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CC Group?

I need help, im on the 3rd disc and im trying to do the CC Group Quest, but i can't find Jack! im with Ragnarok and i've spoken to Laguna! so now their on Ragnarok! can i still do the quest? if do i find Jack? i've been on the Garden Hallway for 30 Minutes waiting and resetting! and he just doesn't appear! only a Guy that says if the CC Group has challenged me! and a guy that doesn't talk and finally a SeeD dude, then there's also the Kid Running, the 2 Girls and thats it! can i still do the CC Group Quest? if i've also found Joker in the Training Center...

Accepted Answer

magicpot answered:

Taken from AbsoluteSteve's Walkthrough:

Head to the main hall and look around for a SeeD. If he says something about the CC-Group, then that's the guy. He is called Jack. He will only allow you to challenge him if you have won 15+ Card games in Balamb Garden. Games that do NOT count are games played in: Library, Cafetaria, Classroom. All else will count. Beat Jack to continue.
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XDraks answered:

Ah! i never knew that lol! thanks! ^^
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