Final Fantasy VII 
materia AP while you sleep
(or without having to be there)
version 1.0 (1/18/99)
Blackmages, Ltd.

Tired of walking around waiting for random ecounters to get AP for your 

Tired of actually having to sit through the battles????

Well, read this.......

	Here is what you will need

1.  Rubber band  (a good one)
2.  PSX controller with a turbo you can set

First off, I will tell you how I did it....

1.  Here are the characters I used...Cloud, Cid, and Tifa.

Cloud you should equip with the apocalypse sword and a rune armlet
Tifa should be equipped with the Platinum Fist and a rune armlet
Cid should be equipped with the Simitar and the imperial guard

These are interchangeable of course, but for the sake of simiplicity, I will 
just duplicate the order and material arrangements I used.  Accesories really 
don't matter.

Apocalypse Sword (3 single slots) Anything you want to get triple AP
Rune Armlet (4 single slots) Anything you want to get double AP

Platinum Fist (4 single slots) Anything you want to get double AP
Rune Armlet (4 single slots) 
*A MASTERED cover materia (100% cover)
*2 MASTERED counter attack materia
and one of anything you want to get double AP

Scimitar (2 connected slots)  Anything you want to get triple AP
Imperial Guard (3 pairs of 2 connected slots)
*A MASTERED final attack materia with a MASTERED phoenix summon materia
*an HP/MP switch materia
and you have 3 other slots for anything you want to get normal AP

Now that you have this set up, max out your characters HP and MP and head for 
the Midgar swamp.  Put the rubber band around the O button when the turbo is 
set, so it will constantly  be firing off the O button.  Then walk into the 
swamp and turn off the TV (to save on the electric bill)  After this......WALK 

Go to sleep
Go to work
Go to school

The midgar Zolom is the only part in the game where you don't have to be there 
to fight, it will always come after you.  So you don't gain very much AP and EXP 
and GIL, but you don't have to be there!!!!!

Confused?, well here is how it works....

Tifa has the COVER materia, so she will take all the hits, and between the 
COUNTER ATTACK materia and your pals beating on him (courtesy of the O button 
being hit) the overgrown wannabe boss Zolom won't last long.  When she 
eventually dies, you are left with Cloud and Cid who are still pounding on the 
Zolom. (oh yeah, having the O button set on turbo with a rubber band gets you 
through the EXP/AP/GIL gain screen....and back to the overworld map, to start 
the process over again)

Cloud is there just to get AP, so Cid is the most important.  With the HP/MP 
switch materia, he should have a TON of MP to get the Final Attack/Phoenix combo 
working.  As a matter of fact, i truly believe if you set this up right you 
could probably let your playstation running for a week and still not die.  When 
Cid finally dies he will resurrect Tifa and Cloud (if he died) and the process 
starts all over again, best of all the Zolom is weak, so even Tifa dying the 
first time takes hours.

So there you go....

I take no responsibility for anything that may happen to your playstation when 
leaving it on for so long.  I also take no responsibility for messing up your 
game somehow by screwing up my combo.  (although impossible, it could happen)

I would reccommend just leaving it on for a few hours at a time, and letting it 
cool off.

Questions, Comments????

If you have anything to say about this, or if you figure out any way to better 
this FAQ or combo...   Email me.

All I require from using this FAQ is a kind 

Copyright c1999, Blackmages, Ltd.