FAQ/Walkthrough by Zee3Dee3

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/28/03 | Printable Version

   .MMMMMMM8   8MS  @MMM      BMMMMM                                 WMMMM2
0Ma2r i XMM Ma  ,MMM    BM.7i  22    iMM   ,MM  M, M 7MM8   SMMM.   M    0M7
 M@Z2 : MMM    MMM;M  i MMMM  M2 ,XM   M7 .,MM  M  MZX0  i0     BM.iM  M  MM
  8MM : M    aMMM  M: : MMM,  M  , MM  WB :  MW M  MMM  rM ,iMa  :MM  ;M  MM
   ;M :    ZMMM    M7 . MMr0  MB   MM  W@ i,  MM, ,MMM  @M ,  M   M, .XW   MM
   BM :::: MMa     W0   MM M   MMMMM   MM ,.  :M  rMMM  ZM   7M   M     i  MM
   M7       ;M   BBMM  ;MM iM.        MMM  Zr  ,  XMM7M  ZMMMM,  M.  WMMMW XMB
   Mi  MB    iMi0M,    WMM   MM.    WMMMM  aM: .: ZMM MM        MM  iMM. M  MM
   M;  MMMB    MZ MM8     aW82WMMMMMMM     ;MM.   aMM  @MMi  XMMM  .MMi  M8 ;M
   Mi  MM 7MX   MM 8a         8MM     MMM; ,MMMW8WMMM    XMMMM     MM8    M MMW
   M@ XMM   MM   0M ZMMMMMMMMMMM         B: MM                MM  MMM     8MMM
    MMMMM    @MZ  @M                      MMMM                   MB7
             M7SM,M                                            @MM

              D  O  O  R    T  O    P  H  A  N  T  O  M  I  L  E
|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Klonoa Door to Phantomile-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-|
|...........................Version 1.0...............................|
|...........................By Zee3Dee3...............................|
|.......................Last Updated 8/29/03..........................|
 \-------------------------Table of Contents-------------------------/
                        |-Version History-----|
                        |-Guide Introduction--|
                        |-Movie Sequences-----|
                        |-Contact Info--------|
                        |-Copyright Info------|

 \-------------------------Version History-----------------------------/

| Version 1.0 |
| 8/29/03     |
-The FAQS first update, with many levells covered in the walkthrough,
full movie sequence guides, enemy section, characters, and story.
The next version will add onto all of these sections.

\-------------------------Guide Information---------------------------/

-After I noticed there was only one othher guide up for this game, I
figured I would do my first ever FAQ for this game. It's a great
platformer, and one of my favorite in the genre of all time. The puzzle
solving is what makes this game like no other, as sometimes it really
does make you think, and thats another reason why I made this FAQ.
In here you will read about the games enemies, characters, story, and
there is a fully detailed walkthrough that goes step by step to help
you out whenever you need it. Not only that, but there is a great
movie sequence guide that lets you get deep down into the story of
Klonoa, as it lets you read line by lik conversations with the
characters throughout the game.
Be sure to check out the FAQ section, as I will only put "real"
questions there that were personaly asked by readers of this FAQ, so
if you have a question, please email/AIM/contact me by reading the
contact information section, and I will answer and post your question
if you give me permission.
I hope you enjoy this FAQ, I worked very hard on it, and welcome any
feedback, good or bad on my writing, so it lets me know what I can
improve upon for future refrenses.


-It's strange...Sometimes I can't rememmber my dreams, though I'm sure
I saw them. Where do these dreams go? But I remember one dream. As
clearly as if it were reflected in a mirror...

-Phantomile is a world, someplace far,  far away.

-There is an old legend i Phantomile. IIt says that the energy from
people's dreams in gathered in the mythical Moon Kingdom and used to
give shape to the world. The legend says that this is the reason why we
can't remember dreams we know we've had.

-Klonoa, who lived in the wind village  Breezegale, was awakened one
day by a horrible nightmare vision of a flying ship crashing on
Bell Hill, and a dark, ominous shadow closing in overhead.
Mysteriously, Klonoa could remember this dream clearly even as
time passed.

-And then one day it happened. A flyingg ship really crashed on Bell

-"It's just like my dream", Klonoa thouught, as a moment of fear was
overcome by his overwhelming curiosity.

-"Let's go, Klonoa!" cried Huepow, the  Ring Spirit. Huepow had been
Klonoa's trusty friend since childhood.

-Their hearts pounded with excitement,  Klomoa and Huepow ran outside
to see what awaited them.


-Coming Soon!


,=========================|   Red Enemy    |===========================,
|                         '----------------'                           |
| Your standard enemy, located throughout the game. All they do is walk|
| in a straight path very slowly, making them so easy to dodge and kill|
| that you really use them to your advantage for double jumping with   |
| them.                                                                |

,=========================| Green Propeller |==========================,
|                         '-----------------'                          |
| These enemies with a fan type thing on their head can be useful to   |
| reach high up places that you normaly would not be able to reach with|
| a normal double jump.                                                |

,=========================| Purple Charger |===========================,
|                         '----------------'                           |
| These enemies with a fan type thing on their head can be useful to   |
| reach high up places that you normaly would not be able to reach     |
| with a normal double jump.                                           |

,=========================|  Spike Balls  |============================,
|                         '---------------'                            |
| These enemies with a fan type thing on their head can be useful to   |
| reach high up places that you normaly would not be able to reach     |
| with a normal double jump.                                           |

,=====================|  Green & Yellow Flyer  |=======================,
|                     '------------------------'                       |
| These enemies are similar to the spike balls only they fly much      |
| higher and can be used to double jump and throw. Basicaly a more     |
| useful version of the spike ball.                                    |

,=======================|  Shielded Enemy   |==========================,
|                       '-------------------'                          |
| You can only catch these enemies from behind. You must wait for your |
| chance to jump over them, and catch them from their back, if you try |
| to catch their shield, it will simply knock them back a little bit.  |

,========================|  Giant Enemy   |============================,
|                        '----------------'                            |
| You cant kill this enemy the normal way, you must pick up a          |
| nearby smaller enemy and throw it at him. They also release some     |
| gems for you too!                                                    |

,========================|  Giant Enemy   |============================,
|                        '----------------'                            |
| You cant kill this enemy the normal way, you must pick up a          |
| nearby smaller enemy and throw it at him. They also release some     |
| gems for you too!                                                    |

,========================|  Mouse Bomber  |============================,
|                        '----------------'                            |
| Its a mouse that jumps up and down, sending 2 spike balls rolling    |
| out of it from its left and right side everytime it hits the ground. |
| Not too hard of an enemy, just a pain when theres more than one.     |

,========================|  Spike Shield  |============================,
|                        '----------------'                            |
| An upgraded shielded enemy, introducted you you at the start of      |
| vision 2. Now instead of them just hitting into you and causing no   |
| damage, you will have to look out for their spike now too!           |

,========================|  Acorn Roller  |============================,
|                        '----------------'                            |
| This enemy can be a pain, it rolls back and forth at high speeds, and|
| the only time you can capture it is when it jumps up out of its shell|
| for a brief second. Introduced at the beginning of vision 2.         |

,=====================|  Spike Ball Tosser  |==========================,
|                     '---------------------'                          |
| These enemies are just like the mouse bombers, they throw spike balls|
| from a distance and you must avoid them. Watch out though, they have |
| good aim!                                                            |

,=======================|  Vine Swinger  |=============================,
|                       '----------------'                             |
| These enemies are just like the mouse bombers, they throw spike balls|
| from a distance and you must avoid them. Watch out though, they have |
| good aim!                                                            |

,========================|  Crab Bomber  |=============================,
|                        '---------------'                             |
| These guys shoot out two spike balls in the same direction at once   |
| making it pretty hard to jump over the balls. You can easily detect  |
| when they are gonna shhot is because they glow right before they     |
| shhot the spike balls                                                |

,========================|  Water Fish   |=============================,
|                        '---------------'                             |
| The 2nd easiest enemy in the game, they are always jumping up and    |
| down near gaps or waterfalls. They are useful as they are an easy    |
| enemy to capture and to use for double jumping.                      |


-Vision 1 World Intro-
There two levels are bright and cheerful, introducting you to a nice
uplifting way to start the game. There are very few puzzles, but it
lets you get a feel for how the game plays.
You will later find out the games plot at the end of the Vision 1-2.
You also fight your first (and easy) boss battle here.

| Vision 1-1                  |
| The Beginnings of Gale      |
| Difficulty: 1/5 (Very Easy) |

-Start by collecting the green gems, thhen make your way towards the
sign where you will grap the enemy and use him to get the blue gem.

-Keep moving and get the gems, use one  of the nearby enemies and look
into the background where you can throw him and hit the egg to get
a blue gem.

-Cross the bridge and grab hold of the  flying enemy to lift you
up into the sky and get more gems. Keep moving and kill the purple
enemy, then use your ring (or enemy) to pop open the bubble to
get your very first picture piece.

-Make your way arund the mountain and gget the gems. When you reach
the end wait for the running enemy to come to you, grab him and
use him to jump up onto the above platform and get the heart for
health if you need it.

-Hit the 1st checkpoint andKeep moving  up the mountain and kill
the oncoming enemies. You will come to an air lift. Grab a nearby
enemy and jump onto the lift, double jump with the enemy to give
you enough boost to get all the green gems as well as the blue one.
Before you come down be sure to hit the second picture piece located
to the left of the air lift.

-Slide down the hill and jump over the  sliding enemy. Grab him
and use him to get the 3rd picture piece above the 2 jumping purple
enemies. Enter the cave.

-Collect the gems, and when you get to  the end of the tunnel you
will meet Balue, who tells you a little about Lephise, and how he is
using this mountain to get to Moon Kingdom, where she lives. You
end the conversation and continue along. Get the gems and exit the

-Outside be sure to hit the checkpoint,, then use one of the green
flying enemies to get the blue gem, as well as reach the 4th
picture piece to the top left of them.

-Continue left where you can take two ppaths. First take the top
path. Jump under the spike enemy and make your way around the
windmill, jump onto the wooden elevator and hit the 5th picture
piece. When you reach the top make your way to the left
until you reach the end where you can get alot of gems, a check
point, and a gold coin (1up). Fall down and make your way all the
way back to the 2nd patch, the one on the bottom where you get a
2x gem multiplier and quickly grab all the gems you can while
running down the ramp, and be sure to get the 6th and final
picture piece. Continue and eveter the cave to clear the 1st vision.

| Vision 1-2                   |
| The Diva and the Dark Spirit |
| Difficulty 1/5 (Very Easy)   |

-When you first startt, ignore the pictture piece you see and keep
going right, get the enemy and use him to get the blue gem. Fall
down the gap and make your war across the pillars and avoid the
spike enemies.

-Grab the 2x bubble and use the enemiess that will appear to double
jump and grab as many gems that are above you as possible. You
will only have time to use the enemies 2 times to jump before the
time runs out. Its hard to get every gem, so dont get mad if you
miss a few.

-Continue and go up the wind gust that  will bring you back up top
and you can now get that tempting 1st picture piece. Continue right,
but this time use the enemy to jump across the gap, and continue
going right.

-Look out a new enemy! he has a shield  and you can only kill him
if you jump behind him and grab him. Continue all the way up the
wind gusts that cary you up, collect the gems and use a nearby
shielded enemy to throw at the egg in the front of the screen.
You get your 2nd picture piece here.

-Continue along  and get the heart, andd look out! a wave of purple
jumpers are coming your way. Dodge or kill them and keep going. Use
the nearby enemy to reach the heart ntop of the platform, enter the

-Get the checkpoint and get ready for aa ride! Get on the mining cart
and it will move by itself down the track. Jump and hold the button
so you fly for a bit and collect the gems in the air, the last few
you can just stand still for. Hit the next checkpoint and head outside.

-Use the windjet to go up, and you willl come to two paths. Take the
bottom one and hit the egg to get a heart.

-Go under the spike ball and get the bllue gem. Use the wind jet to go
up and make your way past the next spike ball getting the blue gem
underneath him. Do not go in the cave yet, go up and collect the gems
above you, you can get a few more green gems if you want to jump off
the ledge, but dont do that yet, first go in the cave enterance.

-Hit the checkpoint and you will come aacross your first enlarged enemy.
This guy cannot be killed by grabbing him, so use one of the nearby
shielded enemies to throw at him and get some gems from him too!

-Here be sure not to get any gems yet,  grab the flying enemy and hit
the 2x bubble, NOW collect all the gems, using the flying enemy to
double jump and also use him to get your 4th picture piece.

-Go back outside and go to that ledge II told you about before. Jump
off it and go left, dodging the enemies. When you get to the cave
enterance get the 4 gems and a egg will appear. Use an enemy to
break it open and get a few more gems (how nice!). Enter the cave.

-Hit the check point and continue, goinng over the wind and comin to
a new enemy, the mouse bomber. Dodge its spike balls, kill it and
continue along.

-Jump onto the top platform and use thee shielded enemy to hit the
"X" on the rock wall, it will come falling down, go across and you
will come across ALOT of purple chargers, use them to hit the egg
that appears to get a gold coin.

-Backtrack a little and take the 2nd paath before moving on. Use
the nearby enemy to hit the egg in the background, giving you the
6th and final picture piece. Keep going and kill the mouse bomber
to get the gems and a gold coin that you had seen a little while
ago. Backtrack to the other path.

-Get back to where you were and use thee purple jumpers to get the
3 hearts. Hmm... 3 hearts...a boss maybe? yep so get ready.

Boss Battle-------------------------------------------------------|
Rongo Lango-------------------------------------------------------|
Difficulty 1/5(Very Easy)-----------------------------------------|

-When the battle starts quickly grab thhe enemy to your right, and
quickly throw it at the back on the boss. He will be knocked away,
so quickly get another enemy and after he jumps over you (go under
him) throw the enemy at his back again.

-He will spin and unleash a rainbow rinng, simply jump over it,grab
an enemy and hit him from behind.

-He will now make a wave in the ground  that travels around. If it
reaches you jump over it, but if you can manage to hit him from
behind one more time, he will die.

-Vision 2 World Intro-
This world takes you from a dried out forest where you encounter a
handful of new enemies, to a lush and bright mountain side filled
with flowing waterfalls and colorful caves. You meet a new friend
Called Karal, and you learn more about Ghadius' evil plans. The
Difficulty ups a little in this vision, and you are introducted to
the first "real" puzzles here.

| Vision 2-1               |
| Deep in the Dying Forest |
| Difficulty 2/5 (Easy)    |

-Start off by killing the new spike shiield enemy, then grab the new
rolling acorn enemy and use him to jump up onto the platforms and
get the gems up there.

-Continue right, get the gems, and meett yet another new enemy, the
spike ball tosser. Its off in a distance throwing those spike balls.
You cannot capture it, but dont stay on the platform you must cross
for too long, because this guy has pretty good aim!

-Grab the shielded spike enemy after hee has run in front of you,
use him too boost you up to the above platform, and grab the green
propeller enemy to fly up to the next set of platforms. Use the next
propeller to get more gems and a heart. Drop down and continue going

-To get the blue gem below the platformm, jump to the left and hold
the jump button to drift back onto the right platform, keep going
right and you will come upon a new enemy, one that swings from a vine.
Capture it and throw kill it, now capture the one throwing the spike
balls and use it to jump to the above platform where you can grab
a propeller and get the 1st picture piece.

-Continue, and capture the red enemy annd throw him at the spike
tosser in the distance if you want. Jump over the floating lilly pads
and go to where the spike shielded enemy is. Capture him and break
the egg for your 2nd picture piece (already!)

-Head up top the above platform, drop ddown and hit the big enemy
to make him bloat up, jump on him, hit the 2x bubble, and drop down
and get the gems. Quickly grab the nearby enemy and throw it at the
large enemy to get alot of gems out of him. Keep going right and
enter the cave.

-Enter and jump onto the first platformm you see. It will make the
camera switch angles, go past the enemies and go out the door, back

-Use the propleer to go up and get a goold coin and a check point.
Drop down and wait for another propeller to appear, get on him,
and when you get high enough and are aligned with the egg to your
left, throw the enemy at the egg, giving you your 3rd picture piece.
Go back inside and take the other path, continuing right.

-Grab the acorn, jump of him and quicklly grab the vine swinger, jump
off of him to get the blue gem and the few green gems to your left.
Continue right.

-Grab the key and enter the door. Whilee outside head right and grab
the enemies to jump up to a checkpoint and a heart. Continue right
and go in the door.

-This part can be a pain, make your wayy through the many rolling
acorns until you can see the platform above you, then grab an acorn
and jump up onto it. From here you can then grab more acorns to hit
the two eggs in the background. One will give you the fourth picture
piece and the other a full heart. Dont feel ashamed if you die here,
This was the first place I died while writing this walkthrough,
trying to hit those egs with the other moving acorn there can be hard
to time often.

-Continue all the way down the ramp andd you will see a propeller enemy
in the background. You must look away from the screen (towards the back
ground) to pick him up, then use him to fly to the right-hand side
where you use the mouse to break the egg and get a key. Jump over the
lilly pad and go through the door.

-Hit the checkpoint, and capture one off the enemies and use him to hit
the egg underneath the platform you are on. To do this get on the
lilly pad, and when it gets as low as it can go, throw the enemy at the
egg to release the 5th picture piece.

-Be careful on these two moving lilly ppads, they move pretty
fast and move back and forth pretty unpredictabaly. Time your jumps
just right to get the 2 gems, but dont risk it, as these jumps are
pretty hard to make for just 2 gems. Make your way across the
platforms and other lilly pads avoiding the spike shields and getting
the gems.

-Watch out for the spike ball tossers iin the distance, and be sure
to hit the checkpoint near the mushroom. Go to the right side of the
small mushroom and drop down to get the 6th and final picture piece.

-Go right and watch out for the spike bballs, you can get a blue gem
and a heart by timing your movements correctly here, be sure not to
get hit!

-Get the 2x bubble and run to your leftt. Watch out for the spike ball
tosser and grab the gems along the way to him. When you reach him grab
him and jump up to get the blue gem to get a nice amount of gems.

-Continue left, get the gems, and your  done.

| Vision 2-2                        |
| Beyond Backwards of the Waterfall |
| Difficulty 2/5 (Easy)             |

-Start by capturing the red enemy of thhe green drum, then go up the
water that lifts you upward. Get the gems to the right, and go left
over the gap and watch out for the crab bombers. Capture the 1st
one and throw him at the 2nd one.

-Jump on the flowing water and continuee right. Jump up the rocks and
grab the shielded enemy. Hit the checkpoint and grab the red enemy
on the drum and jump up to the right to get gems and the 1st picture
piece. Continue left.

-Jump over the small rocks, avoid the jjumping enemy and brab the crab.
Use him to jump over the red enemy, making the crab hit him and kill
him so you can land on the platform the red enemy was on. Jump down to
get gems and the 2nd picture piece. Go back up the waterfall and make
your way into the cave.

-Hit the checkpoint, get the gems, and  grab the crab. Get the heart
and continue heading down. Kill the red enemy on the drum and go right
to grab the fish jumping out of the waterfall. With him captured,
jump up on the drum and when it goes left jump onto the top platform,
from here wait until the spike ball is all the way out to the left,
and then use the fish to double jump up to the platform to your right
to get a gold coin and your 3rd picture piece.

-Jump back down and continue left, kilkkling the red enemies on the
drums, hit the checkpoint and go back outside.

-Grab the water fish and use him do douuble jump on the red enemy
to get him off the small platform. Go down the 2 small rocks
and enter the save again to get your 4th picture piece.

-Make your way back up outside and go rright where you will need to
grab the red enemy. Get on the water lifter, and go across the two
platforms, double jump, get the many gems here, and hit the checkpoint.

-Grab the green flying enemy and use hiim to double jump over the 2x
bubble, and without hitting the ground float over to the blue gem,
and continue right jumping over the large spike balls and getting the

-Use the fish to double jump over the rred enemies, so you can land
on the pillars safely. Continue right and get the gems, now capture
the enemy on the drum, throw him anywhere and get the heart. Be careful
though! dont let the drums push you off the side! Keep going right
using the drums to jump from ledge to ledge. Use the shielded enemy
to double jump, and enter the door.

-Look at the screen and hit the checkpooint. Holding the shielded
enemy, run to where the gems are and an egg will apear. Break it to
get a heart.

-Continue down and take the left path wwhere the jumping drum is.
Get on it and ride it to the left side, jump up and get the 5th
picture piece. Go back where you were and take the path that leads
into the back of the screen.

-Ride up the water and use the flying eenemy to double jump and get the
gems, keep going left to enter a new room and hit the checkpoint.

-Jump and get the gems, and your gonna  be slipping and slidding!
get read as you move quickly down the water slide and jump to get
the gems, and avoid the spike balls, be sure to hold the jump button
down to time your jumps just right.

-When you reach the end hit the checkpooint, and grab the enemy, throw
him at the large shielded enemy to make him explode and get gems.
Keep going and you will get to a narrow path with a shielded enemy.
Use your ring to keep bumping him back through the path until you can
jump behind him and use him to double jump up to the platform.

-Hit the checkpoint and go down the nexxt water slide. Get the gems and
heart and you will come to spinning spike balls! time your jumps right
and make sure they dont come swinging around and hit into you, jump and
get the gold coin and go outside.

Boss Battle-----------------------------------------------------------|
Pamela & Seadoph------------------------------------------------------|
Difficulty 2/5 (Easy)-------------------------------------------------|

-Big spike balls will be rolling from bboth sides, so start by dodging
them, and watch out for Pamela, she will jump at you.

-Eventualy Seadoph will jump on a ball  and roll to the middle, where
he will float in the air for a bit. Grab him and throw him at Pam the
the next time she tries jumping at you.

-Now she will shoot bubbles at you, thiis time just avoid them as they
hit the ground, and do the same thing as the last time you hit her.

-Next they will do the same thing as ussual, only no bubbles, do the
same thing you normaly do.

-The last attack by pam is when she willl shoot alot of bubbles, double
from what she shot last time. Doidge them and use Seadoph to deliver
the final blow.

\---------------------------Movie Sequences---------------------------/

.:Vision 1-2:.
The two reach the top of the hill
-Klonoa: We finaly reached Bell Hill....
-Huepow: Shhh!
They hear some voices
-???: Yes it is Lephise for sure, Well  done Joka.
-Joka: Im honored, Ghadius, your darkneess.
-Klonoa: Lephise?!
-Huepow: It's the diva we heard about!
The camera switches to Ghadius, overhearing Huepow
-Ghadius: A diva... Heh, heh, heh, heh.......
-Ghadius: I cant allow you to save the  world with your silly
"Song of Rebirth".
-Ghadius: There is no need for rebirth,, I shall imprison you in
darkness and destroy the world.
-Ghadius: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ....he, he, hhe...
Camera goes to Joka, where you see what appears to be Lephise
lieing on the ground unconcious
-Joka: Heh, heh, heh, heh
-Ghadius: Well now, my Joka. Where's thhat pendant?
Joka searches Lephise
-Joka: Sire! Hmmm...this is strange...II cant find it...
-Ghadius: ...What?
Camera goes to Klonoa and Huepow
-Klonoa: What are they looking for?
-Huepow: They said a pendant...
-Klonoa: ...Who are they?
Camera back to Joka and Ghadius
-Ghadius: Hmm? Ah, mice... Very well. LLephise is in our hands.
-Ghadius: Joka, im counting on you to ttake care of the rest.
-Joka: Yes sire!
Camera on Klonoa
-Klonoa: What are they up to?!?
Camera on Ghadius, as he opens his cape and Lephise goes in, he
takes off, out of sight
-Joka: Come out, come out, my leeetle mmicey!
-Huepow: I guess we have no choice.
-Klonoa: Yeah.
Klonoa goes up to Joka
-Joka: Tsk, Tsk. I see we have little ppunny mice here.
-Joka: Well I'll have to deal with you..
-Klonoa: Who are you?!
-Joka: Oh my, kids these days don't havve manners.
-Joka: Too bad, I'm going to have to puunish you now
Joka goes ontop of the bell and unleashes a monster called
Rongo Lango
-Joka: Oh, my dear Rongo Lango...Watch  your behind!

.:End of Vision 1:.

-Joka: Eeeeek! You just wait, I wont foorget this!
Joka jumps off the bell and runs away
Something falls from the bell
-Huepow: Hey, something fell.
-Klonoa: A pendant?
-Huepow: Lephise and a moon shaped penddant. Let's ask grandpa about
all this!
-Klonoa: OK!
Klonoa and Huepow are in Grandpa's house
-Grandpa: Ahh...Klonoa you have realy ddone it this time...
-Klonoa: What have I done?
-Grandap: This is the crest of the Moonn Kingdom.
-Klonoa: The Moon Kingdom?
-Grandpa: Uh-huh, its the mystical kinggdom they speak of in legends.
-Huepow: Klonoa, what about that guy inn that tower?
-Klonoa: Thta right!
-Klonoa: Grandpa, is there realyy a Mooon Kingdom?
-Grandpa: Hmmm...perhaps there is, but  maybe not...
-Grandpa: Well, I'm worried about that  Ghadius character that kidnapped
the girl.
-Grandpa: Either way, we need to take mmatters into your own hands.
-Grandpa: Klonoa, tell Forlock Forest'ss Granny about this.
-Klonoa: OK, Im on my way.
-Grandpa: Hmm...the Moon Kingdom...

.:Vision 2-1:.

You come to a door with a key on it, it wont open
-???: Stop!
-Klonoa: ?
Someone comes out from the nearby hut
-Guard: Intruder! who are you!
-Klonoa: Wa..Wait!
-Klonoa: Im Klonoa, from the Wind Villaage. Im on my way to see Granny.
-Guard: Oh, sorry. Strangers, wanderingg around recently.
-Klonoa: Strangers?
-Guard: Door with picure of key, need kkey.
He tosses you a key
-Guard: Use this key.
-Klonoa: Oh, ok thank you!
-Guard: But one key, one door. Forget nnot.
-Klonoa: Right
-Guard: Then farewell.
-Guard: See ya!
-Klonoa: ...
He jumps down off to somwhere where you can no longer see him

.:End of Vision 2-1:.
You reach a dead end and someone jumps out from behind a hut
-Soldier: Um, are you thinking of goingg beyond here?
-Klonoa: Err, thats our plan...
-Soldier: No can do. The cherry tree haas withered so you cant go any
-Klonoa: You mean...we're stuck?
-Huepow: Who are you?
-Soldier: Im a soldier from Jugpot, he  Water Kingdom.
-Soldier: I was on an official mission  to see Forlock's Granny...
Looks like im stuck...
-Huepow: ...Say, did something happen iin Jugpot?
-Soldier: Thats a state secret.
-Huepow: Meanie.
-Soldier: Sigh...and we though Granny ccould save our Kingdom somehow...
-Klonoa: King?
-Huepow: Save?
-Soldier: Err.. Nothing! nothing! Its nnot safe out here so little
kiddies should go home.
-Klonoa: Somethings...
-Huepow: Strange...
-Huepow: I wonder if it has something tto do with Ghadius.
-Klonoa: Hmmm...Huepow: Looks like we ccant go any further,
maybe we should go to Jugpot.

.:Vision 2-2:.
You come to a waterfall that seems to be moving backwards
-Klonoa: Whoah, the waterfall...
-Huepow: Wha? Whoa!!
-Klonoa: It's flowing backwards...
-Huepow: I see...thats why water to Forrlock has stopped.
-Klonoa: And the forests trees have witthered...
-Huepow: But how? Lets go to the castlee!

Later you meet up with a strange animal in a cage
-Huepow: Hold on a minute..whtas that?
-Fish: Help me please..hit the switch.
You walk over and hit the switch freeing it from the cage
-Fish: Th, thank you. I'm saved.
-Klonoa: No problem, what happened heree?
-Fish: Well, weirdos came here and messsed up the castle.
-Heupow: Maybe it was ghadius.
-Klonoa: Right.
-Fish: Um...if your going to the castlee I can take you there.
-Klonoa: Really?!
-Fish: But..can you save my mommy? I waant my mommy back...
-Klonoa: Back?
-Huepow: Shes probably under some eveill spell.
-Klonoa: OK gotcha, well give it a shooot!
-Fish: Thanks! hop on my back.
-Karal: Im Karal pleased to meet you.
-Klonoa: Same here, im Klonoa.
-Huepow: I'm Huepow.
-Karal: Great, lets go then!
Karal rides you into a big sea shell
-Klonoa: So..this is the castle..
-???: Who is it?!!
-Klonoa: And yourself?
The camera switches to a odd figure in the air
-Seadoph: I am Seadoph, king of the casstle.
-Seadoph: Ah your the brat the mighty GGhadius spoke of..
-Klonoa: Ghadius...I knew it.
-Seadoph: Ahh, I'll put you in your plaace. Time for you to go away.
-Seadoph: Pamela!
You see a huge fish jump in the water
-Karal: Mommy!
-Seadoph: You're mine brat!
After you defeat Pam, you see Joka
-Joka: Eeeeek!
-Joka: You call yourself the king of Juugpot but you get beaten by this
-Joka: Weakling! Useless! No Good! (Kloonoa hits him off with his ring)
Ooof! I'll be back...
-Seadoph: Oooo...what am I doing here?
-Seadoph: I see...So I was under a spelll cast by that Ghadius character.
-Seadoph: I have a feeling he's plttingg something against the Moon
-Seadoph: If thats the case, then Forloocks Granny is in grave danger!
-Seadoph: Grannt knows alot about ancieent legends. She should know
something about the Moon Kingdom.
-Klonoa: And thats why Jugpots water waas made to flow backwards...
-Huepow: To kill off Forlocks forest!
-Seadoph: What an evil, ruthless fiend....
-Huepow: Klonoa!
-Klonoa: We have to go back to Forlock''s Forest!
-Seadoph: Ahem, then I shall return thee water back to normal. The
withered trees should come back to life.
-Seadoph: Karal!
-Karal: Here I am!
-Seadoph: Take them back Karal!
-Karal: Tkanl you Klonoa, Mommy's back  to normal now!
-Klonoa: Great I'm glad.
-Huepow: Lets get going!
-Klonoa: OK, Lets go!
-Klonoa: Thank you Karal!
-Karal: You're very welcome, take care!!


-Control the title screen
Press L2 and R2 on the title screen to blow leaves off the screen.

-End Sequence Fireworks
If you complete the extra vision game with a perfect gem count (150),
during the end sequence the screen will go dark and a firework display
will begin.

-Extra Vision Bonus Level
Release all 72 Phantomilians to gain access to the extra hard level.

-Level Select
Beat the game and go to the Title Screen and select the Continue
then Vision clear options and you should go to a level select menu.

-Music Test
Beat the Balues Music Tower mini game, then the Music Test should appear
in the options menu.


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