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Finding The White SeeD Ship With Ellone In Disc 3??

Ive tried all the answers posted i even looked and saw exactly where the ship was located but still cannot find it ive circled and looped de looped the area its supposed to be in so many times...?

Ventris2 provided additional details:

Umm i went to Edeas house and had the conversation and was told to go find Ellone i dont know about any letters but..

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Mussurana answered:

Have you returned to Edea's house and received her letter? I'm not positive, but it may not show up until you've done this.
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Mussurana answered:

Check your inventory. If the letter's there the ship should be around.

If it isn't go back to the orphanage and talk to Edea.
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heaven06 answered:

yup you have to get the letter first otherwise even if you search and search the whole world map you will not find the white SeeD ship. when you do have the letter check your map the the White SeeD ship will be on ther southern part inside a letter "C" arc far down side of the world map
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