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Where can I find "red fang" item??

Where is this islang nearest to hell anyway??
really sorry.. its my 1st time to play ff8.. i need your help.

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face235 answered:

Red Fangs can be found by Mugging or defeating Hexadragons. You can also get one by Card Modding three Hexadragon Cards as well.

The Island Closest to Hell is on a large island just west of Galbadia. It isn't labeled on the map, so enter the menu to confirm this. And you can see it from Galbadia.
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Spirolli answered:

If you bring the map up by pressing the select button, the Island Closest to Hell is the island on the farthest left point on the map.
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cheatingdude answered:

Credit to Cidolfas Item/Magic FAQ.

Effect: Ifrit +3
2 required for Squall's L.5 weapon, Twin Lance.
Refine into 20 Firaga* using F Mag-RF (Ifrit).
Defeat or mug Hexadragon.
Defeat Chimera (rare).
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Demise_X answered:

There is a forest, near cetra... It has like yellowy mountains and you can only get there using garden i think... But hexadragons are in the forests there (along with some Forbiddens) You could mug the ones there since its safer then going to the island closer to hell.

I cant remember exactly where the forest is. All I remember is the mountains are a yellowy colour and theres a dense green forest all around the top.
If i find out where they are, i'll post another message.
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