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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find a dark matter?

I'm trying to get Quistis' blue magic completed and i know of one way to get the dark matter which can be used to get shockwave pulsar. However, the only way I know takes forever. I am curious to find out if anyone knows of a quicker way to get a dark matter than collecting 100 curse spikes.

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I am near the beginning of the 1st disc.

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From: Maybe_yes 3 years ago

To get Dark matter, as mentioned, is to use Tool-RF, and Siren must be lv 100. You will have to change 100 Cursed Spike to one Dark Matter.

There are few monsters that drops it. Malboro, Forbidden, and Tri-Face.

Lv 100 Malboro would drop 10 curse spikes, on rare occasion. Even if you use "Rare Item" ability, which higher your rare item drop rate, it's somehow still kinda rare.

In Deep Sea Research Center however, there is a place where you will have to fight Tri-Face in fixed spot. However Tri-face doesn't ALWAYS drop Curse Spike. Thus I recommend to steal it, cause I got about 6-8 from every mug. And I found this to be the fastest way.

However if you can't wait till you get to Deep Sea Center, then you can walk around Galbadia Garden when you're fighting them. In their main hall, there should be Tri-Face. You should have Mug by then, from Diablos. I remember I encountered those Tri-face in second floor of the G-Garden Hall (Above where we fight Cerberus).

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Curse spikes can easily be obtained from Tri Face as there is a fixed encounter in the Deep Sea Research Facility. You can fight these repeatedly to get the curse spikes however they are only available until you defeat Ultima Weapon. After that the fixed encounters are no longer available, however you can still encounter Tri Face at other locations such as the Island Closest to Heaven.

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Not only the tri-face but you may also mug from forbidden in the centra ruins

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Malboros drop 10 curse spikes which is a slightly faster method if you have your magic junctioned correctly.

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