Question from FinalFantasy888

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I play FF VIII on PSP?(save data)

I bought FF VIII on ps3 with playstation store.
I am able to play it on psp but my save data doesnt work.
I copied the save data i got from my ps3 and when i want to load it says ' no save data'
Please help me

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From: laracroft9000 3 years ago

On you PS3 there should be a Memory Card Utility for the PS/PS2 click on it and then there should be create new internal Memory card. Do so then go to game start game then press PS button. Menu will pop up. Go to Assign slots and assign the game to the internal memory card you just made. Then you should be able to save your game.

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The save data is different and you'll need to find someone to convert it for you. I would recommend talking to some people in the PSN community online.

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Its simple actually just go to PS/PS2 click on in make on then there should be a input into slot 1 or 2 option and there you go

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