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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - For Playstation (Import)

---------------FAQ FOR THE SPECIAL STORY MODE------------------------
----------------------UPDATED VERSION 1------------------------------
Written by Kelvin Leen and "Dio" Kenneth Chan

First update : 11/12/1999

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It's been months since the last time I've touched the FAQ myself,
but I guess after sometime spent on playing the game and also
reading a little Jojo comics related to this game, I guess I have
enough knowledge to get me through writing an update.

I must also thank the kind people who have sent me mail regarding
the FAQ, big ways or small, I thank you form the bottom of my heart.
This is the first major FAQ that did not receive much letters and
questions which really set my mind asking if I did a good job for
this FAQ or not .....

I will go through the storyline and the gameplay basics, something
that had not been done in my original un-updated copy of the FAQ.

As always, please NEVER use this FAQ for any money related matters.
Please ask first, respect is something I demand from those who are
seeking to copy a piece of info from this FAQ ... so ask before
you do anything.

The original foreword ---
Hello, fellow Jotaro or Dio wannabes ....
Welcome to the much awaited game of 1999, JOJO's Bizarre
Adventure has truly made a mark in the arcades and now has
come home for the Playstation .... I must say that it's one
title that's worth the wait !

I'm no Jojo fan mind you, but my co-writer is. He waited for
ages for the home version, and meanwhile still beating the crap
out of the Arcade version at the local aracades .... I only watched
the OVA version of Jojo which was based on the 3rd season of the comic.
I admit that while the comic's artwork really stinks like hell, the
OVA version is ten if not fifty times better !

I really must say that the Arcade fighter should have been drawn the
way the OVA was drawn, for those who say the OVA, you know how different
Dio was in the comic verus the OVA ! Another thing is, there was much
taken out of the comic in the OVA version ... but at least the game
was smart enough to follow the comic version ...

I think I had enough of typing my foreword ... let's get down to
business !!! OHLA !

The SP STORY option is based clearly on the comic version of Jojo's
Bizarre adventure. For fans, you'll now play those moments of wild
conflicts and great battles as all of Jotaro's ally !

---------A BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE STORY BEHIND THE GAME---------------------
To make things really brief and simple, the game focus on the 3rd
season of the Jojo's bizarre adventure comic series. It focus on the return
of a vampire named Dio. Dio had previously beheaded and now uses the body of
Joseph Jostar's grandfather as his own.
This causes complications on Joseph's daughter, and he has only 30 days to
save her form death, by defeating Dio and his henchmen, who are scattered
around everywhere Jotaro and Joseph went.
Alongside with Avadol, and 2 of Dio's ex-henchmen, Kakyoin and Polnareff,
and later Iggy the dog, they fight Dio and loses some friends along the
way, which you will experience in the SP Story mode itself.

<That's about it, trust me, I think somebody had better correct this
summary for me, I think there are mistakes that I can't spot myself !>

---------THE SP STORY MODE------------------------------------------------
This mode is a mode where you are playing as any possible ally to Jotaro,
the main lead of the whole comic series.

Each stage is more or less a game or a fight of some sort. You are being
graded based on your skill, time, vitality left after each stage. They are
graded upon 50 marks, and you will also get an alphabet grade along with your

There are also secrets in each of the games, trust me, they can be really
tough or impossible to get at times. They will add on to the 50 marks and
can determine how good you acutally are at times.

Secret factors ARE NOT related to an "S" rank at all ! As mention, the
grade or rank will only depend on how well you did in that stage !
Don't mix that up !

After you beat the stage, the scores you've collected and grade will add on
to your total score from stage 1, you will use this score to unleash next
options in your game, new artworks, sound test and even new characters.

After you have completed the game once, you are given a new set of missions,
and also the chance to replay any of the missions you have beaten so far to
get better grades and scores. They will still add to your overall score,
and boost your chances to get new stuff in the game.

Trust me, the tips I'm giving you are going to push your scores up, even a
little bit will mean a lot for you when you first start !

1st stage - Japan
The Police station :
Jotaro is being arrested for fighting (what else) and gets locked inside
the police station's jail.
Joseph and Avadol visits Jotaro and Avadol fights Jotaro after blasting
the cell's gates open. At this point of time, Jotaro's first encounter
with Avadol releases his Star Platinium stand for the first time.

Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Real easy

*I read that you should not do any STAND related attacks or call you stand out
to use as Jotaro is not really sure about what a STAND is in the comic. This should
earn you extra marks as a secret factor.

*Whack Avadol at the rightmost part of the stage. This is where he was defeated
in the comic ... this also counts as a secret factor.

2nd stage - Japan
The local hospital :
Jotaro will proceed to this venue and meet up with Kakyoin who is already
mind controlled by Shadow Dio already.

Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Real easy

*Feel free to go after Kakyoin's face with a Star Platinium punch. You can use
your stand from now on.

3rd stage - On the way to Hong Kong
On board the plane :
The team now consist of Jotaro, Joseph, Avadol and Kakyoin will meet up
with a grey bug inside the plane. It kills several people in the plane and
later, the aircraft pilot, crash landing the plane
This is a bug known as the Grey Fly, posesses the Tower of Grey stand.
Kakyoin will face it.

Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Easy

*The fly is real fast, much faster than Kakyoin in my ways, and has a
hammering attack that connects many times in a row and damages plenty !

*Kakyoin can also take chances by shooting the Grey Fly via
mid air, It might not connect much hits, but will keep the bug away
from you. Do this fast enough and get a PERFECT vitality for more marks.

*The secret factor (again related to the comic version) is to use your move
where you can extend your stand's arm to attack to kill the Fly.

4th stage - Hong Kong
A park
The team arrives in Hong Kong and bumps into an already possessed
Polnareff and Avadol steps into fight him.

Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Easy

*Use your CROSS FIRE HURRICANE SPECIAL attack on him. This earns you the secret
factor marks.

5th stage - Heading for Singapore, South China Sea
On board a ship
The team is taking a boat ride to Singapore, and encounters Captain
Teneil, the owner of the Dark Blue Moon stand. He goes after Jotaro
and you'll enter your first minigame of the SP Story mode.

Type of situation : Avoid the punches
Level of diffculty : Easy

*The rule is simple. There will be directions given for you when
the enemy is going to punch or attack you. Before the blow connects,
move to any of the given directions and you'll be safe.

*Jotaro is given 100 hit points in this game. Every blow reduces 20
hit points. 5 chances is all you have.

*Aim for a "S" grade as this is an easy minigame. You'll gain more
Jotaro Ability points and Secret points with every "S" grade.

6th stage - Heading for Singapore, South China Sea
On board the ship
A really funny part of your adventure is here. The team meets up with
an intellegent Gorilla in the ship. Look at that Gorilla and hammer it!

Type of situation : Sock my face with your punches
Level of diffculty : Tricky but easy

*Okay, You will given crosshairs for aiming here, move that with your
control pad. The other button to press is your Heavy punch button which
is to punch. When the Gorilla appears, move your crosshair to it and
hammer your punches on it.

*As you might notice, you have 2 life bars at the bottom. The gorilla
will throw junk at you, so punch those away as well. Sock as many
blows onto the gorilla's face as possible, the fella's dead sooner or

*When the gorilla's life is very low, a little girl will appear sometimes.
Be careful not to punch her or you lose life as well.

*The secret factor is not to hit the girl at all.

7th stage - Singapore
Hotel room
The team arrives in Singapore finally and check into a hotel. Polnareff
finds something amiss about the room, and true enough, somebody's 
hiding in the room ! He's inside the fridge and his name is Devo.
You will use Polnareff to fight.

Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Moderate

*For the benefit of those who never really played the Arcade version or
mode, Devo's stand in hidden in that little doll on the ground.

*Once Devo's stand is activated, Devo himself cannot block. The doll can
be very deadly if you do not know where to block. Go for Devo as he is a
larger target than the Doll.

*Acutally, to get the secret factor, aim for the doll, not Devo. Tough but
hey, the doll is the main factor of Dveo's curse.

8th stage - Singapore
Jotaro meets up with Kakyoin in the sewers. But did you notice that he's
yellow instead of Kakyoin's trademark Green jacket ? Obviously it's
an imposter ! You'll fight this imposter with Jotaro.

Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Freaking Easy

*Yellow Temperance may have a little bit of Kakyoin's attacks but they
are not powerful compared to the original one. Jotaro will kill him in
seconds if his attack misses !

*If you back away long enough, you might notice Yellow Temperance keeps
doing a move where he goes "ReRo ReRo" with his tongue, just let him finish
and you will get a secret factor score.

9th stage - India, Calcutta
Village slums
Polnareff is being hunted down by a strange being who appears in any reflection.
You will end up seeing yourself get stabbed by the being's knife attached to
it's hand. Polnareff recalls that his sister was killed the very same way,
and once he sees the being, he falls helpless to it. Kakyoin steps in time
to save Polnareff and faces a man named  Hol Horse, who is able to control the
bullets in his pistol.

Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Moderate

*Hol Horse has an assistant name the HANGED MAN. He appears to attack you from the
ground and he is also part of Hol Horse's super. (Very cool super)

*The secret factor to earn here is to win by time over .... But this is really
near impossible !

10th stage - India, Varanasi
Somewhere in India
Joseph is apperently being hunted down in this section of the story. 
The woman, NENA is a Stand user who has the ability to infect people (when they
touch her blood) with a tumor that grows into a hideous freak. Joseph is
infected and the tumor grows into a little man who tries to kill him while
he's running around the city. Meanwhile, the cops are after him, because
the tumor has killed someone and they think Joseph did it. When he
eventually kills the tumor, the woman dies as well.

Nena was acutally with Polnareff elsewhere in the city when this incident
happened. If you read the comics, you'll see how gross this scene really is
especially after Joseph found a way to kill the tumor ... very gross.

Type of situation : Avoid the punches
Level of diffculty : Moderate

*The first part is to avoid a bullet. I don't have to give hints on that.

*You'll be given 4 directions to avoid rather than the usual Left or Right

11th Stage - India, Delhi
On the road
The team is travelling by car and suddenly meets up with a car that blocked
and overtook them. Polnareff complains about the situation and the car later
gives way ... only to let the team's car face an incoming truck !

Type of situation : Avoid the attacks
Level of diffculty : Moderate

*All of the attacks from ZZ are pretty fast, so avoid will care.

*The funny part is that this Stand owner is a puny guy with very big arms !
After you win, you'll get to see the guy, and get a good laugh over it !

12th Stage - Multan, Afghanistan
In a hotel room
The team checks into the hotel. An old lady appears and calls on Jotaro.
However Jotaro has given a fake name on the hotel's register, and asks
the old lady why she knew his acutal name.
This old lady by the way is the mother of the HANGED MAN stand owner.

Type of situation : Action minigame + 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Easy

*Your stand button is the ORLA ORLA multipunch move. Use this move with
care as the timing, if missed, will allow the zombies to chew you !

*To get the secret factor, just don't stop using your stand button to
fight ... for both rounds, without using any other attack buttons.

*The first part is to fight against a certain amount of zombies
coming Jotaro. The amount left to fight off is located at the right
edge of the screen.
There are basically a few types of zombies to fight off :
Pale Orange man : They just come at Jotaro slowly.
Pale Red woman : These jump at Jotaro so be careful.
Green baby : These are really hard to hit, Use your fast punches to
hit really low or they will bite you fast !

*The second part involves Enya and the zombies. Attack Enya and also
avoid her stand, which is the Skull and hands floating above the screen.
Not really easy but still you'll win with ease.

13th Stage - Karachi, Afghanistan
Some village / Joseph's body
The team encounter porblems when a stand enters Joseph's body and
wreck havoc ! Kakyoin and Polnareff enters into Joseph's body to
try to rid the microscopic stand known as the LOVERS.

Type of situation : Shooter
Level of diffculty : Hard

*Your main control here is Kakyoin's stand. Polnareff is working as
your attacker and human shield. REMEMBER THIS POINT !

*As Kakyoin, you will shoot Emerald blast and Polnareff will charge over
and do multi-slashes. To shoot Emerald blast, press and hold Heavy Punch.
To slash, press the Stand button. These are the only 2 things you MUST
get in your head when playing.

*Kakyoin is the one in charge of the health bar here. Polnareff has unlimited
health so use him to block everything that shoots to you ! Don't let Kakyoin
get hurt here !

*To use Polnareff, you'll just press Stand button, and if you move your
controller, he will also attack that particular direction and stay locked
facing that direction. I advice to always keep him IN FRONT and press
Stand button WITHOUT MOVING ANY DIRECTION AT ALL. He can be a quite a
bane at times when you make mistake.

*Kakyoin can improve his blast attacks by collecting powerups. Every time
he gets hit, he loses a power level. His maximium is 4 level points.
Polnareff is always at level 2 and cannot improve.

*When fighting Steely Dan's 1st form, just shoot and avoid all possible hits
fired from his pincers. Duck fast and keep firing and sending Polnareff at
him only when he's facing you face to face in front.

*His first form will turn red when it has suffered a lot of damage.

*His second form is really the tough one, as it is protected by two tube like
veins. Blast and slash any of the two, but once one disappears, duck high or
low as the tube will appear above or below you. It will swing around and cause
much damage.

*Once the veins disappears and Steely dan is left unprotected by the veins, send
Polnareff charing in and slash ! He can inflict much more damage than just shooting
from Kakyoin ! It will later recover it's vein and you'll have to blast one
vein down again.

*This second form of Steely Dan can take hell lot of damage so be calm and tackle
it in a cool manner. It might take more than 10 tries so please have plenty of
time to play this part !

14th stage - Abu Dhabi, Afghanistan
The team is in the desert and somebody's turing up the heat on them !

Type of situation : Hunt for the image
Level of diffculty : Hard

*The main window is your view. You have a crosshair to shoot at
any object. Use the heavy punch button to shoot.

*The mirror image is at the right side of the screen, and look at
what you see inside. The image is acutally from the main window
but it is inverted. Look for the non-inverted version in the
main window and shoot the location.

*It is very easy to lose here if you shoot the wrong spot. Your life
bar is above the main window. The timer is on your right corner screen.

*For Comic fans, the key here is not to fire at the sun, this is not
as easy as the comic edition !

*The secret factor is to beat this stage flawless and really damn quick.

15th stage - ?????
The team finds an abandoned child and takes a rest. However, they
seemingly end up in a dreamworld with a stand, which acutally belongs
to the baby they had earlier found !!! Kakyoin discovers the truth and
battle the Stand here.

Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Tricky but easy

*Using Kakyoin to defeat Death 13 is easy if you can fire Emerald shots
at it non-stop. You might get PERFECT this round if you are able keep
things that way. I got an "A" rank this way !

16th stage - Red Sea
A field
Polnareff finds a lamp and a strange looking genie appears to grant
wishes. Polnareff wishes for his late sister to be resurrected. The
wish is granted with a twist ... his sister is a zombie ! Avadol
steps in to stop the madness. HAIL 2 U !

Type of situation : 1 on 1 action battle
Level of diffculty : Moderate

*Your stand button is to execute your stand's uppercut move.
It blazes slightly in front and fires upwards soon after.

*You'll have to attack Cameo but it/he's protected by a zombie
of Polnareff's sister and a carbon copy of Avadol himself. They
are quite a pain, but get to Cameo and keep pummeling him non
stop with your stand button !

*The secret factor is to acutally kill the shadow Avadol and zombie
girl before destroying Cameo. (Fairly easy to get this factor, I got it.)

17th stage - Jiddah
A field
The team takes a break and encounters Midler. Jotaro will step
in put an end to her presence.

Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Easy

*For those who read the comic but do not where Midler is at this fight,
after Jotaro bash Midler's stand up, the team finds a woman at the beach
covering her face in pain, she is none other than a defeated Midler.

18th stage - Abu Simbel
This minigame is taken straight out of the Arcade mode. Jotaro's
team is being delivered Iggy the dog, and as the helicopter leaves.
After a short while the helicopter crashes and the team arrives
to investage the crash.
To their horror, a blob of water is the main cause of the problem
and Jotaro is off to defeat the Stand owner.

Type of situation : Bonus stage
Level of diffculty : Moderate

*Avoid all contact with water here and make it as quick as possible
to your goal, which is marked out by the meter at the right side
of the screen.

*Mainly these are all the water you will encounter in the minigame :
Patches of water that attack as hands (Different Heights)
Patches of water that shoot out at another patch
Patches of water waves x2
Patch of water that will suck you into the ground for damage

*The main thing here is NEVER STOP moving. Jump, leap dash, run move
if you have to. This will get you the secret factor, which is what
Jotaro did in the OVA and comic series.

19th stage -Aswan
The team encounters a pair of ugly people, named Oingo & Boingo.

Type of situation : Avoid the punches (Objects)
Level of diffculty : Moderate

20th stage - Komombo
Polnareff walks past a man wielding a sword. They turn and eyes
meet and the man challenges Polnareff to a duel. Of course being
a proud Frenchman, Polnareff accepts the duel.

Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Moderate

*The special ability that Chaca has is to learn the foe's attack.
Chaca should pose squating with his sword held in front.
If that happens, avoid him and wait for the moment the move
stops then nail him !

*Chaca is a wild fighter and damages really fast. I strongly advice
you to execute your super attacks with care, as he might learn your
move !

21th stage - Komombo
After Chaca's defeat, Polnareff takes the sword to a nearby town
and visits a barber. What ends up to be a trim, turns into a
trip to hell as Khan the barber attacks Jotaro with the sword !

Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Moderate - Hard

*Khan may be round and fat but pretty damaging in close contact !
Keep away and attack !

*His uppercut sword is an auto stand crush move. Keep your cool and
fight with care.

22nd stage - Komombo
After Khan falls and the Anubis sword broken, a curious Polnareff
picks up and wields the sword. Making things really worse, he
attacks Jotaro as a dual stand user !

Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Moderate

-To get easy perfects for the 2 of them, just jump + strong
attack (Or weak attack) and as soon as you hit ground, press
down + strong attack. If this works, then the opponent should fall.
The retreat and repeat. You should earn a fast and clean perfect.

23th stage - Luxor
DUAL POSSIBLITY ---- Choose any of the following :
MARIAH (Stand : BAST) - Use Joseph and Avadol (Jospeh fights)
ALESSI (Stand : SETHAN) - Use Jotaro and Polnareff (Polnareff fights)

Mariah :
Mariah, the woman with magnetic powers, uses her Stand to make Joseph
magnetic. Soon, every metal object he comes near is hurtling towards him
and slowly pelting and crushing him to death. Joseph pursues Mariah all
around Luxor, and Avdol soon joins the chase, but he too is magnetized and
ends up stuck to Joseph. Eventually they manage to outwit her and crush her
between two magnetized car bodies (they just circle around to opposite
sides of her and then let magnetism do the rest).

Alessi is this really annoying character: anyone who steps in his shadow
gradually grows younger and younger until they're a baby. One bystander (a
woman Polnareff meets when he's running around town as a baby) stays in his
shadow so long that she turns into a fetus. Alessi is a complete coward and
only attacks people once they're turned to babies, at which point he still
needs to use an axe and a submachine gun to fight the helpless infants.

*For Alessi, once you turn into a baby, rush over and punch Alessi once
continue or until you grow back to normal. This will gain a secret factor.

*As a kid, you cannot block an moves so avoid contact or do your best to attack

24th stage - Giza
The team arrives in a cafe where they are enquiring about Dio's
whereabouts. Nobody seems helpful and they leave. As they leave,
a man calls out to them saying he might have something interesting that
the team will want to know about.
He will gamble with the team, and if they CAN win him, he will tell
them what is needed.

1st type of gamble :
Which meat will the cat eat ?
Darby vs Polnareff
Level of diffculty : IMPOSSIBLE

*You are to choose which meat the cat will pick up to eat, however based
on the story, the cat will eat BOTH the meat placed out to it !
*Polnareff has his soul turned into a Casino token.

2nd type of gamble :
The overflowing drink
Darby vs Joseph
Level of diffculty : IMPOSSIBLE

*No matter how good you think you are, this party still follows the
comic and cartoon, Jospeh loses his soul to Darby.

3rd type of gamble :
Darby vs Jotaro
Level of diffculty : Hard

*For those who do not gamble at all (Like me), this is a part where you
need to either understand the rules or you know how to play poker.
*Darby cheats and there is a little possibility that you'll
win against him.
*There is a number of rounds to survive against him, you will must play
until there is a conversation between Jotaro and Darby. This is more
of a survival card game than to win against Darby.

25th stage - Cario, Egypt
The party encounters Hol Horse, and this time, Hol Horse's partner is
Boingo (hiding in a box). Hol Horse is back with more vengence and
Polnareff seeks to settle this fool !

Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Moderate - Hard

*Hol Horse's attacks are a bit stronger than before, beware of the
sudden apperance of pipes, that's his super attack !

*Don't stay close to him, as he has a super attack where you are grabbed
and flung to an incoming truck !

26th stage - Cario, Egypt
Iggy will be used in this battle against Pet Shop, a bird who is also
a stand owner !

Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Moderate - Hard

*Depending on how good you are with Iggy, Pet Shop can be a menance from
the attack with it's attacks. Good Luck with him !

*A tip from a fellow gamer, keep using Sand Crush (Charge back + forward +
Strong attack) against Pet shop. You will escape most moves and get chances
to attack Pet shop as well.

27th stage - Cario, Egypt
Dio's castle
The team finally arrives and finds Dio's castle. The team is being split
into 2 groups of 3 members, you get to choose :

1st team walkthrough :
The team will encounter Darby's brother, Terence on the way to look for

Type of situation : Avoid the punches/objects
Level of diffculty : Moderate

*From what I understand, Terence is really fast in this minigame, do well
and you should be able to keep a good S record !

The team will now meet up with Dio as the story progresses on, and
the acutal fighting begins.

1st fight :- Kakyoin's death and the secret of Dio's stand
Dio vs Kakyoin
Cario city, rooftops
Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Hard

*Dio is really fast, ruthless and damaging ! Your safe bet is to keep tripping
Dio down and shoot your blast from afar !
*Keep Dio away and you'll be shooting at him with peace.
*The secret factor is REALLY inhuman here. Have DIO do THE WORLD - a time
stopping move on you ! This tough as you MIGHT NEVER survive the onslaught !
*If you really get Dio to stop time, jump as high as possible anywhere. If that's
the case, he only can use one super move to hit you, but all other moves can't
touch you at all ...

Kakyoin dies in this part as he wanted to see the true power of Dio's stand.
Dio activates it and pauses time. In this stopped time, Dio's World stand
punches Kakyoin to death and seeks to kill Joseph for his blood.

2nd fight :- Joseph's desperate escape
Dio vs Joseph
Cario city, Streets
Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Hard

*As the previous, Dio is still going after you like a wild boar. Keep your
moves for any openings after Dio misses his attacks. Otherwise block
and throw him if possible.

*Use your super move where a lot of scenes from the comic appearing all over
the screen and damages your opponent. (This move is called the MASTER'S TEACHINGS.)
You'll gain the secret factor soon after.

2nd team's walkthrough =
Dio's castle
The party seem to be walking in a maze of some sort and Iggy seems to have found
a mystery about the maze, it's a stand !

Type of situation : Seek and kill
Level of diffculty : Hard

*Like the earlier minigame, you are supposed to hunt for Kenny G. The same rules
more or less appiles, except that Kenny G is moving around the stage. Use the
mirror at the right to judge where he could be and hit that location.
*Acutally, if you wait long enough, Kenny G will appear for a brief moment and
vanish, so hit him fast. Don't try waiting as timing is really short !

Dio's castle
The party arrives in some sort of a hallway. Avadol cast a spell to locate
any nearby Stands, but finds none. However, a strange Warp hole appears
near him and he pushes Polnareff to safety ... only to be swiped away by the
strange warp itself.... leaving a pair of hands on the floor.
The warp unfolds itself to be Vanilla Ice, Dio's most powerful right hand man.
He is questioned by Polnareff where he sent Avadol to, but the answer was
simply to his death. (Avadol is out of the team)

Vanilla Ice vs Polnareff
Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Moderate-Hard

*Unlike the arcade version, this Vanilla Ice's moves are all blockable and he
can be knocked out of most his moves. Still pretty hard to fight ....

*You will get a secret factor if you finish Vanilla Ice with a normal throw.

Iggy also risk it's own life to save Polnareff and dies. After Vanilla Ice dies,
Polnareff sees the spirit of Avadol float away to the heavens and Polnareff
swore he will make Dio pay for his partners' death.

Cario, city streets
Dio vs Jotaro
Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Hard

The first time Jotaro confronts Dio for a fight is here.

*You will get a secret factor if you can get Dio and Jotaro to
use their multipunch moves and start a FIST FIGHTING CONTEST !
You will have to tap your keys really fast to get more punches
than Dio and beat him to earn the secret factor.

Cario, An alleyway
Dio vs Polnareff
Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Hard

As Jotaro battles Dio, he gets knocked down into an alley and Dio seeks to kill
Jotaro. Just as he tries to land a fatal blow onto Jotaro, Polnareff appears to
stop Dio and (Unlike the comic and cartoon, he just stabbed Dio's head)
the two will fight.

Polnareff will tell Jotaro that both Iggy and Avadol had passed on and this
enrages Jotaro.

The last fight :- The final
Cario city, Bridge
The final clash as Dio manages to suck Joseph's blood to enhance himself. Jotaro
arrives too late to stop this, and knows that he will have to kill Dio to settle
the score.

Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Hard

*Needless to say, the secret factor here is to do what the cartoon and comic did.
When Dio stops time, do the same move at the same time. Kill him there after.
I can't confirm if this is 100% right, but doing what Jotaro did, will be an
accomplishment !

After this, you will get the ending, which is closely related to the comic version.
Your tough fight is over, thanks to you and your late buddies who have helped you
in your journey !
You deserve a break ! Enjoy the ending !


Only after completing the game, you will see these following stages appear.
They are regarding Shadow Dio's encounter with some characters in the game.
The stages can be found :
1st Shadow Dio stage : After the first stage where Jotaro fights Avadol
2nd Shadow Dio stage : After Kakyoin is defeated by Jotaro
3rd Shadow Dio stage : After Polnareff is defeated by Avadol
4th Shadow Dio stage : After the part where you get to choose either Joseph or
                       Jotaro's path to fight either Mariah or Alessi

(1st Shadow Dio stage)
Cario, city streets
Shadow Dio vs Avadol
Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Hard

This is the story that Avadol related about his 1st encounter with Dio.

*You are to survive the stage with a time out win should you want to get
the secret factor !

(2nd Shadow Dio stage)
Cario, city streets
Shadow Dio vs Kakyoin
Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Hard

This is the story of how Kakyoin became a slave to Dio after he was beaten
by Dio. (Not in the game, but the acutal comic !)

*The secret factor is to get hit by the super where Dio screams and his
hair becomes spikes and shiny little things float to you. The damage is 
very high and your stand is instantly crushed !

(3rd Shadow Dio stage)
Cario, city streets
Shadow Dio vs Polnareff
Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Hard

This is the story of how Shadow Dio enslave Polnareff to do his evil bidding.

*The secret factor is the same as Kakyoin's one. Get hit by the screaming
hair move and beat Dio up to get the secret factor.

(4th Shadow Dio stage)
Cario, Dio's castle, The coffin room
Shadow Dio vs Hol Horse
Type of situation : 1 on 1 battle
Level of diffculty : Hard

This is one of my favourite stages in the whole game. Why ? Hol Horse
is a bad guy not a good one and you get to play as an evil character
trying to kill another evil guy ! Cool !

This is where Hol Horse confronts Dio, his master. Hol Horse's ego gets
burst here, defeat Dio and find out why .....

*The secret factor here is to attack Dio when he is reading his book. Dio
will appear behind you and attack you, just get hit and survive the fight
to get the factor.

SPOILER : Hol Horse tries to kill Dio by taking a point blank shot at Dio.
But as he readies to fire, Dio disappears and shocks Hol Horse by appearing
behind him and asking Hol Horse to rethink about killing him. Hol Horse knew
that Dio had just disappear in a second and appears behind him, he now knows
the power of Dio and stays on to serve under him. Hol Horse is really shocked
to death by the powers of Dio .....

Last note :
By the time you finish, your Jotaro ability points should already be well over
500 points ... which entitles you to one more character and a slew of stuff like
a Card game, a book to play all the minigames with any character, record your
endings, sound test selation and finally a gallery section to view all the
artwork from the game.

>From what I understand the secret characters are as follows :
Earn 350 points to get him

Earn 1000 points to get him

Earn 1300 points to get these two

Earn about 1450 points to get him
(This version of Kakyoin is special, wearing sunglasses and a gold
suit instead of his green one)

You can replay any of the missions by choosing SP mode and selecting the continue
option. There are extra stages dealing with each character's past, relating to
Shadow Dio available for selection. This is where you are going to earn extra
points to gain the special characters.
When replaying your previously played missions, you are supposed to earn a 
better ranking to increase your Ability points. For unplayed events, they
work as per normal in the SP story.

*Always remember to save as it is not easy to play this mode and complete it !
Hope you'll have fun reading and completing the whole game soon !

********************************HELP NEEDED***************************************
Please assist me with the story and also keep me informed about any stuff
relating to the Ability points or new ways to complete hard stages. Do
exchange infomation about the game to make this walkthought really complete !

As for the info on the secret characters, I would like to thank another FAQ
writer on the infomation. Please read his FAQ for more info on the moves.
I will try to look for more stuff and update when I have more info
coming in.

Please send your mail on the game ! I will credit you !
Thanks to :

Myself - For doing this FAQ some justice by giving it an UPDATE !
CAPCOM - Finally having the brains to better the game !
JUMP COMICS - For publishing this hit comic
Kenneth Chan - For having a playstation, the OVA of JoJo's venture and showing
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                        opponent to take on.
And you .... for reading this FAQ !