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"I went home from school, found this in the mail, and played school again."

When I got home from school and saw this game in the mail, I freaked out! This game was supposed to be amazing, I had pre-ordered it 2 months ago, and I was expecting lots of value from it. Sadly, that was not the case, I got the complete opposite.

Graphics 10/10
Let's start with the good part, shall we? There's very few PlayStation 1 games that has better graphics than this one. The opening scene was cinematic and simply amazing! All of the full motion videos in this game are jaw-dropping, I'm sure you'll like the graphics.

Gameplay 1/10
This game's gameplay is downright terrible. I have never seen a Final Fantasy game with such bad gameplay...Leveling up is useless, because the monsters are always your level, they don't even have MP anymore! Instead, you need to stock up spells to use them. Also, right after the beginning of the game, it would be either you attack all the time, if you have spells junctioned into your strength stat. Or it'd be that you use Guardian Forces all the time if you don't have lots of spells junctioned to your strength stat. This quickly becomes repetitive either way, the only other moves you'd be using are limit breaks and the spell "aura".

Story 1/10
The story starts you off with Squall Leonhart, who wants to become a SeeD member, a group of mercenaries. This game's story is based on the "theme of love" except that your main character starts out cold for the first couple of discs. He suddenly changes to a COMPLETELY different character towards the end of the game, though. I see no reason why he'd change so quickly for no apparent reason. Also, none of your characters have a personality at all, this game is obviously poorly developed.

Music 4/10
Before, when people said that Nobuo Uematsu isn't perfect, I didn't believe them. Now, I kind of do, there were few songs that weren't annoying and even fewer that were enjoyable. The song "Eyes on me" is probably the only song that I actually liked. Only reason I didn't give it lower is because it's not that bad, just very repetitive and annoying.

Replay Value 1/10
This game has absolutely no replayability. It's highly unlikely that you'll ever finish this game. If you do, however, I highly doubt you'll ever want to play it again. Even though there's quite a few side quests in this game, it's so boring I highly doubt you'll finish more than 20% of them. There's also no story to drive you on in the game, it's most likely that you'll just give up in the middle.

Overall 3.4/10
This game is one of the worst of the series (other than FF5) and the score shows it.
There's nothing fun about this game at all, character development is terrible, music is repetitive, gameplay is flawed. It's highly recommended not to buy this game, don't even rent it (if there is a place to rent PS1 games today).

Final Statement: This game makes doing homework exciting.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 05/06/09

Game Release: Final Fantasy VIII (US, 09/07/99)

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