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Gameshark codes V2.3 or lower plz?

I have played through the game and have beaten it several times. I've never been able to get enough of the ...Up's (Str, Luk, ETC) and thus have had to resort to using junctions to maximize stats. For Once I want to be able to maximize stats without having to use junctions (one: because Some stuff [triple] needs to be saved for Hit% and it ends up on something else and thus I have to make that stat lower. and two: I want to have ribbon on all my characters that go into the final battle [so as not to be stricken by any bad status the 5 forms throw on me]) So I would like if someone could get me an All Items code or at least a collection of codes that give me all the Up's and The Scrolls (plz include the amnesia greens too) So I can do this. Thanks ahead of time.

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Also Raw Codes would be better because I've had them work always

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one more set I would like for you to put up here, the magazines (IE Weapon's Monthly, Pet, Combat Kings, ETC)

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Why use a game shark to begin with? but i do have an answer somewhat to your question. you don't need all the magazines and all you have to do is get tonberry king and learn all his abilities then use his call shop ability and amnesia greens magazines and all that fun stuff is in all the esthar shops. for the ups all you have to do is buy 100 tents and cottages and refine them into mega potions then sell the mega potions. repeat until you have enough money (approximately 2 million gold per up) and buy the appropriate items from the esthar store (e.g. force armlet). for hit and evasion equip triple and ultima respectively for the highest stats possible and if necessary equip eva+30% to get it even higher.
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