAQ will only be used by Gamefaqs, not Gamespot,
              or worse yet, AOL! I have heard about this by the way and I
              don't approve of them using our guides, but not crediting that
              it came from Gamefaqs, shame on them.

   To Hypropahnt, my long lost love, where are you?! Come back to me... LOL...

   My Brother, Elton Chang, and Mother, Gui Ling Chang for being there with me
      all the time. Love Yall.

   Last, but not least, KADFC. The author of this FAQ.