Question from aoi69

Asked: 6 years ago

How to equip weapon / coin?

First question :
in chapter 1 after fazz and romleth free from the prison, the've got no weapon with them. so i went to the menu option and tried to equip some weapon. but there's only carmine ring !! so i've got no choice but to wear it.
even after i finished chapter 1, it didn't change. i already bought sword, spear, etc.
but still, there's nothing in the menu equip.

Second question :
i could only use 1 coin. and that is grulla. even though i already bought another coin and seal (and i also engraved them). but there is nothing in the coin menu !!

so anyone please help me !!

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From: GenocideHeart 6 years ago

Uhh... have you tried scrolling through the weapon categories? Each weapon type has its own category page, dedicated ONLY to them. IIRC; by pressing left or right (or was it L1/R1? Been a long time) on the Equip screen, you can scroll between equip pages...

Hope this helps.

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There are multiple menus for coins as well. Do the same for those as you did for the weapons.

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