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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I change triple triad rules?

I'm trying to get Edea's card but the rule are Open, Same/Plus, Random, and Elemental, how do I change the one of the rules?

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From: j800r 4 years ago

I highly recommend Sister's Triple Triad comprehensive guide right here on GameFAQs. Successfully manipulating rules can take time and be rather painstaking. First establish what rules you enjoy playing with. I recommend Open with trade rule One or Diff. If you begin abolishing rules as you go it makes it a hell of a lot easier in the long run. For the stage you're at however, the only real way you can abolish Centra's tricky rules is to carry a rule from another region that Centra doesn't have. It does very much sound like Sudden Death may well the only rule you can bring to the region.
I'll try to break down the process for you:

1) Challenge someone in a region that uses the Sudden Death rule.
2) Challenge Edea in Centra. If she asks to mix say yes. If not, repeat step 1.
3) Game screen opens. Select quit. Do NOT play her at this point.
4) Several things may happen. Sudden Death spreads (in which case you need to reset) or one of the other rules is Abolished. If Open is abolished, reset and try again. If any of the others are abolished, good. Save, and repeat steps one through three.

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Only way to change it is to mix rules with a town that has sudden death and hope one of those rules gets abolished. If nothing happens or sudden death spreads soft reset. Press start+select+L1+L2+R1+R2 all at the same time. Don't save unless Same/Plus, Random, or Elemental gets abolished from that region.

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go somewhere else and play there then come back to where Edeas card is and you will transfer a rule or abolish one

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