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How do I beat 20 Tonberries easily?

I know there is a GF called Tonberry and that'll help you gain levels easily, but It'll take me forever to fight all of them. Is there an easier way to do this? I have to summon like 10 GF's just to kill one Tonberry. And my GF's are all almost lv. 50. What should I do?

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Spirolli answered:

The best way to fight 20 Tonberries quickly is to have one character use Demi Magic and another character use Diablos or some GF with a strong attack such as Bahamut or Eden, if you happen to have them. The final character will use Pheonix Downs on any fallen character.

However, if you have a strong character (Zell and Squall are probably the best for this) for their level then you could let their health go down to near death and then use their limit break. Along with the Demi Magic and the GF Diablos, a limit break attack might help out a lot. Also a note, if you plan to use this strategy and use Zell it should be mentioned that some of Zell's special attacks (the attacks he reads from the Fighter's Magazine) are ineffective against Tonberry.

Also another note about the Tonberry GF quest. The Tonberry King doesn't necessarily appear after 20 Tonberry kills. Sometimes it can be as much as 23 Tonberrys kills and as low as 18 (however, I've never been able to get him to appear after at least 20). At best I've only been able to do the Tonberry GF quest in 30-40 minutes but it should take around an hour and a half on average.
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