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Where can I find pulse ammo?

I want to upgrade squall's revolver to the loin heart. Where can I find pulse ammo?

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Oh, thanks, but i'm near the end of disc 4. Can u still fight the same monsters near esthar?

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Spirolli answered:

Sorry, I researched a little bit more after I realized that you can fight many different types of monsters in Ultimecia's Castle. Also I'm getting conflicting reports about whether you can enter Esthar to fight Elnoyles (sorry about earlier posts they are actually Elnoyles that you fight not Elvorets). However, I'm pretty sure you can't enter any towns including Esthar.

It turns out that the monsters that have the items for Lionheart are in Ultimecia's Castle. There are Grendels (they carry dragon fangs) in the Storage Room, Elnoyles (carry Energy Crystals) are in the Chapel, and Admantoise (carry adamantine) are in the passageway leading to barred door you need to play the organ for.

Also, you might need to use the abiltie Lvl Up since I think that some of the monsters in Ultimecia's are at low levels and you need to raise their levels to get the items. I hope that helps.
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Spirolli answered:

Pulse Ammo cannot be found its only made with Ammo RF. You need to find Laser Cannons , Energy Crystals or a Power Generator. Each can be refined with Ammo RF but they all refine for a different number of pulse ammo.

For 1 Power Generator, you get 20 Pulse Ammo. For 1 Energy Crystal, you get 10 Pulse Ammo. And for 1 Laser Cannon, you get 5 pulse ammo.

I would suggest going after just 2 Energy Crystals to get 20 pulse ammo. For one reason, the Power Generator item is fairly rare item to get. Another reason is that the Laser Cannon is sometimes as rare to get as the Energy Crystals and you need to get three Laser Cannons to refine enough pulse ammo.

If you are playing near the beginning of the game and trying to obtain the lionheart on Disc 1, the only way to obtain Pulse Ammo is to play cards and get Elvoret cards. The only people that I have played on Disc 1 that use Elvorets frequently in their deck are Ma Dincht (Zell's Mom) and Cid (in my playthroughs it is either one or the other character. I have never played through the game with both characters playing them frequently in their cards). Also, Ammo RF is obtained when Ifrit reaches Level 10.

If your playing near the end of the game on Disc 3, then you can get Energy Crystals somewhat easily by heading into esthar. There is a particular Esthar soldier that is really just an Elvoret in disguise and if you are high enough in levels you'll get Energy Crystals almost every time you defeat him.
Consult gamefaqs or another game site for specific details.
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Spirolli answered:

I don't think that you can fight monsters on the world map in disc 4. I think your only able to play cards and do a few sidequests. You could try and play people for the Elvoret cards, although I don't know any character that plays Elvoret cards at any regularity or even plays with the card at all on Disc 4. Also, you can't refine cards for the other items needed for Lionheart.
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