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How do I beat tonberry king?

I had a hard enough time fighting Jumbo Cactuar. Now I have to fight Tonberry King and his little minions being strong on their own is not helping.

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Vermesser answered:

Tonberry King shouldn't be too difficult at any level. The fight is mostly time-consuming. Plus the King doesn't have any super special traits such as ultra-high speed or one-hit killers. He has a fairly high Strength Stat, but this shouldn't make much of a difference if you take care and fair precautions (good Junctions and Ability selecting).

He'll use It's Sharp which seems to be his strongest attack, but in fact it's a fixed-damage attack causing 30 x (target's enemy kills) damage. This can be strong enough by itself though. Whenever this or any move kills one of your characters, draw-cast Full-Life (I hope you have an average level of 30+ for your party, so that the King is also Lvl 30+) and it's like nothing happened. He'll also use Junk, this doesn't kill you either, although it can be tough (now you draw-cast Curaga).

Remember some pretty good friends of yours at this point:
-Armor Shot (AP Ammo)
-Duel (can do quite a lot of damage if you master it out)
-Kamikaze (since you have Cactuar, and you don't mind spending a few Phoenix Downs or Life spells, this one causes super extra damage that exceeds the 4-digit scale)
-Diablos (or any effective "percentage" (gravity) attack, although with Diablos you'll get bored of the animation)
-Mighty Guard (if you are weaker than expected at this time of the game)
-Aura Stones (if you are a bit rushy, you may not have Aura spells by now, although since you have fought Jumbo Cactuar, chances are you have Aura too)
-Recover Ability (You should have that already, so if you want to make sure you fully heal a player use this one)

These ideas should ring a bell for you, but I'm pretty sure you can do the job if you balance your moves within your party. Keep an equilibrium and don't forget to heal whenever necessary. A main problem with these games is that one won't utilize everything he has in store, just because they don't check it out, or get absorbed in the fun of the battle and the slashes etc. and neglect strategic preparations. Make sure you study well and you'll see you have lots of tricks in your armory bag.

Good luck and enjoy the game!
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RevenantThings answered:

Have Diablos on one character and summon him a few times to take care of the regular Tonberrys. Tonberry has Full-Life and Curaga, so when you face him dedicate one character to drawing/healing your party. Use your strongest attacks with your other two and just keep healing. The battle will take a long time, but eventually TK will fall.
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Barks5133 answered:

Note: This is how I dealt with all the tonberries AND the Tonberry King, I found it quicker and easier than any other method.

Aquire at least 30 Aura spells (can be drawn from the islands closest to heaven and hell), junction your strongest magic to Squalls attack and speed. Give the Aura's to someone who has the 'Initiative' ability equipped. Squalls Lion Heart is a great help here, but not necessary, also, for the King you should have some spare Meltdowns. (Vit 0 works wonders)

As soon as the battle starts, cast Aura on Squall and keep pressing circle until you get a limit break, use it, it should kill the regular tonberries in one go, if not, go again. Do this for the King but cast meltdown on him to reduce his vitality making attacks do more damage. Have Squall do all the attacking with Renzokuken, someone else do the healing, and if you get a spare turn use it to attack. Once Aura is finished, cast it again, if you got 30 or more before you started you should have more than enough to last the battle. Repeat til finished.
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