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how to start CC Card Quest?

i already in the end of Disk 3, i have the Ragnarok and Laguna and his company.And i don't know where to find or where to start this quest CC Cards?

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RevenantThings answered:

The Card Club appears in Balamb Garden and various members require certain conditions in order to be found.

The information below is from KasketDarkfyre's FAQ:

CC Member: Jack
Location: Balamb Garden hallway near the Directory. He has no Rare Cards.
Defeat him to face Club.

CC Member: Club
Location: Balamb Hallway near the Cafeteria. Appears randomly. Has no Rare
Cards. Defeat him to face Diamond.

CC Member: Diamond
Location: In front of the Balamb Directory. Diamond is actually a pair of
girls. No Rare Cards. Defeat them to face Spade.

CC Member: Spade
Location: On the second floor next to the elevator. Has no Rare Cards.
Defeat him to face Heart.

CC Member: Heart
Location: On the bridge, it's Xu, and she has the Carbuncle Card.

CC Member: Joker
Location: In the Training Center of Balamb Garden, he appears randomly, so
don't be mad if you don't see him the first time around. He has the Leviathan
Card, and will upgrade your Battle Meter to include GF information. You can
find him anytime after beating Jack.

CC Member: King
Location: Speak with Nida on the bridge and go to the infirmary. Challenge
Dr. Kadowaki, after defeating her, she will tell you to find King. Go to your
dorm, and sleep, when you awake, King will appear. He has the Gilgamesh Card.
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