Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 00:39:44 -0400 (EDT)

Car Guide
from Ronald (

Here is How to get the Army Tank and how much each car is worth and the
docks.and some cheats

Where to find the ARMY TANK:
Vice City:Bent Cop Blues
1)North West Miramire
2)On island south of Vice Beach

Rasta Blasta
1)North West Miramire
2)On island south of Vice Beach

San Andreas:
Mandarin Mayhem
1)West Sailors wharf
2)South East Woodside(on small island next to red bridge have to get to it by
driving on the submerged road at the SOUTH end of the island and bridge.

Liberty City
No Tanks but 
Beast GTS:South West Island heights
Cossie   :South West Brix
Bus      :North East Fort Law

Cheats everyone knows but here thay are any way 
GROOVY     All cities
WEYHEY     9,999,990 Points
BLOWME     Coordinates
EATTHIS    All of the 500 cop after you
CHUFF      No Police
THESHIT    All items
TURF       All Cities
MADEMAN    All Cities and weapons
BSTARD     All Cities,Weapons and 99 Lifes
FECK       Liberty City Part 1 and 2
TVTAN      San Andreas Part 1 and 2

note:these are the prices only if the car is in EXC condition

29 Special $4000
4x4        $4000
Ambulance  2 Big
Beast GTS  $12,000
Bike       $2000
Brigham    $4000
Bulldog    $8000
Bug        $2000
Bus        2 Big
Bus2       2 Big
Challenger $4000
Classic    $8000
Coach      2 Big
Cossie     $12000
Counthash  $12000
F-19       $10000
Flamer     $6000
Hot-Rod    $10000
Impaler    $8000
Itali      $8000
Itali GTB  $8000
Itali GTO  $8000
Jugular    $8000
Juggernaut 2 Big
LeBonham   $4000
Limousine  2 Big
Love Wagon $6000
Mundano    $6000
Panther    $8000
Penetrator $8000
Pick-Up    $4000
Pick-Up    $6000
Porka      $10000
Porka Turbo$8000
Portsmouth $4000
Regal      $4000
Repair-Van $6000
Roadster   $8000
Speeder    $10000
Squad Car  U think there going to take that.
Squad Car2 Same deal,Sell a different car.
Stallion   $6000
Stinger    $8000
Stinger Z29$8000
SuperBike  $10000
Tank       2 Big
Tanker     2 Big
Taxi       $2000
Transit Van$6000
TV Van     $8000
Vulture    $4000