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Jumping Flash! 2
English Game Dialogue Final version
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Released: Monday, 5/5/2003
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   Hello there, my name's Hibana. This is my first "real" submission to and I decided to make it something fun. Of course, this is the
English game script for Jumping Flash! 2 for the Playstation, one of my 
favorite platformers of all time. I always loved the cheesy dialogue for
the game, so I took a few hours of watching the FMVs over and over to write
down everything that's said by the characters. I also took note of what
each Support AI says during gameplay. If you happen to find and typos in
the text, feel free to e-mail me at the above address. Oh yeah, and don't
worry about Baron Aloha's lines. I wrote them down that way on purpose. 
   If you for whatever reason want to post this document on your page
or site, please e-mail me first. I'd be more than happy to let you as long
as you ask me and give me credit. Thanks!


Opening Sequence -
   Baron: "Hello, hello! Ah, yeah, are you ze person whom is in charge of ze
          Universal City Hall? Ah, good. Zis is ze mad scientist Baron Aloha
          talking to you. Listen doctor, I haff question for simple favor."
   Narrator: "In the backwater reaches of the galaxy lies a tiny planet known
             as Little Muu, that is used by Baron Aloha as his secret hideout.
             The baron returned to his home away from home to rejuvinate from
             a recent beating he took at the hands of the feet of that heroic
             battle bunny known as Robbit. He was in the process of inventing
             a better, stronger, more absurd way to overthrow the universe
             when Little Muu is visited by a stranger. In fact, there is 
             nothing stranger in the universe than the creature known only as
             Captain Kabuki! Tipping the scales at a whopping 220 bazillion
             tons, he uses a kung-fu grip larger than metropolitan Chicago to
             shed Little Muu and add it to his fantastic collection of 
             bottled wonderlands. Using his keen sense of villain timing, 
             Baron Aloha hastily departs the scene and lands upon a small
             asteroid. Unable to cope with the monstrosity that is Kabuki, he
             calls Universal City Hall and begs for help as his beloved 
             hideaway is made into so much Swiss cheese! After listening to
             the baron's plight, the inner-stellar dispenser of justice
             decides to send the only being capable of dealing with a menace
             such as Captain Kabuki: the freedom loving, robo-heroic Robbit!
             Tuned up and ready to go the distance, Robbit leaps to the
             "Jumping Flash! 2: Big Trouble in Little Muu!"

World/Super 1 Clear -
   Kabuki: "Oh my, what a revolting development this has turned out to be!"
   MuuMuu: "Hey, baron! Robbit's here! We're saved!"
   Baron: "Just because he's ze hero doesn't mean you haff to root for him!"
   MuuMuu: "Sheesh, what a grouch..."

World/Super 2 Clear -
   Kabuki: "Naughty naughty naughty little space bunny! Oh, I could give 
           your tail such a nasty tweek."
   MuuMuu: "Robbit seems to be really getting to him, Baron."
   Baron: "Yeah, but just vait and see how he does vith zis challenge. He's
          not such a hot-shot of a hero. Ha, ha, ha, ha..."
   MuuMuu: "You want Robbit to win, don't you?"

World/Super 3 Clear -
   Kabuki: "Now you've done it, you rapscallion rabbit! I'll make you into
           a...dust bunny! Ha, ha, ha! Dust bunny, ha, ha, ha..." (crowd
   Baron and MuuMuu: (snoring)

World/Super 4 Clear -
   Kabuki: "Robo bunny not funny. Time to grind out some bunny burgers,
           'cause you don't know jack, rabbit! Ha, ha, ha!" (crowd laughs)
           "Jack rabbit! I made a funny! Jack rabbit, ha, ha..."
   Baron: "I'd like to...vut's taking so long?!"
   MuuMuu: "I'm doing the best I can. Have you ever tried to hotwire a
   Baron: "Zere is no time to vaste!"

World/Super 5 Clear -
   Kabuki: "Here, bunny bunny bunny! Come to papa! Time to wrap you up like
           a big bunny burrito. Hippity hoppity, hippity hoppity, kaboom!
           Ha, ha, ha, ha!"
   MuuMuu: "I think the spaceship is all ready to go, Baron."
   Baron: "Arg, listen you, it better be or I'll use you as my next 
   MuuMuu: "Atomic power to engines! Turbines to thruster!"
   Baron: "Now ve'll show zat rabbit who's who and vut's vut with ze
   MuuMuu: "Yippee-ki-yay, Kabuki!"
   Baron: "Here ve go!"

Normal/Super Mode Complete (1) -
   Kabuki: "Oh, noo! Now I'll lose my standing in the Pan-Galactic
           Criminal's Club!" (cries)
   MuuMuus: (cheering)
   MuuMuu 1: "Way to go, Robbit! You sure kicked that space creampuff!"
   MuuMuu 2: "With feet like yours, you'll definitely go places!"
   Baron: "Yeah, yeah, good butt-kicking, it vas an effort. You ought to 
          schtick around and have a cup of joe vith us...or perhaps you'd 
          like my Robbit special..."
   MuuMuu 1: "Let's hear it for our hero, Robbit! (all cheer) Robbit!
   Baron: "Vill you palm-heads be quiet! I cannot hear myselv zinking!"
   Narrator: "And so we leave the story with the knowledge that no Muus is
             bad Muus. The intergalactic threat to good taste and steady
             real estate values - Captain Kabuki - has been duely humbled
             by Robbit. He'll think twice before reaching out and touching 
             a planet again. As far as his membership in the Pan-Galactic
             Criminal's Club...well, let's just say that Kabuki's standing
             has been reduced to that of a disgruntled, rigiliant slug-bat.
             And as for our hero, Robbit is off to new adventures in a
             cosmos crazy enough to need a high octane, multi-dimensional,
             heroic robo-bunny!"

Normal/Super Mode Complete (2) -
   Baron: "Ha! You overrated humpty-dumpty! You're vorking for me now, see?
          No more scholo badguy shtuff for you; ve're teaming up to schtomp
          zat Robbit once and for certain! And I don't vant to hear anymore
          complaining from your vaces neither!"
   Kabuki: "Oh, poo!"
   Narrator: "Jumping Flash! 2: 2 Faces of Baron Aloha!"

Extra/Hyper Mode Opening -
   Baron: "Ha, ha,, ve meet again, Mr. Fancypants! Now, it's my 
          turn to capture the vorld. Virst, Little Muu, zen ze rest of ze
          planets. But I can pull it off too, because I've got ze biggest,
          baddest sidekick in ze whole galaxy! Meet my new associate!"
   Kabuki: "Oh, but we've met haven't we, bunnykins?"

Extra/Hyper 1 Clear -
   MuuMuu 1: "So now the baron's back to his old ways."
   MuuMuu 2: "Why do you think they call him mad?"

Extra/Hyper 2 Clear -
   MuuMuu 1: "Why does the baron hate Robbit so much?"
   MuuMuu 2: "Who cares? Pass me another rootbeer fizzy."

Extra/Hyper 3 Clear -
   MuuMuu 1: "Ohh, this is the best rootbeer fizzy I've ever had!"
   MuuMuu 2: "I make them fresh each morning!"

Extra/Hyper 4 Clear -
   MuuMuu 1: "Perhaps the baron will remember us if he beats Robbit. You 
             know, I mean..."
   MuuMuu 2: "Yeah right, and I'm with a newbian slimeworm!"

Extra/Hyper 5 Clear -
   Baron: "Zis is ze final showdown, Robbit! Zere's no turning back! It's
          time to put up und shut up! Prepare to meet your doom! Go get
          him, Kabuki!"
   Kabuki: "Here we go, little hopster! Time to get nasty!"

Extra/Hyper Mode Complete (1) -
   Kabuki: "Not again! Ah! Ow! Ouch!"
   Baron: "So, you zink you can just fight me off vith ze heroics, eh
          mischter Robbit? Well, sink again! As long as I have access to
          other prisoners und a few schparklers, you'll be a toasted 
          rabbit. Just you vait! Mark my vords you schmart-allicy bunny!
          Just you vait!"
   Narrator: "So much for the wickedly rotten plans of the evil and mad
             Baron Aloha. It looks like he'll be screaming mad for some
             time to come. Maybe his voice will finally give out. Maybe
             he'll discover the virtues of silence and retire to an
             asteroid known for its solitude and the occassional meteor 
             storm. Who can say? But we can hope now, can't we? As for 
             Robbit, well let's just say that our robotic jumper of joy 
             is looking forward to a nice, long vacation before he 
             prepares to head off for new adventures. We hope you had a 
             good time! See ya soon!"
   Baron: "You bet your bushvacks on zat one! Ha!"

Extra/Hyper Mode Complete (2) -
   MuuMuu 1: "I wonder what happened to the baron."
   MuuMuus: (gasp)
   Baron: "I, I, I'm sorry little vas just a little case of
   MuuMuu 2: "Yeah, yeah! Your mother wears army boots!"
   MuuMuu 3: "Go on, you stinker!"
   MuuMuus: (boo, hiss)

Credits Lyrics: Rap La Muu Muu (Techno Mix)
(I actually don't have this song's lyrics in English or Japanese. I know
that there is an original game soundtrack available for import, but I
don't own it and anyway I doubt it would have the English lyrics. I
will try to get the OGS sometime and see if I can type them up and maybe 
even translate them for this document. If you have them, please e-mail 
them to me; I would greatly appreciate it and give you ample credit.)

Support AI -

 Bill -
     Choose in options: "Let's do it!"
     Level Start: "Let's do it!"
     Level Restart: "One more time!"
     Idle Robbit: "Hello?"
     Save MuuMuu 1: "Got 'em!"
     Save MuuMuu 2: "Got another!"
     Save MuuMuu 3: "One left!"
     Save MuuMuu 4: "Got 'em all!
     Level Exit: "Alright!"
     Incomplete Exit: "Not yet!"
     Defeat Boss: "That's that!"
     Attacked: "Yeow!"
     Weak: "Help!"
     Killed: "Goodbye, cruel world!"
     3-Minute Warning: "Move it!"
     1-Minute Warning: "Come on!"
     30-Second Warning: "Hurry up!"
     Time Up: "Too slow!"
     Bonus Entrance: "Bonus!"
     Bonus Complete: "Alright!"
     Hp Charge: "Yummy!"
     Hp Max: "I'm full!"
     1 Up Robbit: "Extra man!"
     Time Stop: "Stop!"
     Invincibility: "Invincible!"
     Use Weapon: "Take that!"
     Bonus Jumping: "Beautiful!"

 Ted -
     Choose in Options: "Oh, yeah!"
     Level Start: "Ready to rock?"
     Level Restart: "Again?"
     Idle Robbit: "Go!"
     Save MuuMuu 1: "One down!"
     Save MuuMuu 2: "Two down!"
     Save MuuMuu 3: "Three down!"
     Save MuuMuu 4: "Let's boogie!"
     Level Exit: "Killer!"
     Incomplete Exit: "Not quite."
     Defeat Boss: "Later, dude!"
     Attacked: "Eughh!"
     Weak: "Yikes!"
     Killed: "I hate dying."
     3-Minute Warning: "Let's go!"
     1-Minute Warning: "Tick-tock!"
     30-Second Warning: "Get goin'!"
     Time Up: "Totally lame!"
     Bonus Entrance: "Bonus!"
     Bonus Complete: "What a stud!"
     Hp Charge: "Tastey!"
     Hp Max: "Oh, yeah!"
     1 Up Robbit: "Bonus, dude!"
     Time Stop: "Halt!"
     Invincibility: "Can't touch this!"
     Use Weapon: "Eat this!"
     Bonus Jumping: "What a stud!"

 Rachel -
     Choose in Options: "Excellent!"
     Level Start: "Let's go!"
     Level Restart: "Another try?"
     Idle Robbit: "Are you okay?"
     Save MuuMuu 1: "Very good!"
     Save MuuMuu 2: "Another save!"
     Save MuuMuu 3: "Almost done!"
     Save MuuMuu 4: "That's all!"
     Level Exit: "Excellent!"
     Incomplete Exit: "There's more!"
     Defeat Boss: "You're dead!"
     Attacked: "Ooh!"
     Weak: "No more!"
     Killed: "What a dump!"
     3-Minute Warning: "Hurry!"
     1-Minute Warning: "Please go!"
     30-Second Warning: "Faster!"
     Time Up: "How sad."
     Bonus Entrance: "Bonus!"
     Bonus Complete: "Perfect!"
     Hp Charge: "I like it!"
     Hp Max: "Oh, yeah!"
     1 Up Robbit: "More life!"
     Time Stop: "Freeze!"
     Invincibility: "Unstoppable!"
     Use Weapon: "Here you go!"
     Bonus Jumping: "Perfect!"


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