Question from Dragon_Holder22

Where can I find steel pipe?

Im on disc 2 and i controlling the garden and i yet to find a steel pip for the shear trigger where is it?

Accepted Answer

KaiTenSatsuma answered:

Wendigo drops it regularly and you can mug the item off of it, also: if you are a good card player you can just win an Elastoid card and use the Card Mod ability to refine it into a steel pipe.

Though it would be a waste to make a Shear Trigger, get a Masamune Blade or a Forbidden Sword along with some other card refined items and you can get a much better weapon, I'm starting a new game and just finishing Timber and already have a Flame blade: you don't need to have the magazines to make the weapon, just the materials. (I think the ultimate weapons are the exception though)

Don't worry about missing Limit Breaks either
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Moasseman answered:

Ultimate weapons are no exception, you only need the stuff that it takes to remodel into that weapon, not the wpns monthly
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