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Obtaining the Doomtrain Card?

Apparently it's the Pub Owner in Timber who holds the card. Who the heck is the pub owner? No one inside the pub is titled that. There are only two people in the pub. One being a woman who doesn't play cards and the other is in the back right hand corner. He plays cards but I must have versed him at least fifty times now without exaggeration and he has yet to play Doom Train. Can anyone help me with telling me exactly where this pub owner is so I can stop possibly challenging the wrong guy over and over again?

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Thanks for the help, though I should have specified I knew all of that already. I had lost Alexander to her and gained all the cards back off her father just in case I needed to. Still wasn't getting it. Two games, with the guy in the back right hand corner of the pub, after posting this question he played the Doom Train card -.-'. So I answered my own question, it is in fact the only guy in the pub that plays cards. Thanks anyway.

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mattarthur397 answered:

You have to do the Queen of Cards quest. This involves losing cards to the Card Queen and then she gives them to her father. In return you can win your card back from her father and he'll also make a brand new card and give it to someone else. For him to create the Doomtrain card he needs to see the Alexander card. So you need to get that and lose it to the Card Queen.

Refer to the FAQS for details on how to do the quest fully.
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