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Asked: 5 years ago

Squall Card help?

this is about my well 2000th run of FF8 and i forgot 2 pick the Squall card up from space i was wondering if the Queen of Cards gives it out in Disk 4 as for me she never gave out 1 single player card....... only up 2 GF

Additional details - 5 years ago

let me get the Ragnarok i want alot of items now!

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From: gameboy_pat 5 years ago

umm... you don't get the squall card in space. You get Squall's card from Laguna in Esthar.

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It's not necessarily the queen of hearts that gives you a character card. You can also get them from one of the Card Group members on disc 4 as well.

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If you did the CC Sidequest before Disc 4, the members would be on the Ragnarok. They would have all the rare cards you missed, or modded.

The only exception is the Pupu card. You can only get it once, and once you mod it, it's gone for ever.

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No you can't get it from the queen. She only has the 5 cards that get created as part of her quest (Kiros, Irvine, Chubby Chocobo, Doomtrain and Phoenix from memory - but probably wrong).

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Yeah Gameboy_pat is right... The Laguna card is the one you get in space. You also get one other one but I don't remember.

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