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"Another highly overrated game..."

When I first got this game, I thought it'd be perfect. After I beat it, however, I believed that this game isn't even average. In this review, I'll be listing the reasons why I don't like this game:

Graphics 3/10
People say that the graphics are very good for its time. To me, however, I would have preferred the original 2D sprites to the polygon-rendered 3D characters that this game offers. I'm not against polygons, but some places in this game feels seriously rushed and unrealistic. The various emotes that characters do doesn't make sense at times because of the limited polygons that each character has.

Gameplay 4/10
You might be asking me why I gave the gameplay a poor rating, the reason is that the characters are basically in their blank states. Besides the minor stat differences that you can cover with sources and the characters' limit breaks, every character is basically the same. Their weapons usually give about the same attack bonuses too. You can give another person someone's materia and they'd be just as efficient at it as the original person.

Story 2.5/10
The story starts out with a person who is later known as Cloud that goes and fights some shinra guards. He's basically a mercenary that only works for his pay, he later turns into a completely different guy and apparantly doesn't care for his pay at all. There are many holes in the plot and they never really are explained, such as why Sephiroth wants to do what he's doing in the first place. Most of the game past disc 1 doesn't make sense as a result of this.

Sound 3/10
The music isn't as nostalgic as the previous games, the vast majority of their songs use instruments that really doesn't fit in with where you are. It makes the music stand out in a bad way and I find myself turning the sound off because of that.

Replay Value 4/10
All you would probably do in the entire game is the story, and that would take 20-40 hours depending on how much you level grind. Sure, there are sidequests, but they're much more tedious than the ones you would see in other RPGs and are basically just quests where you fight a series of battles.

Overall 3.3/10
Overhyped games these days tend to not be near as good as they say, and Final Fantasy 7 is another good example at this. I don't think it's the worst of the Final Fantasy series, but I recommend you to stay away from this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 07/29/09

Game Release: Final Fantasy VII (US, 09/07/97)

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