Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 13:59:26 -0400

FF7: Easiest Way to defeat Ruby

Of all the methods I've read, this has got to be the simplest, safest, and
least AP-consuming way to kill Ruby.  You don't even need the Masters!
Here's all that you'll need:

- MASTERED Command Counter Materia paired with Mime
- Knights of the Round paired with HP Absorb
- Enough HP and defense so you don't die in one hit.
- High magic rating (200+)
- Ribbon <-- very important

Optional (but recommended so it doesn't take hours)
- 2 Knights of the Round Charges
- W-Summon
- Master Summon paired with MP Turbo (on different slots than the regular
KOTR one)

Before you start the fight, kill off your other two party members.  When
you start the fight, simply cast Knights of the Round (W-summon or
without) on Ruby or the tentacles (doesn't matter).  Now go get a cup of
coffee, come back in 10-20 minutes, and Ruby will be dead ^_^

Everytime Cloud gets hit, he will automatically counter with KOTR and
regain *tons* of HP (I kept getting more than 9999hp back).  How can you
lose? :-)  How can it get any easier than this?

This method will work against Emerald too, provided you have the
Underwater Materia and a light set of Materia so Aire Tyre Dam doesn't do
9999HP.  Also because you probably don't have the Master Summon you'll
need a very very high Magic Rating because KOTR isn't Mp Turbo'ed.  I find
it easier to do the well known KOTR-Mime-As-Fast-As-You-Can way to kill
him... although you need a little luck.

Terry Lin
I do not want to receive e-mail about this FAQ.  It is self explanatory...
thank you :)