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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find "red fang" item??

Where is this islang nearest to hell anyway??
really sorry.. its my 1st time to play ff8.. i need your help.

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From: face235 5 years ago

Red Fangs can be found by Mugging or defeating Hexadragons. You can also get one by Card Modding three Hexadragon Cards as well.

The Island Closest to Hell is on a large island just west of Galbadia. It isn't labeled on the map, so enter the menu to confirm this. And you can see it from Galbadia.

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If you bring the map up by pressing the select button, the Island Closest to Hell is the island on the farthest left point on the map.

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Credit to Cidolfas Item/Magic FAQ.

Effect: Ifrit +3
2 required for Squall's L.5 weapon, Twin Lance.
Refine into 20 Firaga* using F Mag-RF (Ifrit).
Defeat or mug Hexadragon.
Defeat Chimera (rare).

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There is a forest, near cetra... It has like yellowy mountains and you can only get there using garden i think... But hexadragons are in the forests there (along with some Forbiddens) You could mug the ones there since its safer then going to the island closer to hell.

I cant remember exactly where the forest is. All I remember is the mountains are a yellowy colour and theres a dense green forest all around the top.
If i find out where they are, i'll post another message.

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