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From: "Mickey" <Mickey@metawire.com>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 17:06:21 -0800

JOJO's Bizarre Adventure
"S. Story" Secret FAQ
Ver 1.3
      Firstly, I would like to apologize for such a late, late, late update. 
"Lazy" stand posesses me.. Thank you for Eric Chan, Edgard Aedo, and Massimilano 
Perotti who finally inspire me to update it. These people also submit the Final 
battle secret. 
      Well, this is a FAQ for JOJO's Bizarre Adventure for Playstation. It 
mainly aims to "unlock" the secret in super story mode. If you want other FAQ 
like movelist or so, gamefaqs is a place to go.
       This FAQ is updated because there are two generous gamers, Mark Green and 
Justin Boley. I would like to thank them for e-mailing me the rest of secret. If 
there is any difference between me and two of them I will make note.
OF COURSE. I would like to thank the people following for generous tip regarding 
this game. They are:
    Mark Green : He found a Japanese web page telling this game's secret and he 
translates it and sends it to me. Thanks a lot!
    Justin Boley: Correct my mistake in Chapter 1, and Chapter 36. Also, still 
keep updating new secret. Thanks a lot!
I will acknowledge the tip that these two correct me accordingly. Also, I would 
like to thank Eric Chan Kum Kong, Edgard Aedo, and Massimilano Perotti who 
submit the last secret factor as well as push me to write this one. Thanks you 
What is S.Story secret?
In Super Story mode, you have a combination of many game types. In each game, 
the objective of you, as a player, is to gain "S" rating. However, the way to 
gain S is different, as we will discuss later.The type of game that you will 
find is
1) FIGHTING: This type is generally a capcom fighter style. In each match you 
will be able to gain a maximum of 50 points. It is break down to :
  Vital                 : 15 points
  Time                : 15 points
  Condition move : 10 points
  Secret Factor   : 10 points
2) ADVENTURE: This game is generally a "reactive" style like, um, Parappa in a 
way. You have to push the right button (on your D-pad) at the right time. It 
breaks down to
  Vital                   : 20 points
  Success reaction: 20 points
  Secret Factor      : 10 points
3) OTHER: Usually it cannot be categorized to any so I will describe it one by 
General Fighting Point
Usually time and vital is really counted like other fighting game. The more you 
have left, the better ranking you will get. For conditional move, I suggest you 
to look at KKoh's FAQ since he already contains all the conditional move you can 
do. To achieve S rank in conditional move, you have to complete 10 of ANY 
condition the is listed.
The easiest way to do so is to fight with your non-stand mode throughout the 
match (and if possible, do not use special move) You should get at least 2 
special points or more.
Secret Factor
Now, the most important thing, the secret factor. Note that most of the secret 
factor will be corespondent to what originally happens in manga. I read it long 
time ago so I really cannot figure out how to get some of it, or I really have 
no clue. If anyone knows what is missing, please fill the blank left.
Some is the thing that I suspect is the secret factor but have not tested it yet 
I will put (*) mark as unsure. If I really have no clue, I will put ???? on it.
Chapter 1: Jotaro VS Avdul (Corrected by Justin and Mark)
    The way to get Secret is make Jotaro "out" of prison by moving him to the 
rightest corner of the screen and finish Avdul there
Chapter 2: Jotaro VS Kakyoin (Corrected by Justin and Mark)
    Todd : Finish with Super Ohra Ohra (QCF+AA)
Chapter 3: Kakyoin VS Gray Fly (Corrected by Mark)
    Finished with Kakyoin Super "India's arm" (QCB +AA)
Chapter 4: Avdul VS Polnareff
    Finish Polnareff with Avdul "Cross Fire Hurricane Special" Super move.(QCB 
Chapter 5: Jotaro VS Dark Blue Moon
    You have to finish this chapter with 100% vital and reaction (Dodge every 
Chapter 6: Jotaro VS Strength
    In this shooting game, a girl will appear during a course of this shooting 
rampant. Just don't shoot her.
Chapter 7: Polnareff VS D'Bo (Corrected by Mark)
    Finished with Million Pit (Tap A)
Chapter 8: Jotaro VS Yellow Temperance
    Make rubber soul initiate a move "raspberry (or ReroRero.....) "
Chapter 9: Polnareff VS Hol Horse& J. Gail (corrected by Justin and Mark)
    Win by time out
Chapter 10: Mr. Jostar VS The Empress
   Like Dark Blue Moon, you have to finish with 100% vital and reaction
Chapter 11: Jotaro VS Justice   
   Fight the whole stage with Ohra Ohar (S button) only
Chapter 12: Kakyoin VS Lovers
Chapter 13: Jotaro VS Wheel of Fortune
    Finish with 100% vital and reaction
Chapter 14: Jotaro VS the sun
    Finish with "no miss" try locating the sun, also do it within 30 secondes. 
Additional "Great" will be given on any "center hit"
Chapter 15: Kakyoin VS Death 13 (BY TODD) - (*)
    Split your Stand ( Forward + AA) and attack Death from the back. Sounds 
correct because in manga Kakyoin wins by splitting his stand.
Chapter 16: Avdul VS Judgement
    Mine : Try to finish off all characters (Fake Avdul and Fake JP's sister) 
before thrashing that fake Genie. Those characters will be revived but beat 
every of them at least once.
Chapter 17: Jotaro VS High Priestress (corrected by Mark)
    Finish her with Star Breaker (Dragon Punch + A)
Chapter 18: Jotaro VS Geb
    Mine : Use only Jump to approach N'Doul , like original manga. Finish him 
with super move to get an S
    Mark : Do not stand still
Chapter 19: Oingo&Boingo Adventure 
     Finish with 100% vital and reaction... pity them that they lose without 
fighting anyone...
Chapter 20: Polnareff VS Chaka (first Anubis encounter)
    Finish Chaka with "last blade" move (QCB + AA)
Chapter 21: Jotaro VS Khan (second encounter) (Corrected by Mark)
    Use guard cancel (QCF+AA while guard) at least once
Chapter 22: Jotaro VS Polnareff (final Anubis encouter)
    Mine : Finish Polnareff with "Super-Ohra" (QCF + AA) super move.
    Mark : Let Anubis memorizes your move (Ohra-Ohra) 
Chapter 23: Mr. Jostar VS Bast (Corrected by Justin)
    Get hit by "socket" move for 5 times - Maria's quote will change 
Chapter 24: Polnareff VS Sethan
    Attacks Alessi when Polnareff is a kid. If you gets a clean hit, you'll get 
Chapter 25: DJ D'Arby (corrected by Justin)
    Just don't win or lose to DJ for a while. This sequence will happen 
automatically if you play the poker game long enough.
Chapter 26: Polnareff VS Hol Horse & Boingo (Corrected by Justin)
    Finish with Butterfly move (never block + perfect)
Chapter 27: Iggy VS Horus
    Use "sand magic" (Dragon Punch +A) ability during the fight
Chapter 28: Iggy VS Kenny G. (*)
     Mine : Successfully locate Kenny G four times in a row
     Mark : Fast clear
Chapter 29: Polnareff VS Vanilla Ice (Corrected by Mark and Justin)
    Win with a throw
Chapter 30: TD D'Arby
    Achive 100% reaction and vital
Chapter 31 Kakyoin VS The World (*) (corrected by Justin and Mark)
    Justin: Finish with web move (QCB +A)
    Mark : Finish with "Shichi no Jikan" (Light, Light, Forward, Middle, Heavy)
Chapter 32 Mr. Jostar VS Dio
    Finish Dio with "Sunlight attack" (QCF +AA)
Chapter 33 Jotaro VS Dio (first encounter) (corrected by Mark and Justin)
    Do a "dragon ball" fight by using Ohra-Ohra when DIO uses his Ohra-Ohra
Chapter 34 Polnareff VS Dio (Corrected by Justin)
    Finish him with "Shooting Star" move (Charge D ->U +A)
Chapter 35: Final showdown (Corrected by Eric and Massimilano)
   First, you have to force Dio to use his "The world" move. During time stop, 
use Jotaro "Star Platinum the World" ( Forward , Middle, Light, Forward, Stand). 
You will be able to move, even in the world mode. And, once Dio's the world has 
no effected, you will discover that Jotaro can move while Dio can't! You have to 
finish Dio within these seconds, before your the world run out of effect. 
Chapter 36: Avdul VS Shadow Dio (corrected by Justin and Mark)
   Win by time out
Chapter 37: Kakyoin VS Shadow Dio (*)
   Mine : Finish shadow Dio off to get thsi free secret, use supermove to ensure 
   Todd : Make Dio uses his "hair" move
   Mark : Make Dio uses "charisma" move
Chapter 38: Polnareff VS Shadow Dio (*)
   Same as Kakyoin VS Shadow Dio
Chapter 39: Hol Horse VS Shadow Dio
   Have Dio use that "I just read the book but I going to disappeared" on Hol 
Special by Eric Chan Kum Kong
Thanks to Eric, this is a tip to get Chapter 35 secret
>Hints on luring Dio to use "the world":
>I've tried many many many times n found out the best way is to hit Dio
>'s stand with medium attack after blocking his attacks(3 blows will
>crush his stand), then after damaging him enough, crush his stand one
>more time, use normal mode n try to keep a distance away from him.
>He will then taunt you(you can do the same but I don't know if this will
>help) then he'll use Muda-Muda but will not be able to hit you(too far).
>After that he'll use "the world" wait as long as you can before he
>starts to attack you. Use the move yourself n Jotaro will be able to
>move immediately(you don't need to do the long preparation).
>I'm not sure if you need to wait for Dio's time to finish before hitting
>him(but I did) to get the secret factor(as in the manga) but you'll have
>to finish him before the time runs out.
>I've tried this twice n the above sequence happened before Dio uses "the
>world", n take note that Dio will not use "the world" in stand mode so
>you have to crush his stand with the method above to reduce his damage
>he gets from Star Platinum(he gets killed real easy)
    1) DOn't use this FAQ without my permission
    2) Try to unlock the rest of the secret (Now seems like nobody knows exactly 
how to get Lover's and Death's)
    3) Continue to play game and have a great time.....
    4) Thank Justin, Mark, Eric, Edgard, and Massimilano for their contribution 
- again.
Thanks for reading....