Question from michell3_h0

Asked: 5 years ago

What do you do after going to Esthar and speaking to laguna?

I'm on disc 3, and I'm reading this walkthrough, and it tells me to go to tears' point and then lunatic pandora.
I'm not sure what you do there though, can someone help me?

Additional details - 5 years ago

Ok, but what do you do at lunatic pandora? The map says lunatic pandora labratory. I'm not sure if it's the rightplace, but when I got there I saw a moomba and a dog chasing around, and when I got in the building, there was some guy with another moomba. DId I miss anything? It said I was supposed to be fighting Fuiji and Raiji again, almost intantly.

Accepted Answer

From: Spirolli 5 years ago

From what it sounds like, you may be near the end of the game. What the guide probably meant to say is 'head' towards Tears' Point in the Ragnarok and drive into the Lunatic Pandora above it.

The guide probably already mentions this but after a few events in the Lunatic Pandora you will reach a point of no return; so make sure you have everything you want and did everything you wanted to do.

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