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<::Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure Combo FAQ::>
By Jimmy-Joe Bermudez
Created 6/25/2000

Table Of Contents
3.JoJo's  Bizarre Adventure Story
4.Game Modes
5.Controller Configuration
6.Universal Moves
7.Stand System
8.Super Combos and Tandem Attack
11.Legal Stuff Nobody Reads


	Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure is a fighting game by Capcom which focuses in 
the Japanese Comic Books Story Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure. Now I've never heard 
of this comic book title ever since I'm not of Japanese origin, but I can say 
that it rules not only because of the characters but because of the story 
itself. I also don't know whether the "Stand" thing is made up by Capcom or if 
its really part of the story either. Anyways, I really liked this game because 
of all the features that it has as well as the SP Story Mode (which was a pain 
in the ass to complete). The SP Story Mode is where you experience the comic 
book story of Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure via video game. Here you have to 
complete certain tasks, fight certain between and evade any danger that gets 
in the way. There is also a wide variety of features that you earn when you 
reach a certain amount of "Jo Jo Ability Points" after each task is completed. 
Overall, I think this game is the bomb and everyone should at least give it a 
try although this game is not combo crazy like Capcom's versus games.

2. Updates:10/25/2000
1) Added Kakyoin's Indy's Arm Infinite Combo!
2)Enlarged text, no big wow! But it does help to make it easy to read!
3)Took out the repeated combos shown in this faq.
4)I now show SOME infinites for the characters I know!
5)Changed some facts on Jotaro's Combos as well as some of the information 
about his Star Platinum The World time stop super!

3.The Story Of  JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Dio's Revenge

	At the end of the 19th century, on a country estate in England, the 
nobleman Sir Joster lived with his unlikely ward, a boy named Dio. Sir Joster 
had been Dio's guardian ever since Dio's father had saved Joster's life- and 
sacrificed his own - under mysterious circumstances. Dio should have been 
grateful, but he had not inherited his father's his father's selfless 
character. Instead, he plotted to take possession of Sir Joster's fortune. 
Disguising himself with a strangely powerful mask, Dio became an immortal 
monster. He waged war on Sir Joster, but was repeatedly driven off by the 
nobleman's true son, Jonathan. After a series of long, vicious battles, Dio 
was defeated and imprisoned deep under the ocean. 

	One hundred years have passed...

	A bizarre iron coffin is discovered near the Canary Islands in the 
Atlantic Ocean. In Japan, Jotaro Kujo, known by his friends as JoJo, awakens 
one morning feeling very weird. Something strange happened to him during the 
night. During his restless dreams, JoJo felt as if another being were taking 
over his pyche! Recently, JoJo's mother, Holley, had fallen seriously ill. It 
was learned that she had been overcome by "the Stand." This overpowering, 
mysterious, psychic inner persona would attack without warning. Could JoJo 
also be affected by the Stand? That day, JoJo learns the cause of his mother's 
mysterious condition- Dio has risen from the deep! In order to defeat Dio and 
save Holley, JoJo and his friends head to Egypt. There they hope to discover 
the answer to the puzzling illness and unsetting dreams. However, legions of 
Dio's savage minions will do anything to stand in their way...

4.Game Modes

	There are four playable modes in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and they are 
all available when you start a new game. They are as follows.

SP Story (Super Story Mode)- 1 Player. Play through the original comic book 
story. Here's where you earn some cool stuff by earning JoJo Ability points as 
you clear stages and reproduce scenes from the original comic book story. I 
have no idea how many points you have to get total, but I do know that if you 
get any "S" rankings you will recieve a ton of points and they will also be 
factored by  a secret number that will double or triple the amount of points 
you recieve!

Arcade- 1 or 2 player(s). Play the original arcade version of the game.

Vs. Mode- 2 Player head-to-head competition. This is just your basic two-
player mode like any other fighting game out there. If either player loses 2 
out of 3 rounds, they are both allowed to select different characters and 
handicap levels. If player 2 chooses the same character as player 1, then 
player 2 will be identified with an alternate color. If player 1 chooses to 
have a character's alternate costume, then press the Stand activation button 
which would be the X button.

Training- Practice your moves and combos against a helpless opponent. First 
pick your character and then a sparring partner. During battle, your opponent 
will be set up auto blocking like in X-Men vs. Street Fighter, only here you 
can turn it off by pausing the game and going into the Training Menu Screen. 
In the Training Menu Screen, you can make any changes that you wish and they 
are the following.

Action- Choose your sparring partner's stance.

Guard- Choose your sparring partner's blocking ability.

Stand- Turn your sparring partner's Stand Mode ON/OFF

Well, we all know what we can do in the Option Screen (MODE) right? So I don't 
really have to discuss that unless you're really braindead that is.

5.Button Configuration

	JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has an easy to get used to button 
configuration! There are 3 attack buttons, a Stand activation button and the L 
and R buttons are just a combination of the 3 attack buttons. But to describe 
a combo, I will use a much simpler system that I have created. I wil refer to 
the 3 attack buttons as A, B, and C which would make it easier to use, I hope. 
Below is a 
chart that shows all the attack buttons in order.

Square- Light Attack (A)   
Triangle- Medium Attack (B)  
O- Heavy Attack (C)
X- Stand Activation- ON/OFF (S)
(Note:All characters have a Stand, but not all characters can use it.)

Directional Pad Notations-This is just a list of abbreviations used to 
describe special moves. Like in any fighting game, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 
also features the pad rotating techniques used to perform a character's 
special moves and super combos.

F= Forward

QCF- Quarter Circle Forward (D,D/F,F)
QCB- Quarter Circle Back (D,D/B,B)
DP- Dragon Punch Motion (F, D, D/F, F)
HCF= Half Circle Forward (B, D/B, D, D/F, F)
HCB- Half Circle Back (F, D/F, D, D/B, B)

A= Any Attack Button /Light Attack during combos
AA= 2 Attack Buttons
Note:The stronger the attack you use for a special move, the farther and more 
damaging it will be!

6. Universal Moves

	These are moves that all characters can perform during battle. However, 
most characters lose some of these moves while they are in Stand mode but they 
gain others which are much better! In the moves below, the Direction button 
presses refer to characters facing right. Reverse any left/right presses for 
characters facing to the left.

Blocking/Air Blocking- Press in the opposite direction (left/right) your 
character is facing to block your opponents attacks before they actually 
connect. If your opponent is near you by half a screen, your character will 
immediately begin his blocking animation whether or not he/she is actually 
being hit by the attack. If you have your Stand activated while blocking, your 
Stand meter at the bottom of your life meter will decrease. Its sort of like 
the Guard Crush found in games like Street Fighter Alpha 3 and other games. If 
this does happen, then your character will be stunned for a small amount of 

Advancing Block- Press 3 Attack Buttons (or R1)  while Blocking an opponent's 
attack to push them back!
Like in Capcom's Versus games, characters in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure also 
have the ability to perform an Advancing Guard (or blocking). While you're 
blocking your opponents attack, press all 3 attack buttons and you'll push 
them back so that you can catch a breather and gain back some space between 
yourself and the oppoent. I really don't use this move much, but if it works, 
use it!!!

Safe Fall- Press 2 attack buttons simultaneously while falling (or L1/L2/R2)
When knocked up in the air, you can fall safely by performing this move. 
Change the direction of your fall  with the directional buttons.

Throw- Press left/right and Heavy Attack near an opponent to grab them or 
throw them. Some combos can be started by certain characters with this move! 
However, a throw doesn't count as a hit in the combo meter.

Backlash- Press 3 attack buttons simultaneously (or R1)
Move toward your opponent for a certain distance. If you perform this move 
near your opponent,  you can get behind the enemy's back but it is only 
available with the Stand OFF. Only Joseph may use the Backlash move while his 
Stand is ON.

Guard Cancel (Counter)- Press Directional Button D/DF/F+ Attack Button the 
moment you block to counterattack. You need 1 level of super combo meter to 
perform this move. The Super Combo meter is located at the bottom of the 
screen beneath your character. 

7.Stand System- Each character has two fighting modes: Normal with Stand OFF 
and Stand with Stand ON. You can turn the Stand ON/OFF by pressing the X 
button during combat. And like I mentioned before, your Stand meter is located 
beneath your life bar and it will be drained by blocking your opponent's 
attacks while your Stand is ON.

Normal Mode (Stand OFF)

* Your can control your character while your character's Stand is 
performing a special move.

* All characters can perform a Backlash move

* You can allow your Stand Gauge to recover (switch to normal mode while 
your Stand Gauge is low in Stand Mode).

Stand Mode (Stand ON)
* You can perform chain combos by pressing the Light, Medium and Heavy 
Attacks (A,B, and C) in order.

* Your attacks do more damage

* You can ue your character's special ability such as double jump.

* Only Joseph can perform a Backlash move

* As you block or get attacked, your Stand Gauge will decrease. If the 
Stand Gauge runs out, your Stand will disappear and your block will be 
broken. Switch to Normal Mode (Stand OFF) to allow your Stand Gauge to 

8.Super Combos And Tandem Attack- As you attack or block, the Super Combo 
Gauge builds up. When the gauge is full, you can perform special moves such as 
Tandem Attack. Certain Super Combos require more than one level from the Super 
Combo Gauge, the maximum level you can store up is 10.

Tandem Attack- This move requires 1 level of the Super Combo Gauge. There are 
3 types of Tandem Attacks, Program, Real Time, and No Tandem, depending on the 
character. To activate the Tandem Attack, press: QCB+X (Stand Activation 

Program Attack- After inputing the Tandem Command, program (input in advance) 
your Stand's attacks.  After a while or when you release the X button, your 
Stand will begin the attack sequence. During this performance, your character 
can also move and attack simultaneously.

Real Time Attack- After you input the Tandem Attack command, your character 
can move super fast. During this performance, you can link attacks that do not 
normally link.

No Tandem Attack- The following characters do have a Stand, but they cannot 
use either the Tandem attack which means that they can't use either the 
Program or the Real Time Attack.

Petshop, Mahrahia, Black Polnareff, and Shadow Dio cannot use the Tandem 

9. The Characters

About the Combo and the Combo Meter- In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, you can only 
perform combos when your Stand is ON. It is possible to do combos with your 
Stand OFF, but you will only get 2 hits and that's not much. The combo meter 
is also cool! There is a meter below the number of hits when you perform a 
combo and it will start over every ten hits. Now this doesn't mean that after 
10 hits the combo meter starts over, it just lets you know that you've gotten 
past 10 hits. You may get up to a maximum of 99 hits depending on the 

Jotaro Kujo
Stand:Star Platinum
Special Ability Gained w/Stand ON:Double Jump

Special Moves
Blazing Fists- QCF+A
Blazing Strike- QCB+A
Star Finger- DP+P

Super Combos
Jaguar Varied Assault- QCF+AA
Star Breaker- QCB+AA
Star Platinum The Wolrd- F, B, A, F, S

Note:When activated, Jotaro's Stand Star Platinum will create a black circle. 
If this move connects, it will freeze time and your opponent as well! At this 
time you can keep attacking your opponent until the move is over. Every hit is 
counted in the combo meter! The move lasts of about 10 seconds (I think).

Juggle Starters:D+C (Heavy Attack)

Basic Stand Combos:
1)3 hits: A, B, C
2)3 hits in the corner:Jumping A, land, A, D+C

Note:All of these work best in the corner!
1)In the corner:Jumping A, land, A, D+C, A, A, Medium Blazing Fist
2)In the corner:Jumping A, land, A, D+C, A, D+C, A, D+C
This one is just the same thing over 3 times! Its much harder to pull off on 
small characters

3)In the corner:Jumping A, land, A, D+C, A, D+C, A, Jaguar Varied Assault
If you catched your opponent with A after the second launch and cancel into 
the Jaguar Varied Assault, you can be sure that the super will connect!

4)In the corner:Jumping A, land, A, D+C, Medium Star Finger, A, Blazing Fists 
or Jaguar Varied Assault
This combo will work only if you use the Light Star Finger to juggle the 
opponent. The reason as to why this is its because the Light Star Finger 
sends the enemy back into the air at the same height the the launcher did 
(D+C). It is also way easier to pull off than #3!!!

5) In the corner: Jumping A, land, A, D+C, Medium Star Finger, A, A, Jaguar 
Varied Assault, A, A, B, C
Afer the first time you do the Juggle Starter, try to keep the opponent in the 
air by doing a well
timed Medium Star Finger attack. After that, try to time the 2 juggle hits 
into the Jaguar Varied 
Assault and then after that catch them with a full 4-hit Stand Combo

6)In the corner:Jumping A, land, A, D+C, A, D+C, jumping Blazing Fists
You can jump up after the second juggle starter and do the Blazing First for 
tons of htis. You can tap A to add even more hits and its cool seeing Jotaro 
and his stand hovering while hitting your opponent multiple times!

7)In the corner:Jumping A, land, A, D+C, Medium Star Finger, A, Jaguar Varied 
Assault, A, A, B,C
You can really nail your opponent with this great combo! After the first 
juggle starter, immediately do a medium Star Finger to keep your opponent in 
the air longer. Then do another light attack (or 2 if you're lucky) and cancel 
into the Jaguar Varied Assault. After that, you can juggle your opponent with 
4 more hits on their way down!

Note:You will need a full super meter for the following combo. A full meter is 
a 10 level super combo gauge!
8) In the corner: Star Platinum The World (F, B, A, F, S), A, A, B, C, A, A, 
B, C, Jaguar Varied Assault,
A, A, B, C, Blazing Fists (tap A for more hits), Jaguar Varied Assault.
Basically the Star Platinum The World super will stop time until all of your 
super combo gauge is drained, so 
I suggest that you only do it with a full super meter! I just put whatever 
combo I could during the move because you can just keep hitting the opponent 
until the super stops and all the hits will combo no matter what! You can use 
super combos during this move, but it will drain the super meter much faster.

Stand:Hierophant Green
Special Ability Gained w/Stand ON:Double Jump

Special Moves
Emeral Splash (can be done in the air)- QCF+A
Note:With the Stand ON, the the projectiles go all the way across the screen!
Mystic Cloak- B, HCB+A
Mystic Trap (can be done in air with Stand ON)- QCB+A
Remote Control- F+AA 
Note:This move allows the user to control the Stand by itself without the 
wielder being next to it! 

Super Combos:
Super Emerald Splash (can be done in the air)- QCF+AA
Indy's Arm (can be done in the air)- QCB+AA
Note:You can control the tentacle using the directional pad
Punishment Time- A, A, F, B, C
Note:In order for this super to work, your Stand has to touch the opponent. 
Another thing is that it doesn't travel very far and your Stand can also be 
hit during the super. If it does connect, the Stand will go inside the enemy's 
head and will mess with his/her head. You get 15 hits from this move alone, 
but it cannot be comboed. If any of you find out how, please let me know 

Juggle Starters:Mystic Trap or Indy's Arm
Note:If you prefer the Indy's Arm (which gives you more htis), you have to 
keep moving it around without missing the opponent. What I do is I just make 
it go in circles upwards. But the Mystic Trap is easier to use!

Basic Combos:
1)4 hits:A, A, B, C
This is the best combo he'll ever have and the tentacles that his Stand has 
will give you 2 extra hits!

Advanced Combos:
Note:Most of these work best in the corner!
1)Mystic Trap, Super Emeral Splash
This one is easy! As soon as the Mystic Trap connects, perform the Super 
Emerald Splash and the projectiles will juggle the enemy.

2)In the corner:Mystic Trap, A, A, B, Indy's Arm, A, A, B, C
This one is a bit tougher to work with, because you not always get the chance 
to juggle your opponent after the Indy's Arm. And like I said before, you 
should be controlling the tentacle with the directional pad, and with that go 
upwards in circles so that you keep the opponent in the air.If you do end up 
making the juggle work, make sure you do it quick so that you get all the 

3)In the corner:Mystic Trap, Super Emerald Splash, A, A, B, C
This one is similar to advanced combo #1, except that if you do it in the 
corner you can juggle your opponent afterwards!

4)In the corner:Mystic Trap, Super Emerald Splash, A, A, Indy's Arm, A, A, B, 
This is his hardest combo to pull off! Do the Super Emerald Splash right after 
a medium Mystic Trap so that the startup animation from the Super Emerald 
Splash lifts the opponent off the ground. Now, after the Super Emerald Splash 
juggles the opponent, they will be left high up in the air, do 2 more light 
attacks to juggle him and then do the Indy's Arm super going upwards in a 
circular motion. When that's done, your opponent will again be lifted into the 
air for 4 more juggle hits. Very difficult combo to pull off just in one try, 
practice it enough and you might even be able to pull it off without even 

5)Indy's Arm Infinite: You need a full super meter for this combo! A full 
super meter is 10 levels.

In the corner: Heavy Mystic Trap, Super Emerald Splash, juggle with A, A, B, 
Indy's Arm and keep it going straight up, before the opponent lands, juggle 
him/her with B and then do the Indy's Arm again immediately!! Keep repeating 
this process for the inifinite!!

New Kakyoin
Stand: Hierophant Green
Stand Ability: Double Jump & Remote Control (F+AA)

Special Moves

Emerald Splash- QCF+A
Mystic Cloak- B, HCB+A
Mystic Trap (can be done in the air)- HCB+A (hold & release A when ready)
Remote Control- F+AA (Stand ON)

Super Combos
Emerald Splash (Stand OFF)- QCF+AA
Hierophant Web- QCF+AA (Stand ON/can be done in the air)
Indy's Arm- QCB+AA (use directional pad to control arm)
Punishment Time- A, A, F, B, C

Juggles Starters: Mystic Trap or Indy's Arm

Basic Combos:
1) A, A, B, C
2) A, A, C

Advanced Combos: New Kakyoin has most of the combos that Normal Kakyoin has, 
but he has gained a 
new one!

1) Corner yourself with your enemy beside you, Hierophant Web, Hierophant Web 
right after opponent 
bounces off the top part of the ceiling.

To make this combo work well for you (and yes, it does work), corner yourself 
and have your opponent
two steps away from you. Then jump up and do the Hierophant Web super. After 
the super, your opponent
will hit the top part of the other corner on the screen (depending on which 
corner of the screen your started
the combo in) and bounce back down. Right when this happens, do the super 
again and you'll make it
combo! The super gives you 15 hits and doing it twice will give you 30! Duh!

2)Anywhere but in the corner:Medium Mystic Trap, A, Hierophant Web, Hierophant 
Here I just added 2 more hits to the combo! The damage is pathetic, but it is 
still a cool exhibition combo! It would be better if you cornered yourself and 
follow the same instructions for combo #1!

3)Corner yourself: Heavy Mystic Trap, A, B, Hierophant Web, Hierophant Web
Just like in the combo above, only this time you've added 2 more hits to the 

Stand:Magician's Red
Special Ability gained with Stand ON: Double Jump
Special Moves

Crossfire Hurricane- QCF+A
Fire Wall- DP+A
Flame Sensor- QCB+A
Fire Eagle (air only)- F,QCF+A
Hell Fire- HCB+A
Remote Control- F+AA (w/Stand ON)
Note:Just like Kakyoin, Avdol also has the ability to control his Stand by 
itself. Press F+AA and you'll start controlling his Stand!

Super Combos:
Napalm Bomb- QCF+AA
Cross Fire Hurricane Special- QCB+AA

Juggle Starters:Fire Wall, Throw

Basic Combos:
1)4 hits:A, A, B, C
2)5 hits:A, A, B (hold B)
If you hold B, you will get more hits!

Advanced Combos: Work best in the corner
1)Throw, A, A, B, C
Sometimes C (heavy attack) will give you an extra hit depending on the size of 
your opponent and if you're close enough to him/her.

2)Medium Fire Wall, A, Napalm Bomb
This is a juggle combo so make sure that you attack quickly! Since the Medium 
Fire Wall allows you to juggle the opponent before he comes down, you must hit 
them with A and cancel that into the Napalm Bomb. If you want to combo the 
other super, then skip A (light attack) and perform the Cross Fire Hurricane 
Special. Also, this combo is easier if you're using the Stand by itself 
(perform the Remote Control command).

2)In the corner:Throw, C, Light Fire Wall, Cross Hurricane Special
After the throw, hit your opponent on his way down with a heavy attack to keep  
him in the air longer.Now do a light Fire Wall and then when you land 
immediately do the Cross Hurricane Special. This is the only super that works 
well cuz it's ground and air based and it will hit your opponent on his way 
back down again. I think you can do one more light Fire Wall, but I'm not 

Stand: Silver Chariot

Special Moves:
Million Pricks- Press A rapidly
Ray Dart- Charge b for 2 seconds, F+A
Shooting Star- Charge D for 2 seconds, U+A
Needle Pierce (in Stand mode)- QCB+A
Remote Control

Super Combos
Armor Takeoff- QCF+AA
Last Shot- QCB+AA

Juggle Starters:Needle Pierce (hard to juggle afterwards)
This move is a little tricky to use, because it sends the opponent diagonally 
upwards afterwards. But I think you might be able to make it work better in 
the corner.

Basic Combos:
1)A, A, B
2) A, A, C

Advanced Combos: These work better in the corner
1)Jumping A, land, A, A, Million Pricks

2)In the corner:Needle Pierce, A, Armor Takeoff
Like I said before, if is a bit difficult to juggle the opponent after the 
Needle Pierce because the opponent gets pushed diagonally upwards after the 
move. So after the Needle Pierce, walk in and press A and cancel into the 
Armor Takeoff. If this combo doesn't work for some reason, please e-mail me!

2) Jumping A, land, tap A rapidly
3) In the corner: Activate Tandem Attack, hold S button and tap A as fast as 
you can. When finished,
release the S button and attack your opponent at the same time your STand is 
attacking him. After the 
Tandem Attack, your opponent will be lifted into the air and when that 
happens, do the Armor Takeoff 
super to finish the combo with style! It's a little hard to time this combo 
very well, so you're gonna
need to practice it a few times.

4)Juggle opponent out of the with B, jump and do B, jump+A, Armor Takeoff
Since Polnareff has a hard time with setting up juggle combos from the ground, 
he has to start his
juggles by hitting his opponent out of the air while they're attacking. If you 
do this combo right, 
then keep attacking with 2 more hits and then juggle him one last time with 
the super at the end and 
you'll get 10 more hits!

5)In the corner:Activate Program Attack, hold S button and press A rapidly 
until Stand meter is depleted, A, A, B, B, B, Armor Takeoff
This will be his hardest combo to pull off by far! I say it's difficult cuz 
you never know when you'll be able to combo the Armor Takeoff. Also, you and 
your Stand need to be attacking the opponent without stopping in order to 
start a juggle after the program attack is finished. Since the Armor Takeoff 
super has a slightly longer startup delay, you need to be carefull because it 
might not even connect. It would take 20 tries before you get this combo 
right, but it does work!

Black Polnareff:
Note:Black Polnareff cannot use Tandem Attack or activate his Stand

Special Moves:
Learning - QCB+A
This is a counter move which Polnareff attacks after the opponent hits the 
Double Sword- DP+A
Demon Slash- QCF+A
Chariot Spirit- QCF+S

Super Combos:
Madness Blade- QCF+AA
Invincible Slash- QCB+AA

Juggle Starters:Medium Double Sword

Basic Combos:

Advanced Combos:
1)Double Sword, A, Madness Blade
It is possible to sometimes sneak in a normal light attack before you go into 
a super, but its better if you just skip it because Black Polnareff can't 
combo without being able to use his Stand.

Joseph Joestar
Stand:Hermit Purple
Note:He may use the Backlash move with Stand ON!

Special Moves:
Yellow Overdrive- DP+A
Hermit Beat- 360 Degrees+A
Tactician's Trick- QCB+A
Blue Overdrive (Normal Mode)- QCF+A
Hermit Wave (w/Stand ON)- QCF+A

Super Combos:
Master's Teaching- QCF+AA 
Super Overdrive- 720 Degrees + A

Juggle Starters:Hermit Blast, Throw, B (near opponent in the corner)

Basic Combos:
1)A, A, B
2)A, B, C
3)A, A, C

Advanced Combos:
1)In the corner:Throw, juggle with A, A, B, Master's Teaching
The throw will throw the enemy up high intot the air if you're in the corner. 
If you're not able to get the Master's Teaching to combo in here, then you may 
leave it out. If you do get it to combo, expect your opponent to lose a lot of 

2)In the corner: Medium Tactician's Trick, A, A, B, Master's Teaching
This one is a little easier to get the Master's Teaching to connect! After the 
Tactician's Trick, walk in and juggle the opponent with the 3 hit chain and 
immediately cancel into the Master's Teaching for massive damage! 

3) In the corner:B, B, B, A, A, B
This is all a juggle combo in the corner. If you're near the opponent, B will 
launch them up high and set him up for a juggle combo. Before the opponent 
lands, hit'em with another B, and then another B and your opponent will be a 
little bit above you. Before he lands, hit'em with the 3 hit chain!

4)In the corner: Throw, B, B, B, Medium Tactician's Trick, A, A, B, Master's 
This combo is very hard to setup! After the throw (which does not count as a 
hit by the way), walk in and do 2 medium attacks to keep the opponent in the 
air and before they land, catch them with  the medium Hermit Blast. After 
that, be quick to do a 3 hit juggle into the Master's Teaching super!
If you did it right, then the Master's Teaching should connect after the 11th 
hit. I'll try to put together a combo video for this game to show you how this 
combo for Joseph Joestar is done ok.

Stand:The Fool

Special Moves
Sand Crash- Charge b for 2 seconds, F+A
Sand Attack- Charge D for 2 seconds, U+A
Sand Clutch- HCB+A
Sand Magic(Teleport)- DP or reverse DP+A
Fly (with Stand ON)- Hold U while jumping
Sand Ball (during Fly)- Any Attack Button
Dio Sand Illusion- F+C

Super Combos:
Big Sand Wave- QCF+AA
Sand Storm- A, A, F, B, C

Basic Combos:
1)A, A, B
2)A, A, B, C

Advanced Combo:Iggi only has 1 that works well!
1)In the corner:Jumping A, land, A, A, Big Sand Wave
This combo works like a charm! Just jump in with A, land and then do two more 
A's into the Big Sand Wave super. However, I've found out that you have to 
take out one hit if you try it on Iced.

2)In the corner with Stand OFF: F+B, Big Sand Wave, jump+B, jump+B
If you have your Stand OFF while your super is activated, you can move and 
attack your opponent at the same time that your super combo is hitting him! So 
during the combo, just keep jumping and hitting the opponent for extra hits.

3) In mid-screen with Stand OFF: Dio Sand Illusion, Big Sand Wave, jumping C 
You need to be in mid-screen in order for this combo to work well. This is 
because the Big Sand Wave won't do as many hits in the corner as it would in 
mid-screen after the Dio Sand Illusion. And during the Big Sand Wave, you can 
keep jumping towards your opponent and pressing C for 2 hits. You can do this 
combo only if you have your Stand OFF or else you won't be able to move during 
the Big Sand Wave.


Special Moves:
Ice Bullets (can be done in the air)- QCF+A
Icicle Pick- Hold any Attack button, then release
Ice Lance- QCB+A
Kill Freeze- S (Stand Activation button)
Death Freeze- D+S
Frost Missiles- HCF+S

Super Combos:
Giga Frost Missiles- QCF+AA
Death Penalty- QCB+AA
Terminal Lockon- A, A, F, B, C

Juggle Starters: Ice Lance

Basic Combos :None

Advanced Combos:
1)In the corner:Giga Frost Missiles, Death Penalty
Its a little tough to time the Death Penalty after the Giga Frost Missiles, 
because they are both super combos. But if you're quick enough, the last hit 
of the first super will allow a 1 second window of opportunity to juggle with 
the Death Penalty.

2)In the corner:Death Freeze, Ice Lance, S
This combo works better if you hold your opponent in place with the Kill 
Freeze attack. The Stand activation button shoots out 3 icicles.

3)In the corner:Kill Freeze, Ice Lance, A, A, F, B, C
If you notice the button presses at the end are the commands for Petshop's 
Terminal Lockon super. So this is really not a combo, but an easier way of 
getting the Terminal Lockon to hit the opponent. It is a very powerful 

4) In the corner: Throw, Medium Ice Lance, fly up, C, C, C, A, A, F, B, C
This combo is really hard to make it work for the first time simpy because 
Petshop does not have the ability to perform normal Stand Combos. So you're 
gonna have to do a throw to setup the first move and then fly up in the air to 
catch your opponent with 3 repeated heavy attacks. After that, begin the 
command sequence for the Terminal Lockon super. The super should connect after 
the 5th hit since the first  button you press to begin the super move is a 
light attack and that will connect! 

5) In the corner: Throw, Medium Ice Lance, fly up, C, C, C, Giga Frost 
Missiles, Death Penalty
This combo is similar to the one above, but a little bit easier! The setup 
sequence is the same as in the combo above, but this time you do the Giga 
Frost Missiles super to catch your opponent in the air with instead of the 
Terminal Lockon. After the Giga Frost Missiles connect, your opponent will 
still be in the air and that'll give you enough time do make the Death Penalty 
connect for one more hit.

 6) In the corner:Throw, Heavy Ice Lance, fly up, C, C, C, Giga Frost 
Missiles, A, A, Death Penalty
This combo is sure to make your opponent's life meter drop down to 25%! Yes, 
it's that painful! Remember how you did combo #6? Well this one follows the 
same concept, but the difference here is that you do the Giga Frost Missiles 
after the 3 C's so that your opponent doesn't start falling again. But you 
need to catch him with this super when the opponent is slightly above you.Now 
you need to keep him in the air with 2 more light attacks and then the Death 
Penalty for brutal damage! 

8) In the corner:Throw, Heavy Ice Lance, fly up, C, C, C, Giga Frost Missiles, 
A, A, F, B, C
This combo is much like #6, only harder! This time you don't do the Terminal 
Lockon after the 3 C's, you do it after the Giga Frost Missiles! Well anyways, 
make sure that your opponent is slightly above you before the Giga Frost 
Missiles connect or your opponent will be able to fall down again and 
counterattack you. Also, the first 2 command buttons of the Terminal Lockon 
should connect as hits before the actual super connects. So by the end of the 
day, you'll have done a 52 Hit combo with a puny little bird! Damn it hurts, 
your opponent will have lost 90% of their life bar! Somehow Petshop seems to 
be better than Iggi without being able to use his Stand. That's pretty sad if 
you ask me!

9)In the corner: Throw, Heavy Ice Lance, fly up, C, C, C, Heavy  Ice Lance, 
Giga Frost Missiles, Terminal Lockon

This combo is a pain in the butt to get it right. First off all, you can only 
do it in the corner like all of Pet Shop's advanced combos. Next, you have to 
throw your opponent into the corner and then catch him/her on their way down 
with a heavy Ice Lance to launch them back up into the air again. Now you must 
fly towards your opponent (just press up/forward)  and juggle them with three 
well timed heavy attacks and immediately cancel into another heavy Ice Lance. 
And finally, catch him/her in the air with the Giga  Frost Missiles super 
combo and then the Terminal Lock-on super combo! You should probably get about 
54 hits at the end of the combo if you did it right!

Giga Frost Missiles Infinite: This requires an entire super combo gauge of 10 
In the corner:Throw, Heavy Ice Lance, fly up, C, C, C, Giga Frost Missiles, 
Giga Frost Missiles, etc...

As soon as you throw your opponent and then hit them with a heavy Ice Lance, 
fly up and then do 3 heavy attacks into his Giga Frost Missile super (30 
hits). Now right after it's over, you can do another one and and another... 
Well, you get the picture! This super has virtually no startup delay! You may 
even combine it with a Terminal Lockon when you reach 99 hits!


Special Moves
Collection (can be done in air)- QCF+A
Enrapture- QCB+A
Note: You must be close to the opponent for this to connect
Electric Burn- DP+A
Note:The strength of the attack button you used determines the distance of the 
arc and where the string will be.
Magnet Of Bast- S
Note:Use the directional pad to determine the location of the Magnet Of Bast

Super Combos:
Iron Crush- QCB+AA
Note:The Iron Crush is somewhat better than the "What are You Thinking?" super 
because if you hit the opponent with the S button a few times, he will become 
a super magnet and the super will do more hits! So use this to your advantage.
"What Are You Thinking?" (can be done in air)- QCF+AA

Juggle Starters:Offensive Crouch + C (Medium Attack)

Basic Combos: None

Advanced Combos
1)Collection, "What Are You Thinking?"
This combo works by having the projectiles hit the opponent and stun them 
while the super catches up. It works if you're fast enough!

2)In the corner:D/F+C, D/F+C, Iron Crush
Use the juggle starter twice to setup the super!

3)Electric Burn, Ground or Air "What Are You Thinking?"
The Electric Burn will keep the opponent stunned long enough for the super to 

4)In the corner:Medium Electric Burn, Collection, "What Are You Thinking?"
Just like in Advanced combo #1, only you're using two moves before the super 
to stun the enemy.

5)In the corner:D/F+C, D/F+C, D/F+C, D/F+C, D/F+C, Iron Crush
This time you use the juggle starter up to 5 times before cancelling into the 
Iron Crush super!

6)In the corner:Electric Burn, Collection, Bast Magnet (S button), Iron Crush
Like I said, you get more hits with the Iron Crush super if you used her Stand 
to turn your opponent into a super magnet! The more hits, the better!

7)In the corner:Heavy Electric Burn, S, S, S, S, Iron Crush
Wow! A 40-50 hit combo with Mahriah just for using her magnet and making it 
hit! Your opponent has now become a super magnet!!!!!!!

Hol Horse

Special Moves:
Gun Shot- QCF+A
Mr. J.Guile- DP+A
Hanged Man- QCB+A
Emperor- S (Stand button)

Super Combos:
Rapid Fire (can be done in the air)- QCF+AA
Stronger Combination
Trace Of Bullets- Reverse DP+AA

Juggle Starters:None

Basic Combos:None

Advanced Combos:
1)In the corner:Hanged Man, Mr. J.Gail, Gun Shot or Rapid Fire
The Hanged Man special does not count as a hit, but its part of the combo to 
hold your opponent in place while the Mr. J.Guile special hits the opponent 
from above. During the Mr. J.Guile, you can either combo a single Gun Shot or 
the Rapid Fire super from the ground or the air!

2)In the corner: Hanged Man, Mr.J.Gail, C, Rapid Fire
This combo has to be done extremely fast for Hol Horse cannot use his Stand 
for chain combos. First of all, start off by calling in the Hanged Man to keep 
your opponent in place and then shoot the sky with  a heavy Mr.J.Gail special 
so that glass will come down on your opponent. At this time you should already 
have about 5 hits, now hit your opponent with a single heavy attack (C) and 
cancel immediately into the Rapid Fire to shoot your opponent as he/she comes 
down from the heavy kick attack!

Stand:Ebony Devil

Special Moves:
Piranha Dive- QCF+A
Propeller Cutter- D, D+A
Hopping Hunter- QCB+A

Super Combos:
Junky Carnival- QCF+AA
Barrel Roll Crusher- QCB+AA

Juggle Starters:D+C (Heavy Attack)

Basic Combos:
1)A, A, B
2)Jumping A, land, A, D+C
3)A, A, B, C
Note:I don't know if this combo really works at all, but try it anyways!

Advanced Combos:
1)In the corner:Jumping A, land, A, D+C, D+C, A, D+C
This is all a juggle combo! Each time you use the juggle starter to juggle the 
opponent, he will be launched at a shorter height and I don't know why but its 
maybe because it will prevent D'Bo from being a cheapass.

2)In the corner:Jumping A, land, A, D+C, A, D+C, Propeller Cutter
Like in the last combo, you have to time each hit very well or else your 
attacks will whiff and the opponent will be able to counterattack you. The 
commands for the Propeller Cutter also have to be performed during the 
previous attack.

3)In the corner:Jumping A, land, A, D+C, D+C, A, Junky Carnival
This combo is tough to get it to work for the first time simply because of the 
timing in the juggles. But like I said, the second time you use the juggle 
starter your opponent will be launched at a shorter height. If you can time 
the last normal hit and cancel that into the Junky Carnival after the second 
juggle starter then yay for you!!!! Do not try to use the other super because 
the startup delay is too long.

Stand:High Priestess

Special Moves:
Harpoon Shot- QCF+A
Motor Head- QCB+A

Super Combos:
Mega Harpoon Strike- QCF+AA
Motor Show- QCB+AA
Dinner Time- DP+AA
Note:This is a good super to counter "turtles" because it catches them from 
the ground and wherever they're standing even if they're blocking!

Juggle Starters:D+C

Basic Combos:
1)A, A, B, C
There's two ways of making this combo work for you better! The first way is 
just by letting each attack hit once or let the last attack hit for a longer 
period of time to get more hits!

2)D+C, Motor Head or Motor Show
This combo is really easy! After the juggle starter, perform the commands for 
the Motor Head special or the Motor Show super.

Advanced Combos:
1)In the corner with Stand Mode OFF:Mega Harpoon Strike, A, Mega Harpoon 
Oddly enough this combo only works with the Stand mode OFF because with the 
Stand ON you're not allowed to juggle the opponent after the Mega Harpoon 
Strike. After the Mega Harpoon Strike, juggle the opponent with a single light 
attack and then do another Mega Harpoon Strike to catch him on his/her way 

2)Jumping A, land, A, D+C, Motor Head
This combo works anywhere as long as you use the Motor Head with the right 
button. If you're in the corner, then don't worry because the Motor Head will 
hit anywhere no matter which attack button you used.

3)Jumping A, land, A, D+C, Motor Show 
This combo is extremely difficult to time because the Motor Show has a little 
startup delay, but if you do it correctly then the Motor Show super should 
connect after the juggle starter.


Special Moves:
Beehive- HCF+A- Use S (Stand Button) to cancel attack
Retribution- HCB+A
Shadow Axe- AA (w/Stand ON hold and release)

Super Combos:
Despair- QCF+AA
Ush Ush Ush- QCB+A A(rapidly)

Juggle Starters:None that I'm aware of at the present time, but I'll do some 
more research I promise!!!

Basic Combos:
1)A, A, B
2)A, A, C
Note:Since I've barely used this characters (cuz in my opinion he sucks), I'm 
not really sure if these combos really work for him. Also, I don't have any 
advanced combos for him either.


Special Moves:All of these moves only work with Stand ON
Learning- QCB+A
Note:This is an automatic counterattack move! If your opponent touches his 
sword while its flashing he/she will be countered!
Demon Blade- QCF+A, A
Swallow Counter- DP+A
Note:This also works as a juggle starter, but its  difficult to juggle 

Super Combos:One in Normal Mode and one with Stand Mode
With Stand OFF:Dimension Slash- QCF+AA
With Stand ON:Bloody Slash- QCF+AA

Juggle Starter:You must be in the corner and perform this combo- A, A, B, C, B 
or use Swallow Counter Special

Basic Combos:
1)A, A, B, C
2)In the corner:A, A, B (hold for 2 hits), C
3)A, A, B, C, B 

Advanced Combos
1) Jumping A, land, A, A, B, C, B
2)Jumping A, land, A, A, B, Bloody Slash
The Bloody Slash super will only connect if you cancel the medium attack, not 
the heavy attack since it can hit twice.

3)In the corner:Activate Tandem Attack- A, A, B, C, B,  juggle with A, 
Dimension Slash
This combo is VERY, VERY, VERY difficult to time because the Dimension Slash 
only works with Stand OFF and that means that it has a slightly longer startup 
delay. So after you perform the combo in the Tandem Attack, juggle with a 
single light attack (which is A) and then cancel into the Dimension Slash. 
This combo does work, but its REALLY, REALLY HARD TO TIME! PERFECTLY!!!

4) In the corner w/Stand ON:Swallow Counter, A, A, B, Bloody Slash
Another tough combo to time simply because you have to wait a bit long to 
recover from the Swallow Counter special but it still works! So after the 
Swallow Counter, do the 3 hit chain and cancel into the Bloody Slash and 
you'll get a lot of hits!

5)In the corner w/Stand ON:A, A, B, C, B (juggle starter), A, A, B, Bloody 
The end of the first combo (5 hits) will start the juggle sequence, so while 
your opponent is in the air rapidly press A until you catch him/her in the air 
and do the 3 hit chain cancelled into the Bloody Slash super. This is the 
biggest combo Chaca can do and also the most damaging!!!

Stand:The World

Special Moves:
Muda Muda- QCF+A (can be done in the air)
Mudah!- QCB+A
Stingy Eyes- F+C+B+A+F
Note:I really don't know how the order for the commands go for this special 
move, so don't ask
The World- DP+A (Normal Mode)
Die- DP+A (Stand ON)

Super Combos:
Checkmate- QCF+AA (can be done in the air)
Road Roller- QCB+AA (Normal Mode)
Stop Time- F+A+B+C+F
Note:It looks like these are the same commands for the Stingy Eyes special 
move, only with the Stand ON

Juggle Starters:Throw in the corner,  Ground Checkmate in the corner

Basic Combos:
1)A, A, B, C
2)A, A, B, C, C
Note:I'm not really sure if Basic Combo#2 really works, but try it anyway.

Advanced Combos:
1)In the corner:Throw, A, A, B, Checkmate, A, A, B, C
This is the largest Advanced Combo that Dio can get. If anyone can figure out 
more long ones, please e-mail me immediately!!!

2)In the corner against Shadow Dio: Throw, A, A, B, Checkmate, A, A, B, 
Checkmate, A, A, B, C
For some reason, I've only been able to make this combo work on Shadow Dio. 
Well anyway, follow the same
concept as in the combo above, but this time you have to do the first part 
twice (the 3 hit juggle into the 
Checkmate super). After you've done that, catch your opponent in the air again 
with a full 4 hit Stand

3)In the corner:Throw, A, A, B, Checkmate, A, A, B, C
A very nice combo for Dio! Use his throw juggle starter as a nice setup.

4)In the corner:Throw, A, A, B, Checkmate, A, A, B, Checkmate, A, A, B, C
An extended version of the combo above. But now it will become much harder cuz 
you have to time the juggles very well. It works though!

5)In the corner:Throw, A, A, B, Checkmate, A, A, B, Muda Mudah!!
Tap the attack buttons as fast as you can to get a lot of hits!

6)In the corner with Stand OFF:Checkmate, S to activate Stand, A, A, B, 
Checkmate, Mudah Muda!
Start out the combo by having your Stand OFF, this will make Dio's super start 
an instant juggle combo. Now activate your Stand as soon as you recover and do 
the rest of the combo. 

7)Note: you need a full level super combo gauge for this combo and your Stand 
must be ON!
In the corner:Throw, A, A, B, Checkmate, wait 1/4 second, Checkmate, etc
This is cheap! You can keep your opponent in the air by juggling him with 
repeated Checkmate supers! Wait for a slight second for your opponent to 
reappear on the screen and keep doing the Checkmate supers. Your opponent 
would most likely die form this combo, unless he gets lucky and he's able to 
escape from it.And another thing, to get even more hits, do the Checkmate when 
your opponent is near your Stand's head (your opponent's feet are close to 
your Stand's head when he's falling back down).

8)Note: You need a full super combo gauge for this combo to work!
In the corner:"The World," A, A, B, C, Mudah Mudah (tap P as fast as you can 
for tons of hits), Checkmate, Mudah Mudah, Checkmate, Muda Mudah, Checkmate

If you do every move in this combo fast and finish it in time before the time 
stop super is finished, then I'll be surprised. But let's face reality here, 
the time stop super uses your entire super combo gauge like custom combos in 
Street Fighter Alpha 2 and 3. However, it is very likely that you'll get most 
of the combo finished before the time stop super has ended. And just like 
Jotaro, you can use super moves in here too but it will drain the meter even 
faster. See what you can do!!!!

Note: You will need a full super combo gauge for this combo (10 levels). 
9) In the corner: Throw opponent into the corner, juggle with A, A, B, 
Checkmate, Checkmate, Checkmate, etc…, jump and do a heavy Mudah Mudah! and 
tap A rapidly to get tons of hits.

This combo is a bitch to pull off, but it works! What you have to do is, you 
have to throw your opponent into the corner so that you could  start the 3 hit 
juggle chain. After that, you have to cancel into his Checkmate super combo 
repeatedly to keep your opponent  in the air. But that's not it, you have to 
time each of these supers well and make sure they hit the opponent before they 
touch the ground. This will create the same effect that Pet Shop's infinite 
combo does, but its different because instead of keeping your opponent stuck 
in the corner and in the air while being hit with a super, the opponent comes 
down and takes more hits. This makes things harder for you, but I'm sure the 
combo will work. Now after you have run out of super meter, jump up and do his 
multi-hit Muda Mudah punch move to get tons of hits! You might reach 90 hits 
with this combo or even more if you timed each super well.


Special Moves:
Dark Space- QCF+A
Spill- Reverse DP+A (Stand ON)
Cream- QCB+A
Blow Away- Charge D for 2 seconds, U+A (Stand ON)

Super Combos:Eat This- QCF+AA
Madness Throw- QCB+AA
Circle Locus- DP+AA

Juggle Starters:Dark Space

Basic Combos:None

Advanced Combos:
1)In the corner:Dark Space, A, A,  Eat This
This is the best advanced combo that Iced will ever get! Just juggle the 
opponent with two hits after the Dark Space and cancel into Eat This.

2) In the Corner: Throw, Medium Dark Space, A, A, B, Eat This

3)In the corner: Throw, juggle with A, B, B, B, Eat This
You must time the juggling hits perfectly after the throw as well as the "Eat 
This" super to make it connect.

4)In the corner: Throw opponent into the corner, juggle with A, B, B, B, 
Circle Locus
Just like in the combo above, you must time all of this hits perfectly as well 
as the super to make it connect!!

Shadow Dio
Stand:The World

Special Moves:
Throw Knives- HCF+A
Stingy Eyes- HCB+A (charge and release A for a stronger attack)
Glimpse Of Fear- Reverse DP+A
Shadow Dodge- DP+A
World 21- HCF+S (Stand)

Super Combos:
Punishment- QCF+AA
Charisma- QCB+AA
Stop Time- A+F+C+b+S
Note:I do not know the order of the button presses at all, so please don't 

Juggle Starters:D+C, World 21 
Note:Although these are juggle starters, getting the juggles to work afterward 
is very difficult even if you're in the corner.

Basic Combos:None

Advanced Combos:
1)In the corner:D+C, A, Punishment
This combo is really hard to time because you can only use the juggle starter 
once since Shadow Dio can only use his Stand for special moves.

2)World 21, A, Punishment
This combo gives you a lot of hits, but the downside is that it is very hard 
to juggle the opponent after the Wolrd 21 even if you're in the corner.

3)In the corner:Throw Knives, Punishment
Very easy combo! Just throw the Knives and do the super while the knives hit 
the opponent. 

4)In the corner:D+C, A, A, Punishment
Again, getting the juggles to work after any of his two juggle starters is 
very difficult since they launch the opponent very high.

Jo Jo (Young Joseph Joestar)
Note:JoJo does NOT posses a Stand 

Special Moves:
Stand Coke- DP+A
Stand Cutter- QCF+A
Iron Bogan- HCB+A
Cracker Boomerang- QCB+S (Stand button)
Cracker Volley- QCF+S, S (multihit attack)
Upward Cracker Volley- F+S

Super Combos:
Unforgettable Memory- QCF+AA (same as Joseph Joestar)
Red Stone Of Eija- QCB+AA

Juggle Starters:Stand Coke or Upward Cracker Volley

Basic Combos:None

Advanced Combos:All done in the corner
1)Stand Coke, C
2)Stand Coke, Stand Coke, Stand Coke,Cracker Volley (full attack)
This is a simple combo! Use the Stand Coke 3 times in the corner to keep the 
opponent in the air  so that the Cracker Volley(the full attack) connects 
before the he/she lands on the ground.
3)Stand Coke, Stand Coke, Stand Coke, Unforgettable Memory
The same as combo #2, except with a super at the end!

4) In the corner: Upward Cracker Volley, Heavy Stand Coke, Heavy Stand Coke, 
Upward Cracker Volley, Cracker
Volley (the full thing)

This combo is started with the Upward Cracker instead of the Stand Coke 
because it sends the opponent into the air a little bit higher. This is good 
because it gives you time to prepare for the other attacks and also bad 
because it kind of throws off your timing of the remaining moves you have to 

5) In the corner:Upward Cracker Volley, Heavy Stand Coke, Heavy Stand Coke, 
Upward Cracker Volley, Unforgettable Memory

The Upward Cracker Volley is a new juggle starter that I've discovered a few 
days ago. Well anyway, this combo is harder to time than the one above because 
you have to start it with the Cracker Volley which will send the opponent into 
the air very high so you're gonna have to time the other moves well. After the 
second Upward Cracker Volley, do the Unforgettable Memory super to finish off 
the combo with style!

Background:Kan got the Anubis sword in SP Story Mode when Polnareff defeated 
Chaca and asked Kan to hold it. Whoever touches the blade becomes evil and 
he/she is controlled by it.

Special Moves:
Blade Slash- QCF+A
Rising Slash- DP+A
Learning- QCB+A (automatic counterattack)
Spining Slash- S (Stand button)

Super Combos:
Anubis Slash- QCF+AA
Anubis Revenge- QCB+AA

Juggle Starters:Dragon Slash, Anubis Slash
Note:Juggling after the Rising Slash is a bit difficult, but possible. I 
suggest you use it only in the corner to  lessen the chances of getting 
countered. Also, you may only juggle once after the Anubis Slash, so you can't 
do Anubis Slash, juggle, Anubis Slash, juggle, etc. This is to prevent 

Basic Combos:None

Advanced Combos:
1)In the corner:Rising Slash, A, Rising Slash
Sounds  simple but it isn't because of the reasons I explained earlier. 
However, this combo is possible in the corner only!

2)In the corner:Anubis Slash, A, Anubis Slash
Walk in after the Anubis Slash (which is 15 hits ending with the Rising Slash) 
and juggle with a single light attack and cancel into another Anubis Slash. 
You'll get a lot of hits for this!

3) In the corner:Anubis Slash, S
Pretty simple combo to try! Just juggle the opponent after the Anubis Slash 
with the Spining Blade attack (S button).

10. Credits

	Fortunately I didn't have to borrow some information from other people's 
FAQS for this same game, but I do have to thank Capcom from providing the 
moves listed in the Intruction Booklet of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Thanks a 
million Capcom!!!!!! I also have to thank Dingo Jellybean for letting me copy 
his Copy Right paragraph that I had no clue on how to write one.

11. Legal Stuff Nobody Reads

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notice of the author. Any violation of this code will result in strict penalty 
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Jimmy-Joe Bermudez (C) 2000
Updated: 8/05/00